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Blue by CooperTowne
Chapter 5 : An Act of Boredom
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Chapter image by Magic_Pheonix! Perfect as always :)





I woke up a few days later to the sound of a saw.


Then a hammer.


Then the sound of something splitting violently in half.


I sat straight up in my bed, more awake than I think I’ve ever been. Looking around the room, I noticed a certain amount of destruction did in fact surround me. My eyes eventually focused in on a tanned, dark haired man standing in my room wearing a shirt far too tight. Not that I was complaining.


“Err—” I said scratching my messy bed head. I squinted against the light trying to get a better focus on who was in my room. “What the fuck is going on?”


Ah. The Morning Monster. Well as Scrap has dubbed it. Apparently I’m so wonderfully chipper in the morning, Scrap decided to call me The Morning Monster. Quite catchy if you ask me.


The guy turned around wide-eyed. Then he smiled. “Good Morning!” he said cheerily. “Didn’t mean to wake you,” he said crossing the room and bending over to pick up a large beam of wood. “Guess the enchantments didn’t hold up.” He winked at me as he stood up and then walked away whistling happily.


“What are you doing in my room? What’s the fucking time?” I grumbled angrily.


“Blimey, Rose was right,” he said dropping the wood to the ground. “You are a terror in the morning.”


I glared at him. “Can you just answer my goddamn questions?” I said attempting to run my hand through my hair and ending up with it stuck in the mess.


“Sure,” he said amused. He watched me tug my hand out of my hair and continued talking. “I’m Tony. I’m fixing up your room. You know, putting furniture in this abandoned room of creepiness. Like how can you honestly sleep in here? It was supposed to be a surprise, thus the enchantments to keep you sleeping. I insisted Rose do them, but no! She can’t,” he said shaking his head. “That’s what I’m doing in your room. Oh! And it’s about 12.”








“I’m confused,” I said holding my head and moving to the edge of my sad mattress. Tony walked over to me and offered me a hand. I took it and stood up. “Rose is paying you?”


Tony shook his head. “No, I owe her a favor.”


“A favor?”


“Don’t ever let Rose say ‘you owe me one’, because she’s serious,” Tony said shaking his head, the corners of his mouth turned slightly upwards. I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow at him. He looked at me nervously and stuck his hands in his pockets. “Let’s just say Rose got me out of some deep trouble while we were at Hogwarts.”


“Wasn’t Hogwarts like 7 years ago?” I asked alarmed.


He nodded. “Like I said, never owe Rose a favor.” Tony turned and went to the opposite side of the room. There was a frame on the ground, and Tony leaned down and removed his wand from his waistband. Muttering quietly under his breath, a sheet of wood attached itself firmly onto the frame.


“What’s that for?” I asked peering over his shoulder.


“Bed frame,” he replied. “Built in shelves on the bottom as well.”


“My mattress won’t fit in that,” I said pointing to the little mattress with a blanket thrown forgotten to the side.


Tony rolled his eyes, but smiled humorously at me. “You’re probably getting a new mattress then. I’m just going by the measurements I was given.” He turned back to his work.


I shrunk back and sat cross-legged on the floor. “Oh,” I said quietly. It was quiet in the room, and I, of course, became exceedingly anxious over the silence. “So.” I clapped my hands awkwardly and stared up at the ceiling.


“So,” Tony said not turning towards me though I could hear the mocking tone he had.


“So you knew Rose at Hogwarts,” I said resting my hand on my chin. Tony nodded as he attached another sheet of wood. “Did you know her well?”


“I dated her for a year, so yea, pretty well,” Tony said nonchalantly.


“You did?” I asked a little shocked.


“Don’t look too surprised,” he said. “Yea from the beginning of our sixth year to the beginning of our seventh year.” He moved to the other side of the frame and within seconds he attached the other side on flawlessly.


“Then she dumped you?” I asked sympathetically. Tony laughed loudly and shook his head.


“I broke up with her,” he said with the ghost of a smile still playing on his lips. “Why do you assume she broke up with me?”


“Because she’s with Scrap,” I said jabbing my thumb in the air in the direction of my door. Tony looked at me confused. “Scorpius.”


“Oh well, I broke up with her because of Scorpius,” he said attaching the final side to the frame. Waving his wand three identical drawers rose in the air and settled nicely into their nooks.


