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Choices by sour_grapes_snape
Chapter 1 : Unexpectedly Expecting
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                They say life is all about choices. Everyone makes them. Some are trivial, everyday things, like whether or not to eat that eighth pancake at breakfast, and others are more serious. You can’t live without making choices. Even choosing not to decide on something is still making a choice. It’s inescapable.

                Consequences of your choices are also inescapable. Sure, you can try and run from them, push them onto someone else, or just close your eyes, cover your ears and sing “la la la, not listening,” all you want, but the repercussions will always find you somehow. For example, that eighth pancake? Well, I ate it and now I feel like I’m going to explode. But it was delicious, so I don’t care.

                Sometimes I wish all choices and consequences were that simple. That every decision in life could be made in a few seconds and that the worst possible outcome from said decision would only be, in the grand scheme of things, merely a passing annoyance.


                But life isn’t like that. It’s messy and complicated and sometimes punches you in the face. Especially when you’re stupid, like me. I guess I kind of deserve everything life throws at me. After all, I was the one who decided to have sex with my best friend. 

                Yeah, yeah, I know. So I shagged a hot girl, big deal. I’m a bloke, it’s what we do. Find a chick, have some fun, move on. It shouldn’t matter if she’s you’re best friend or not, right? Wrong. You see, I actually like this girl. A lot. And not in that totally platonic “she’s like my sister” way. More like the “wow, this is the most amazing girl in the world and if I don’t marry her, I’ll grow old and alone with no one to love except my 48 cats” kind of way. And so, now that I’ve slept with her, I’ve ruined everything.


                Selene Diana Liddell. Quite the name, I know. Her parents are what Muggles like to call “hippies.” Selene’s mum has some weird fascination with the moon, which is why Selene is named for the Greek and Roman goddesses of the moon. It’s actually kind of fitting. Selene looks like a moon goddess. She has light, silvery blond hair and pale skin that almost glows. If I didn’t know she was a muggleborn, I’d think she was part Veela.

                However, no matter how much she may look like a goddess, Selene definitely doesn’t act like one. Sure, she may act sweet and innocent, but she has one extremely devious mind. She’s quick with an insult and is never afraid to speak her mind. If I didn’t know she was a pacifist, (remnants of her hippie upbringing) I’d be scared out of my mind of her. As it is, I still can’t help but quake in fear when she gets really mad. Don’t tell anyone.


                Selene and I have been friends ever since we started at Hogwarts. We met on the train. As a first year, I had been a bit afraid to go to Hogwarts. All my life, I’ve received endless attention from people. Random witches and wizards stop and stare when they see me and the press constantly writes stories about me. Apparently, being Harry Potter’s firstborn son makes me famous by association. I don’t get it. Sure, my dad might be the Chosen One and The Boy Who Lived, and savior of the wizarding world, but to me, he’s just my goofy dad. The attention might be nice at times, but most of time it just annoys me.

                On the train, other students had ogled me the whole time. I, frankly, had hated the attention, so I ended up sitting with some of my older cousins. Victoire and Teddy were both off with friends that year and Roxanne had ended up sitting with her boyfriend (not that Fred knew about him back then), but Fred, Molly, Dominique, Louis and I had found a compartment together. Eventually, however, I had decided that if I wanted to be a Gryffindor, I should start acting like one. So, braving the corridor filled with unwelcome stares, I had begun wondering about the train.

                I found her sitting in a compartment by herself, nose stuck in a book. I had slid the door open cautiously, my interest piqued by this girl. She had looked up at me when I sat down and I distinctly remember marveling at her eyes. They were pure, shining silver.


                “Can I help you?” she’d asked politely, though I saw her gaze straying back to the open book in her lap. I didn’t know it at the time, but that book was called A Modern History of the Wizarding World, and was written by my Aunt Hermione.

                “Um…” I hadn’t been sure what to say. Most people would fawn over me or start asking question about my life and my family. This girl hadn’t seemed to care. “Do you not know who I am?"

