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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 14 : A Shopping Excursion
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 A Shopping Excursion 

It was just days before Christmas Eve and I was already feeling bored. I missed Draco, and Ginny, but mostly Draco. I hadn’t been able to leave the house., since we arrived earlier that week from the train station. Draco hadn’t been able to leave either, so I had yet to see him. Blaise, all he did was complain about being bored so add highly annoyed to my list of irritations as well. Annoyed, check, bored, check, lonely, check and irritated, check.

To say the least, I was really cranky and all I wanted to do was leave the house and do something, without Blaise. Mom seemed to pick up on my signs of crankiness, hard not to I suppose, and she decided that we were leaving and going shopping for the upcoming balls. I was ecstatic now. Just me and Mum, going shopping, in London. Not that I didn’t have enough clothes already, but mum says that shopping cures every ailment, except muggle diseases.

“Where shall we go to first, Serena?” Mom asked and I looked at her with a blank stare, not knowing what stores mum would shop at.

“I don’t know.”

“Hmmm. Let’s see here. We could go to the center square shopping center. They have every good store you can imagine. I think that we should go to Juicy first, personally, for some casual things for you, dear.”

“Mom, I thought we were going dress shopping.”

“Oh, we are, but we get our gowns at the boutique there. We will go there first and then shop around while they are designing the dress robes.”

“That could take days.”

“No, just one, I always rush order the gowns, so we will stay the night at the resort. We will arrive back late into the evening tomorrow.”

“Okay mom. It sounds like fun.”

We departed to the center square in London and made our way to the dress boutique mom had been talking about. It was a small little shop, where they literally made the gowns by hand. The owner was a witch that worked out of the shop and Wizarding families that went there could get there gowns the next day on rush order, but Muggles would wait weeks for their gowns to be made. When we entered The owner recognized mom and immediately made her way over.

“Mrs. Zabbini, how lovely to see you here. What can I help you with today?”

“I need four gowns to be made, two for my daughter and two for me. As well as a lingerie set for my daughter who has just come of age.” I blushed bright red.

“Yes, Immediately. Irina Come here, girl.” A young girl, a few years older than me perhaps emerged from the back and walked toward the Owner. :Ms. Zabbini, my daughter Irina will help you choose your gowns and the lingerie set to be made, while I help your Mother choose hers.” I nodded and walked into a side room where Irina opened a huge binder or pictures of different styles and magically filled the room with dozens of different fabric material.

Three hours later, at one in the afternoon, I had two new beautiful gowns and  two sets of a dozen lingerie pairs each.

The first gown was a midnight blue silk that was an ankle length cut, with a V-neck cut and shoulder wide stripes. There was a gold trim embroidered on the hem of the gown and at the edge of the V-neck.

The second gown was more elegant, it was the Christmas eve gown, I had decided. It was a snow white satin with a pure white lace back from the waist to the nape of my neck, with lace sleeves as well. The cut was also a V-neck and it flowed down past the ankles with a small train in the back, where it puddled neatly on by my feet.

The first lingerie set was a padded bra with  lace trim and lace underwear in pastel colors. The second set was a mix between the same style as the first set with six pairs in darker colors, red, black, dark blue, hot pink, purple, and one white. Then the second half was 6 silk nightgowns three ankle length and three thigh length.

I was proud of my new found fashion sense. I mean shove a girl into a room with cloth alone with a designer and an unlimited credit card and what girl wouldn’t come out with some fancy things? It was just Ginny, and Granger mom before her deciding what I should wear that frighten my inner fashionista away.

Mom paid for the things and we departed.

“Shall we eat lunch?”

“No, I’m not hungry yet.”

“Okay dear. Juicy it is then.”

Five hours and 10 stores later, I was spent and starving as we sat at a table at the London Bistro awaiting our appetizers.

It had been a very productive day. Besides the items from the boutique I had 10 new pairs of jeans, a denim jacket, 15 new tank tops, 2 new club dresses, 5 pairs of nice slacks for prefect meetings, 5 new long sleeved open sweaters to wear over the tanks, and 10 new pairs of shoes. I had a new purse, a gold bracelet, a diamond pendent set with a matching ring and earrings, a sapphire pendent set, a ruby pendent set, and a bicep bracelet with a snake on it.

“Are we doing more shopping tomorrow?” I asked a little disdainfully. I didn’t really want more shopping, more to relax.

“Heavens no, Serena. We shop on day one, and have a spa day on day 2, then get a manicure and pedicure and our air done. Besides tomorrow is the 23 and we need to get home early enough to get sleep before the ball.”

“Good. I need to relax.”

24 hours, a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure, and hair treatment later, we returned home to the Zabbini Manor. I went into Blaise’s room to taunt him but literally ran into Draco. I mean literally, right into his chest.”

“Hi there Darling.” He drawled.

“Draco.” I smiled and hugged him. “I missed you.”

“Did you have fun with your mom?”

“Yes, of course I did.”


“I’m tired though, I was just coming to tease Blaise but it seems he found something to pass the time.”

“Goodnight Rena.”


I walked out and into my own room and fell onto my bed, feeling like goo.

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