“Why?” I said scooting forward. I studied the bed frame as I got closer. I really hope he’s not done yet. It looks far too flimsy for any person to sleep on. I feel like I’m about to snap it in half just by staring at it.


Tony touched the frame again and it swayed dangerously. Yea, I’m not sleeping on that.


“So curious,” Tony said looking at me with an amused look. I tore my gaze away from the swaying deathtrap and looked at Tony. His dark hair reminded me of Al’s: sloppy yet neat. His blue eyes were—intoxicating. Piercing and mesmerizing.


Listen to me.


I sound like a bad romance novel.


But seriously. His eyes.


I shrugged my shoulders. “I’m just wondering.”


“Well I’m not going to tell you,” he said shaking his head.


“What happened?” I asked eagerly. Tony shook his head again and I scowled at him. “Fine, don’t tell me.”


“Wasn’t planning on it,” he said without looking up.


I frowned again. “Tell me why you owe Rose a favor. What’d you do?”


“Long story short, Rose save my arse from being suspended from school. Told the headmistress that I was with her and not causing a prank that I did in fact cause.” Tony ran his hand through his hair and then pointed his wand at the bed frame. The thin sheets of wood began to thicken as Tony circled his wand around the frame. After about a minute, the frame looked sturdy enough to hold a hippogriff.


And with how much I eat, that’s a good thing.


“Well,” I said standing up and brushing my hands on my pants. “I leave you to your work. Don’t want to distract you with questions about your relationship with a certain fiery redhead.”


“Thank Merlin,” Tony said sarcastically. I turned to leave, but Tony’s voice stopped me. “Oh and if Al, Louis, or Scorpius get home, do not mention I’m here.” His voice was low and dangerous.


“Er—why?” I asked cautiously. What reason would make Al, Louis, or Scrap hate anyone?


“They kind of—maybe—well—there’s a strong possibility that they definitely hate me,” he said as he slowly attached the underbelly of the bed.


Impossible! I think these guys are incapable of hating anyone.


Louis swears there’s only one thing he hates in the world and that’s spinach. Spinach is not a person; it is a food. But if it were a person, Louis would gladly beat the shit out of it.


You may think that Scrap hates Healer Gioni, but he doesn’t. He might say he does. But Scrap knows that this guy is powerful and wicked smart. Scrap dislikes him, but does not hate.


Al is just a nice guy. People hate him for being so nice. Last week, he came home with a black eye because he told a female player of the opposing team that he thought she looked good in their team’s colors and she thought he was mocking her.


He sat in the kitchen with a bag of frozen peas on his eye for an hour mumbling that she really did look good.


Once again: incapable of hate.


“I doubt that,” I scoffed at his words. Tony shook his head.


“It’s true. So please, for my well being, don’t tell them I was here,” Tony said turning back to me. He was practically begging. His eyes panicked and scared.


I pursed my lips looking at Tony as though I was thinking about it. Of course I wasn’t going to tell them, but I liked watching him squirm.




Merlin he’s holding his hands like a beggar. This must be serious. Well no harm in keeping this a secret.


I just have to explain where all this furniture came from.


Magical furniture fairies. That will work, because those totally exist.


“I won’t tell!” I exclaimed. Tony visibly relaxed and let out a long sigh.


As Tony went back to work, I grabbed a change of clothes before I left and I went to take a shower. After standing under the hot water for a half an hour, got out, and put on the fresh clothes. I stood in front of the foggy mirror and wiped off the gathered water. I brushed out my hair, and quickly braided it.


I walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen.


I poured myself a cup of coffee, and sat down at the table to read the paper. I relaxed by putting my feet up on the table and I began to glance at the Prophet.


“Employment rates on the rise,” the headline read.


It’s like it’s trying to tell me something.


Who am I kidding? I need a job.


I’m so bored all day. I just sit here, make food, and then eat it all. I successfully burned through the entire food budget for a month in one week, and I don’t Scrap appreciates it considering he’s the one paying for it.


When asked why all the food disappeared, I just started crying and speaking gibberish. These guys can’t handle overemotional women.


I stood up from the table after making the rash decision to go out and find a job. I walked back to my room to grab my cloak.


“I’m leaving,” I told Tony. “The guys who apparently hate you might be back for lunch.” I glanced at my watch. “Which is soon, so I think you might just want to pack it up for the day.”


