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The First Year, an Almost Happily Ever After story by Jet LaBarge
Chapter 15 : The Wedding
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Ginny Weasley walked into her bedroom at the New Burrow at around midday on Monday, August 10, 1998 and looked around. She had only been in this room for ten days. They’d furnished it with a queen-size bed for her and Harry. There really were not many of her possessions in the room, and one of the things she was going to do today was move everything she was going to need to Grimmauld Place. Unlike the old destroyed Burrow, the New Burrow had never really felt like her home. It was her parents’ home. One more day, one more lonely night, and then she would never again stay here as a Weasley.

She and Harry were young. They could have lots of years ahead of them. She knew of a few witches and wizards who had celebrated their 100th wedding anniversary. Was that possible? She and Harry could be happy together for 100 years, celebrating with their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and maybe even great-great-grandchildren. How fantastic would that be! Somehow she felt that it would not be that simple. Even the three months of their engagement had been busier, with Harry gone more than she had expected. As exciting as the notion was, it was also rather daunting. It wasn’t that she could imagine loving Harry any less, but there would be difficult times in addition to the fun ones.

Ginny and Molly had a lot to do to get ready for the combined Harry and Ginny birthday party, which was going to become the wedding. And they wanted as much of it done as possible before tomorrow. The good thing was that it kept Ginny busy. If she did not have something to do, Ginny thought that she would go crazy.

Ginny had a very, very hard time getting to sleep. She kept wondering what ‘it’ would feel like when ‘it’ was put where ‘it’ was supposed to be put, and if ‘it’ was as fun as they said ‘it’ was.

Ginny woke up a little late on Tuesday. It had taken her a long time to get to sleep. Suddenly it hit her and she jumped out of bed as though scalded. This was the last morning in her life that she was going to wake up as Ginny Weasley. By tonight she would be Ginny Potter, no longer a virgin (thank goodness!) but a married lady. She thought back to getting Harry to put that ring on her finger. Praise Merlin it worked! She was as horny as she had ever been, wanting nothing more than to shed all of her clothes and strip Harry of his and jump him, and so she still used the Touch-of-Lust spell with two flicks.

Harry Potter went to work on Tuesday as usual. It seemed really strange, but if they were going to maintain the illusion that tonight was just a birthday party for Ginny (and Harry), it was important for him to be at work. It was known to a few people that he was taking the rest of the week off, and he tried to tie up any unfinished tasks. He also had to get some documents together for the wedding and for after the wedding. With all of the estate issues, getting married was a little more legally complex than usual.

The last couple of days it had been very hard to concentrate on anything but Ginny. It was getting harder and harder. Harry could not understand how anyone could be engaged for a long time and not have sex.

By noon, he was done, and Harry went to the New Burrow. Molly was supervising getting the garden ready.

Harry was wearing a very nice pair of gray slacks, a summery knit shirt and sandals, just a little overdressed for a summer party. Ginny also wore sandals with her elegant sun dress. She had on the slightest amount of cosmetics, with her nails and toes manicured but not garishly painted.

The young couple had a light lunch, not saying much. Ginny took a good look at Harry again and thought, ‘he looked tired when he arrived, and he’s still tired.’ “Come up to our bedroom, tired man,” Ginny said. Harry did not say anything but just got up and let Ginny lead him up to her, well, now it would be their bedroom. As excited as he was, when his head hit the pillow, he was asleep. ‘They’re working him too hard,’ thought Ginny.

Guests started to arrive at about 2:30 PM, mostly family at first. Ginny went up to wake Harry. She pulled off the covers. He was in bed with nothing on but his boxers. The Touch-of-Lust Spell was driving her crazy, and she could not stand it. Ginny locked the door. She took off the sun dress and her knickers and pulled off Harry’s boxers. Harry woke up and looked at Ginny standing there naked before him. He got up and grabbed on to her. Then they heard Molly yell, “Harry, Ginny, Neville and Hanna are here.”

Harry let go and backed off, took a good look at Ginny and said, “Tonight!” Harry was shaking. He really wanted to have sex with Ginny right then, but he also felt that this was not the time or place for their first time. He wanted to be able to take their time, figure things out without a house full of people, most of whom were related to Ginny. He started to put his clothes on.

The brief nap seemed to have revived Harry. Well, maybe it was seeing Ginny naked, even if for a brief moment, that had done the trick. Whatever the reason, Harry was wide awake. He and Ginny were both having a hard time concentrating, but Molly was calling, and they had to go.

Neville and Hanna Longbottom knew of the plans for the evening, and they wanted to spend a little time with Harry and Ginny before the wedding.

“I’m not sure if we are going to be at school with you,” said Hanna. “Neville really wants to be an Auror, at least for a few years. He knows the Ministry needs him. I know he will eventually end up back at Hogwarts, when he feels the Aurors no longer need him. I’m not sure if I am going back.”

“It would be nice having you next to us,” said Ginny coaxingly. “Will you be living in Ottery St. Catchpole in the family house?”

Hanna answered, “With Neville’s grandmother. At least the house is big enough that we will be in our own area. I intend to try to visit your mother once I have the baby.”

Ginny said, “Don’t wait until the baby is born. Besides, Harry and I are going to try to get back here most weekends.” The friends promised to stay in touch.

Hogwarts staff started to arrive at about 4:00 PM, as did some of the school friends. Harry and Bill had arranged an orchestra connected with the Rothchild Estate to be at the New Burrow from about 4:00 PM until 10:00 PM to play for the crowd, and they started to play familiar classical melodies. The day was warm, sunny and beautiful. By 5:00 PM, the party was in full swing. Harry led Ginny up to the stage, and as they looked out over the people, he said, “Ginny, this looks to me like a Happily Ever After day. I am standing here next to the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world, and by tonight, you will be my wife.”

Ginny just gushed, the biggest possible smile on her face. “Oh, Harry, so far it’s been like a dream. Not exactly the dream I had as a child, but since my father was never a king, and we never lived in a castle, maybe that dream was never very realistic. I love you.” The lovers gently kissed and held it for a very long time. When they stopped, they noticed that everyone was looking at them and applauding. They also noticed that Cindy Base and a photographer from the Daily Prophet plus Luna and her father were there, so both publications would have that kiss or another one in the paper.

