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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 29 : Timing
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A/N: Oh shit. I can already tell I am going to have a lot of angry reviews about this chapter taking so long. I'M SO SORRY! You have no idea how badly I have had writer's block. I have been trying to get this chapter written for a MONTH now and just couldn't. BUT It is finally here, so I hope you enjoy it!
P.S. Only one chapter after this one (The epilouge) D: 


 My hand curled around my pregnant stomach as George and I made our way through the starry night of Hogsmeade and up to Hogwarts. It had been about eight months since I had fallen pregnant (yes, having twins, I was actually quite large) and George and I were on our way to the one year war memorial.  A lot had happened in those eight months.

First of all Bree and Harry had started dating. They got along splendidly at the wedding and had been seeing each other for a couple of months. And to top it all off Harry loved spending time with little Karma. She was a bundle of joy that everyone seemed drawn too.

Draco and Hermione had gotten married! They announced it the day George and I announced my pregnancy. It wasn’t a terribly long engagement, but Draco didn’t want anything big since his mother had passed away. The wedding was small and beautiful; it suited the couple just right.

Seamus and Lavender had gotten together at our wedding. Looks like the song Seamus played her worked its magic. They were taking it very slow and everyone approved of their decision. I think that if Ron could speak from up there in heaven he would give them his blessing. And little Isobelle was doing great. Like Harry, Seamus had become attached to the little miracle.

And finally, Bill and Fleur had their first child! Little Victoire Weasley was born four months ago.

       “Luna?” George said interrupting my thoughts. I looked up to realize that we had arrived at Hogwarts. I squeezed George’s hand as we walked into the crowded hall. I spotted the Weasley’s immediately, they were hard to miss. Everyone was there apart from Ginny. Mrs Weasley looked like she had been crying for a long time. I guess it was because of her only daughter’s absence.

       “Everybody please be seated!” Professor McGonagall’s voice boomed out from the magical speakers across the hall just as we reached the family. I took my seat between George and Seamus as the memorial began.

       “On this very day we remember the hell that was brought to us.” Professor McGonagall began. Her voice was all croaky and tears already glistened in her eyes. “A man named Tom Riddle ruined the lives of so many on this day and we will never forget it.

The pain; the sacrifice of so many people, will live in our hearts forever.” Professor McGonagall walked a fair way from the podium at that stage. Raising her wand she spoke one last time.

       “In total sixty-two people were killed fighting against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Let us raise our wands in a moment of silence for them.” With that she waved her wand and a list, compiled of all the causalities of the war, hovered in the middle of the stage.

I glanced at George to see him averting his eyes from the ceremony. I watched as they glanced around the hall, never landing on one thing for more than a second. I knew what he was trying to avoid; the painfully obvious name smack bang in the middle of casualties. I reached over and grabbed George’s hand. He looked over at me, his green eyes locking with mine.

People were beginning to rise around us, but George and I stayed seated, staring into each other’s eyes. I could see every feeling they held; all the pain and loss, but there was also something else. Love and hope.

       “Do you want to…?” I trailed off, not knowing how I was going to finish. George nodded regardless and led me from the hall. I followed him curiously, wondering if he had a location in mind. George pulled me along the corridors at a rapid speed. Suddenly he pulled up in a corridor that I had never seen before.
George let go of my hand and walked a small distance away, looking at something in the corner. I followed him quietly to see what he was staring at. Sitting in the edge of the corridor was what I recognised as part of a Portable Swamp. This must have been one of the ones that Fred and George set off during my fourth year. I walked up behind George and wrapped my arms around his waist.

       “Look at the label on it.” He sobbed, tears falling steadily down his cheeks. I crouched down to read the small silver marker.

       “In memorial to Fred Weasley, who gave his life fighting for the greater good. May the pranks live on in all of us. RIP.” I read out loud, my eyes welling over at the kind words. I raised myself off the ground and spoke again.

       “George, this is…” I stopped short, gasping in pain.

       “Luna?” George asked worriedly reaching for me as I staggered backwards. “What’s happening? Is it the babies?” I just nodded gritting my teeth to stop me from exclaiming.

       “They’re coming.” I managed to gasp out.


George’s P.O.V


       “They’re coming.” Luna managed to gasp out between her teeth. I stood there, just staring at her.

       “Wh…What?” I stammered at Luna. “They’re coming?” Luna just nodded, tears streaming down her face.

       “George, I need to leave NOW!” She screamed the last part, clutching her stomach. As she did the sound of running footsteps came down the corridor. I turned to see Harry and Seamus sprinting towards us, looking alarmed.

       “George, what’s happening?” Harry asked, as Seamus when right past me, to where Luna was against the wall, where I had laid her.

       “It’s Luna… She’s in labour.” I whispered. Harry cursed under his breath and rushed to Luna’s side.