                She had blinked in confusion. “No. Why would I? I don’t know anyone here.”


                “Er, I’m James Potter,” I had told her hesitantly.


                The name had sparked something in her. “Potter… Potter – oh!” Her silver eyes lit up. “Your dad is Harry Potter, right? The guy who defeated that Voldy guy, the one who didn’t have a nose or something? Wow, he’ , famous! I think… yeah! I just read about him, he sounds so cool! But I bet it’s irritating, people always asking about him, having to live in his shadow, and all that,” she had said, suddenly becoming sympathetic.


                “Uh, yeah, I guess…” Eleven year old me was bemused. Clearly, this girl was a Muggleborn. A smile had spread across my face and I sensed a beautiful friendship in the making.


                I had been right, of course. Selene and I spent the rest of the train ride together, were both sorted into Gryffindor, and discovered our mutual love for creating mischief. We’ve spent the last six years playing pranks, avoiding detentions, and just being generally obnoxious. My entire family loves her. Selene has a strained relationship with her parents (apparently, their hippie ideals don’t include magic) so she spends a lot of time at my house when we’re away from Hogwarts. She’s basically my parents’ fourth child.


                I’m not sure when I started liking her. Maybe it was in my second year, when she saved me from two weeks of detention by stealing Mrs. Norris to distract Filch. Maybe it was in third year, when I first came to truly appreciate that Selene was a girl – and a very attractive one, at that. All I know is that I didn’t realize I fancied her until fifth year, when Sam Vaisey asker her out. Prat.


                You know, this whole thing could’ve been avoided is Selene hadn’t changed her shampoo. But no, she had to switch to a bloody coconut scented shampoo, the bitch. When I was ten, my family went on vacation to the Caribbean Islands – extravagant, I know – and I had fresh coconut for the first time in my life. It was seriously the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. Now, every time I smell something that even remotely resembles coconut, all my senses and willpower desert me. Therefore, if Selene hadn’t smelled like coconuts, I would have been able to resist her and we wouldn’t have shagged.

                I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day. It was mid-August, just a few weeks before Selene and I would be starting our seventh year at Hogwarts. It was just she and I at my house. My parents, Al, and Lily were spending the weekend in France. I wasn’t allowed to go. Apparently, accidently blowing up the broomshed is irresponsible or something. So what if Al and Lily need new brooms now? Mine wasn’t in the shed at the time and is perfectly fine. Anyway, Selene came over to keep me company and we were both sitting in my room…

                “No, no, no!” Selene shouted. “There is no possible way that the Tornados are even going to make it to the Cup, let alone win! Suck up your pride and admit your team sucks, James!”


                “You shut your mouth,” I snapped, glaring. “They’re going to make a comeback, just you wait.”


                She shook her head. “You’re an idiot. I’m telling you, the Harpies are the team to watch this year. With your mum as their new coach, they’re going to be unbeatable, and you know it.”


                “No way,” I said stubbornly. She was probably right, but I definitely wasn’t going to tell her that. She always holds it over my head when I’m wrong. Which happens a lot more often than I care to admit.


                “Oh, just shut up and admit that you’re stupid, everyone else already knows it.”


                I held my hands over my ears. “La la la, not listening, la la la.” 

                “Stop it James,” Selene warned, her eye twitching slightly. Oh, God. The eye twitch. That was usually a sign that she had run out of her very limited amount of patience and was about to explode. It’s best to duck and cover and pray she doesn’t attack whenever that happens.


                Of course, I am, as she stated, an idiot, so I continued to childishly block out her warnings. I really am stupid sometimes. What I really didn’t expect was for her to launch herself at me, tackling me to the ground. She may be willowy and on the short side (at least to me), but she sure can generate a lot of force.


                “Tell me I’m right!” she shouted, sitting on my stomach and smacking my face.


