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Unprepared by MissIncendio
Chapter 25 : Here We Go Again
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Chapter Twenty-Five: Here We Go Again

My mouth fell open in shock as Scorpius's fist connected with Grayson's nose and he doubled over in pain.

“Grayson!” I screamed over the oblivious crowd around us, he was holding a hand over his nose, blood dripping through his fingers and onto the floor. “Grayson, are you alright?!”

I vaguely saw Al grab Scorpius, pinning his arms to his sides, a look of pure rage on Scorpius's face. But my eyes were glued to Grayson.

I flew at him, placing my hand on his arm. Blood was already beginning to seep into the perfect white of his jacket. “Let me see your nose.” I said urgently, still shouting over the noise.

But the midnight commotion was starting to die down and people were starting to turn toward us, gawking at the furious Scorpius and bleeding Grayson.

Grayson took his hand off his nose, blood splattering on the floor and I gasped a little at the sight of it. It was clearly broken and still dripping bright red blood.

My original surprise was fading, and rage was starting to take over. I was literally shaking.

A soft hand touched my shoulder, and I whipped around, looming over the serene face of Lily.

“Calm down, Rose. Go talk to Scorpius, I'll take care of Gray.” She said, her voice annoyingly calm.

I whipped around, glaring murderously at Scorpius, who's arms were still pinned to his sides.

He scoffed at my expression, and ripped his arms from Al's restraining hands.

“Scorpius!” I screamed as he stalked away. He kept walking, pushing his way through the now silent crowd. “Scorpius, get back here!”

He didn't even look back, and I shoved my way into the foyer where he was stalking up the stairs.

“Malfoy!” I shrieked up the stairs, my voice almost breaking, and finally, he whipped around.

“Back to last names now, are we?!” He shouted, as he thundered back down the stairs, coming to a stop at the bottom of the stairs.

“What the hell was that?!” I cried, my arm flying out to point at the open ballroom door.

“What the hell was that? What the hell was that?” He yelled, pale face going red. “He was kissing

“SO?!” I screamed. “That doesn't give you the right to break his nose!”

“You're my girlfriend! Excuse me, for being angry when I see you snogging some prat!”

“Grayson is not a prat!” I exclaimed, the loyal Gryffindor in me instantly defending him.

“REALLY?” He bellowed, throwing his hands into the air. “That's what you're going to say right now? You were kissing him, I have every right to be angry!”

I shook my head at him, at lose for words for a moment. “Grayson kissed me!”

“You had his hands all over him!”

“I was trying to push him off!” I cried, why wasn't he getting this?! It wasn't my fault!

“Sure, sure you were, Rose.” He was no longer yelling, his voice was low and dangerous.

“Why don't you get this! I love you! You, Scorpius! You, not Grayson!” I yelled, walking forward and grabbing his arm, my nails digging in.

“It's hard to believe when you're kissing some random bloke!” He sneered, ripping his arm from my grasp.

“Well, it's pretty fucking hard to love you when you're acting like this?!” I shrieked, shoving his chest.

“I'm hard to love? Talk about calling the kettle black!” He yelled, and I was so close now that I could see the veins of his neck sticking out.

“You bastard!” I spat. “How dare you?!”

“Oh, I'm the bad guy here, Rose? You just fucking cheated on me!” He was right in my face, his pointing finger inches from my face.

“You're overreacting!” I yelled, slapping his hand away.

“OVERREACTING?!” He bellowed and he looked ready to go off again, before all the anger melted off his face, the cold sneering mask returning. “Fuck this, Rose, I'm done.”

I shrieked wordlessly as he stormed up the stairs, my hands shaking in fists at my sides.

I spun around, still seething, to see my parents standing in the doorway of the ballroom, my Mum looking shocked, my Dad looking murderous. A huge crowd had gathered behind them, gawking at me.

“Rose.” My Dad hissed. “What the hell is going on here?”

“Explain. Now.” My dad said through gritted teeth, his voice rock hard and ears bright red.


“I can't believe you would do something like this!”


“They're the Malfoys! How could you?!”

“If you just let me-”

“Actually, how dare you?! Do you have any respect for this family at all? Don't you get what they did to us? Your mother?! I ordered you to stay away from him! He is a Malfoy! They are evil! Evil, Rose, don't you get that?!”

“THAT IS ENOUGH!” I shrieked, standing up from the chair in the study I had been sitting in for the past twenty minutes listening to my parents yell at me, while Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny ushered the guests out the door. “He is not evil! He is not his father! And we're not dating!.. Anymore...”

