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Free As A Bird? by Hogwartsishome
Chapter 13 : The Zoo
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George stood in the car park. Hermione had not yet arrived. The whole family had decided to go to Chester Zoo for the day, but so far there was only George, Percy’s family, Harry and Ginny and their kids.

“Do you know where Mum is Percy?” Ginny asked. She was stood with her hands on her hips next to the pram. Harry on the other hand was trying to force Lily into the buggy, but Lily was relentless and squirmed so much that Harry was having a hell of a hard time. James and Albus on the other hand were playing leapfrog on the grass with Molly and Lucy.

“I haven’t the foggiest, however she did say she would be here by now,” Percy replied.

“I thought that,” Ginny nodded, folding the hood of the buggy back just as Harry managed to clip the seatbelt on Lily, who started screaming as soon as he did so. Harry stood up and straightened his t-shirt.

“She’ll be here in a minute,” George shouted over Lily’s screaming, scanning the car park for Hermione’s car. Molly and Arthur had decided to apparate to the zoo but Hermione had preferred to drive up from London. George thought she was crazy himself but he supposed it was because Hermione didn’t feel comfortable apparating with the children.

Across the car park Harry noticed a red headed figure, with a stubborn scar down his face.

“Hey, Bill and Fleur are here!” he grinned, waving at the family coming towards them. Bill noticed and waved back.

“You try anything Harry and I’ll smack you,” Ginny warned as Fleur bounded up to them. Harry gulped and nodded. George sniggered.

“Alright George,” Bill asked as he joined them, hitting George on the back with his palm.

“Never better,” George replied, rubbing his back in a good-natured fashion, teasing Bill. Bill gave a deep laugh.

“Where’s Mum Perce?” Bill grinned, turning to Percy.

“I don’t know,” Percy admitted. Victoire and Dominique had taken on the job of trying to calm down Lily, which they were doing incredibly well at, whilst Louis had gone to play with the other kids.

“And zer is zat Hermione also?” Fleur asked, standing next to Bill. George couldn’t help noticing how elegant she looked, the way her silvery blonde hair fell down her shoulders and her figure was one of the best George had ever seen, even after giving birth to three children. Clearly Harry had noticed this too as Ginny hit him hard on the arm, causing him to jump and quickly avert his eyes.

“She’s driving up so she might be a bit late,” George explained.

“She is driving?” Fleur asked, surprise flashing across her flawless features.

“Yes,” George nodded.

“Zat is very strange, zat is a Muggle way of travelling is it not?” Fleur frowned.

“Yes, I’m sure she’ll be here in a minute though,” George smiled. He noticed Ginny rolling her eyes and had to stifle a laugh. Suddenly a crack sounded to their right. Molly and Arthur had arrived.

“Hello,” Arthur grinned as he appeared, approaching each of the men and shaking their hands, “how are we all?”

“I’m spectacular,” Percy replied first, “work at the Ministry is going very well indeed.”

“Oh be quiet about the bloody Ministry Percy,” Ginny sighed, hugging her mother. Usually it would have been George that had taken the mickey out of Percy but Ginny had just beaten him to it.

“So, who are we waiting for?” Arthur asked as he stepped away from Fleur after kissing her on the cheek.

“Just Hermione,” Harry replied.

“Good good,” Molly smiled, “do you know where she is Harry dear?”

“I have no idea, George said she was driving up so who knows, Muggle traffic can be a nightmare,” Harry replied.

“Oh I know,” Arthur said, “isn’t it bad! I would have thought they’d found a more efficient way of transportation by now!”

George shook his head. Lately his Father had taken up driving as his new Muggle fascination, the move from rubber ducks to vehicles had been a gradual one but George was sure that at some point Arthur would end up taking a Muggle job, just to experiment.

“Yes, it sure is,” Harry laughed, seeing George’s reaction.

“Look, you all may as well just go in, I’ll wait for Hermione,” George offered, smiling at Harry.

“Yeah, I’ll wait too,” Harry nodded.

“Really boys, we can’t expect you to do that, I’m sure she’ll be here in a minute,” Molly disagreed. She was right. George noticed Hermione’s car turning into the car park. The whole family watched as Hermione parked it and then came over to join the rabble.

“Hello Hermione,” Arthur jumped in first, kissing her on the cheek.

“Hello,” Hermione smiled, moving on to Bill who gave her a hug. After they had all greeted her Hermione moved to join George, Hugo in the buggy in front of her whilst Rose hung on to the side.