People started to arrive in earnest at 5:00 P.M. Harry and Ginny tried to introduce each other to the people they didn’t already know, Harry introducing Ministry people and Ginny trying to introduce Harry to the huge number of aunts, uncles and cousins she had.

Molly was busy and Andromeda Tonks looked like all the guests were terrifying her, so shortly after 5:00 PM, just after he woke up from a nap, Ginny picked up Teddy and he was introduced to people as they made their rounds.

Harry eventually spotted Dudley Dursley waving at him. Well, he was hard not to spot because he was so tall. Although not exactly thin, Dudley was a lot thinner, and as far as Harry could see, both healthier and happier than he had been the last times Harry had seen him. Aunt Petunia was with him, maybe a little older and thinner but otherwise unchanged.

“Hello, Harry,” Dudley exclaimed. Aunt Petunia just glared at Harry and Ginny.

“Dudley, Aunt Petunia, I want you to meet my fiancée, Ginny,” Harry said. “She’s holding my godson Teddy. Teddy’s parents were killed at the Battle of Hogwarts.”

“WOW, Harry, she’s cute,” Dudley said to Harry, and turning to Ginny said, “Pleased to meet you. Cute baby.” Aunt Petunia sort of nodded.

“You’re getting married tonight?” Dudley whispered.

Both Harry and Ginny nodded yes, Ginny very vigorously.

“You really killed that Voldy guy?” Dudley asked. “May 2nd was just unreal. We woke up to, well, everyone was scared to death, and then someone said, ‘Harry won.’ It was like they could not believe it. Then someone else appeared really quickly, like you people do and said, like, wand-to-wand you dueled and you won.”

Harry laughed at the much abbreviated story and said, “There was a lot more to it, and I had a lot of help, but yeah, in the end, he and I dueled.”

Ginny piped up with, “Of course he did! Harry killed the worst dark wizard ever and saved the Wizarding community!”

“A lot of people helped. Ginny is my hero, Dudley,” he said. “See this scar? She got it and another one fighting for us at Hogwarts, the school, while I was busy doing other things. I am so proud of her, and I think that scar is the most beautiful token of love and bravery I could imagine.”

Aunt Petunia was looking skeptically at Harry while all of this was going on, but she did not say anything. Ginny was fully prepared to bat bogy hex both of them, but Dudley was obviously in such a good mood and in awe of Harry that she refrained. Dudley being vocal about how cute Ginny was didn’t hurt either. Ginny and Aunt Petunia continued to eye each other warily, however.

“They did something to almost everybody to make them forget everything,” Dudley said. “They did not do anything to me. I’m really grateful to you for that. The wizards said the only reason they were not doing it to Mum and me was because you asked. Thank you again.” Dudley shook Harry’s hand at the second thank you and then looked at his mum.

Petunia looked at Dudley and then back at Harry. “I don’t remember Lily’s wedding or funeral. I don’t remember if I was at either of them,” Petunia said, fussing with her bag, unable to look at Harry. “I guess I’m glad this last year was not stolen from me too.”

“You are welcome,” Harry said, wondering if the loss of so much to do with her sister had to do with how Petunia had perceived the situation. “Do you want to see if we can get any of those memories back for you?”

“No, Harry,” Aunt Petunia said, reverting to form. “The less magic that touches me the better.”

“That was nice of you to offer,” Dudley said with a thoughtful look. “I got to see magic performed, and we tried to get stuff to eat. We had a little cash, actually had a little come in every week, but not enough to feed everybody. We had to find plants and even animals that they turned into other things. It was amazing to watch. Sometimes they had to do a lot of changing before they got anything they wanted to eat. And nothing went to waste. Wizards must reuse everything. I never saw anything thrown away.”

“I’ve never seen a trash pile outside a wizard house,” said Harry, suddenly wondering about that. Sometimes there were piles of things waiting to be used or changed into something else but never just thrown out. Changing the subject, Harry asked, “What are you doing these days, Dudders?”

“Well, I’m in pretty good shape after this year, what with all of the exercise and short rations and all,” Dudley said, patting his considerably smaller stomach. “I had to exercise when we were out gathering stuff, and I’ve been going to the gym to stay in shape since then. I finished school, through correspondence, while in hiding. It was a really good experience, even the hard parts of it. I’ve started at university, studying mechanical engineering.

“See, Dad is partners with a couple of uncles, maybe great-uncles, in the drill company. There will be a full time job for me there, if I can get good grades. Meanwhile, I’m working part time in the factory learning as much as I can. They make a lot of really unusual drills, Harry. I would love to show you.”

“We’ll have to talk later, Dudley,” Harry said. “They’ve been keeping me awfully busy, and tonight there are a lot of other people we need to see.”

“Keep in touch, Harry,” Dudley closed with a smile.

“I didn’t expect your large cousin to be so friendly,” Ginny said, remembering all of the things she’d heard over the years.

“It looks like the year in hiding did Dudley a lot of good,” Harry observed. “He looks healthier and happier than I think I’ve ever seen him.”

Fleur saw how busy Harry and Ginny were and offered to take Teddy. “I wonder when Bill and Fleur will have children?” Harry asked, looking at Fleur playing with Teddy.

“I know they are thinking about it,” Ginny said, as she watched Teddy spit up on Fleur’s elegant dress. Fleur smiled sweetly at Teddy and took out her wand and casually conjured a drool bib and cleaned her dress. He started to fuss and Fleur went inside to get a bottle for him and expertly fed and burped him. It looked like Teddy’s head was on a swivel, he was so busy looking around, and he was being a very messy eater. Fleur took it all in stride, somehow staying clean and keeping Teddy reasonably neat as well, all the while entertaining Teddy and talking to other people.

“How can anyone hold a baby and be elegant at the same time?” Ginny eventually asked, remembering the deplorable state of her robes at the end of most days when she was Teddy’s primary caregiver. Harry just grinned. He didn’t have any answer to that question, but he suspected it had something to do with Veela magic.

