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The life I'm supposed to lead. by wickedwitchhazel
Chapter 1 : Chapter 2. The truth is revealed
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 I was about to begin my final year of Hogwarts. I was going back to redo my final year, Harry and Ron were coming with me. Ginny and Luna had moved up a year and now they were in the same as us so that made Harry and Ginny happy but Ron hated they way were always together. After Ron and I kissed in the final battle, everything had been awkward between us. But I would shrug it off and continue doing whatever I was doing at the time.

"Hermione dear. Could you come here for a moment please." My mum shouted up the stairs to me.


"Yes mum." I replied smiling to myself. I remebered the moment I put back their memories. The looks of relief on their faces and the ache in my heart was gone. I was back with my family. Nothing was going to change that.



"Hermione, honey. There is something we have to tell you." My dad said as I sat down in front of him.


"Yes dad." I asked smiling, but then I caught their expressions and my smile faltered. "What's wrong?"



"I'm afraid we haven't been entirely truthful with you, Hermione dear." My mother began as she took hold of my hand. I looked at their grave faces.



"You see many years ago, I found out I was infertile and I couldn't have children.  And your father and I decided that we didn't want to adopt but one morning when your father set out for work, we discovered you on our doorstep, it was a miracle you had survived the night. Your father wanted to take you down to the local orphanage, but I couldn't do that to you so instead we kept you. There was a note left for us." My mother wiped her eyes then handed my a crumpled piece of paper. Her name is Hermione. Raise her right and one day we will return for he. Thank you, we will be forever grateful. We will love her and miss her so much. I re-read the note three times, eventhough all the information went though the first time.



"So you've basically been hiding this from me for 17 years?" I asked in a reasonably calm voice.


"Yes, but it's been for your protection." My father insisted while my mother sobbed. I stood up and went to my room.


I closed the door very calmly, cast the muffling charm and then ran to my bed and cried my heart out in the middle of my bedroom floor. How can I see them as my parents now that I know the truth?




I quickly wrote a letter to Harry and the Weasleys explaining that I wouldn't be joing them for the rest of the holidays. I nudged my new owl awake and attatched the letters to it's leg and I wathed it soar through the open window, hoping beyond anything I couldbe like it. I gently stroked Crookshanks until I fell into an uneasy sleep.

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