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A Cruise Liner for Wizards by LilyLunaPotter17
Chapter 1 : A Cruise Liner for Wizards
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She looked beautiful. Stunning, with her long hair in braids and twisted into a bun at the back of her head. Held in place with tiny crystal daisies. Just like her. They were perfect and flawless. Just like her. And then there was her dress, pure, snow white. The bodice was embroidered perfectly, the skirt blasting out and encrusted with diamonds. Bridesmaids were swarming around her, the future Mrs Potter. Their dresses were short and a soft peach colour. They looked perfect, too, but less so than the bride. There were three bridesmaids. There could have been four, but the best friends split apart two months ago, when he proposed. It was all very rushed. The engagement party was strictly family only. And there couldn’t be any magic involved, as she was Muggle-born and her family were heavily against magic. Her hen-do was last night, but her best friend wasn’t there. She had been standing outside the nightclub all night in the rain, wistfully thinking how this might have been her hen-do.




  Shrinking back into the shadows a little more, Lily watched ever more enviously as prettily perfect Daisy Swathe, soon to be Daisy Potter, was fussed over by the bridesmaids and her parents. The bride herself had her arms folded and a smug look on her dazzlingly pretty face. Lily gasped in surprise as she saw who the head bridesmaid was. Miss Freya Denance, who Lily hated with all her life. It was meant to be Lily standing next to her best friend, not that stupid little Freya. But, she supposed, Daisy did it to get back at Lily. And why did she want to get back at Lily? Because Lily had declared her love to a certain James Potter, who happened to be Daisy’s lifetime crush. That was when the argument sparked, and James sided with Daisy, and proposed to her three days later.


  And now here Lily was, not invited to her own best friends wedding, having resorted to sneaking aboard the cruise liner on which Daisy and James were getting married. The liner was called White Lily. Daisy had obviously objected to it, but it must have been the only one available.


  Suddenly, Daisy’s cousin Amelia came rushing in, looking hassled, and whispering frantically to Daisy’s mother. Daisy was rushed out of the room, with everyone scrambling after. Lily wished she could melt into the wall as everyone ran past her. Freya Denance knocked over her and glared at her. She stopped, with a look of shock on her pug-like face. She was about to open her mouth, but everyone had already left. Shooting a last look of utter hate in Lily’s direction, she hurried off after everyone else. Lily slipped after them.


  Quickly taking a shortcut through the cruise liner, she ended up in the wedding room. There was one spare seat left in the rows. Next to James’s best friend. Sirius Black, the very person she had wanted to avoid.


  See, Sirius had been Lily’s boyfriend when Lily had made her declaration of love. And then they had been avoiding each other since then. But Lily would face her ex. For James.




  Sirius looked surprised to see her, but not angry. ‘Lily. What are you doing here? James said you didn’t get invited.’


  ‘Courtesy of Daisy, but they weren’t checking for invites, and I managed to blend in with James’s cousins. Anyway, I’m only here for James.’ Lily replied.  


  Sirius’s face turned stony. ‘Of course. You look beautiful.’


  ‘Thank you,’ Lily said, and turned back to the front. There was an arch of purple and pink balloons (which were probably Daisy’s choice, as James would hate them) which had been blown up to an incredible size. And there was James, looking smart and handsome – but not happy. Was he having second thoughts? Lily crossed her fingers in the folds of her ivory dress. No – he was just frowning as he fixed his tie. He looked up and a grin was hitched back on his face. He looked so happy.


  There was no organ, but a delicate pink grand piano, whose pianist started playing an enticing, tinkly tune. Everyone turned round to stare at the beginning of the aisle, where Daisy was getting ready. A few curly strands of brown hair came loose and she looked furious, but she had to leave it. The only person not looking at the bride was Lily. She was staring at James, who gazed adoringly at his new wife-to-be. The piano music got louder and suddenly a whole orchestra began booming music from nowhere.


  Of course … a cruise liner for wizards? Ingenious.




  Daisy began gliding down the aisle. Freya was holding up her train, looking as though all her Christmases had come at once. When she saw Lily, her mouth dropped open. No one told her to close the big cave in her face, which made Lily pleased enough to smile at Daisy, who was grinning enigmatically at the crowed. She turned to smile at Sirius, but caught sight of Lily smiling at her. She tripped over her dress and fell on the floor. James, who was too busy conveniently checking his cuff, didn’t help her up.  She scrambled to her feet, her hair as perfect as ever and walked faster towards James and the vicar, who were smiling warmly at her.


  For about ten minutes, she heard nothing but the vicar’s voice, but then a sentence leapt out at her.


  ‘Speak now, or forever hold your peace.’


  Lily half-rose from her chair, but she had never seen James so happy. He and Daisy were holding hands and smiling beautifully at each other.


  Then there was another blank in Lily’s mind. Even when she looked back on that day, years later, she couldn’t remember what happened between then and those two fateful words spoken by Daisy Swathe:




  ‘I do,’


  ‘Do you, James Potter, take thee, Daisy Swathe, to be your lawful wedded wife?’ the vicar asked politely.


  ‘I –’ James began. His eyes scanned the crowd, possibly looking for his mother, or Sirius. He found the latter, but then his eyes fell on the very person he had hoped would be there. That little redhead he had been chasing for seven years. Lily Evans. ‘I –’


  ‘Say it, James,’ Daisy whispered audibly. ‘Remember what we said. Say it!’


  ‘I – I – I can’t do this anymore!’ James said suddenly, dropping Daisy’s hands and running down the aisle.


  ‘James!’ Two people screamed the name. The bride, who was standing stock-still, and the forbidden girl, who had knocked over her seat and was running after James.


  ‘LILY!’ Daisy screeched, sprinting down after Lily, who had already made her way out of the wedding hall. James was standing with his forehead on the cool, smooth surface of the wall.


  ‘James?’ Lily whispered softly. ‘Why did you do that?’ The doors of the wedding hall opened again and Daisy came charging in. James ignored her.


  ‘I can’t do it. I can’t marry Daisy.’ James murmured.


  ‘Why not? You looked so happy back there. I thought you loved her.’ Lily said, looking at the floor.


  ‘So did I. But I don’t. I still love the girl I fell in love with all those years ago on the Hogwarts Express.’ James said, turning to Lily. ‘I love you, Lily Evans.’




  ‘NO!’ Daisy roared, lunging at Lily. But before she could, there was Sirius Black, gripping her wrist. She wrenched it out of his grasp, and with a final flurry of white skirt and furious brown hair, she Disapparated.


  ‘I’m so glad she’s gone,’ James said. ‘Now I can finally be with you.’  



When Lord Voldemort came for them two years later, all Lily could think of was her wedding day. Daisy's, not Lily's. When James told her about his love for Lily, that was playing on her mind over and over. And when she, Lily, had said those two words three months later, and their first kiss under the arch of red and gold flowers. 

  She had seen the flash of green when her husband had died. She had heard the cackle of mirthless laughter as she knew she would be next. Hunted down by this man, until she and her son were dead. Piling those boxes against the door of their room, she could think of nothing but her family. The three happy Potters. Not so happy, Lily thought as she bundled Harry into his cot.

  When the door burst open and she had begged for Harry's survival, she thought of nothing but James. As a teenager, that messy, pompous idiot who she had detested. Then the man she had loved with all her heart. Now the lifeless body lying in the hallway, James Potter's spirit was joined by Lily's as she gave her last, echoing scream and Harry Potter's world was torn apart.

My first one-shot, I hope you all like it!!


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