Harry saw Kingsley Shacklebolt wave him over. Harry and Ginny went over and Harry recognized Gawain Robards, the head of the Auror Department. Harry had never formally met Gawain. Kingsley said, “Gawain, I want you to meet Harry Potter and his fiancé Ginny. Harry, Ginny, Gawain Robards, the head of the Aurors.”

Harry and Gawain shook hands, neither of them saying anything. The tension in the air was thick enough to cut with a knife. Arthur Weasley came over and said, “Glad you could make it, Gawain. Where’s your wife?

“She is busy at home with some things we just couldn’t get out of. Things are still in some disarray because of the war,” Gawain answered. He looked around. “Really fancy place you have now, befitting the Head of Magical Law Enforcement.”

“The old Burrow was destroyed,” Arthur said. “Cursed down to the ground. The builders said we needed a large house to cover all the curses, and Harry made it possible for us to build this beautiful big house.”

Gawain flushed at the reminder of what had happened to the Weasley family.

“Just how many things going on in the Wizarding Community are you responsible for?” Gawain asked Harry, realizing that this wasn’t the only residence that had been recently rebuilt or repaired. “From the way people talk, you have your hand in everything good that is going on.”

“I’m sure they exaggerate,” Harry said quickly. “I know how many people helped me and helped other people. There were a lot of heroes during this war.”

Gawain nodded but continued to look warily at Harry.

Bill Weasley came over to say hello.

“Still finding more money?” Kingsley asked.

“Harry is a genius at handling the goblins,” Bill said as Harry and Gawain listened. “He doesn’t do much, but whenever we are in a sticky situation, he makes sure that the goblins are treated fairly. And whenever we bend over backwards to be fair to them, they seem to find more money. The goblins respect me, but I think they may actually like Harry.”

They all laughed at that. The goblins rarely liked anyone who wasn’t a goblin.

Gawain looked at Harry again, then at Minister Shacklebolt, Arthur and Bill Weasley and back at Harry. He was going to be Harry’s boss? Somehow Gawain Robards thought it was not going to be that simple.

At about 7:00 PM, Minister Shacklebolt got up and asked for quiet.

Kingsley said, “As all of you know, Harry and Ginny are engaged and no wedding date has publicly been announced. Many of you probably guessed that we were going to hold the wedding today, because of security issues and also because if we had a public announcement, the wedding could grow too big to secure.

“Harry, Ginny, please come here with your witnesses.”

Ginny, Harry, Ron and Hermione went up to the stage.

“Are you here freely?” Kingsley asked of the betrothed couple.

“Yes we are,” Harry and Ginny said in unison.

Kingsley asked, “Is it your desire to magically bond your souls to each other in love and fidelity until death?”


“Do you have wedding vows, and have they been approved by the Ministry?”

Again together Harry and Ginny said, “Yes we have our vows.”

Harry then started, “I, Harry James Potter, take you Ginevra Molly Weasley to be my wife, in good times and in bad times, in health but also in sickness, with all of the scars you have or may get in the future, in happy times and in sad times, all the days of our lives.”

“I, Ginevra Molly Weasley, take you Harry James Potter to be my husband, in good times and in bad times, in health but also in sickness, with all of the scars you have or may get in the future, in happy times and in sad times, all the days of our lives.”

The mention of scars pointed out the very visible scar above Ginny’s breast, as well as Harry’s famous scar, and it was mentioned in all of the newspaper articles about the wedding.

The Minister then asked, “Do you have your rings? All four rings must be put on Harry’s wand and Ginny will say the wedding charm over the rings. Then the rings must be put on Ginny’s wand and Harry will say the wedding charm.”

Ginny then said, “These rings are a symbol of the unbreakable bond Harry and I are forming. May they always remind us of our bond,” as she touched the rings on Harry wand with her wand. They transferred the rings and Harry said the same spell. All of the stones on the rings shone. Harry put the wedding ring and the engagement ring on Ginny’s finger, and Ginny put Harry’s rings on his finger.

The Minister then said, “I now pronounce you bonded for life,” as he waved his wand over their heads. Silver stars came out of the wand and surrounded the couple, who were holding each other, and everyone who saw them felt the bonding. The two were now one, in some magical way.

Then Arthur and Molly were called up to give the parents’ spells. They seemed to know a number of spells to more tightly bond the couple together, some of them said while both couples held both of their wands. Harry and Ginny could feel the magic as her parents said the words, and all of the assembled crowd could see power move from the one couple to the other.

Harry and Ginny lightly kissed, and the Minister announced, “I hereby introduce you to the new Mr. and Mrs. Harry James Potter.”

Then the Minister of Magic brought Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione to a table to sign the formal marriage contract. It was opened to the place where Ron and Hermione were supposed to sign the contract, and they signed. Then he turned the document to the place where Harry and Ginny were supposed to sign. The document had been signed several places on May 8th, but there were two more places where they had to sign.

“Made an honest woman out of you now!” Kingsley exclaimed with a wink at Ginny.

Ginny looked at Kingsley. “What is that supposed to mean?” she asked.

“Oh, that’s just something you say when a couple has been living together before they were married. After all, you and Harry were betrothed and sharing a bed and bedroom,” Kingsley said casually.

“I didn’t have to wait to have sex?” Ginny asked, suddenly realizing what Kingsley was implying and beginning to get agitated.

Kingsley Shacklebolt realized that he had made the wrong assumptions and said the wrong things. He shut his mouth with a snap.

“I didn’t HAVE to WAIT to have SEX?” an extremely horny Ginny said, beginning to really get agitated.

“Not everybody waits,” said Kingsley, sort of under his breath.

“MOTHER!” Ginny yelled, looking at her mother. Molly looked down. Ginny looked at her brother Bill and the documents in her hands, as Bill rushed up to try to calm down his sister, Fleur, still holding Teddy, who was sleeping on her shoulder, following quickly behind.


