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Upside Down by aelover867
Chapter 6 : SIX
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I laugh at Olivia as I put down my folder in front of where she sits at the front desk. She looks up at me and flips me the finger conspicuously. I can definitely tell she’s still suffering from last night.

“How are you still hungover?” I ask her curiously, laughing under my breath.

“I can’t drink like I used to, Rosie,” Olivia says and groans. “Tommy was taking care of me all day since it was his day off from Ollivander’s.”

I pout at Olivia. “I had lunch with Albus at two, so I couldn’t do that.”

“Tried to talk him into proposing to Lizzie?” Olivia asks me, glancing up at me real quick.

“Just a little bit,” I reply and Olivia laughs at me.

I turn around and relax against the counter. It’s been an abnormally quiet night at St. Mungo’s for a Saturday night. We’re usually full of drunken people or idiot teenagers who were just allowed to perform magic outside of Hogwarts, but only three or so people have come in since my shift began and that was at eight. Maybe, if it stays like this, Perry will let me off early.

A girl can only hope.

I turn back around to Olivia and lean on the counter. “Think Perry will let some of us off early?”

Olivia shrugs. “You never know. Perry’s so hard to read. But usually, if he lets people off early, we usually get a huge wave and become understaffed.”

I pout again. “So upsetting. I don’t wanna stay here until five in the morning.”

“You’re preaching to the choir,” Olivia tells me.

Help! I need help!”

I turn at the familiar voice and see my best friend standing at the entrance, holding up a man from dropping to the ground. Olivia runs out from around the desk and I hurry along beside her. Another nurse nearby slides us a gurney and we place the man onto the gurney. I take a look at his unconscious face and air escapes my lungs like I was just punched in the guts. I take a step back.

It’s Scorpius Malfoy.

I walk quickly back over to Carolyn, who is sobbing her eyes out. I pet her arms reassuringly as I try to get her to calm down.

“What happened, Carolyn?” I ask my roommate.

Most off, why was she with Scorpius fucking Malfoy?

“W-we were walking and out of nowhere was a loud pop,” Carolyn tells me, taking deep breaths to stop her sobbing. “Please, Rosie. Save my partner.”


Oh, fuck me sideways.

What the hell? I haven’t seen him since our Hogwarts days, when he made my life a living hell. And now his life hangs in the balance and he’s in my hands. Any wrong move made by me can end his life. Sure, I hated his guts in our school years, but can I really let him die on my own watch?

No way in hell.

I run to catch up with Olivia and the other nurse- I think her name is Greta Dottweiler- and we hurry him into a private room. I hold pressure on the wound, where it’s bleeding profusely into my hands. We rip off his shirt, which shows me an unbelievably ripped body.

Don’t think about that, Rosie. Especially right fucking now.

“Someone find Perry,” I shout out as I continue to hold down the wound.

“He’s in the middle of a treatment with a patient,” Greta tells me. “It’s just us right now.”

Double fuck me sideways.

“Hand me the gauze, Greta,” I tell her in my most calm voice.

Greta tosses it at me and I cover the wound with gauze. I try to run through my head what we need to do when a patient has a gaping wound in his stomach and back. Whatever the hell did this, it really messed him right up. I take more gauze and put it under his back, where the other wound is. My mind keeps blanking and I try to push past the walls. My mind has never blanked on me and I can’t think of why it’s doing it now.

“Olivia, hook up the monitor to him so we can see if he’s still got a heartbeat,” I tell my friend and she hurries frantically to the monitor.

We rely on some Muggle things at St. Mungo’s and the heart monitor is one of the many things I’ve become quite acquainted with.

Olivia slides it over Scorpius’ index finger and we catch a slowly decelerating heartbeat. I begin spouting commands to Olivia and Greta, having no idea where they’re coming from since something inside me has taken over within myself. I hear the monitor start beeping more frequently and I continue to hold pressure onto Scorpius’ wounds. I really meant it when I thought that I would not let him die on my watch. I’ve gotten past our stupid little fights at Hogwarts since it’s been three years from the last time we even saw each other.

“Come on, Scorpius,” I whisper to him. “You can pull through this. Your family’s been through worse.”

Then the dreaded flat line sounded.

I look up at the heart monitor and there’s a solid red line going across the screen. Greta and Olivia stop running around the room for the things I had told them to grab.

“Keep going, you two!” I shout at them, but they don’t move.

“He’s dead, Rose,” Greta says. “Anyways, he’s a bloody Malfoy. Nobody will care.”

