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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 11 : Getting on the Train
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Hello lovely readers sorry for the delay been busy with a new job and planning my wedding but here is the new story. I might put it on hold after this chapter to finish the prologue story. But lets see how it goes and how many of you review and enjoy the story. Here is 4th Year!!!!


Harry PoV

Well here I am in the compartment waiting for Ron and Hermione to join me. Draco went to see his friends but since everything has changed between us I know atleast this year with him I wont expect any problems. The only thing is to convince Hermione and Ron. Ron the one with the explosive temper and Hermione who has been hurt by the words Draco used. Sigh. And I wish Cyra Dillon and Mia were here but Buffy took them with her seeing as how they were going to be sorted after the first years and after they explain who they are.

"Hey Harry how are you?!" said Ron loudly as he walked in with Hermione. As soon as I saw Hermione I felt my palms get sweaty. "Hey guys I am doing good just thinking about the sorting and where the others will be." replied Harry to Rons question. Harry got up gave Ron a handshake and Hermione a hug. "Hey Hermione how are you? How was the rest of your summer?"

Hermione sat down across Harry and Ron and said "Well after your birthday party I went back home for awhile then went back to Rons house for the rest of the summer how about you? Did you guys really go back in time and spend the whole summer there? Did you really meet the queen of the Fairies?" Hermione curiosity got the better of her after not being able to write the rest of the summer.

Harry laughed and thought wow she is so beautiful when she is curious about something. The way she bites her lip when unsure about how I feel about her asking is wonderfully cute.  "Well yes we met the queen and other royal subjects but the best part that I did not mention is how Buffy is the daughter of the queen!" said Harry a bit proud of his adoptive mom.

Ron and Hermiones eye grew saucer wide. "Bloody hell!!" yelled Ron. "Ronald language." scolded Hermione though she also was in shock. "Thats wicked awesome so does that mean she will be queen one day? And does that make her kids prince and princesses?" askd Hermione. "Well Hermione the answer to your second question yes they are also prince and princesses. And to your first question no she will not be queen due to the fact she is not a pure blooded fairy. She may have the powers of one and even more powers since its mixed with witches and wolfs blood but the king or queen needs to be pure blooded. Even though thats the case they do not discriminate against non pureblooded or even members of other magical races." said Harry.

"Wow that's great maybe I can talk to her about supporting S.P.E.W"said Hermione and went into thinking mode. While Hermione was thinking Harry and Ron knew it would be awhile so they started playing Exploding Snaps for the train ride. At one point when Hermione was done thinking and looking at the boys play Harry thought it would be a good time to mention Draco.

"Hey guys I do have something I want to bring up." Harry said nervously. They looked at him waiting to see what was up. "Well as you know Malfoy came to live with us and at first it was the same as always stuck up prat but then as the time went by and being grounded by Snape (did not want to give Ron a heartattack saying Dad yet) we got to talking and realized he does not want to be like his father and we started to really hit it off. He become a good friend and then I started to see him as a brother like Cyra Dillon and Mia are my brother and sisters." said Harry with love in his voice.

Hermione had tears in her eyes realizing how much Harry loved his new family. She was happy for him he deserved it for all the trouble the Dursleys did. "Well Harry if you say Draco has changed for the better I will see how it goes and make up my own mind on the matter but I do not know how I will forgive him for all he has done but I will try for you." as she said that she blushed a little and looked away. Harry stared at her and was happy she will try and wondered why she blushed?

"Well mate I dont like Malfoy because of everything he has said about my family but if he is really sincere and has changed I will accept him as your brother." stated Ron. Harry and Hermione looked at Ron in shock. Since when was he so calm about things? "Um Ron mate your not angry?" askd Harry. "No its ok Harry I understand." responded Ron. Well thats a twist.

Before Harry and Hermione could ask about this Ginny and Luna came into the compartment stating they were almost to Hogwarts and Luna had to speak with Ron for a moment. So as Harry and Hermione changed into their robes Ron went out with Ginny and Luna for a little bit and before the train got to Hogwarts came back and changed his robes. Harry nor Hermione asked what was up seeing as how they were almost to Hogwarts and were getting excited to see Buffy and the kids. Everyone gets off and 1st years go to the lake with Hagrid while the rest went into the  carriges. As everyone gets to Hogwarts and into the Great Hall Harry spots Draco and smiles and nods his head. Draco smiles back nods and turns to speak with his friends.

As the sorting ceremony is nearing its end a side door opens and out comes a man with a wooden leg and a huge eye rolling around. Everyone gasps but pretty much was more focused on the 4 hooded figures walking behind him to stand near the podium. Everyone started whispering when the last 1st year was sorted in Ravenclaw and Dumbledore stood to stand next to the 4 hooded figures.

"Welcome back older students and Welcome first years to Hogwarts! As you can see we have 4 mysterious people here that i must introduce before we can sort them. Well only 3 are getting sorted while the 4th is actually going to be a new teacher here that will be doing an extra curricular class. Now dont worry its not for a grade but the first month is mandatory for all to attend. 7th years monday 6th years tuesday and so on and so forth until 1st years last class sunday. But even though after the first month of mandatory class many of you will continue to go. Now I would like to introduce your teacher and she will happily explain the situation with the other 3 mysterious figures." Dumbledore finished with his eyes twinkling madly and waved for the taller figure to step forward.

As they did her cloak came off and their stood the most beautiful woman anyone has ever seen. Buffy smiled a huge smile and said in her musical voice "Hello lovely students I am Buffy and your new teacher." All the boys were in love and the girls envious.

What will happen now???


Ok everyone here it is i am thinking of putting this story on hold until i finish the prequel but it will depend on how the story is taken by everyone. So I hope you enjoyed and the next chapter starts getting interesting with the two new schools and where will the Snape children be sorted into? Also a tragedy will be happening to someone that will devastate yet everyone will be stronger for it. Let me know if you want the next one up right away or it will be a long while.

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Different life: Getting on the Train


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