“Oh, you’ve been making that pretty clear,” Bill said, the corners of his mouth twitching terribly with unreleased laughter. He managed to take a deep breath and quietly said, “Calm down.”


“Do you think Mum would have signed the papers if she thought you knew you didn’t have to wait?” Bill asked. “You’re finally married now. You don’t have to wait any more!”

Ginny looked out at the wedding guests. Almost everybody at the wedding was either laughing or trying hard not to laugh. Even her mother, although she was obviously embarrassed, was suppressing a laugh.

Bill and Fleur stood looking at Ginny, trying to be patient. Ron and Hermione were obviously embarrassed.

“I’m terribly horny too, but I still think we should wait until tonight,” Harry said, his face turning as red as Ginny’s hair. As eager as she was, he wasn’t quite sure what she was thinking. “The waiting will be all over tonight. Do you think you can wait for a couple more hours so that we can greet all of the wedding guests again, have a dance?”

Ginny spent a minute or so trying to control her emotions. “I probably should have been a little more discrete,” Ginny said as she looked over the crowd again.

“Maybe a little,” Harry replied, laughing at his high-spirited bride.

They hugged hard, Ginny whispering, “I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I can’t wait.” Maybe she HAD used the Touch-of-Lust spell a little TOO much.

Harry and Ginny left the stage area hand in hand. Waiting to greet them were Arthur and Molly.

Harry and Arthur hugged, Arthur grinning and saying, “I don’t think you are going to have a reluctant bride tonight, Harry. Good luck! Enjoy!”

“I’ve been horny and having a very hard time concentrating too, but …” Harry said looking at Ginny with a wry grin.

Molly took Ginny into her patented hug.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed everybody,” Ginny said.

Molly looked at Ginny. “You’ve been using the Touch-of-Lust Spell. How often?”

“Just once a week, until Sunday,” Ginny replied.

“And then?” Molly asked.

“Yesterday and today,” Ginny replied, grinning at her mother.

“How many flicks of the wand?” Molly asked.

“Just one, until last Sunday, but two for the last three days,” Ginny said, her grin even bigger.

“I can’t believe you didn’t attack Harry in your bedroom, using the Touch-of-Lust Spell that much,” Molly admonished, her eyes closing briefly as though in silent prayer. “You both must be going out of your minds.”

Ginny remembered the scene in the bedroom just before her mother called her down to see Neville and Hanna. “I did,” she whispered. “But Harry said we didn’t have time.”

“Oh dear!” Molly exclaimed as Harry went over to hug her. Molly whispered to Harry “As eager as she is, I don’t think Ginny knows much. Be gentle with her.”

“I don’t know anything either,” Harry admitted. “I’m a little worried that I won’t know what to do.”

“Oh dear,” Molly said again. “I had a book that I was going to give you, but I didn’t get it in time. My copies were destroyed when the Burrow was destroyed.” Molly looked at Harry with compassion and concern. “You and Ginny will figure it out. Just be patient with each other.”

“All right,” Harry answered. He left a little uneasy. If Molly, Mum Weasley, was a little concerned about his and her daughter’s first time, Harry was beginning to get terrified.

Professor McGonagall approached Harry and Ginny with a twinkle in her eye. “I have it on good authority, Harry, that a shy bride usually is a lot less shy once you are alone on your wedding night,” she said with a grin that indicated she thought Harry was in for a pretty wild night.

“Ginny’s pretty quiet, but I think we’ll manage,” Harry laughed.

Ginny saw Minerva sigh, with a kind of faraway look in her eye, and asked, “Did anyone every ask you to marry him, Professor?”

McGonagall gave a huge gasp, and grabbed Ginny’s hand.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Ginny asked, suddenly aware that she had asked a deeply personal question. “If it’s too private, we’ll just go.”

“No, that’s all right. It’s not a question I often get from my students,” Minerva said, sitting down and indicating to Harry and Ginny that they should sit down too. “The war against Grindelvald was terrible. I think that half of my graduating class at Hogwarts was killed or injured in the war. Harry, yes, he was a Harry too, he and I somehow survived. From 1939 until the end of 1943, we talked about getting married after the war. We never lived together as a couple, just talked, dated, went on missions together. The Christmas of 1939 both of our parents came to visit, and Harry said, ‘The family is here. Why wait?’ So, on Boxing Day, we got married.

“Two days later we went on our first mission together as a married couple.

“Six weeks later, while we were on a mission together, I saw him get killed. We were with a group and there was no way to retrieve the body without endangering other people. We never found his body.

“Two weeks later I came back from a dangerous mission sick, went into the infirmary, and had a miscarriage. I hadn’t even known that I was pregnant.” McGonagall had tears in her eyes at this point. She pulled herself together, saying, “I never took his last name, and few people know I was married. But I would not trade those six weeks for anything. It’s just that weddings are a little hard on me sometimes.”

Minerva McGonagall ended by giving Harry and Ginny big hugs. She looked at them with a tremulous smile and said, “That doesn’t mean that I’m not extremely happy for the two of you. After everything that’s happened, it’s very gratifying to see such a wonderful event come out of this war.”

“There is more to Professor McGonagall than we thought,” said Harry, after they had taken their leave of her. Ginny just held on to Harry tightly for a moment and nodded, feeling her teacher’s pain keenly. If it hadn’t been for Voldemort taking Harry’s blood, Ginny would have been left in a similar situation but without the brief marriage with which to consol herself.

Hagrid came over and gave Harry and Ginny a big joint hug, effectively crushing them. He looked over to where McGonagall was talking to some other people and sat down next to Harry and Ginny.

“We just heard about Professor McGonagall’s marriage,” Ginny said.

“Not many people know,” Hagrid said, looking impressed. “She’s got a big heart, that ‘un. Keeps too much inside. Hard ter get her ter have fun. Hogwarts is her life, nuttin’ outside o’ Hogwarts.”

He waved his enormous hand around at the party and went on, “This reminds me so much o’ your mum and dad, Harry. O’ course they were married in a church, that little church in Godric’s Hallow. I had ta be invisible, in back of the church, cause they was Muggles n all there. Righ’ pretty wedding. They were so happy.