I squeeze my hands into fists and I see red. “I don’t care that he’s a Malfoy! My friend out there is partners with him! He’s a damn Auror! He will live and continue to live because he’s been helping solve crimes here! Now, keep working!”

I remember the words to a spell that was vaguely mentioned by Perry that he’s heard that was used as a shock treatment on mentally ill patients. I wrench my wand out of my scrubs and point it to his heart, shouting the words out loud and giving them as much power as I can. A bolt of electricity comes out of my wand and finds its way into Scorpius’ chest.

I hear a beep from the monitor that his heart is beating again.

“Oh, thank Merlin. I didn’t know that would work,” I mumble to myself as I continue to hold pressure to the wound.

Greta passes me a vial of potion, which I pour over the open wound and it begins to close up rapidly. Olivia passes me another vial of potion, which I pour into Scorpius’ mouth and will protect him from any potential infection that he could’ve been susceptible to. I try to regain my breath from the stressful event we all were just put through. It seemed like forever, but it was only just a few minutes.

“Wheel him up to room 250,” I tell Olivia and Greta. “I need to talk to my friend for a little while.”

Olivia nods and her and Greta grab the sides of Scorpius’ gurney. I head out of the room and walk briskly down the hall, back to the main area. I see Carolyn waiting eagerly for me out in the waiting room. I clear my throat as I head over to her and Carolyn jumps up and runs over to me, tears still running down her face. I hug my friend back as tight as I can without getting Scorpius’ not-yet-dried blood from my hands onto her coat.

Carolyn stands back from me and takes deep breaths. “Is…he…okay?”

I nod. “Yes. He flat-lined once, but I got him back. He’ll need to be here for a day or two.”

Carolyn nods and wipes her tears from her cheeks. “Okay. Oh, thank Merlin.”

“But, I’ve got some questions for you, Carolyn Jia Li Cave,” I tell her, using her full name to know my seriousness.

Carolyn nods again. “Okay.”

I sit down beside Carolyn in the waiting room and I turn to face her. “What happened exactly?”

“Well,” Carolyn begins and wipes another tear from her eye, “we were walking back from the Leaky Cauldron to our Apparition point. We were there since we had gotten off early and we wanted a drink or two. Then, out of nowhere, there was a really loud pop and Scorpius fell over, holding his back. He passed out on the way here.”

I sigh. “Well, I have no idea what it is. I might talk to your dad in a day or two and ask him about it. I don’t have the slightest idea what it is.”

“Please don’t tell him that I was there when it happened,” Carolyn begs me. “Him and Mum already had a difficult time letting me become an Auror.”

“I won’t. I promise,” I tell Carolyn and I take a deep breath. “Carolyn, why the hell didn’t you tell me you’re partners with Scorpius Malfoy?”

Carolyn nods and rubs her forehead. “Because I knew you’d freak.”

“Carolyn, I haven’t talked him, much less seen him since we graduated,” I remind her. “I wouldn’t have cared. I’ve gotten over his relentless teasing since that hasn’t happened in at least three years. I have a problem with the fact that you kept that from me for the six months you’ve been partnering.”

“I’m sorry, Rose,” Carolyn pleads with me. “I really am. But, all I wanna do is sit in his room until he wakes up.”

I sigh. “Fine. But, promise me one thing, Carolyn.”

“Whatever you want.”

“Don’t tell him that I was the one who saved his life.”


Everything is pain. Pain runs through every limb in my body and all I wanna do is scream out. But even as I want to scream and yell and writhe around in pain, I can’t move. I’m utterly numb. The last thing I remember is leaving the Leaky Cauldron with Carolyn beside me, but after that is nothing. Absolutely nothing. I can tell I’m not at my flat since whatever I’m lying on doesn’t feel like my bed. I go through my mind as to what could’ve happened and I want to yell at myself as I come upon a reasoning that could potentially be possible.

Please don’t tell me that I slept with Carolyn.

Please don’t tell me that I slept with Carolyn.

Please don’t tell me that I slept with Carolyn.

I slowly regain power over my heavy eyelids and slowly open them, flinching back at first from the sudden burst of light. I hear a gasp and the clacking of heels walking over to me, making me hope to Merlin that it isn’t Sienna. I take a deep breath and open my eyes to see a room that is completely unfamiliar to me. I look over to the left side of me and see Carolyn with red-rimmed eyes from tears that must’ve fallen recently.