                “Abusive,” I told her, cringing. She was going to damage my beautiful face! 

                “Tell me I’m right!”


                “Stop hitting me Leena!”


                “Not until you tell me I’m right!”


                Suddenly, I flipped her over, holding her hands down over her head. You know, I really didn’t think that one through. Now, I find myself inches from her face, her body pinned beneath mine while I straddled her waist. Her breath fanned my face as she looked at me in shock, her beautiful silver eyes wide.


                The room seemed to grow about ten times hotter and my throat constricted. I couldn’t help the desire that was spreading through me as she shifted slightly beneath me. I was going to get off her, I swear I was, but… she bit her lip. She bit her lip. Apparently, she doesn’t realize how truly sexy that is. I inhaled sharply through my nose. Big mistake.

                Her scent assaulted my nostrils. She… she smells like coconut. And I’m not talking the fake stuff that some other girls douse themselves with, although that doesn’t smell too terrible in small doses. No, Selene smelled like real coconuts. Hell, I could practically taste it. My eyes widened and I had to stop myself from moaning. It was at that point that I knew I was lost.


                Without registering what I was doing, I crashed my lips down to hers, unable to stand it anymore. She responded instantly, her warm, soft lips, moving against mine eagerly. My hand threaded through her silky hair and I pressed my tongue against her lips. I wanted more. I wanted everything. Heat and electricity were sparking through my body as I pulled her tighter to me.


                Selene’s tongue twined with mine and I nearly died. She tasted like coconuts, too! What is this, a bloody conspiracy? I groaned, skimming my hands down over her cheeks, lingering on her collarbone, before letting them rest on her slim waist. I never wanted this to stop.


                “I want you,” I whispered against her mouth. Her eyes opened and she pulled back slightly. Her lips were swollen and her eyes dark with lust. Unexpectedly, she rolled us over so that she was now straddling me, sitting on my hips. 

                “Well, you have me,” she said, her voice rough. God, it was sexy. “So what are you going to do with me?” And with that, she pulled her shirt off. Things moved quickly from there. We didn’t even have the will to move onto my bed, despite the fact that it was a foot away from us.


                Afterwards, we lied next to each other. Our chests heaved as we caught our breath and I traced patterns on her arm. I was about to ask her if she wanted to go out with me – I did like her after all, and after that, well… Before I could, she rolled away from me, reaching for her clothes, which were scattered around the room.


                “My parents want me home soon,” she said, not meeting my eyes. I watched her pull her jeans back on, confused.


                “I thought you were staying here for the weekend?” I asked, putting my boxers on, feeling suddenly awkward.


                She shrugged, still not looking at me. “Change of plans. My grandparents are visiting, so they want me around. First time for everything, huh?”


                I reached out to hold her hand, wanting to comfort her. She hasn’t gotten on with her parents in years. She flinched away from me, though, and I felt a harsh sting of rejection. And how come she never mentioned her grandparents visiting before? I know for a fact that she’s never met her grandparents. She would have told me if they’d suddenly decided they wanted to be a part of her life. Normally we tell each other everything. What was going on?


                “Alright then,” I said, lost as to what to say. “Well, you know you’re welcome to come back whenever you’re free again. I’ll be around. You know that, right Lee?”


                She nodded. “Uh huh. Well, I’ll see you.”


                I hugged her goodbye, like always. Selene’s body was stiff, unrelenting. She hugged me back, but only briefly before she pulled away. She turned and left without another word. Once she closed the door, silence crept into the room. I went over to my bed, sitting down and sinking my head into my hands. For a moment, my life seemed perfect. I had just had sex with my ideal girl and I was planning on making her my girlfriend. But now, I wasn’t so sure what was going to happen.


                “What’ve I done?” I whispered to myself.