“James, it was like he won every prize there ever was, winning Lily like that.” He smiled as though it had been just yesterday.

“Can’t say I cared much for tha’ sister o’ Lily’s. Even then she was a bad un.” Hagrid’s tone changed to one of contempt and he nodded to where Petunia was turning up her nose at the proceedings. “Hasn’ changed much. Your cousin sure has. He ‘n I talked. He LIKES magic now ‘n magical people.”

Hagrid patted his two young friends, practically knocking their heads together, and went over to talk to Professor McGonagall. They could see him hug her and nod as the two of them talked. It was surprising to see the comfortable friendship that the two enjoyed.

Harry was later pulled in one direction by Seamus Finnigan, Anthony Goldstein, and Ernie Macmillan, who wanted to congratulate him but also ask something about Auror training.

All of the prospective Aurors thought that Harry would know just what Auror Training was going to be like and even talked like maybe Harry was going to be running it. Harry had to tell them that he had to go through the training too.

Harry beckoned to Kingsley Shacklebolt, who came over. Harry reintroduced his classmates and said, “They are all going to be in Auror Training with me. They have asked me a lot of questions I don’t have answers for.”

“I don’t either,” Kingsley said. “Gawain Robards is handling he training. He is having a few issues with it. But we’ve trained people for a lot of years and he has material from the old training sessions. All of you, Harry included, are just going to have to wait until September 2nd.”

Harry thought that he had convinced his classmates that he was unimportant. What had happened in their eyes was that Harry had demonstrated that he knew the Minister of Magic personally, just making Harry seem even more important.

At the end of the little meeting, Seamus looked at Ginny, who was talking to Luna. He said, “Merlin is she eager, Harry. Are you sure you are going to be able to handle her tonight?”

“I don’t think I have much of a choice,” Harry said, feeling more nervous with every passing minute, not to mention with all of the innuendos being thrown about.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” Seamus replied, just reinforcing Harry’s doubts even further.

“Good luck,” the other boys said as they parted, all of them either winking or wiggling their eyebrows at him. Harry was beginning to feel like he was going to need some good luck.

Ginny was approached by Luna, who asked, “You did always like boys, but what did you do to make you so very eager to have sex? It’s like you are almost out of control.”

Ginny looked at Luna and thought that the only way to satisfy her unlimited and persistent curiosity was honesty. She replied, “Maybe I used a Touch-of-Lust spell a little too much.”

“I think you used it a LOT too much,” Luna replied seriously, although her eyes were bright with merriment. “Did you and Harry learn what you are supposed to do tonight?”

“Not exactly,” Ginny admitted. “It’s not like anybody shows you.”

“Why not?” Luna asked. “It seems to me that with something that important, someone would give you a demonstration or at least good instructions.”

“It’s pretty private,” Ginny said, starting to regret getting into such a candid conversation with Luna, who had no difficulty speaking her mind. “I surely can’t see anyone giving you a demonstration.”

“That could be a problem,” Luna pondered. “Especially considering how eager you are. I hope Harry knows something.”

“I hope so too,” Ginny said fervently. “Although it’s bloody unfair that they tell the boys all about it but don’t tell the girls.”

“I guess I will meet a boy I want to do it with someday,” Luna said. “From what I know, it is supposed to be enjoyable. I guess that by the time I do meet someone, you will know how to do it. Maybe you can tell me and Harry can tell the boy.”

“I can’t exactly see us giving you a demonstration!” Ginny replied, grinning.

“That’s a shame,” Luna said. “I’m sure it would be very interesting.”

“Somehow, I get the idea that if we had not been so blasted busy, we would have been given a little more instruction,” Ginny said. “I just feel so eager and unprepared at the same time.”

“People have been doing it for thousands of years, so it cannot be that difficult,” Luna said. “I’m sure I can find out about it in books, but you probably learn more about it by doing it.”

“I’m almost positive it’s also a lot more fun to do it than to read about it,” Ginny replied, giggling.

“You are probably right,” Luna seriously replied.

By this time, Harry was back. Luna touched Harry’s arm, and with concern on her face and in her voice, she said, “I hope you got some GOOD instructions on what to do tonight, Harry. Ginny’s not so sure.”

Harry looked at the two girls. How difficult could it be? “I think we’ll figure it out,” he said.

Ginny saw Aunt Muriel and her mother, and said, “We’re in trouble now, Harry.”

“What did WE do?” Harry asked, suddenly feeling apprehensive.

“Auntie Muriel,” Ginny said, pulling him away from where Harry could see Auntie Muriel and Molly in some sort of intense discussion.

“What did WE do to get Auntie Muriel so agitated?” Harry asked.

“I am NOT putting that stupid tiara on,” Ginny said. “It doesn’t go with a sun dress. It’s not my style. We’re already married.”

“Then don’t,” said Harry.

“You don’t know Auntie Muriel,” Ginny exclaimed, obviously worried. At about this time, Muriel left Molly and made a beeline towards Ginny, holding the tiara in her hand.

“GINEVRA MOLLY!” Muriel yelled, when she was about thirty feet away from the couple, causing everyone to pause and look in their direction. Ginny tried to smile at Harry as Muriel came thundering down at them.


Ginny stood there, looking at the tiara. Muriel put the tiara on Ginny and said some sort of a spell. “Not much of a wedding dress,” she sneered, looking at the sun dress with distain. “He may be a war hero, but he’s a skinny little thing. I don’t think he’ll grow much taller, but maybe you can fatten him up a little.”

“TAKE THIS OFF!” Ginny yelled. “I thank you for thinking of me, but we really didn’t need it and it doesn’t fit.”

“It fits fine, and you WILL wear it until tonight!” Muriel exclaimed.

Ginny and Aunt Muriel stared at each other for over a minute, the two wills almost visible as each struggled to dominate. When it came to the tiara, however, Ginny had met her match. Finally, Ginny gave a big sigh, and it was obvious that Muriel had won.

