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A Muggle Romance by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12- Someone Knows A Secret
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I woke up and could feel warmth all up and down the right side of my body; moving to inspect it I saw Gill huddled close to me. I laid then for a bit soaking in the feel and the scent breathing and memorizing every detail. This was a rare moment of utter, unblemished happiness for me and I wanted to savor it for as long as possible. She moved in her sleep letting out a small sigh which I preferred small sighs to the full blown night terrors she use to have. She pressed her back against me and I wanted to roll over onto my side and wrap her up in my arms and stay like that for days. Unfortunately Colin was gnawing at the back of my brain and I knew I needed to start going through those books if I wanted this to last.

I left her there getting out of bed as carefully as possible so I could get the books, make them full size again, and begin to go over them. Even though I was sure I had gotten a message through to Colin with the beating there was no telling how long that message would stick with him as he seemed to be a hard headed bloke. The study was rather dusty when I entered it had been sealed off after my father passed by my mother’s orders and no one had been in here since. I flicked my wand to clean the room and lit a fire in the fireplace before setting the very small books on the desk and going about making them their right size again. The study seemed vast with all the bookcases placed in the family vault I was sure if I spoke it would echo for what would seem like ages. After clearing out all magical artifacts all that was left in the grand room was the hard wood floor, a ceiling fan with thin mahogany blades, a mahogany desk, the fire place, and four deep brown leather chairs; one behind the desk and three in front; and now three very large and very ancient law books which sat upon the desk my father use to conduct death eater business on. The irony that I was sitting at this desk trying to save a muggle wasn’t lost on me and I knew father would’ve struck me dead but I shook the thought away.

I cracked my neck before opening the first book I didn’t want to dwell on any memories I had of this room because honestly they were all bad. The books were boring written in very law type language and very matter-of-factly with dos and don’ts plainly laid out before me. I was quickly realizing everything I wanted to do to Colin was a massive don’t and it was becoming very frustrating. I already knew I couldn’t kill him or apparate him away but I also could not transfigure him into any living or inanimate object, erase his entire memory, remove all the bones from his body, slip him ANY type of potion, or do anything else that would’ve been not only useful but fun well at least in my opinion. I found all that out in less than thirty minutes which had me too crestfallen to continue so I went down to get something to eat. Kye had scrambled eggs and toast with a hot cup of coffee waiting for me when I reached the kitchen.

“Where’s miss?”

“Probably still asleep I woke up early to start going through the books I got from the vault.”

“Did you finds a way to gets rid of the nasty man?”

“Not yet Kye, not yet but I am trying and so are Harry and Ron. There are just so many laws and regulations governing the use of magic towards muggles.”

“Could the master asks the Minister?”

“Not even on a good day he’s not fond of Malfoys I’m already under surveillance for asking a muggle to live here.”

“What’s a muggle?” Gill half yawned from the kitchen door.

I froze and couldn’t get any words to come out of my mouth I must’ve looked like a complete idiot; thank merlin for Kye.

“Is a slang term miss.”

“Is it for Americans?”

“Yes miss.”

Gill seemed to accept this and nod sitting next to me at the breakfast island. I was hoping she hadn’t heard anything that had come before ‘muggle’ in that sentence.

“You could’ve woke me you know.” She nudged me playfully.

“You were too cute cuddled up asleep I couldn’t do it.” I smiled.

Kye set some food and coffee in front of Gill and then discreetly left the kitchen.

Gill took a sip of her coffee, “Thanks again for last night.”

“Anytime,” I replied smiling at her.

She looked me dead in the eyes, “I am so glad I met you Draco.”

I smiled and it almost slipped out again, I love you, one of these times I wasn’t going to be able to catch it. This time I stopped myself with a sip of coffee and I squeezed her hand to let her know I agreed.

“I really like you Draco.” She kissed my cheek, and it was torture for me not to say what I really wanted to.

“I’m pretty fond of you too.” I replied biting my tongue before what I really wanted to say came pouring out and I looked like some kind of creepy stalker who only asked her to stay here to get her in my bed. I wondered if I would ever actually tell her that I loved her from the moment I saw her that she had saved me and brought happiness back to a boring and monotonous existence; I wasn’t sure but I kind of hoped one day I would.