                I didn’t hear from her after that. Normally, she spends the majority of the summer holiday at my house, going to Diagon Alley with my family and only leaving two days before we leave for Hogwarts to spend with her parents. But that year, she never came back over and she didn’t respond to my letters. As September grew closer, I felt my dread begin to grow. I missed Selene. Everyone commented on her absence, but I had no explanation for them. Oh, yeah, she and I shagged and now it’s weird and she’s not talking to me. No big deal. Yeah. That would’ve gone over well. Mum would castrate me, Al would tell me I’m stupid, Lily would hate me for driving away her “older sister,” and Dad would give me that disappointed look that always makes me feel worthless.


                Once September finally arrived, I boarded the train in trepidation. I found Louis and Nick O’Leary, my best mates, and we found a compartment. The four of us, along with Selene, always sit together. Selene is the only girl in our group, as she prefers us to the other girls in our year.  But now, I was sitting, wondering if she would join us. But I guess I shouldn’t have doubted her, because not even a minute after the boys and I sat down, she slip through the door, quietly putting her trunk away and sitting down.

                “Can you believe it, Lou?” Nick asked. “James and Selene showed up separately! How is it possible, surely you two didn’t spend any time apart from each other?”

                “Ha ha,” I muttered. If only you knew, Nicky.


                Selene, however, blushed a rosy pink, causing Louis to raise his eyebrow, thought Nick didn’t notice. “Shut up, Nick, or I’ll tell Madeleine that you still sleep in footy pajamas.”


                Maddy Goldsworthy is probably the hottest girl in seventh year. However, she’s a huge bitch who thinks she’s above everyone else. Despite that, Nick has a giant crush on her. He paled slightly but retorted quickly. “Oh, so are you actually planning on staying in the girls dorm this year?”


                “Where else would I stay?” Selene asked confused. She hasn’t looked at me once since she entered the compartment. Crap, this is not good.


                “I seem to recall that you spent two months sleeping in our dorm last year,” Nick replied, smirking slightly. He was probably proud for making a good point in an argument against Selene. It doesn’t happen often – to anyone.


                She rolled her eyes. “That’s because McKenzie Daniels wouldn’t shut up about her sex life. I stopped sleeping there so I wouldn’t have to stop myself from punching her. Or vomiting. Or both.”


                Mickey Daniels is Maddy’s best friend. I may think that Maddy is the worst person in the world, but Selene will vehemently insist that it’s Mickey. The two have hated each other since they met. Personally, I don’t see why Selene thinks she’s so horrible, but I know better than to argue with her about it.

                “Why do you hate her so much? She’s not that bad, and she’s fit.” Apparently Louis doesn’t know better. I could practically see the steam coming out of Selene’s ears.


               “She may be ‘fit’ on the outside, but inside, she’s nothing but a stuck-up, repulsive, arrogant jerk-face that I would gladly watch burn to death,” she fumed.

                Louis held up his hand in resignation, but I could see the fear in his eyes. Smart move, Louis. Just shut up and she won’t hurt you. Or tackle you to the ground and sending off a chain of events leading to the two of you shagging, causing the both of you to stop talking to each other. Or maybe that’s something that would only happen to me.

                “Jerk-face?” Nick snorted. “Wow, that’s harsh, Selene. No need to be so mean.”


                Selene doesn’t swear. Ever. She’ll use some odd phrases from time to time, such as shouting “purple sparkly unicorns!” when someone startles her, but she never swears. It’s kind of unsettling. You know what else is unsettling? The fact that she still hasn’t looked at me. Or spoken to me. This can’t last, can it? I mean, she’s not just going to ignore me forever. Right?



                Okay, never mind, apparently Selene can continue to ignore me. She didn’t say a single word to me during the entire train ride. Not. One. I mean, I didn’t say anything to her either, but that’s beside the point! She’s the one being weird.


                This sucks. I can’t even enjoy the Welcome Back Feast because I’m too busy going insane over Selene. She’s just sitting next to me, eating quietly and ignoring the odd looks Louis keeps shooting us while Nick talks about Merlin knows what. Eventually, I’ve just had enough. I grab Selene’s arm and pulled her out of the Great Hall, pretending not to hear her protests.


