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How to be Succesful and Not Do Anything Embarrassing at the Same Time by Asteroid_of_Gryffindor
Chapter 3 : Lou
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A.N. Well, hello! So It's a lot cooler, we even had thunder storms.

You got to love sunny Canada

There is a Big Bang Theory refrence in here, so if you see it, tell me!!

Lou and Scott: She only owns us!! 

Scott: She doesn't own Marvel, Harry Potter, A Very Potter Musical, or the Big Bang Theory.

Lou: Asteroid is also not doing this for money! Just for the love of writing!!!


I couldn't stop laughing. I was going to die because I could not get breathe in air.
James was on the ground going 'AH-hahaha!', Hugo was gasping because he finally had regained his posture, Rose was trying to keep a straight face, I think Fred was having a seizure, and Scott was snapping photos.


There, in the middle of the doorway of the Gryffindor common room stood Albus Potter. From his head to his toes, he was covered in red and yellow paint. On his chest was a sticker that boldly stated what Slytherin could stick up its arse. 


"You!" He seethed, pointing at me. Wait, he thought I did this?



Wow, I'm good!



"Her?" Scott asked, deranged. "You think she did this?"




Albus looked at him, his emerald eyes wide with madness.



"Now, if only Captain-"




"Iron Man. He has a fucking iron suit so Scott can't knock him out!"


"Thor," Rose stated bravely. James and I turned around to face her.




She smiled at us.


"Fine!" We heard Albus yell as he stormed out of the common room.



Shit, we missed it!



"Damn," James muttered and ran a hand through his chestnut brown hair. I twisted a strand of my light brown hair and wished it could be the colour of his.


Wait, what the hell did I just say?



I'm turning into a... a...







This is not happening to me.



Meanwhile, while I'm freaking out in my head, I've just realized that Scott had done the prank.



"LET ME LOVE YOU!" I yelled at him.




"AH!" He got up and started to run.




"Thor wouldn't do this!" Rose called after me.



"Neither would Captain America. That's another reason he's awesome, he's mature!" James kicked Rose off the chair.




"MATURE!" Was the last thing I heard before I chased Scott out of the room.








Why did I agree to this? Why would I? I must have been drunk.




Or stupid. Really, really stupid...




I was currently in a broom cupboard with...




Drum roll please...




Sc-Albus Potter.




"I hate you," he glared at me. I glared at the wall, refusing to talk or look at him.



Because that's what he wants. He wants you to look at him so he can suck out your soul! 




I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested...




Let me explain:




Rose and James thought they would punish me because I didn't like Captain America or Thor. So they thought shoving me in a broom cupboard with Albus Potter for four hours with one piece of bread on a plate in the middle.



I had ate the bread before he could say 'Pepper Potts'.




I wasn't gonna let the sucker get it...



"So, um, you like Iron Man too?"


Oh, you have to be kidding me.

I can litteraly feel my life crumbling around me. All the good things in the world are being destroyed. He can't like Iron Man. He just can't!


So I decided I wouldn't let the world suck me into a worm hole. I stormed up to him, only to trip on a broom and...




Kiss him.




I just kissed Albus fucking Potter.




Cue the music.




Oh yeah, this isn't A Very Potter Musical...




"WHAT WAS THAT?" He screamed. I just stared at him.




I need to play it off as something cool. There's no possible way, though.




Mental breakdown starts...








I started to bang on the door and cry out loud.




"JAMES! JAMES!" I screamed.




The door opened and he raised an eyebrow.




I'm still amazed he can raise only one eyebrow...




I pushed him out of the way and ran down the hallway.






So this chapter was a little bit shorter than some of the others. 

So the head count for it is:

Captain America: 2

Iron Man: 3

And sorry if the spacing is all messed up... 

You have two things to review: 

1. Who's your favourite? Iron Man or Captain America. 

2. What's the Big Bang Theory refrence? 
















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How to be Succesful and Not Do Anything Embarrassing at the Same Time : Lou


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