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Irrational by GirlOnTheSidelines
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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December 2019



A groan escapes me at the sound of her voice: Roxanne Weasley. I can feel my fists clenching beneath the desk, how does she do this to me? How can one girl make me so completely and utterly insane? She is just so irritating, she walks around like she owns the school and acts all saint like because everyone goes to her with their problems because she is ‘oh so great’. I wish she would just piss off and leave me the hell alone. I can never get any work done in class when she is hovering nearby, ready to pounce at the slightest opportunity. I’m not really sure why she hates me so much, I just know that she does and there is very little I can do about it. She is an arrogant, self-centred Gryffindor who thinks that the whole world should listen to her because she is always right.



I glance up as she walks into the room, she is smiling. My eyes follow her as she walks across the classroom to her desk with her cousins Rose Weasley and Albus Potter. They look like they are deep in conversation about something important… no doubt something to do with their esteemed family. I mentally roll my eyes. Professor Creevey comes in just as they take their seats near the front. The Potter and Weasley kids always sit near the front.



My focus does not remain long on Professor Creevey as I have already read the chapter he is talking about. Beside me, my best friend Vivian Nott is leaning back in her chair, her desk is – as usual – void of anything. I do not recall a time when Vivian ever took notes in class and yet somehow she still manages to maintain above average grades. Not going to lie, I am a little jealous. I have known Vivian since we were children, our fathers went to school together and our mothers have become quite close over the years. I often envy her life though and not just because of her grades but because despite her grandfather being one of the very first Death Eaters, no one really knows who she is. Everyone knows my name and everyone associates me with my father and grandfather even though I am nothing like either of them… Not that I ever actually met my grandfather, he died shortly after the war from unknown causes. My grandmother claims he just gave up on life.



“But Professor, what actually happens if you do break an unbreakable vow?” asks the bane of my existence.



“You die of course,” I sneer, a little louder than I intended. The rest of the class turn in sync to look at me. Great, I hate drawing attention to myself. In my defence, it was a stupid question.



“And I suppose you would know all about that kind of dark magic wouldn’t you Malfoy,” Weasley tilts her head slightly and pulls a face that suggests someone near her smells awful…. It’s probably Gwendolyn Goyle who is sitting behind her.



“Clearly… I am just itching to be the next Voldemort and have you kiss the ground I walk on,” I smile angelically. She looks entirely repulsed.



“Malfoy, if I kissed anything that was associated with you, it would be your gravestone while thanking Merlin you are finally gone!”



“Weasley, Malfoy,” Professor Creevey calls in his warning tone.



“Sorry sir,” I smile again. “I was just attempting to explain to this thing what sarcasm was… I do not believe I was successful though.”



“The only thing you’re successful at is being an obnoxious, conceited, arrogant toe-rag Malfoy!” Weasley practically yells. I turn to flash her my triumphant smirk, knowing that I’ve won this little verbal duel. She is glaring at me, half twisted round in her chair, her long legs tangled beneath the table. Her eyes are like flaming arrows, their honey colour blazing as she narrows them at me. As usual when she gets flustered – which admittedly is not very often – her hair seems to expand; it is an unusual colour, dark brown with glimmers of the famous Weasley red, and is coiled in tight ringlets… I hate how attractive she looks when she is furious.



Yes, I’ll admit it, I find my arch nemesis attractive. How could you not? She is stunning and there is no other way of putting it. It doesn’t mean I hate her any less than I did before… does it? I mean I can still hate her and be attracted to her… can’t I? It is not like I would ever even consider acting on the impulses I sometimes get to drag her into one of the hidden alcoves behind the tapestries and kiss her senseless… would I?



“Scorp,” Vivian hisses at me. “You’re staring again.” I blink rapidly and realise I was, in fact, staring at her… Roxanne Weasley. How embarrassing.



“What do you mean again?” I hiss in reply.



“You’re always staring at her, you had better hope she never notices or she will skin you alive.”



“I don’t always stare at her!” I protest. Vivian just looks at me pointedly before turning her attention back to Professor Creevey. Do I stare at her? I mean, she’s nice to look at but do I actually stare at her? And now I’m having an internal struggle… I swear I’m turning more and more into a girl.



A slight giggle captures my attention and I realise Weasley is laughing at something Potter just whispered to her. She has a nice giggle. Okay, we’ll pretend I did not just say that. Or think that. Or whatever. Her giggle is annoying. There, much better. She giggles again. Is she trying to torment me? Actually, don’t answer that, the answer is probably yes, it seems to be her sole purpose in life.



The class ends and we all file out, Weasley gives me her customary disdainful glance before walking towards the door. She looks so damn hot when she walks. Okay, I definitely did not think that. But look at the way her butt swings from side to side… She is so graceful. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, get a grip! A voice screams at me inside my head, it sounded oddly like an angry version of Professor Trelawney.



Oh great, now I’m hearing voices. What is happening to me… and why does she have to be walking in front of me? Merlin, have you got it in for me today? Or maybe she slipped me a lust potion, that seems like the cruel sort of think she might do.



“Scorpius, your eyes are practically popping out of your head right now, could you please try to look somewhere else. You know, if I didn’t know you better, I’d say you fancy her!” Vivian hisses again as we head down to the Entrance Hall.



“They are not!” I squeal. Scratch that, I grunt in a very manly fashion. “And don’t be ridiculous, I could never fancy that!” Could I? I mean she’s hot, that much I know already. And she’s clever and passionate and beautiful… Okay, it has to be a lust potion. Normal me would never have such ludicrous thoughts!



Because I cannot fancy Roxanne Weasley. I just couldn’t… Could I?



Okay, so I know I should probably not be starting another story but I just couldn't help myself. This is basically the story of Paradox from Scorpius Malfoy's point of view but you don't need to have read Paradox to understand this. Anyway, thanks for reading and reviews are much appreciated,


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Irrational: Prologue


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