“Good plan,” he said. Waving his wand things began to clean up and tools found their way back into a small box. “I’ll be back tomorrow at 9.”


“I won’t be awake,” I told him.


Tony raised an eyebrow at me. “Well fine, but you’re snoring is distracting.”


“I do not snore!” I exclaimed. He chuckled at me and shrugged. “I don’t snore.” He picked up his box of tools, gave me a half wave, and then disapparated.


I watched the spot he had just been with my mouth wide open. “I don’t snore,” I grumbled to myself before walking out the door and out of the apartment.


I’ve become familiar with the area around the apartment. It’s in muggle London so obviously I got some weird looks for my cloak. But considering that an entrance to Diagon Alley was nearby, I didn’t bother taking it off.


The weather was nice and the sun was shining bright with only a few fluffy clouds to block it out. This weather feels nice, and apparently a rarity for this city or country.


I entered Diagon Alley and was greeted by its insane amount of color. Not only the buildings, but the people as well. The fashion world proclaimed that colors were in and regular black was too drab.


I personally like the darker colored cloaks and robes. I thought the bright colors made people look too circus-y. And the people they dub as “freaks” in the muggle circuses are considered pretty normal here.


So I guess this is a circus.


I smiled at that thought. This world is definitely not normal, and I think everyone prefers it that way.


I walked through the crowd, dodging women with running children and men carrying large and growling crates. I turned about in the middle of the street, eyeing the windows of the stores. I’m not really sure how job searching goes here, there may be a sign saying, “help wanted” in cursive letters or there will be the awkward “Hey are you hiring?” said by yours truly.


Although I needed a job desperately, I dreaded the process. I was never good with talking to people when there was the possibility of rejection. At least I think I was. But I assume that it is pretty typical for people to dislike those kinds of encounters.


I sidestepped a man pushing a cart of fireworks. He was cursing loudly and wearing a nightshirt, cap, and slippers. He tired and unshaved face looked contorted as he cursed as though the fireworks could hear him and were trembling under his fierce words. I watched him continued down the street with a slight smile on my face.


The wizarding world never fails to amuse me.


I walked around for a while longer glancing at store windows and just enjoying being outside.


I eventually spotted a sign in the window of Madame Horne’s Beauty Stop Shop. “Help Wanted,” it read. I smiled to myself and ignored the flurry of butterflies in my stomach.


As I walked in a bell tinkled above me, and the butterflies began to flutter faster. I looked about the shop, and I was relieved to see that it looked pretty normal. Plain royal blue walls with various pictures of models with their hair blowing in the breeze, their lips partly opened. They were all wearing outlandish make up and blinking at me as though there was never a thought that past through their heads.


My eye caught the wandering gaze of one model. She looked to be about my age. Her blonde hair was tied up in a tight bun at the top of her head. Like the others her lips was parted and painted a hot pink. Her eyes were hazel and were smothered green eye shadow. She fluttered her eyes at me a couple times before I turned away.


Something about her was eerily familiar.


“Hello,” said a voice. I turned to the counter where I saw a woman standing and watching me curiously. “Can I help you?” She was standing tall and proud. Her short hair was graying a bit, but there wasn’t a single wrinkle on her face. The butterflies that were daintily beating their wings in my stomach had officially turned into angry hippogriffs with a personal vendetta against me and my confidence.


“Uhh—umm,” I stammered. “No—I was just looking.” I glanced at my feet and mentally slapped myself for chickening out.


“Oh, well,” the woman said awkwardly. “I saw you looking at the model.” She pointed to the familiar blonde.


“Yea,” I said running my hand through my hair. I glanced over my shoulder to the blonde again. She was running her hand up her face, mouth still parted, and giving a sultry look. “Do you know who she is?”


“Who she is? You don’t know?” the woman asked astonished. I shook my head. “Divana Titan. World famous model. Practically everyone in the make up and beauty business knows her and worships at her feet.”


“Oh,” I said curiously studying her face once more. “Well that’s probably why I don’t know her.”




“I’m not in the make up and beauty business,” I said shrugging at the woman.


She smiled kindly at me. “Right you are!”


“Well thank you!” I said moving to the door.


“For what?” she asked bemused.