                I bring her to an empty classroom, not letting go until after I lock the door. She looks at me suspiciously before hitting me upside the head.


                “Ow!” I yelped. “What was that for?”


                Selene looked at me in disbelief. “Uh, for dragging me away from the feast and locking me in a room with you like a creep?”


                “Right, didn’t really think that one through,” I muttered to myself. She snorted.


                “Can I go then?” she asked impatiently.

                “No, we need to talk,” I said firmly. Selene raised an eyebrow.

                There was a moment of silence. Oh, she was probably expecting me to say something. Right. “Look, Lee, are we just going to pretend it didn’t happen, or what? You’ve kind of just cut me off completely and… well, I miss you.”


                Her eyes softened slightly, but her voice stayed devoid of emotion. “I know and I’m sorry. I just, I don’t know. Isn’t it weird for you? I mean, we’re best friends. And we…”


                “Had sex,” I finished when she seemed to struggle with the words.




                Silence settled around us again. Neither of us could meet each other’s eyes. I wanted to ask her out, I did. But… what if she said no? I mean, if she liked me too, she wouldn’t have ignored me like that.


                Selene spoke suddenly. “James, were you a virgin?”


                I looked at her in surprise. “What? Of course I was. Why would you think I wasn’t? Did you think I had sex and didn’t tell you?”

                “I don’t know,” she said defensively. “I wasn’t sure if you’d tell me or not. I mean, I am a girl.”


                “You know I don’t see it like that, Lee,” I said softly. He head whipped up and she glared at me, her gaze fiery. Oh, God, what did I do?

                “Is that so? You don’t think of me as a girl?” Shit. Shit shit shit.


                “That’s not –“ I began, but she cut me off.


                “If I’m not a girl, then tell me, James. What exactly was it that we did two weeks ago?” Selene growled. Goddamn shit fuck. She’s really mad. Yeah, she’s really going to want to be my girlfriend now.


                She cut over me when I desperately started stammering that she misinterpreted my words. “You know what, James? Just bugger off and leave me alone.”


                With that, she walked out the room. Well, there went that friendship.




                It’s been a month. A bloody month since Selene and I last spoke. We still see each other all the time – we have the same friends, after all – but we never hang out alone or even talk anymore! Nick and Louis have both realized something is up, but they don’t mention it. I don’t know what to do anymore.


                To make matters worse, something is clearly wrong with Selene. For the last couple days, she’s looked really pale and has been acting a bit out of character. I thought I overheard Mandy and Mickey talking about how she threw up yesterday morning and I’m worried. But of course, every time I try to talk to her, she walks away from me.


                Now I’m sitting at breakfast with Nick. Normally, Selene and I would walk down to breakfast with each other, but when I waited for her on the first day of classes, she just walked past me, silently ignoring me. Now, she walks down with Louis.


                Speak of the devils, the two of them take a seat. Nick is chatting away about this mushroom he found over the summer – what a weird kid – but I’m only half listening. Instead, I watch Selene. She’s started piling food on her plate, reaching for more and more food. That’s weird, Selene usually doesn’t eat a big breakfast. She says eating a lot in the morning makes her sleepy. As she continues to add more to her plate, I push a plate of bacon towards her.


                Selene absolutely loves bacon. She eats it every day and often makes trips to the kitchens to get bacon throughout the day. One time in fifth year, the kitchens didn’t have bacon for a week, and Selene nearly had a mental breakdown. When they finally had more, she ate nothing but bacon for two days. She only stopped because I told her that if she kept it up, they’d run out again.

                I’m telling you all this so you can understand the gravity of Selene’s next actions. She reached out to grab a handful of bacon, but then froze, her face taking on a slight greenish tinge. Then she pushed the plate away without taking any bacon. We all stared at her incredulously as she started to eat her bacon-free plate of food with slightly disturbing gusto.