“Molly, Lucy, come on, we’re going in now,” Audrey, Percy’s wife, shouted. Molly and Lucy heard and ran over. Louis too came over but Albus and James were much less obedient.

“Oi, James and Albus, get here now!” Ginny yelled at them.

“But Mum!” they both complained in unison.

“Don’t you make a scene!” Ginny yelled back. Albus dropped his head and began to walk over sluggishly; James on the other hand threw his arms up in frustration. When the pair reached the group George noticed James hissing into Albus’s ear in annoyance. They were separated however when Harry grabbed James’s hand, much to James’s embarrassment, and Ginny got Albus to hold on to the side of the buggy.

“We ready then,” Arthur grinned, rubbing his hands together in an excited fashion.

“Definitely, let’s go!” Bill cheered, taking Fleur’s hand and leading her forward. Victoire, Dominique and Louis were close on their heels, followed by the rest of the family.

It took a while to get through the ticket office, as there were so many of them, but soon they were all standing on the other side of the entrance, the elephant enclosure only just to their left. Luckily Hugo was still in his pram so he wasn’t going crazy about the great African mammals just yet.

“Where shall we go first then?” Percy asked, “I’ve read in the leaflet that I picked up that the Black Rhinos are fascinating.”

“Let’s just go where the wind takes us, shall we?” George laughed. Percy gave him a nasty glare but when he noticed the other family members, including Audrey, were agreeing with George, the glower was quickly wiped from his face.

“We’ll take a vote shall we?” Molly suggested. This appealed even more to everybody.

“So, let’s see,” Molly smiled, looking at the map in her hands, “how about the chimpanzees?”

Fleur, Victoire and Dominique raised their hands. Molly nodded, making a mental note.

“Black Rhinos?”

Percy was the only one to raise his hand.

“Sorry Percy, already outvoted with that one,” Bill laughed, patting Percy on the back. Percy folded his arms.

“Okay, let’s see, giraffes?” Molly continued.

Hermione, Harry, Ginny and Rose each raised their hands.

“Okay, so giraffes at the moment, hmm, let’s see, lions?” Molly asked.

George raised his hand, along with Bill and Albus. It wasn’t enough to seal the deal though. George was a little disappointed.

“Okay, so, how about the bats?”

James, Louis, little Molly and Lucy raised their hands.

“Finally, the elephants?”

Hugo’s hand shot up in the pram along with Lily’s. Molly and Arthur both raised their hands too and so did Audrey, much to Percy’s annoyance. Audrey merely brushed off his death glare though.

“Okay, think we’re in agreement, elephants it is,” Molly grinned, folding the map back up and tucking it into her coat pocket.

George bent over Hermione’s pram and unbuckled the belt that was keeping Hugo in his seat. Hugo put his arms out and allowed George to pick him up and heave him up onto his shoulders. Hugo patted George’s hair down happily.

“Elephants!” he shouted.

“Come on then sport, let’s go see the elephants,” George laughed.

George led the group, Hugo bouncing up and down on his shoulders. The kids followed swiftly after, almost swamping George. Harry and Hermione on the other hand hung back.

“Everything okay?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, everything’s grand,” Hermione replied. Harry could tell she was lying though.

“Not it’s not, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong Harry, I just told you that,” Hermione snapped.

“For goodness sake Hermione, there is something wrong, I can tell, now tell me,” Harry pushed, annoyance creeping into his voice. Hermione glanced at him, his brilliant green eyes drilling into hers.

“George bought me a portrait of Ron,” she conceded. Harry blinked; he had not been expecting that.

“A talking one?” he frowned.

“A living, talking, breathing one, yes,” Hermione nodded.

“But that’s a good thing, isn’t it?” Harry frowned further. Hermione stopped the buggy abruptly, causing Harry to trip over the wheel. He righted himself and ground to a stop too.

“No Harry, it’s the worst thing that could have happened, it was good to talk to him, but afterwards I got so unhappy, it’s brought me back to square one, but I don’t want to tell George that because he’s tried so hard to try and make me happy,” Hermione explained. Harry shifted from foot to foot, he didn’t really have a reply to that, and he wasn’t too good at advice. Luckily for him though Ginny shouted over at them from the elephant viewing area.

“Harry, Hermione, come quick, these baby elephants are gorgeous!” Ginny shouted. Hermione looked at Harry to see if he was going to offer words of advice or encouragement but instead he just smiled.