“I don’t know, but I feel like you helped me in some way.” I waved at her and smiled before exiting the shop. Well that was a complete failure.


I guess it wasn’t all bad. I learned about that Divana Titan person. Divana, with the face that keeps picking at my brain. I know her. I know I do. But how?




I heard my name called. My head snapped around to find the source, but no luck. I turned back around and continued walking.


“Wait—Blue!” There was the voice again. I don’t think Blue is such a common name so it’s not like there’s a possibility that they’re calling for someone else. I stopped and turned and looked behind me determined to find a face for the voice.


“Blue!” A head popped over the crowd and soon disappeared. Either they are short enough to need to jump or I’m short enough that a tall person needs to jump to see me. Either way, it’s pathetic.


My name was called several more time before someone broke through the crowd and pushed into me heavily. We fell to the ground, both of us making super attractive noise as we went down.


I was on the ground with this person on top of me for a second before they pushed themselves up. “We have to stop meeting like this.” I looked up and met the amused face of Fred Weasley.




“At your service,” he said standing up and bowing. I laughed as stood and brushed myself off. “I’m glad you remember me.”


“A Weasley is hard to forget. Especially one that tackles you to the ground every time you meet.”


Fred chuckled and looked very proud of himself. That was the first time I got a good look at him. He was wearing purple pants and a bright orange cloak. He was wearing a brown vest, a white shirt, and a neon green tie.


“Like the outfit?” he asked obviously having noticed me looking.


“It’s definitely interesting,” I said touching the fabric of his cloak. “All that’s missing is a top hat and you could be the ring leader of this circus.”


In a flash, Fred reached inside his cloak, brought out a round, flat black disk, and snapped it open. He placed it on head. “How’s that?” he asked. Well he does have a top hat. Shiny and black it looked practically new and it suited his personality very much.


“So now that we know that I do in fact own a top hat, what brings you to Diagon Alley this magnificently crowded day?” He asked casually putting his hands into his pockets.


“I’m looking for a job,” I said. “But alas, when I find a place hiring I chicken out.” Fred’s face lit up and he smiled broadly at me. “What?” I said cautiously.


“Work for me!” he exclaimed.


“What?” I was stunned. He just offered me a job? He just offered me a job! Is this how it usually works?


“Yea!” He looked excited. “My dad has just made me manager of the Diagon Alley branch of Weasley’s Wheezes. He’s off doing Merlin-knows-what in Merlin-knows-where, so he made me manager!”


“That’s great Fred! Congratulations!” I said happily. “Do you really want me working for you?” I looked at him skeptically as he nodded happily.


“I know you, kinda, and you seem pretty cool. Al and Louis really like you, so why not?” He threw his arm over my shoulder and we began walking down the street the way both of us had come. “Plus this way you can meet the rest of the family.”


“Are there more cousins?”


“Well—no, you’ve met all of them, but you haven’t met any of the parents. The Golden Trio. My mum and dad. The Golden Trio spouses. Oh wait—two of them are married to each other. So basically Uncle Harry’s wife, my aunt. And Nana Weasley! Oh you’ll love her!” Fred rattled on as we continued walking.


Nana Weasley is the woman who basically runs this clan along side her husband, Arthur Weasley, who insists on being called Pop Pop. Nana Weasley is also the woman who everyone says I can out cook.


But from what I’ve heard, she’s a total badass and fiercely competitive. Which, according to Fred, means that Nana Weasley and I will be having a cook off with the entirety of the Wotter clan as judges.


Apparently this has been planned without my knowledge.


And is actually happening.


Next week.


Fred and I continued walking until we made it to a large crooked building. It had a bright purple exterior and the inside looked too busy to be manageable. I could hear laughter and screams over the loud bustle of Diagon Alley.


We entered the store.


Well then. Hm.


And I thought that outside was crowded. Dear Merlin I’m having trouble moving.


“Make way!” someone shouted. “It’s the Weasley Prince!” Everyone cheered and Fred smiled brightly. He grabbed hold of my hand and led me to a back room. In there it was quieter.


There were two walls completely made up of shelves with bottles and boxes on them. Another wall had a giant gaping hole in it that had another wall behind it. I think that’s the official floo network fireplace for this fine establishment.


