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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 11 : The Break Up
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My fingers ached from all the polishing I had done the past week and a half. Thank merlin there was only two days left until break. I walked into the great hall and joined everyone for breakfast. I sighed and let my head rest on the table flitch was killing me.


“Have a nice detention last night?” Rose asked she was still shocked at what I had done you would think she would get over it after two weeks. But no rose was rose. Fred started chuckling. I turned to see Sarah her face was red and bruised her nose had a large brace on it. She glared, I smiled, she had been forced to recover from her injuries without the help of magic. I decided that kicking her ass was worth a whole years’ worth of detention. I turned back to the conversation


“we have been sneaking fire whiskey and butterbeer up from the kitchen for weeks now” I heard Fred say. He was deep in conversation with James about the Gryffindor house party being held in a couple days just before the break.“Ready to get hammered?” Fred asked me I smiled a little. Ok maybe I did need some alcohol but I wouldn’t say hammered… just tipsy. School had been taking its toll on me as well as all these detentions. On top of my busy schedule I had to try and maintain some sort of social life which was hard. I haven’t had any alone time with James for almost a week and my hormones were getting the best of me as I sat here in front of him. All I wanted to do was lunge over the table and give him a good long snog. My wild imagination was interrupted by rose.


“I have class” she said standing James laughed as he grabbed my hand


“thanks tips” Fred said as he walked away to find Amy. We were about to leave when a very sad looking Albus came walking up to us.


“You ok Al” Rose said


“yeah you don’t look so good” inquired James. Al sighed heavily and looked at his feet


“hey guys!” Leah said happily walking up to us as soon as she arrived Albus quickly disappeared.


“What’s with him?” I asked


“oh!” Leah said “you don’t know?” she asked all of us stood there dumbfounded “I broke up with him” she said rose gasped James’ eyebrows shot up and I just stood there in shock. “It’s for the better really its quite odd dating your best friend” I shook my head poor Al.


“well I have to get down to Hagrid’s see you at lunch” I walked through the snowy grounds. I loved the crunching sound the snow made beneath my feet with each step I took. I was a bit late and my other class mates were surrounded around Hagrid’s hut they were taking turns feeding Fiel (the phoenix we had named her Fiel it means faithful in Portuguese) I walked up to the circle and Fiel let out a loud cry she flapped her tiny wings and made her way over to me. I smiled she was covered with a soft down of baby feathers she had been reborn last week. I held out my hand and she hopped in cuddling against my palm.


“She really likes you” I turned to see the small brown haired girl Rebecca beside me. She was a shy Gryffindor with long wavy brown hair with eyes to match. Her cheeks were rosy and her lips were a bit blue.


“I know” I replied to her looking down at the small phoenix. I leant down and kissed its head before putting her back in the cage so we could continue with our lesson.




I twirled my wand between my fingers I sat in charms class watching Leah’s hair as I made it bounce up and down. Lame right I know well at least it relieved me of my boredom. I don’t see the point of having classes on the last day before break. Tonight was the Christmas party then tomorrow we were up at sunrise to catch the Hogwarts express home. I sighed a bit louder than planned and Flitwick glared daggers at me


“something bothering you Miss Finnigan?” He asked sternly


“not at all professor” I hissed you could clearly tell I was a slytherin when I talked to less respected faculty members. Come to think of it the only professors I could stand were McGonagall and uncle Neville. I was extremely bored as he recited things from the text book I already knew (it had become my hobby to read ahead before school started rose had obviously rubbed off on me) I thanked great Godric Gryffindor when class ended. I headed to the Gryffindor common room with Leah at my tail. “Gingersnaps” I said to the fat lady. She swung forwards and I entered the cosy common room. It was so different than the slytherin common room; I liked it a tad better. Other Gryffindor students didn’t even give me a second glance when I walked in now. Leah, albus and I being in the Gryffindor common room was a natural occurrence. I spotted Fred and James sitting by the fire, I started towards them. “You better have a lot of freaking alcohol” I spat at Fred before sitting down beside James. He laughed


“don’t worry got yah covered” he said with a wink.


“bad day I take it?” James asked wrapping his muscular arms round me. I nodded and sunk into his chest, he smelt like fresh cut grass and honey. I smiled I loved the way he smelt.


“So Leah” Fred said as she sat down across from me and James. “you broke up with Albus" Fred said


“for your information Fred it was too weird for me I wasn’t happy and happiness is important in a relationship” she stated. James and I listened as they bickered mindlessly back and forth.


“well I sure am hungry” james said I sat up and stretched. Fred stood


“alright dinner in the great hall then party in the common room!” he said smiling we all followed his lead by standing and heading to the great hall.




“LEAH!” I bellowed she walked out of the bathroom, she wore a shimery silver dress. It was a halter and came down to her knees. She smiled and twirled for me


“what do yah think?” she asked I of course told her she looked amzing which was the truth. “zip me up” I said turning around she zipped up my red one strap knee length dress. It had a small ribbon around the waist that was tied into a bow that hung on my right hip. “Ready?” she asked I nodded we walked down into the slytherin common room. We ran out of there as fast as possible and waited for Albus outside.


“Hey” he said stepping into the corridor Leah and I said hello. Albus wore black muggle dress pants and a light blue button up shirt. We made our way to the Gryffindor common room. I could feel how awkward it was with Leah and Albus. We soon arrived outside the fat lady’s portrait. “Gingersnaps” Albus said, the portrait swung open and we entered the common room.


You know the drill everything you recognise belongs to the goddess that is J.K. Rowling <3
Ok so long time since updating sorry for the very short filler chapter next one will pick up a lot some interesting stuff happens with Scorp so keep your eyes out for it. Love you guys! Drop a review!


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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter: The Break Up


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