“Thanks for telling me Hermione, come on, let’s go and see the elephants,” Harry said. He then walked ahead. Hermione sighed, took a deep breath and pushed the buggy forward, following after Harry.

“Mummy, look at the elephants!” Hugo grinned as Harry and Hermione approached the viewing area. Hugo was still balanced on George’s shoulders and George was grinning too.

“Let’s see then,” Hermione smiled, stepping up beside George. Harry eyed her suspiciously but joined Ginny rather than saying anything.

“What was that about?” Ginny leaned over and whispered into Harry’s ear.

“I’ll tell you later, but you might be better finding out yourself from Hermione,” Harry whispered back. James came bounding over from the front of the viewing area.

“Dad, have you seen that elephant’s thingymajig, it’s like an extra leg!” he shrieked, amazement clear on his face and in the way he threw his arms up.

“James!” Ginny exclaimed.

“What, it’s true!” James argued.

“I don’t care, you shouldn’t be shouting out things like that,” Ginny chided, “especially near all these people we don’t know.”

“Sorry Mum,” James apologised.

“Apology accepted,” Ginny smiled, “now come on, point it out to me.”

James lifted his head and grinned, grabbing his Mum’s hand and pulling him over to the side, pointing out the bull that was roaming around in the middle of the huge enclosure. Harry went and stood next to Molly and Arthur, just close enough to hear Hermione and George’s conversation.

“Don’t you dare call my daughter a bookworm,” Hermione hissed. George frowned, glancing at her.

“You’ve called her a bookworm plenty of times,” he replied, confused.

“You said it in an offensive way,” Hermione growled back.

“Well I didn’t mean it to sound offensive,” George sighed, “what’s gotten into you Hermione?”

“Nothing has gotten into me.”

“And why does Rose read so many books anyway?”

“Because she likes to read,” Hermione replied.

“No child reads that much Hermione, even if they like to read,” George shook his head. Hugo laughed as he jiggled up and down.

“How would you know George? Just because you’ve never read a whole book through in your life.”

“You’d be surprised,” George laughed, “tell me, why does she read so much?”

“Because,” Hermione conceded, “well, she’s read like that since Ron died.”

“Oh, sorry,” George gulped, his joking manner wiping away completely.

“Just don’t call her a bookworm in that way again,” Hermione said.

“Yeah, sorry, of course not,” George nodded, but Hermione had already turned away to talk to Percy. Harry frowned, when he thought about it Rose had read a lot more since Ron died. He excused himself away from Molly and Arthur and went to join Ginny, James and Albus who were still absorbed by the size of the elephant bull’s ‘extra leg’ and were talking animatedly about it. Lily on the other hand was on Bill’s broad shoulders, chuckling over the baby elephant that was rolling around in the water pool.


The children were all playing in the outdoor play area as George shuffled onto the bench next to Hermione. He tried to drape his arm over her shoulders but she shrugged it off, much to George’s annoyance. She didn’t want to show any affection whatsoever to him in front of the rest of the family and it irked George no end.

“So I have been speaking to the Minister of Magic and he says I’m likely to get a promotion soon,” Percy was explaining from across the table.

“That’s wonderful Percy,” Molly grinned, clasping her hands together.

“Yes, well done Percy,” Arthur nodded.

“I think that’s codswallop myself,” Ginny sighed.

“Don’t be rude to your brother Ginny,” Molly frowned.

“I’m not being rude, I’m stating my opinion,” Ginny replied.

“You will see Ginny, and then I will be the one laughing,” Percy said pompously, adjusting his shirt. Audrey had her hand resting supportively on his forearm. Ginny just rolled her eyes.

“I think Percy’s right, the Minister has been organising some promotions recently,” Hermione agreed out of nowhere.

“You see,” Percy smiled, nodding in thanks at Hermione for backing him up. Ginny gave Hermione a brief glare, to show she wasn’t happy with the party Hermione had decided to take sides with, Hermione ignored it though.

“What is it zat you do now Hermione?” Fleur asked, frowning at Hermione questioningly.

“I’m Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement,” Hermione nodded.

“Oh yes, zat is what you were doing last time, yes?”

“Last time I saw you yes,” Hermione replied.

“And so zat is the highest you can go?” Fleur frowned, she seemed confused.

“In that department yes,” Hermione nodded.

“And zat department is big?”

“Yes, one of the largest,” Hermione smiled.