The last wall had pictures. Hundreds of pictures. There were so many people. Red hair everywhere. In the center, there was the biggest picture of two identical boys. They were waving with their arms around each other in front of a newer looking version of the outside of this building.


In the center of the room was a desk, piled with papers. There also was a large metal box that looked to have a funnel sticking straight out. Fred jabbed his wand into the side of the box and spoke into the funnel.


“Attention loyal shoppers of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes! I am proud to announce a new addition to the working staff here! So it won’t be only me anymore. Her name is Blue, yes like the color, and she is a good friend of mine. So, yea, be welcoming and do not set her on fire!”


Fred took his wand out and turned towards me.


“Wow,” I said.


“I know right!” He nodded happily. The craziness of the store really fueled his energy. He really enjoyed what he did. I admired that.


“I can’t believe you actually gave me a job,” I said incredulously.


“Between you and me,” Fred said stepping close and whispering. “This place is a constant mad house. I can’t do it alone. I mean I have one other employee, but you’ll meet her later.”


“So you’re not alone.” I crossed my arms and smirked at him. “Did you lie Mr. Weasley? ‘It won’t be me anymore.’”


He rolled his eyes at me and crossed the room. “She’s only part-time, so it’s only me a lot of the time.”


“And I will be full-time, correct?”


“Right you are!” Fred said opening a locker. “This is your locker. There are 14 different colors for robes. Everyday different.”


I walked over to inspect my new locker and the 14 robes that hung inside.


“Red, purple, green, blue, yellow, maroon, lime green, orange, and holy shit does this color even have a name?” I asked as I moved the robes around in the locker. One looked to be a burnt green mixed with a coral type color.


“Oh yea, that one we call Nasty Arse color. Or NAc for short,” he said holding it. “It wasn’t my decision. Dad seemed to be oddly drawn to the color.”


“I wouldn’t doubt it. I mean, knowing you,” I said hoping he wouldn’t notice I’m actually teasing him


“Oi!” Oops he noticed. “What is that supposed to mean?” I shrugged giving him a sly smile. “I’m your boss now, be nice to me.”


“You wouldn’t fire me,” I stated simply still smiling. I’m not sure if that is actually, but I hope to Merlin it is.


“True.” Score one for Blue. “You’re lucky I have a good sense of humor,” he said. Fred does. In the short time I’ve actually known him I’ve noticed that. He successfully fended off his cousin’s teasing and taunts and thrown a witty remark back in their face.


Very impressive to say the least.


“I’m lucky that I have an awesome boss,” I said putting the NAc back in the locker and shutting it.


“That you do! Now be here at 9 tomorrow. Your pay is 20 galleons an hour, and tomorrow is the day we wear purple,” he said shuffling some papers on a desk.


“You got it boss,” I said. I saluted him and stood up straighter. He rolled his eyes at me.


“You can use the fireplace here,” he said pointing to the overgrown hole in the wall. I nodded and walked over. I clutched the powder in my hand and paused. I didn’t know what I had to say. Don’t people around here name their houses or something? “Say The App.” I smiled gratefully at Fred.


“The App,” I said before being engulfed in green flames. Seconds later, I slid into the living room of a very familiar apartment. I stood up covered in soot and coughing slightly.


Never breath in when you’re travelling by fireplace.


“Hello there,” Louis said cheerfully from the couch. He, of course, was surrounded by papers and books. He had a smile on his face, but his eyes looked stressed and tired.


“Hi Louis, good class today?” He nodded as he looked back down to her papers. “A lot of homework I guess.”


“Never a day without it,” he replied humorously.


“There you are!” Al walked into the room. He had his signature carefree crooked smile on and he was covered in a thin layer of blue dust. “Where were you? And what’s happening to your room?”


“Diagon Alley and what were you doing in my room?” I walked past him and into the kitchen. He followed after me.


The kitchen was a mess. There was blue dust similar to what was on Al everywhere. Pots and pans had goo attached to them and there was a burnt mark on the ceiling right above a smoking pot.


I turned to Al and cocked an eyebrow at him. He smiled guiltily and stuck his hands in his pockets. “Are you going to tell me what this is?” I asked swiping a finger on his cheek and rubbing the blue dust between my fingers.


“I was experimenting,” Al said. “Did you know that if you inject bananas with fairy dust it turns it blue and makes it explode?”