       “Luna, I’m going to place a lifting spell on you, so we can get you to the nearest Floo Network.” Harry said in a soothing voice. He extracted his wand and waved it over Luna. Almost immediately she rose in the air. Keeping a steady hand Harry started jogging down the hall, with Seamus at Luna’s feet. I watched them for a minute, before realizing what was happening and running after them. The walk to McGonagall’s office was swift and silent, only interrupted by Seamus leaving to alert the rest of the family about what was happening. I ran along with them, holding Luna’s hand as we reached the Floo.

       “Alright George,” Harry began, throwing a hand full of Floo Powder into the fireplace. “You have to go in there with Luna to make sure she gets through alright. As soon as you get there someone will take care of you.” I nodded and positioned Luna and myself in the hearth of the fireplace.

       “Good luck. We will all be there soon.” Harry said handing me a hand full of Floo Powder and standing back.

       “St. Mungo’s Delivery Ward!” I shouted throwing the powder down and closing my eyes as the spinning began.




Luna’s delivery ward was crowded with people. We had been there for seven hours and I could tell that everyone would soon be kicked out to the waiting room.

       “Everybody out!” A mediwitch, by the name of Doctor Haylor shouted as if on cue. The room quickly dispersed as Luna let out a sharp gasp. I tried to head out with the rest of my family, but was stopped short by Hermione’s arm. She gave me a look that clearly said “You’re not going anywhere.” I sighed and backed against the wall.

       “GEORGE WEASLEY YOU GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!” Luna screamed at me in pain. I scurried over to her side immediately. That girl sure was scary.

       “Alright Mrs Weasley, it’s time to push.” Doctor Haylor said bustling over to us. Luna gripped my hand and let out a strangled cry.  I kissed her sweaty forehead and whispered soothingly in her ear.

       “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT GEORGE WEASLEY!” Luna screamed as she pushed. “YOU’RE THE ONE THAT KNOCKED ME UP!” I felt powerless and Luna screamed and cried, squeezing my hand harder than before.

       “One more push Mrs Weasley, and then she will be out.” Doctor Haylor urged. Luna gritted her teeth and pushed harder than ever. Piecing cries filled the air as Doctor Haylor held up a tiny baby.

       “Mr Weasley, would you or Mrs Malfoy like to cut the umbilical cord?” She asked. I looked at Hermione and she nodded for me to go ahead. I went over and cut the cord just as another mediwitch raced in. Doctor Haylor handed the tiny baby to her and she rushed out with her.

       “Wait, where is she taking our baby?” I asked frantically. Doctor Haylor just chuckled.

       “Don’t worry dear; we need to prepare for the next one.” She said soothingly.

       “THE NEXT ONE!” Luna yelled from her bed, as if she just remembered that we were having twins. “IT’S COMING NOW!” She shrieked as I ran to her side to grab her hand once more.

       “Now sweetie, just remember to push and it will be over before you know it.” Doctor Haylor said.

Luna screamed and cursed at me some more, before Doctor Haylor announced the birth of our second child.

       “Hermione, you do the honours this time.” I said when Doctor Haylor asked about the umbilical cord.

       “Are you sure?” Hermione asked, looking concerned as I nodded. I looked down to see Luna smiling up at me, the past nine or so hours forgotten. I was suddenly aware of the pain coming from my hand. I looked down to see Luna’s  hand still clenching it tightly.

       “Luna?” I asked hesitantly, just in case she still hadn’t recovered fully from giving birth, but she just smiled up at me.

       “Um, could you possibly let go of my hand now?” I asked. Luna looked down and released my hand immediately. I stretched my hand out, cracking the knuckles as it regained circulation.

Doctor Haylor re-entered the room, with Hermione at her heels, holding a bundle of pink in one arm, blue in the other.

       “Congratulations Mr and Mrs Weasley. You have a girl and a boy.” Doctor Haylor smiled handing me the girl and Luna the boy. She left shortly after, but Hermione remained behind.

       “So have you guys thought of any names yet?” Hermione asked us, perching carefully on the edge of Luna’s bed. I looked down at the perfect face of our baby girl. You could already see she was going to be an exact replica of Luna, with blonde hair and already sparkling blue eyes.

       “Well, Luna and I agreed to each name one of them each, as long as we didn’t go too extreme. I think we will name this little princess Hallie Erin.” I said handing her to Luna. Luna studied our little girl for a moment before speaking.

       “Yes, I think that would be perfect.” She smiled. “And for this little guy… Fred Remus.” Luna motioned for me to come and hold our son. I looked down at him, shocked at what I saw. He looked exactly like me, like Fred. I felt my eyes welling up at Luna’s name suggestion. I already knew it was perfect.

       “Yes, Luna. That is a perfect name.” I whispered with a wobbling voice. Hermione clapped her hands.

       “Great!” She exclaimed. “Are you ready for everyone else to come in yet?” Luna and I exchanged a look. We both knew it didn’t really matter whether we were ready or not; I knew my mother would not wait a second longer to see her new grandchildren.

       “Bring them in.” I laughed as I looked down at the two little wonders Luna and I had created. Our perfect little family.

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