“Yes, Auntie Muriel,” Ginny said, resigned to her fate. She was pretty sure that the tiara had been charmed to stay on until they were at Grimmauld Place.

Muriel stomped about ten feet away, took a good look at Ginny, shook her head to indicate that she was still not satisfied and left to harangue Molly some more.

“WE really were in trouble,” said Harry laughing.

Ginny glared at Harry. “You don’t have to wear this STUPID tiara. Boggarts!”

Ginny saw that Muriel was now talking to Angelina, and Angelina was giving Ginny a wary eye.

“I’m a little surprised you’re wearing the tiara now,” a grinning Hermione said to Ginny as she walked over to her.

“YOU’RE surprised!” Ginny said. “I surely didn’t plan it.” Ginny sort of felt her head. As she suspected, the tiara was charmed firmly on.

By this time, Fleur had wandered over as well, still carrying Teddy who had awakened and who was grabbing at everything.

“What if you don’t want to wear it?” Hermione asked.

“Don’t marry Weasley,” Fleur said. “Offer of tiara not offer, is command! Unbreakable tradition!”

“Did you WANT to wear the Tiara?” Ginny asked Fleur as Teddy grabbed for the tiara.

“I WANTED to be part of Weasley family,” Fleur said, elegantly holding a squirming Teddy as she talked. “Tiara was little thing. No way uppity French girl going to break tradition. I walk on eggs trying to be Weasley.”

“I’m sorry if we didn’t accept you at first,” Ginny said. “Bill was the first one married, and …”

“Bill brings home fancy French Veela girl, not from ‘Ogwarts, not comfortable, not familiar,” Fleur said.

“It was like you didn’t know how to act around us,” Ginny said.

“I didn’t,” Fleur admitted. “Scared, worried. ‘Arry fit in. ‘Ermione fit in. Tried to figure out ‘Ermione and where she fit. Fleur not fit in at all. Was ‘ard at first.”

”Well you fit in now,” Ginny said, giving Fleur (and Teddy) a big hug. “I can’t imagine Bill married to anyone else.” Ginny looked at her sun dress. Teddy had pulled at it and managed to drool over it as well.

“Sank you Geeny,” Fleur said as she took out her wand and cleaned Ginny’s dress. “I feel more Weasley every day.”

Ginny looked at Fleur. She didn’t look any less the exotic beautiful Veela, even while holding a squirming baby, but Ginny was just getting used to it. It WAS hard to imagine Bill married to anyone else.

By this time, Angelina had come over to the group, with George trailing behind. Angelina looked at the tiara and said, “Auntie Muriel said that I could wear the tiara at our wedding.”

“Is not offer, is command,” Fleur repeated with a smile directed at Ginny, who returned it ruefully.

“That’s sort of what I thought,” Angelina said.

“What could happen if Angelina didn’t wear it?” George asked. “How much trouble could you be in?”

Fleur turned to George and said, “Trust me, you don’t want to find out!”

By this time, Bill had joined the group too. He looked at George and said, “Trust us, you REALLY don’t want to try and find out what happens when you cross Auntie Muriel.”

“That bad?” George asked, astonished. Everyone nodded yes. His hand reached out to tweak Ginny’s nose. “So that’s where you and Mum get it from?”

She glared at him so quickly and fiercely that he mumbled a quick apology.

Ginny turned to talk to Fleur and Hermione, leaving Harry facing George and Angelina.

“It looks like you’re going to have a wild woman on your hands tonight, Harry,” said George with a grin. “Are you sure you’re prepared to handle my horny little sister?”

Harry shrugged his shoulders. More and more blokes were reinforcing the notion that maybe he didn’t really know quite what he was going to do.

“How hard can it be?” asked Harry.

“Maybe somebody should have given you better instructions, like your experienced older brother-in-law George,” George said with a conspiratorial look on his face. “Although you do have part of it right. It should be hard.”

Harry tried to smile, but it looked more like he had a toothache. He sensed that George had used a double entendre, but he was too nervous to laugh.

Angelina popped in with, “Like you were all that good your first time. For all your big talk and swagger, you were scared to do it. You didn’t know anything either.”

“I got the deed done,” George retorted.

“I wasn’t a virgin, but it wasn’t the most pleasant. Oh, we were horny enough. It was alright, but praise Merlin you’ve gotten a lot better, George,” Angelina said.

“I didn’t think I was that bad the first time,” George said quietly to Angelina, looking genuinely hurt.

“You didn’t know what you were doing,” Angelina said. “Of course, I didn’t either. It wasn’t awkward?”

George looked at her in surprise. “After the stunt you pulled? I didn’t expect… I was so busy with other things that serious snogging wasn’t even on my mind. Then to be in a single bed with nothing on but those little… and then you had nothing on your top. Well you do have something on your top; that’s sort of the point, but there wasn’t anything covering it. And then, by the time we got to it, of course it was bloody awkward.”

At this point, somebody interrupted, trying to talk to George, leaving Harry even more concerned that he would not know exactly what to do.

Meanwhile, Ginny asked Fleur, “When can you take this thing off?”

“After,” Fleur said evasively.

“After what?” Ginny asked.

“After bed and … after,” Fleur tried to clarify without getting too specific, blushing.

A horrified Ginny said, “I have to go to bed with this thing on, and it won’t come off until Harry and I…? Oh no, Fleur!”

Hermione looked at Ron, then at the tiara.

“No bloody way,” Ron said.

“I, well, what are we talking about Ronald?” Hermione asked.

“The thing on Ginny’s head, that’s all,” Ron awkwardly replied. “I think,” he whispered, looking at Hermione again.

Harry rejoined the conversation. Ginny turned to Harry and said, “This thing won’t come off until after, after, well after.”

“I didn’t gather you wanted to wait,” Harry said, assuming he knew what Ginny was talking about.

“I can’t imagine ANYONE wanting to wait,” Ginny said.

Bill laughed. “We have a second cousin who agreed to marry a girl because she needed to be married to get some inheritance. They were going to live in the same house but different rooms, split the money, and then get an annulment in a couple of years because they hadn’t consummated the marriage. Of course she wore Auntie Muriel’s tiara, and of course the next day it didn’t come off.”

