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Hiding in the Shadows by ginerva_molly_weasley
Chapter 1 : Discovering the Truth
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The ‘dirty’ word that had been drummed into us since we were so young: The word that was only meant to be used whilst in the context of a married couple; The word that meant your life was going to change because of the life of another; The word that had just been said to me.

‘W-w-what? Pregnant? I can’t be. That’s not possible.’ The words just stumbled through my mouth. I couldn’t believe it. The words soaked through my being, sucking every good feeling I had from my body. I’d fainted, just fainted that was all. I must have has low blood pressure or something, pregnant? It just couldn’t be possible, it just couldn’t be.

‘I’m afraid it is Miss Weasley. You are exactly 13 weeks pregnant.’ The kindly woman told me. I could sense the pity in her eyes, the pity that a sixteen year old had to go through this; go through the horror of bearing a child in this society. Teenage mums were almost unheard of and with a family like mine I don’t know how it would go down. What about school? What about my family? What about my life?

I wasn’t an idiot. I knew what this would mean, I knew my parents would go ballistic, I knew my good grades at Hogwarts were over… and I knew… well I knew it was going to be tough.

How could I tell my mum who the father to this baby was? She would never ever forgive me. He was everything she hated and more.

‘T-Th-That can’t be possible! Check again!’ I yelled at her, ‘I-It c-c-cant… It just can’t be!’ The woman looked at me again, her eyes full of sorrow and pity once more. She understood the predicament, I truly thought she did but she couldn’t help me. This was down to me, this was entirely my fault and no-one, just no-one could help me.

‘I could check again and again but the answer would be the same Miss Weasley. You are pregnant.’ This time the words hit me like a train. It just couldn’t be possible could it? How could I, Rose Weasley, be pregnant? It just… it just wasn’t right.

We’d been careful, of course we had… but still… obviously not careful enough. Why couldn’t the wizarding community just have invented a contraception charm yet? We’d have been fine, nothing would have changed, now I have a little being growing inside me.  This couldn’t be true, yet I have a healer telling me exactly that.  

The woman looked at me again before beginning to bustle about with some paperwork beside her. How had this happened? I just didn’t understand how I, Rose Maria Weasley, could be pregnant .It just didn’t seem real, well how could it be real?

We’d only been going out for six months, sleeping together for four but I never thought it could happen. I thought it would have been Lily, Dom or even Lucy who got pregnant at Hogwarts... just anyone but me.

I was the clever one, the sensible one, the one who got top marks on every test she did because I didn’t have a social life, but now… now I would be the outcast, shunned for being a mum. It didn’t make any sense. I’d be lucky if I could even attend school now and I could see my life whizzing past before my eyes. Being like my mum, having a nice job, even maybe becoming a healer seemed to be slipping away in the little whirlpool of could have beens.

‘Would you like these?’ the woman asked me. She stuffed a pile of leaflets in my hand, probably detailing what I would need to do next but my attention was lacking. I just needed to get out of there. I honestly didn’t know what to do, what to say.

A.N This is my new story which is going down a completely different route to what it appears to be don't worry! I hope you stick with this because I love this plot :D

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