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Time Turner Troubles by ginnypotter4ever
Chapter 5 : Playing Catch Up
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Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns everything in the Harry Potter world!
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Once Ginny was done squeezing the life out of her friend that had just fallen out of the fireplace, she allowed her brothers and Harry to say hello to Hermione.

“You’re a bit early- what am I saying? You’re Hermione! Of course you’re early!” Ginny smiled at her friend. Hermione just blushed.
“Shall we take your bags up to my room then?”

“Ummm, what’s going on?” Hermione looked around the room and gestured to the three boys that were stunned and tied to chairs.

“Right.......” Harry sighed. How was he supposed to explain this?
“We found these boys throughout the house this morning, and we think that it might have been a Death Eater attack gone wrong.”

“My mum went to contact Dumbledore, and dad had an emergency at work.” Ron finished.

“They seem kind of young to be Death Eaters.” Hermione said as she walked closer to the three boys. “Who found this one?” she asked, gesturing to Albus. “He looks a lot like Harry.”

“We found that one in our room.” The twins said together. Hermione looked over at them, and gave Fred a questioning look when she saw the teddy bear in his arms, but she didn’t say anything about it. There were more important matters at hand than Fred’s teddy bear.

“Tell me how you found him.”

And so they did. The twins told about the shaking of their room, the yelling of their mother, the potion, finding the mysterious boy (Albus) on the floor, and coming down the stairs only to find out that the boy they had been talking to wasn’t Harry. Their story was only interrupted twice, both times by Ron. Apparently he was a little offended by the twins using pumpkin juice to trick him into trying their new invention. After assuring Ron that they would test it on a first year instead, they were able to continue their story- until Fred started talking about his teddy bear. At that point, Ron actually fell on the floor laughing. Everyone stared at him with blank faces.

“Ron, we all know about your stuffed penguin, Flippers. You brought him to Hogwarts, and still sleep with him every night.” Harry said with a grin. Ron’s ears turned red as he stopped laughing and stood up. He glared at Harry a little, but then told Fred and George to finish their tale.

When they were done, Hermione just nodded and pointed to the boy with pink hair (Teddy).

“I found that perv in my room.” Ginny said with disgust.

Hermione raised an eyebrow at her friend.

Ginny was obviously upset that Hermione didn’t believe that the boy was a pervert, so she told her about how she found him. She started from when she woke up that morning to the Burrow shaking. Of course, she modified her story a little bit. She didn’t want anyone (Especially her brothers!) to know about her pink notebook. She filled in the time gap saying that she did some morning yoga. Hermione once again lifted an eyebrow at her friend, but didn’t comment. Ginny also didn’t mention her and Harry’s little “moment” when they looked deeply into each others eyes. Other than that, she told the truth.

“That pink haired git is a pervert!” Fred and George exclaimed.

Ron obviously agreed with his brothers, because his fists were balled in anger, and his face was so red that you could barely see his freckles.
Harry looked very uncomfortable. He had his hands stuffed in his pockets, and was staring at the ground as if willing it to swallow him whole. Apparently, some random boy trying to see Ginny naked wasn’t his ideal morning.

Hermione was bitting her bottom lip and processing the information she had so far received. “Ron and Harry, I’m guessing that you two found this boy?” Hermione asked while looking at James.

“Nice observation.” Ron smirked in a very Malfoy like way, but quickly stopped when Hermione turned and glared at him.

“Yes, we found him.” Harry quickly answered his friend’s question before a famous ‘Ron and Hermione row’ could begin.

Harry and Ron told Hermione about their morning. When they were done, Hermione had a look of confusion on her face.

“What are you thinking about Hermione?” The twins asked.

“Well, all three of the boys seemed to know who each of you are. I mean, they either addressed you as uncle, aunt, or dad.” She looked at Harry when she said dad.

“I’m not too concerned about it.” Harry casually stated. “Voldemort is probably just trying to mess with my head.”

Hermione seemed unconvinced, but was unable to continue to voice her thoughts because Mrs. Weasley had just fallen out of the fireplace. The plump little woman had only enough to time move out of the way before Albus Dumbledore also came through the fireplace, quickly followed by Severus Snape. The three adults entered the kitchen with their wands drawn.

“Molly?” Dumbledore asked calmly. “I thought you said that there was only one intruder?”

“Well there was only one when I left to get you. I’m sure that Arthur can explain.” answered Mrs. Weasley, as she looked around the room for her husband. Just then, Mr. Weasley stumbled out of the fireplace. Molly looked at her husband with a mix of shock and rage.


“Now Molly,” Mr. Weasley said with his hands raised in surrender. “Let’s be reasonable about this. There was an emergency at work, and I had to go and take care of-”


“Molly, it looks like everyone is safe,” Dumbledore cut in. “Maybe you can discuss your concerns with your husband at a later time?”

Mrs. Weasley blushed. “Yes, of course.”

Snape took this as his opportunity to remind everyone how much he hates life. “Can we get on with it?” he drawled. “This is not exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday.”

“Mrs. Weasley, would you like some tea? It might help to calm you down.”

“Oh! Hello Hermione. Did you just get here? Yes, tea would be lovely. Thank you dear.”

Hermione nodded and went to boil some water.

“So, who wants to explain how these three young boys were found?” Dumbledore got back to the topic at hand.
Fred, George, Ginny, Ron, and Harry all told their stories again.

Everyone was quiet for a moment when they were finished.

“Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that the boys addressed everyone as either aunt, uncle, or dad?” Hermione stated for the second time. The front door opened, and as if to prove Hermione’s point, a little red haired girl stumbled in and screamed, “DADDY!” while she ran to Harry.

Author’s Note: Someone asked me why the Potter kids didn’t notice that their parents, aunts, and uncles looked younger than usual. Well, Teddy Lupin was WAY too shocked to see his Aunt Ginny in nothing but a towel to notice how young she was. James was shocked and confused that his Uncle Ron had sworn in front of him, and that his dad and uncle pointed their wands at him. Albus was just super confused that there were two of his Uncle George, and he was probably used to his Uncle Looking a little different because of all the products he had to test. I hope that clears some stuff up! Please review! Reviews make me smile! :)

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