“So this is fairy dust,” I said inspecting my fingers. Al nodded. I pointed at the gooey substance that looked like it was breathing. “And that’s a banana?”


“Not just one banana,” he said rolling his eyes. He crossed the room and picked up the pot and showed it me. “It’s forty bananas!” He had a playful gleam in his green eyes as he showed me the pot.


“Cool?” I said unsure of myself. “Umm—just don’t eat it.” Al rolled his eyes at me.


“Of course I’m not going to eat it. I’m making them into balls and throwing them at the wall.” He pointed behind me where the wall, that was once white, was now polka dotted with exploded blue banana goo.


“Fabulous,” I said dryly.


“So what were you doing in Diagon Alley?” Al asked trying to divert my attention. I looked back at him.


So I had to tell him, and see what he would do. Maybe he would pelt me with the blue banana goo because he’s upset I won’t be here to cook him food all the time. “I got a job,” I said.


Then I waited.


Blank stare.


And more waiting.


Relaxed posture.


Still waiting!


He isn’t blinking.


“Say something Al! I’m not doing something illegal for a job,” I exclaimed. He snapped out of his trance and looked at me wide eyed.


“You got a what?” he practically screeched. “Doing what? I bet you got a job doing something--er--I don't know, something illegal!"

“Merlin, I just said I wasn’t doing that.”


He ignored me. “If you think I’m allowing a criminal into my flat—”


“I’m not doing that, Al—”


“I heard criminal, who’s the criminal?” Louis came into the kitchen practically skipping.


“Blue! Apparently she got some job doing something illegal and dangerous. Even though she know prefectly wee se cant do that,” Al said crossing his arms.


“Are you serious?” I mumbled. I kept hitting myself in the face, hoping their stupid wasn’t infectious.


“Sit down,” Al said pushing me into a chair. There was a squishing noise as I sat down. I tried to get up, but Al pushed me back down. “Now Blue. We need to have a serious talk.” Louis nodded beside him. Their arms were crossed and they looked like the meant business. Kill me now. “I know that this is your life and you can do what you please, but this life isn't for you.”


“You’re a delicate flower,” Louis continued. “You have to be sheltered and cared for. It’s a dangerous world out there for you, and you may think you don’t have any options, but you do!”


“I’m not—”


“Shhhh,” Al said placing a finger on my lips. “Let us talk. It’s important that you hear us. We like having you around, but if your going to involve yourself in such acts as this, we’re going to reevaluate our agreement here.”


“Agreement?” I’m so beyond confused right now. Do they think I got a job robbing banks? No! Merlin, I’m working for their cousin!


“Yes, agreement,” Louis snapped. “Don’t bring your work home with you. That’s just dangerous.”


“What’s dangerous?” Rose asked entering the kitchen holding four grocery bags.


“My work apparently.” I rolled my eyes and slumped lower in my seat. I crossed my arms and glared at Al and Louis.


“Listen to us,” Al said pointing a finger at me. Very threatening really.


“No,” I said sternly. “Listen to me mom and dad.” I looked at Al and Louis respectively as I spoke. I leaned forward and made sure they were looking at me. “I’m not some criminal, And if you took your heads out of your asses for one second, you would know that. I would never do anything illegal, especially for money.”

“Then where did you get a job?” Al said crossing his arms and he somehow managed a pose only a sassy black woman could pull off.


“You got a job?” Rose asked surprised. I nodded and she squealed. “Yay! I’m so happy for you!” She threw her arms around my neck and rocked me from side to side in a tight hug.


“See that’s a normal response,” I said after Rose released me. “And for your information, I’m working for Fred.”


“Fred our cousin? At Weasley Wheeze’s?” Louis asked.


“Yep,” I said standing up.


“That’s awesome congratulations,” Rose said. I smiled happily and followed her to her grocery bags to help her put them away.


“So you’re working for Fred?” Al asked.


“That’s correct,” I said not turning to him. “More specifically I’m not sitting here all day. I needed to get out. So I got a job.” I turned to Al with my arms full of food. I had created a tower of containers that were in a firm lock between my left hand and my chin. “Why do you look so happy?” I said noticing Al’s broad smile.


I went and put the food into the fridge and turned back to Al. He had relaxed against the doorframe, but he was still smiling. Rose, who had apparently chosen to ignore the state of the room until that moment, rasied her waved and in one swish everything from Al to the ceiling was clean.