“So you get paid lots of ze money?”

“I get a fair wage.”

“Fleur, stop questioning the poor woman, I’ll tell you about everything Hermione does later,” Bill said, shaking his head at Hermione in a mutual understanding.

“Okay, zat is fair,” Fleur smiled, reaching up and kissing Bill on the cheek. George noticed Ginny hitting Harry on the arm out of the corner of his eye; clearly Harry had become a little too engrossed with Fleur’s moving lips.

“So, Georgie boy, I hear you’ve been busy recently?” Bill smiled.

“Me?” George said, racking his brain for what he had been doing recently.

“The shop,” Bill offered.

“Oh yes! Yes! I got it back up and running a few weeks back, the demand has been massive so far, I’m constantly having to reorder stock, it’s been a brilliant success!” George hailed.

“And what shop is it zat you are running?” Fleur asked, interested.

“Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, it’s on Diagon Alley,” George replied, momentarily lost in Fleur’s eyes. She seemed to have that effect on a lot of people.

“But zat is very expensive to buy?” Fleur frowned, “where did you get ze money?”

“Hermione bought it for me, as a present,” George clarified. He felt Hermione elbow him in the ribs.

“I see, and why did you do that Hermione? Surely zat was a lot of money for you to do?”

“I suppose so,” Hermione nodded, turning a slight shade of red.

“Yes, that must have cost quite a fortune Hermione,” Percy frowned.

“Well she wanted to cheer me up,” George explained.

“George,” Hermione said through gritted teeth.

“And why would you need cheering up?” Fleur asked.

“I was a little depressed and Hermione was just trying to help me get back on my feet.”

“George, enough!” Hermione hissed again, a little louder this time.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed Hermione, that was a wonderful thing you did for George,” Arthur butted in.

“Yes, that was a really nice gesture Hermione,” Molly agreed.

“I think so too,” Harry nodded.

“Enough!” Hermione suddenly shouted over the mounting din, “yes I bought the shop, please stop talking about it.”

“Sorry Hermione, I didn’t think it would irk you so much,” George jibed. Ginny caught George’s eye and shook her head in warning.

“Hermione, can I have a word?” Ginny asked, her eyes never leaving George. George gave a what-have-I-done shrug but Ginny just kept glaring.

“Yeah,” Hermione nodded, “come on.”

Hermione stood up and stepped out from the bench, Ginny did the same and led Hermione over to the tiger enclosure. Nobody followed them. Ginny halted and turned round, so fast that Hermione almost collided with her but just about managed to stop.

“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” Ginny asked pointedly, raising her eyebrows, her eyes boring into Hermione.

“What do you mean? Nothing’s wrong,” Hermione panicked.

“Don’t give me that bullshit Hermione, it’s clear on your face and that conversation with Harry earlier clearly wasn’t nothing, and the way you acted just then, something isn’t right,” Ginny said, folding her arms and waiting for Hermione’s response expectantly.

“Harry said something to you, did he?” Hermione replied, a harsh tone to her voice.

“No actually, he didn’t say a word.”

“He didn’t?” Hermione frowned, surprised.

“No, now are you going to tell me or not?”

“I told you, nothing’s wrong, I was talking to Harry about, about me having to get glasses, I was just asking what they were like,” Hermione lied.

“Both you and I know that you have twenty twenty vision Hermione, so don’t give me that crap,” Ginny laughed.

“Fine, if you’re not going to give this up-”

“I’m not.”

Hermione paused for a moment.

“George got me a portrait of Ron,” Hermione admitted.

“That’s what’s bugging you? Jesus Hermione!” Ginny exclaimed.

“What?” Hermione frowned, surprised by Ginny’s reaction.

“I would have thought you’d have liked it,” Ginny shook her head.

“Hang on, you knew about this?”

“Of course I did, George knew it was risky and he wanted a second opinion,” Ginny said.

“And you told him to get it for me?” Hermione exclaimed.

“Yes, I thought it would be good for you,” Ginny nodded.

“Well it wasn’t, it’s just made me unhappier,” Hermione said bitterly.

“Only because you’ve realised Ron is in the past, you were upset because the portrait didn’t know anything about what’s happened recently, that’s what made you upset,” Ginny replied.

“So what if that is the reason,” Hermione scowled, “hang on a second, you planned for this to happen, didn’t you? That’s why you told George it was a good idea?”

“And what if I did? I just got you to realise that no matter what you do Ron is in the past, and I wanted you to realise that you need to move on,” Ginny scowled back.