“Thank Merlin, you’re awake,” Carolyn says as she sits gently on the bed.

“What happened?” I ask her slowly, looking around the room. “Where am I?”

“You’re at St. Mungo’s, Scorpius,” Carolyn tells me slowly.

I furrow my eyebrows deeply. “What?”

“Something happened last night and you basically were dead until one of the doctors revived you,” Carolyn tells me in a strong voice, but I feel like she’s hiding something. “She said that she would look into what I told her.”

“What happened?” I ask her again, trying to sit up slowly in my bed but stopping when I feel a sharp pain in my side.

Carolyn winces. “You may not want to move. Last night, you were walking me back to the Apparition point when there was a loud pop and you fell to the ground in pain. The Healer said that they had to revive you when they were working on you because you lost so much blood.”

I furrow my eyebrows even deeper. None of this story makes sense. What the hell would do that to me? It’s certainly nothing I’ve ever heard about before.

“You said the Healer was gonna look into it?” I ask Carolyn.

Carolyn nods and pushes her hair back over her shoulder. “Yeah. She said she would.”

I look back over to Carolyn. “Are you hurt?”

Carolyn shakes her head and pats my leg. “Minus some of your blood on my favorite coat, I’m fine.”

I chuckle at her response. “Does Potter know I’m here?”

Carolyn nods. “I owled him when you got your room. He said that he’d be here sometime today to talk to you.”

I plop back into my mattress. “Are you serious?”

Carolyn nods. “Yep. Apparently, it needs to be filed as an attack against an Auror and it needs to be investigated.”

I groan. “I don’t wanna deal with paperwork. Especially when I’m slightly hungover.”

“I’ll be here when he comes, so I can fill in the gaps since you obviously can’t remember,” Carolyn tells me, then finds her way into the chair that had been pulled beside the bed.

“You said that I was dead at a point?” I question Carolyn.

She nods slowly. “Yeah. For a couple of minutes until the Healer remembered something that could bring you back and it worked.”

“I need to owl my parents,” I tell Carolyn.

“Maybe you should do that after you’re out of the hospital and not under observance,” Carolyn suggests. “Since they don’t know what happened to you, you’ll be here for another two days, I think.”

I groan. “This sucks ass.”

There are two quick knocks on the door and I see Potter waltz in in his usual uniform, but with weary wrinkles surrounding his eyes. He shuts the door behind him and walks two large steps over to the foot of my bed.

“Hello, Head Auror,” I say formally.

“Scorpius, this meeting isn’t in the office. Just call me Harry,” Potter says to me with gentle eyes.

“Well, what is it that you want here…Harry?” I ask, forcing his name out of my throat uncomfortably.

“We believe the attack on you was a related attack to one from earlier this week, which ended with the victim dying,” Potter tells me and both Carolyn and my jaws drop. “The victim before had the same wound you have now and everybody heard the same pop before the victim dropped as people heard with yours.”

“But what’s the connection other than that? If there is any,” I ask Potter.

Potter sighs. “The victim was Anthony Zabini.”

Breath escapes me. Anthony Zabini.

“Why?” I ask Potter. “He was honestly one of the most genuine guys I’ve ever met.”

Potter shrugs. “We don’t know the connection between you two besides that you both were Slytherins and were in the same year.”

“Which was a fourth of the school,” Carolyn chimes in. She looks over at me. “Is there anything else in common between you two?”

“My dad was friends with his dad in Hogwarts,” I tell Potter, but he already knew that. “Uh, he was one of my suitemates.”

“Who else were your suitemates?” Potter asks.

“You can’t honestly think that this person is going after-”

“I’m taking all precautions, Scorpius,” Potter interrupts me. “I need to know who I need to protect for now.”

“Well, there’s Jacob Goyle…uh, Rowan Parkinson, Philip Bulstrode, Anthony Zabini and me,” I tell Potter. “But uh, keep an eye out for Sienna Tillman.”

“Any reason why?” Potter asks curiously.

“Just to be safe,” I tell Potter. “She’s an ex-girlfriend and we had been friends all of Hogwarts before then. Just, keep an eye on her.”

Potter nods. “I’ll assign Griffin to look after her.”

“Thank you,” I tell Potter and relax in my bed.

“I’ll let you get some rest,” Potter tells me and he looks over at Carolyn. “I expect you in once you get discharged.”

Carolyn nods and Potter heads out of the room, leaving me with my wandering thoughts about how someone is out to kill me.

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