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The Little Things by GrangerFever4eva
Chapter 11 : The First Task
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I was scared. The Great Malfoy Heir was scared. Acromantulas were huge. And I hated spiders. Hermione kept trying to calm me down. All month she had been. We had a rough plan to fight it. For me to fight it. I would summon its legs. And shoot it with a Stupefy charm. I wasnt happy. Way too many things could go wrong. It was far from foolproof. And it was today. In exactly one hour, I was gonna fight an Acromantula. We didn't know what the goal was, what we'd have to do, but the Acromantula was definitely part of it. Mr. Crouch came and brought me to the champions tent. It was time. 

We all were standing in a half-moon circle around Mr. Crouch. He explained to us what our goal was. We had to get a strand of web from it, and stop the Acromantula from hurting us. If we succeeded, we would trade in the web for a clue to the next task. I was still scared for my life. 

It was decided that Krum would go first, then Fleur, then me, then Harry. None of us were allowed to watch the others. I was  nervous. 

Hermione snuck into the tent to say good luck to Harry and me. He got a huge hug while I got seething white hot jealousy. Then it was my turn. She hugged me tight and whispered into my ear. 

"Draco. I don't want to lose you. Please be okay."

I squeezed her tighter and nodded my head, crushing her against my chest. I heard Mr. Crouch coming back to get Krum, and Hermione slipped under the tent to the stands. I was desperate. I couldn't die today, especially not after Hermione saying that. I had to stick to my promise, no matter what. 


I watched Viktor and Fleur get past the Acromantula with minimal trouble, and that gave me hope. Maybe Draco would be alright. Then they called his name, and it was all I could do to stay on the seat and not dash down and help him. I could see his knuckles go white as he gripped his wand. He summoned the legs of the spider, and it just twitched and grew larger. I screamed as it hit him in he shoulder with its large legs. The spider twitched and blasted away as Draco shot a spell at it from his wand, using his left hand. I sighed in relief as Draco rushed over and grabbed a strand of web, and escaped to the champions tent. I breathed a sigh of relief. Draco was safe. Harry was next. 

Harry breezed through it pretty easily, considering he Summoned Ron to the field to fight with him. Ronald was hardly any help however, as he just shot random spells and curses at the spider while hiding in a corner. Harry did it with no injury. That was good. I suddenly remembered the properties of Acromantula venom. It was poisonous and strongly destructive. Draco!!! Oh my god! Draco got Acromantula venom from the legs into his system! 

I darted off to the Hospital Wing. Draco was in there, with his right arm, his wand arm, bandaged up. He was looking a little queasy. I rushed over to his bed and sat down on the arm. He hugged me with his left arm and pulled me down onto his lap. I smiled to myself. We were unique. 

Madame Pomfrey entered the room with armfuls of potions, and I jumped up as quick as I could. She smiled knowingly as I darted out, and made Draco swallow a lot of liquids. 

That night, we had a feast. A huge one. There were placements for each of the champions. First place was Fleur, which I was surprised about. I mentally noted to rub it in Draco's face that he got beat by a girl. Second was Harry, which was awesome, third was Krum, and fourth was Draco. He apparently got last because he was the only one to get hurt. Like his injuries weren't enough! He wasn't at the feast, which worried me. I ate slowly, hoping to see him come bursting into the Hall. But no luck. Finally I gave up and left, earning many strange looks from fellow Gryffindors.   

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