“What happened then?” asked Ginny.

“The tiara came off two nights later,” Bill said. “I understand that the bride and groom had some heated discussions with Auntie Muriel, and she gave back as good as she got. So the bride and groom finally, well, we know they must have done it because the tiara came off.

“Of course, nine months later they had a baby. They never anticipated needing birth control. They’re still married with three children. It’s not the worst marriage either although hardly the best.”

Everybody laughed at Bill’s family gossip, although Angelina and Hermione kept looking warily at the tiara.

The dancing started about an hour after the wedding, and of course Harry and Ginny had to have the first dance. They were not very good, not having practiced much, but they did start the dancing. Other couples joined in, and Harry and Ginny danced with Molly and Arthur respectively, and then Harry danced with Hermione and Ginny danced with Ron. The next dance they were back together.

“Look at the Appleleaf family,” Ginny said, pointing out the family group. Tom and Cinnamon were dancing with each other, or at least trying. At the same time, they were keeping an eye on the two youngest children.

Rosemary was dancing with Dick, and Michael was dancing with or talking to Coriander. Coriander was looking at Harry and Ginny, and when the dance was over they came over to talk to them.

“Mrs. Potter, may I ask you a question?” Coriander said.

Ginny did a quick double take; this was the first time someone had called her Mrs. Potter. It somehow sounded old, certainly a lot older than she felt at the moment. She promptly replied, “Please, ask anything.”

“Your father didn’t walk you down the aisle. In most weddings I have seen pictures of or read about there is a big procession and the father walks the BEAUTIFUL bride down the aisle. How come?”

“Well, we didn’t exactly have an aisle.”

“But you have a FATHER, and he was HERE!”

“Well, I guess in the planning we just forgot.”

“But didn’t you want a BIG wedding with bridesmaids and gowns and everything, a Fairy Tale Ending wedding? This is nice, but Mr. Potter is a big war hero and so are you. It’s nice, but that’s not even a wedding gown.”

Ginny looked around. They did have a chance to have a really big, fairy tale wedding, if they wanted to wait another year. No Bloody way! But Coriander was right. This wasn’t exactly the Happily Ever After Dream Wedding Ginny had anticipated.

“Your parents, your mother and step-father, had a tiny wedding, but I thought it was beautiful,” Ginny finally said. “Sometimes the most important thing is just to have all of the people you love with you for your special day.”

“But they are grown-ups and you’re a GIRL,” Coriander said.

“Your mother is still a girl,” Ginny hastened to reply, although she understood the child’s distinction.

“She’s a mum. It’s not the same thing,” Coriander said.

“Harry and I could have waited a year and had a big wedding,” Ginny said. “There were a lot of reasons why we didn’t want to wait.”

“Just to do what boys and girls do?” asked Coriander, nodding as though she was very knowledgeable on the subject.

Harry sort of squatted down so he was looking right at Coriander. “I was away from Ginny almost all last year and being apart was hard. Having someone to come home to and talk to and share your life with, that’s important. And after last year, that’s what we both want. There are some other reasons why we can and should get married now, but it’s not just or even primarily because of what boys and girls do after they are married.”

Ginny looked at Harry, and nodded as he continued. “It’s not the getting married, it’s the being married that’s important to us, sharing our lives.”

“Is that why you married Mum?” Coriander asked Michael?

“Yes, to share our lives. To raise you children, OUR children, our fantastic families, together, and to have each other after you are off on your own,” Michael said.

“Am I going to be your daughter even after I’m married?” she asked in astonishment.

“Always! I want your children to be my grandchildren,” Michael said.

“I’d have to marry a BOY to do that,” Coriander exclaimed like that was the most ridiculous thing in the world to imagine.

She turned to go and Michael said, “Thank Mr. and Mrs. Potter, Coriander.”

“Thank you,” she said, and then she thought of something. “Mrs. Potter, do you like being Mrs. Potter? It was hard to change my last name.”

“I think I will love being Ginny Potter,” Ginny said. “I’m not very fond of being called Mrs. Harry James Potter though. That’s like I’m not ME anymore.”

Coriander thought and then said, “Thank you Mrs. Ginny Potter, and you too Mr. Potter.”

“Thank you,” Michael said as he took Coriander’s hand and led her away.

“I assume you will still be a girl long after you are a mother,” Harry said, laughing at Coriander’s logic.

“Coriander thinks that if she is nice to Michael, she is somehow betraying her own father,” Ginny told Harry. “She is having a really hard time right now.”

Just a little while later, Ginny said, “Look.” Michael was sitting down, and Coriander was sitting on his lap with her head against him, hugging him. Dick was sitting down next to them, but Rosemary came over to Harry and Ginny and said, “Thank you for talking to Coriander, Ginny.”

“I think what Harry said helped more than what I said today,” Ginny replied.

“Thank you too, Harry,” Rosemary said as she shook both of their hands and then gave them both a big hug.

Ron was pondering his sister and best friend. He was obviously a little uneasy, so Hermione asked, “What’s the matter, Ron?”

“She’s too young,” Ron said.

“She’s seventeen,” Hermione said, already guessing where he was going with this. “I thought that was the age of majority for witches and wizards.”

“She’s a year younger than I am, and she’s getting married and everything,” Ron replied.

“Is it the getting married or the ‘everything,’ the sex?” Hermione kidded, poking Ron and grinning.

“Well, both,” Ron replied, obviously unsure. “I mean, even if you can do it before you’re married, you ought to at least be engaged. And that means that you have to buy an engagement ring and ask your girlfriend to marry you. What if she doesn’t want to or doesn’t like the ring, especially if you’re in idiot like me? It’s pretty terrifying.”

“You have someone in mind, Ron?” Hermione asked, suddenly realizing that this likely didn’t have anything to do with Harry and Ginny and more to do with the fact that Ron didn’t feel like he could propose to her because of his financial situation. “Maybe the witch holding your hand?”