“It’s just nice to see you settling in,” Al said.


“What do you mean?” I asked tiredly. I passed Al as I left the room and went into the living room where Louis had returned to a few minutes before.


He followed me into the room and sat in an armchair. “I mean, you’re getting proper furniture in your room and you got a job. It’s like you’re staying here.”


“I am staying here,” I said picking up the Prophet and sitting on the couch next to Louis. I had not read as much as I’d like to this morning, and so I began again.


“He means like staying here for good,” Louis said flicking the newspaper.


For good. I would love to stay here for good. The thought just sounds so appealing and so riveting that I sat staring at the paper in silence. I watched as a picture of some politician waved at me, smiling his thousand watt smile.


“Rose!” I exclaimed suddenly throwing down the paper ignoring Louis and Al completely. Rose looked into the living room bemused. “I need to talk to you!” I stood up quickly and instead of walking around the table, I spastically jumped over it. I landed safely on the ground only to trip over Al’s feet. Al and Louis watched me go with looks of equal confusion on their faces.


I scrambled up, and made it to Rose. “Come on,” I said and I tugged her out of the kitchen and down the hall to the door with the carving “Blue”. I threw open the door and led her in.


It was cleaner than it was before. The Bed frame was fully made and miraculously it had turned white.


When did he have time to do that? Wait he left before me! WHAT?


I need to stop questioning these people’s abilities.


The dresser was still half made. But there were several shelves on my wall and hanging in the far corner next to the window was a hanging hammock seat.


I like it. A lot. In all of it’s half finished glory.


I turned to Rose to see that she was smiling brightly.


“You like it?” Rose asked.


“Like it? I love it!” I exclaimed and Rose bounced happily.


She clapped her hands together one time and looked around the room more. “I’m so glad you liked it. You like Tony too?”


“Yea he’s a nice guy. I was a little weirded out by him being in my room while I slept,” I said.


Rose laughed and shuffled her feet. “The spells didn’t hold up as well as we hoped. They should have kept you sleeping, but it worked out fine.”


“And I hear you two dated.” I rose my eyebrows suggestively at her.


She laughed again this time nervously. “Yea,” she said. “For about a year. Tony is so nice though. After we broke up there were no hard feelings, and we stayed pretty good friends.”


“Even if Al, Louis, and Scrap hate him,” I said sitting in my new hammock chair. Damn, this thing was comfy!


“And Kole,” Rose said leaning on the windowsill. “They just always disliked him. Maybe because they knew Scorp was in love with me and Tony got to me first.”


“You snooze, you lose.”


Rose snorted and nodded. “So you really like it?”


“Love it,” I said looking at her seriously. Rose nodded curtly.


“And we have a mattress to fit that,” she said pointing at the frame. I laughed quietly.




Rose stood up and stretched. She glanced at her watch. “Oh shit! I gotta go! I promised Scorp I’d meet him for dinner.”


“It’s like three in the afternoon,” I commented.


Rose looked around nervously. “He eats early so—that—uhh—shut up!” I laughed at her nervous and angry face. Rose shot me another glare before turning to the door. She stopped at the entrance and turned back to me.


“Blue?” I looked up at her. “Do you think you’ll stay here? I like having you here.”


I smiled slightly. “I like being here.”


“So you’re going to stay?”


That question is just so hard to answer. Am I going to stay? For now, yes.


But what happens when I meet someone that knows me, the real me? Would I want to stay here? Would I want to go with them and relearn everything I was? What if I hate it? What if I hate who I was?


So what if I leave, and I find out that I hate my old life, and I come back here, and just—just—I don’t know.


I abandoned them.


Would they want me back?


“I want to,” I said awkwardly after a few silent moments. Rose nodded and looked solemn as though she knew what I was thinking. “But thank you,” I said quickly before she left. “For this. It’s really kind.”


“I’d do anything for my friends.” Rose smiled sweetly and exited the room. I listened to he retreating footsteps, and the settled back into my chair a contented smiled spread across my face.



So what'd you think? A little of a longer chapter, but a lot happens. I hope you liked it. Fred's back, and Blue finally has a job. Tony a sexy carpenter that is hated by all her male friends. Divana Titan? Who is she?

Review please :)

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