                “Er, Selene?” Nick asked, hesitant. “Are you okay? You didn’t take any bacon.”

                She made a face. “It smells repulsive this morning. Maybe it’s rancid or something.”


                Louis looked at the half eaten piece on his own plate. “It tastes fine…”

                “Whatever. I just don’t want bacon. But the rest of this is delicious!” she exclaimed, continuing to eat faster than I’ve ever seen her eat before. We all continued to stare.


                “Selene, you’re eating like a pregnant woman,” Nick remarked. She snorted in laughter, continuing to eat.

                Then she froze, her fork halfway to her mouth. Her eyes went wide and she started muttering under her breath, a fearful, shocked expression crossing her face. Suddenly, she dropped her fork, looking horrified. “Shit.”


                Nick, Louis, and I all jumped. Did Selene just swear? She never swears. Never. Her head jerked up and, for the first time in ages, she looked me in the eye. She stared at me, her mouth slightly agape. Then she started shaking her head. “No. No no no. Shit. Shit fuck damn. Balls.”


                With that, she got up and ran from the Great Hall. But not before I caught the telltale glistening of unshed tears in her eyes. Without even pausing to think, I jumped up and followed her. When I reached the Entrance Hall, there was no sign of her, so I pulled out the Marauder’s Map. My dad gave it to me in my third year and it’s been dead useful. Scanning it, I saw that Selene was headed towards the Hospital Wing.


                Sighing, I put the map away. If she’s going to the Hospital Wing, she definitely doesn’t want me following her. She knows I hate it there. I guess I’ll just have to give her time.



                I was sitting in the common room a week later when Selene finally approached me, a very clear “we need to talk” expression on her face. I was actually vaguely frightened. I mean, who wouldn’t be? She’d spent all of yesterday glaring at me until she suddenly broke down in tears over supper. What the hell? I’ve liked this girl, one of my best friends, for ages, ended up having sex with her, kind of ignored her – although she did it first – watched her act weird, and now she wants to talk to me. Oh, God, here we go.

                “Hi, James,” she said, sounding a bit nervous. “How’s life? Lovely weather, isn’t it?”

                I glanced outside. It was pouring rain, the wind was whipping the trees around violently, and lightning flashed through the sky. Yeah, it’s a beautiful day, alright.


                “So, I, um, yeah,” Selene continued, her fingers tapping an errant beat against her thigh. I know from experience that the skin there is soft and smooth, and she’s just slightly ticklish… not the point. She laughed, sounding slightly insane, before breaking off suddenly and glaring at the floor. I wasn’t certain, but I’m pretty sure she started muttering “stupid” under her breath. That’s not worrisome at all.


                “Er, Lee, you okay?” I asked tentatively.


                Her head snapped back up. “Of course! I’m brilliant. Just peachy. I’m feeling like Mary Poppins in an umbrella shop. Know what I mean?”


                Yes, that totally didn’t make me more worried about her. And honestly, I had no idea what she meant. Who’s Mary Poppins? Wasn’t she that Hufflepuff in sixth year? Oh, wait, that’s Martha Puppins. Easy enough mistake to make.


                “So I was thinking that we should talk,” Selene said, sudden determination crossing her face. “There’s something really important that you should know. Because you see, I – shit.” She broke off abruptly, squeezing her eyes shut. I still can’t believe she’s swearing.


                Why did my best friend have to be crazy? I mean, really. My family is crazy enough, you’d think that I’d want to find normal people to hang out with. But nope, all of my friends are completely nuts. And it looks like Selene’s been made their new leader. Fantastic.


                She started talking again, interrupting my internal monologue. “Here’s the thing – I just – well, you know…”


                Okay, maybe talking wasn’t the right word. More like stammering. Maybe if I kiss her, it’ll shut her up. Except the last time I kissed her it didn’t turn out the best. Or maybe it did. Depends on how you look at it, I guess. Sleeping with the girl you’ve liked for ages versus complicating a close friendship. It’s a bit of a tossup. 