“I can’t believe this,” Hermione sighed, throwing her hand up and resting them on the back of her head.

“If you think about it for a while you’ll realise what I did was right,” Ginny promised her.

“I’m going back to the table,” Hermione shook her head before turning and stalking away. Ginny took a deep breath and followed.

As Hermione reached the table she positioned herself next to George again. Ginny returned to her seat too, catching Hermione’s eye as she did so. Hermione clenched her jaw and attempted to ignore her.

“What did she need to talk to you about?” George leaned over and whispered into Hermione’s ear. Hermione shook her head.

“I’ll talk to you later about it,” she replied. George nodded and straightened up again.

“So, why don’t we get the kids over here and we’ll go look at some of the other animals?” Bill asked the group. Everybody murmured in agreement.


“Rose, are Auntie Hermione and Uncle George married?” Lily asked Rose. They were at the Komodo Dragon enclosure, which Bill was very taken by whilst Arthur couldn’t get over the fact that the reptile didn’t actually breathe fire.

“Course their not married Lily,” James laughed nearby.

“But they’re always touching each other, like Mummy and Daddy?” Lily frowned.

“Doesn’t mean they’re married, you dimwit!” James cackled.

“Hey, don’t call Lily a dimwit James,” Rose cautioned.

“And what are you going to do about it Weasley?” James challenged.

“I’ll tell Auntie Ginny,” Lily replied. James went quiet. Lily smiled triumphantly.

“So are Uncle George and Auntie Hermione together then?” Victoire appeared beside the younger children.

“I think so,” Albus nodded.

“Same,” James agreed.

“I think they’re kind of cute together,” Victoire smiled.

“Uncle George and my Mum aren’t together!” Rose almost shrieked out of nowhere.

“Alright, calm your beans,” James grinned, “anyway, how would you know?”

“They just aren’t,” Rose frowned.

“Have they slept in the same room as each other?” Victoire asked, bending to hear Rose but coming across a little intimidating.

“Yeah, but-”

“See, they’re definitely together,” James butted in triumphantly.

“No they’re not!” Rose argued.

“Maybe we should ask them?” Albus asked.

“Go ahead then Al, be my guest,” James smiled.

“No, not on my own,” Albus shook his head.

“I’ll come with you,” Victoire smiled.

“Okay then,” Albus agreed. Albus lead Victoire over to where George and Hermione were standing. They weren’t exactly stood as though they were a couple Victoire noticed.

“Hi Uncle George,” Albus smiled as he approached.

“Hey Albus,” George replied. Both adults turned to face Albus.

“We were wondering,” Albus said, gesturing to where he though Victoire was, even though she had vanished into thin air, “whether you and Auntie Hermione were a couple?”

George laughed warmly at this, causing Albus to let out a chuckle too and relieve some of his nervousness as well. Hermione too grinned.

“What do you think Albus?” George smiled.

“Well we all thought you were,” Albus replied, his green eyes studying George for his response.

“Sorry Al, but I’m afraid your Uncle George and I are just friends,” Hermione smiled. Albus nodded and then turned. He realised that Victoire had vanished and ran off, incredibly embarrassed.

George turned to Hermione in surprise.

“What?” Hermione frowned.

“Just friends?” George pointed out, raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah,” Hermione nodded, “I don’t want anybody knowing just yet.”

“Do you not think it’s kind of obvious?” George frowned.

“No, it’s not like we’re all over each other, is it?” Hermione replied.

“Right,” George nodded, an idea formulating in his brain. Hermione wouldn’t like it but he didn’t much care. He looked back into the enclosure, the Komodo Dragon was asleep. George reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his wand.

“George, what are you doing?” Hermione frowned, flabbergasted, “there’s Muggles about.”

“Don’t worry your socks off,” George shook his head, “live a little.”

Hermione sighed, folding her arms, watching for George’s next move. He flicked his wand, muttering a spell of some kind. Suddenly a voice sounded from the speakers above Hermione’s head, and also all the way around the room. Hermione’s eyes widened as she listened to what the voice said.

“Hello all, thank you for visiting the Komodo Dragon enclosure today, I would like to let everybody know that Hermione Granger, I repeat Hermione Granger, is a liar, and she and George Weasley are in fact a couple, even if she is doing her best to hide this fact.”