She smiled a broad genuine smile before returning to her breakfast and I did the same. We shared the rest of our meal in comfortable silence until I felt my merlin forsaken phone vibrate in my pocket. I was on the verge of burning the damn but I ignored it because she didn’t seem to notice. I didn’t want her worrying about him at all even if I hadn’t found a solution yet I was going to and she was going to be safe so no use in her becoming terrified over a text from a bloke who would soon never trouble her again. When she finished eating she announced she was going to shower and exited the kitchen to go to her private bathroom giving me time to take out from phone and check the text from who else but Colin. But what I read nearly made me choke on my coffee.

I know where you live and I know what you are. You best send her off somewhere before noon.

My eyes got big and I seemed frozen to spot. I was hoping that he was talking about something else but deep down I knew he was magic. Kye came in snapping me from my chance and I glanced up at the clock it was already 11.

“Master is you okays?”

“No not at all I uh I need to go.”

“Goes wheres master?”

“I don’t even-“

The house elf cut me off, “The master needs to breathe a second.”

I did as Kye instructed and took in a deep breath exhaling slowly and collecting my thoughts I was able to come up with a plan so I turned to my faithful house elf.

“Kye as soon as Gill is ready you need to take her shopping in London away from here. I have to go see Harry NOW.”

I apparated right from the kitchen without thinking any further ahead and ended up right in Harry’s office.

“Draco I think you’re in the wrong place.” Harry eyed my attire and chuckled.

“Harry he knows.”

“Knows what?” Harry stopped whatever paperwork he was involved with and looked at me the fear on my face, “How?”

“I don’t know how but he knows and he is going to be at my house in less than an hour. I spent some time pouring over old law books and magically I can’t touch him so what am I supposed to do!”

“I need to go get Ron.”

Harry left his office for what felt like ages. I paced back and forth in a figure eight pattern around the two chairs that sat in front of Harry’s desk mumbling to myself with a over a million thoughts and scenarios running through my head but then Harry appeared a short time later with Ron.

“We are wasting time Harry what am I supposed to do?” I snapped.

“Where’s Gill?” Harry asked.

“I already sent her out with Kye.”

“Then you can use magic.” Ron chimed in.

I snapped my head towards him, “Huh?”

“If you are in danger you can use magic on a muggle as long as it is immediately reported and an Auror or magical law enforcement official comes out to the scene.”

“Well I wish I knew that loophole the other night when I beat him muggle style in an alley!” I snapped.

They both looked at me confused.

“I am an Auror would that already count?” I asked.

“No but Ron and I will come as witnesses and well to make sure you don’t get carried away.”

I slightly glared at Harry, “What’s that supposed to me?”

“Hey we know what this blokes done and as much as he deserves a good Crucio you can’t and we’ll be there to keep you out of Azkaban.”

“Fine!” I may have pouted a bit but we all apparated back to my house.

“Draco?” I heard Gill yelling and she came round the corner and into the kitchen, “Where have you been Kye asked to go shopping but I want to spend the day with you.”

She suddenly noticed the guys behind me and pouted.

“You have to work don’t you?”

“Kind of love,” I kissed her forehead, “But we can do something as soon as I’m done it won’t take long I promise.”

But before she could say anything else I heard my front door open and I froze my eyes darted to the clock it was only 11:30 and his text had said before noon. I looked from Harry to Ron our entire plan was falling apart what in merlin’s name were we going to do now. My eyes shot to Gill who was frozen as close to me as she could get half behind me; this could not get any worse. I could hear Colin screaming for me or her it echoed throughout the halls of the manor and my brain was racing trying to pinpoint where he was so I could get a possible escape route for her. I could feel her tremble each time his voice roared and I feared she was going to go into a fit of hysterics at any moment.

The four of us stood silently and I was hoping he would go up the stairs but no such luck the sound of his voice was becoming more real and less echo and I realized he would be in front of us in a minute or so. My only option was to have Gill hide in the pantry and hope she didn’t even peek out. If she saw any magic use her memory would have to be wiped of everything up to right before she met me and I would never be allowed to see her again. I used a charm to seal the pantry door hoping that would stop her from trying to get out and him from trying to get in if he got past us. I looked over to Ron and then to Harry and I could tell from the look on Harry’s face that he wasn’t happy with this plan but we were out of options. This wasn’t my first choice of plans either. We all stood with our wands behind our backs but we were completely unprepared for what happened next….

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A Muggle Romance: Chapter 12- Someone Knows A Secret


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