                Oops. I did it again. Maybe I should pay attention to Selene. Obviously, something is bugging her. I mean, she’s biting her lip.

                Wait. Damn. She’s biting her lip. I want to do that. Again. Focus, James. Talk now, contemplate snogging later.


                “C’mon Leena, just spit it out,” I said gently, but feeling a bit impatient.

                She stared at me for a moment. “Not here,” she said, nervousness reappearing. “There’s too many people.”

                I shrugged. “The boys are out of our room. Should we go up there?”


                She nodded mutely and followed me over to the stairs leading to the boys’ dormitories. We passed Louis on the way and he waggled his eyebrows at me. Git. I wonder what he knows. Prat’s always sticking his nose in my business.


                I closed the door behind us when we walked into the room. Immediately, Selene began pacing and muttering under her breath. Her hands moved around restlessly, alternating between running through her silvery hair, tapping against her legs, and jerking violently in front of her. When she does that, it looks like she’s shaking a midget’s head. Heh. Funny mental image.


                “Leena, calm down. You’re freaking me out,” I told her, sitting down on my bed. She stopped and stared at me. Her left eye twitched slightly. Dear Merlin, this is not good. She’s going to kill me, isn’t she? 

                “Calm down?” she repeated incredulously. “Yeah, sure James, I’ll stay calm. Just remember those words. You’re going to take them back when you hear what I need to tell you.”


                “I won’t get the chance unless you tell me what the bloody hell is wrong!” I replied, a bit irritated.


                “Who said anything is wrong? What if it’s something good?” she fired back.

                I rolled my eyes. “Selene, I think I know you better than that,” I scoffed. “We’ve been best friends for years, I think I can tell when you’re freaking out about something. And it’s something more than just… you know… what happened over the summer.”


                She took a deep breath, slowly exhaling through her nose. “Okay. Here goes everything. You might want to sit down for this.”


                I looked down at my bed, which my butt was quite clearly resting on, thereby putting me in a state that would be called sitting. “Er, I already am…”


                “I am aware of that fact, so shut up! Just shut up!” she suddenly shouted. Then she dropped her head into her hands. “Fuck,” she said, then snorted in apparent amusement. Um… alright then.

                “Fuck,” she repeated. “Wait, we’ve already done that, haven’t we? It’s the reason everything is so bloody complicated. It’s why you and I are so awkward now. It’s why I’m suddenly so weird and moody and have started swearing. It’s what caused me to throw up a few minutes ago. And for the last two weeks. And it’s the bloody fucking reason there is currently a human life growing in my uterus!”


                Selene froze, her eyes widening and her cheeks flooding with color. She looks really cute when she blushes. Wait, what did she just rant about? “I’m… not following.”


                She stared at me like I’m an idiot. She does that a lot. “Congrats James. You’re going to be a daddy.”


                I felt the blood drain from my face. “You mean…”


                “Yeah. I’m pregnant. Surprise!”



                I can’t believe – shit. 

                I just knocked up my best friend, who has no idea that I fancy her. I’m going to be a father. And the mother of my unborn child is bloody crazy. Fantastic.




So here’s a new story. I know, it’s a pregnancy story, how cliché, but I just had sudden inspiration. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going to go with this, but I really like it so far, so I hope all of you do as well. It’s a definite change of pace from Finding Faith. I wanted to do something lighter, more whimsical.  Also, check out the one-shot I just put up! It’s a Lily/James called Songbird. 


So tell me what you think, I guess. I really want to know if you think I should keep going with this or not. Until next time!


Disclaimer: If I was J.K. Rowling, do you really think I’d be writing for a fanfiction website? I’d be publishing my books, making even more money, and just be out being awesome in general.

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