“Bloody right, Hermione,” Ron replied. “You’re the only one I’m thinking of like that.”

“Well, if you asked, I would say yes. So you can stop worrying about that part,” Hermione said.

“Me?” said Ron. “But I’m an idiot sometimes.”

Hermione gave a long, drawn out sigh. “True, but you just happen to be the idiot I’m in love with.”

“I hardly have any money, and you can’t be properly engaged without a ring of some sort. I’m rubbish at picking out that type of stuff,” Ron said.

“I don’t want a ring any bigger than your mum’s and whatever you choose will be perfect, because it’ll be from you. That’s all that matters to me,” Hermione said, smiling when a look of hope and dawning shone in Ron’s eyes. “Let’s go over and look at her rings.”

Ron and Hermione went over to where Arthur and Molly were talking to some people. “May we see your rings, please?” asked Hermione, who knew full well what was on Arthur and Molly’s hands. They held out their hands to show a pair of extremely modest gold bands. There was no sign of an engagement ring.

“Did Dad give you an engagement ring?” asked Ron of his mother.

“No, but he gave me eight beautiful children, and there were always things we needed that were more important than a piece of jewelry for me,” Molly said. “We talked about it occasionally when we had a little money, but it was never that important.”

Hermione looked at Ron and said, “That’s what I want, a man that will love me like your father loves your mother. That’s more important than any ring.” She turned to Arthur and Molly. “Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.”

They left Molly and Arthur. When they were a little ways away from anyone else, Hermione said, “I want to give myself to a man that will be like your father. If you will try to love me like your dad loves your mum, that’s all I can ask for.”

“I’ll try,” Ron said.

“Yes,” Hermione said. “All you have to do is ask. The answer is already yes.”

“I thought Harry was the luckiest bloke in the world right now. I think I’m running a close second. I love you, Hermione. I’ll do my best to love you like Dad loves Mum.”

“That’s all I can ask for,” she replied as they kissed. “That’s all I could ever ask for.”

It was almost ten in the evening, and Harry and Ginny were exhausted. “How long do we have to stay?” asked Harry.

“Let me ask Mum if we can go,” Ginny said. She spotted her father and the couple went over to him. Ginny said, “Dad, we are anxious to get going. Where is Mum?”

“I think you need to cut the wedding cake first,” Arthur replied. “Mum is in the kitchen, and I think Auntie Muriel and Aunt Betty are in there as well.”

“Oh no,” Ginny said. She turned to Harry. “They are cousins, the same age, and they married Weasley cousins. From what I understand, they have been fighting for over a hundred years. My poor wedding cake.”

Ginny marched resolutely towards the kitchen, Harry following closely behind. There in the kitchen were the two aunts, one on each side of the wedding cake, with Molly in between. Wands were drawn. The aunts were furious and determined. Molly was obviously both distraught and angry.

Betty’s side of the cake was decorated just like she and Ginny had decided. It had ‘Harry & Ginny’ on the side, in Gryffindor red except the ‘&’ was in gold. Other than that it was a very simple cake with white frosting.

Muriel’s side of the cake had bright red hearts and sickly sweet looking cupids, decorations that looked like someone had gone crazy with all of the glitter and satin and trivial love and wedding symbols one could imagine, all made worse by the fact that it was magical and moved.

There was nothing on the top of the cake on Betty’s side, but there was a bride and groom on Muriel’s side. The bride was dressed in the fanciest lace, satin and silk wedding dress imaginable, high heel shoes, a very long train held up by two flying pink cupids, hair piled on top of her head in a profusion of curls and complexity that made one think of someone who spent all day getting her hair done. Of course a miniature tiara was on top of the hair. Ginny was very cute, but this was about as far away from Ginny’s beauty as one could get. The groom was very tall and substantial, with the most over the top dress robes on that one could imagine.

“Let’s carry the cake out right now,” Ginny said to Harry, and then to her aunts, “No magic. No arguments. No fights.”

Ginny got on the side of the cake next to Betty and Harry got between the cake and Muriel. Molly rushed to open the door and said to the two aunts, “Bring cake plates and silverware.”

Harry and Ginny carried the cake out to one of the tables that had been set up to hold desserts. A couple of the cousins that were helping with food quickly cleared the table so that Harry and Ginny could put the cake down.

Betty came out with a pile of simple dessert plates and forks. Muriel came out with silver forks and plates with flying cupids and hearts on them. Each aunt stood on her side of the cake.

Ginny whispered to Harry “I want you to have the cake I picked out,” as she cut two pieces, one from the Aunt Betty side and one from the Auntie Muriel side. It was a fantastically moist apple cake, with firm bits of tart apples in it. The frosting was a cream cheese frosting with enough lemon to give it a tang. Harry thought it was both delicious and very much like Ginny.

“That’s what I was afraid of,” Ginny whispered to Harry as she gave him a taste of her piece of cake. The cake itself was the same, but the frosting was one of those empty sugar frostings that look pretty but that are cloyingly sweet, without any substance or interest.

“Your frosting is just like you, complex, interesting, a little tart,” Harry said.

Ginny gave a knowing grin. She whispered to Harry, “Are you saying I should be a little tart tonight?”

They enjoyed a mischievous smile and then stood watching over the wedding cake, keeping the peace by their presence as the two aunts glared at each other, until all the cake was served. They were not able to leave until almost eleven at night.

I think I’ve read 1,000,000,000 versions of “Harry and Ginny’s perfect Wedding,” all pretty much the same. My wife and I’ve done pre-marriage counseling. I wish some of the brides spent less time planning the ‘perfect’ wedding and more time thinking about the marriage. I think some of them spend more time picking out a wedding dress than they do picking out the groom!

I understand there is another version of McGonagall’s life, with a short marriage much later. I’m sorry but I am really not an expert in all the interviews or other things that have added to canon. My beta and I went over the part of the chapter that refers to McGonagall and decided to leave it. At least I will never have Hermione and Draco fall in love. For me canon is mostly the books. I will certainly listen to any problems you have with something I write, and if possible and not too much trouble make my story conform to what Rowling has written or said.


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