The voice over cut off. George noticed Hermione’s expression and laughed. Hermione went bright red as the whole family, including all of the children, turned to stare at her and George, all of them, seemingly, smiling and also, Hermione noticed, clapping.

“Kiss, kiss, kiss!” Victoire and James were shouting loudly, pumping their fists.

“Don’t want to disappoint the crowd now do we?” George chuckled, resting his hands on Hermione’s waist and pulling her round to face him.

“I hate you,” Hermione shook her head in mock anger, but the smile on her face was clear for George to see.

“You’re really going to disappoint the crowd?” George grinned, “I’d expect more from you Granger.”

Hermione reached up and put her hands to George’s neck, pulling herself up.

“I’ve told you, don’t call me Granger,” Hermione muttered before she let her lips touch George’s, feeling the familiar softness. Cheers erupted in her ears and as she pulled away she and George were mobbed.

“See, I told you!” James was shrieking. George was being crowded by Bill, Percy, Audrey and Arthur, each giving him their congratulations. Molly, Harry, Ginny and Fleur had approached Hermione.

“Zis is such a wonderful moment, George, he is so romantic,” Fleur said, a smile spreading across her flawless face of perfection.

Molly pulled Hermione into a huge hug, almost causing Hermione to be unable to breathe, and then pulled back, allowing Hermione to heave air back into her lungs, and clung on to her wrists.

“I always knew you would find somebody again Hermione, I’m honoured to have it be another of my sons, I really do wish you all the best and I’m hoping for more grandchildren, if you wouldn’t mind?” Molly winked, letting go of Hermione and allowing Ginny to pull Hermione into a hug.

At first Hermione didn’t respond, remembering what Ginny had said to her earlier, but the happiness that had suddenly overcome her at the family’s acceptance pushed her previous anger aside and Hermione wrapped her arms around Ginny and hugged her back.

“Thank you for giving us George back,” she whispered in Hermione’s ear, “and I’m glad to have the old you back too.”

Hermione felt tears come to her eyes at this and as they withdrew Hermione kissed Ginny on the cheek, showing she had most definitely forgiven her for the earlier encounter. Ginny grinned and allowed Harry to step in. He pulled Hermione into a slightly awkward hug. He wasn’t used to having to hug Hermione, usually it was she that hugged him, but Hermione helped Harry out and pulled him closer so their bodies met properly.

“I love you Hermione,” Harry whispered into Hermione’s ear, “make sure he treats you right, if he doesn’t, he’ll have the Head of the Auror Department to deal with, hear me?”

“I hear you Harry, thank you,” Hermione replied, squeezing Harry further and kissing him hard on the cheek as he withdrew. He grinned, readjusting his glasses as they’d fallen slightly during the embrace. She and Harry shared a small moment, grinning like Cornish Pixies, before Bill ran over, wrapped his large strong arms around Hermione’s waist and pulled her off the floor.

Hermione yelled involuntarily as her feet left the ground and grabbed hold of Bill’s shoulders tightly, her nails digging into his skin, Bill didn’t even notice this. He leaned backwards, almost so far that the two of them fell backwards, before swinging forwards again and setting Hermione down.

“Bill!” Molly bellowed.

“Sorry Mum! This is just so cool, welcome to the family again Hermione, not that you weren’t already part of the family but you know what I mean!” Bill grinned. Hermione had stumbled backwards slightly when she’d found the floor beneath her feet again and was still trying to find her balance. Once she did so she managed to right herself and let the grin of before take over her face once more.

“Thanks Bill,” she smiled. Arthur came forward next, gave Hermione a quick hug and congratulated her, the happiness all too clear on his face.

“Good for you Hermione,” Percy smiled, stepping up and shaking Hermione’s hand very formally, “maybe you’ll be able to knock some sensibility into his head.”

Hermione chuckled at Percy’s strange manner but thanked him none the less. Hermione caught George’s eye, he was talking to Arthur, a slightly bored look on his face, but as Hermione caught his gaze he grinned and gave a slight wave, Arthur turned to look but had no idea who George was waving at. Hermione shook her head, grinning. Hugo approached Hermione, sticking his arms out, showing Hermione that he wanted picked up. Hermione reached down and did so, shocked by how heavy he was.

“So are you and Uncle George going to get married?” Hugo shouted, causing everybody to go quiet around them and look to Hermione for her response, even George. Hermione glanced at Harry for help, he didn’t register this though and merely smiled wider back at her. Hermione took in a deep breath.

“I think it’s a little early for that.”

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