“He sat there! He sat there and watched as Bellatrix tortured your mother! He didn't lift a finger!”

“DRACO!” I shouted, throwing my hands into the air. “Draco did! Not Scorpius!”

“So?! Malfoys are all the same!” He yelled, stubbornly crossing his arms.

“How would you know?!” I cried, I could feel my face heating up, and angry, frustrated tears began to prick my eyes. “You've barely ever talked to him! You don't even look him in the eye when you see him!”

He didn't look like he had even heard me.

“And the fact that you chose to hide this from us! You knew we'd out eventually!”

My mum placed a hand on his shoulder, and turned her glaring eyes on me. “We're your parents, Rose, you have to tell us these things. I'm very disappointed in you. What have we done to make you not trust us with this?”

“What have you done?!” I repeated incredulously, handing pulling at my hair in frustration. “Look at how you're acting! You're holding grudges like children! I am supposed to be the child!”

“We are your parents.” She hissed, eyes flashing and her hair quivering with rage. “We have a right to know what is going on in our daughter's life.”

“It. Is. My. Life.” I said, my teeth clenched together in an effort not to scream. “I have a right to tell you what I please. This has nothing to do with you.”

“IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH US!” My dad bellowed. “Stop being a stupid little girl! The Malfoys are dangerous! I forbid you to go near any of them!”

“How?!” I screamed back, losing control. “Name one way that he has harmed me!”

He spluttered for a second, before spitting out, “The car crash!”

“That was my fault, Dad.” I deadpanned, rolling my eyes.

He huffed. “I do not need a reason! You are forbidden to see him, even go near him!”

“How do you plan on enforcing that! I go back to Hogwarts in five days!”

“You're not going back, you're transferring to Beauxbatons.” He said, flatly.

“YOU ARE OVERRACTING. You will not send me away, just to keep me away from a boy!” I shrieked.

“Don't tell me what to do!” He spat, glaring down at me.

“Rose, you do not speak to your father like that.” My mum scolded.

“I will talk to him anyway I like if he continues to treat me this way.” I hissed up at them. “And right now, I choose to not speak to him at all.”

I turned on my heel and marched out of the room, storming up the stairs and into my room.

I vaguely heard my father yelling “ROSE WEASLEY, GET BACK HERE!” up the stairs but I chose to ignore that.

I slumped against the door, my shoulders sagging. I looked up to see Ryan, peering concernedly from the bad.

“Rose-” She started.

But she didn't get out the rest. Because at that moment I broke down.

My body slid down the door, and I landed in a heap on the floor. I buried my face in my knees, my shoulder shaking hard as sobs raked my chest.

“Rose.” She said again but this time it was full of worry. I felt her sit down next to me and place a comforting arm around me. “Rose, sh, it's all right.”

But the sobs kept coming. Because right now, nothing seemed all right.


The moment you wake up after a long night sleep is pure bliss. You don't remember anything, you could be anyone or anything, and for one shining moment, the world is perfect. And then slowly the memories start to com back. I'm Rose Weasley. It's New Year's Day. Scorpius dumped me. My parents probably hated me... And the world came crumbling back down again.

I rolled over in my bed, my face smushed into my pillow, and peeked at my clocked, the red number glaring 12:39.

I groaned and buried my head further into my pillows.

I can't believe I'm here again.

Again in a fight with Scorpius. Again being so angry I could hit him. But again longing for him.

I heard the door creak open, but ignored it, pressing my face further into my pillow, limiting my supply of air.

“Rosie.” A heavy figure sat down on the edge of my bed and a hand pulled one of my curls. “Time to wake up, Rose.”

“I swear to Merlin, Hugo, if you don't get off my bed, I will slap you so hard, you bleed.” I snapped, my voice muffled by the pillow.

He chuckled. “Come on, Rose, you can't stay in here forever.”

“Watch me.” I growled.

“Mum ordered me to get you up, she's not happy with you as it is, I'd get up if I were you.” He warned, still playing with my hair.

“I'm not talking to her or Dad at the moment, so I really don't give a flying fuck.” I muttered, flipping over so my back was to him.

“Rose, stop acting like a child.” He snapped, grabbing my shoulder and rolling me over. I glared murderously up at him, and his eyes softened slightly. “Dominique is downstairs. You need to talk to her.”

My stomach sank. “Right.”

Hugo smiled a little sadly at me before patting my head and shuffling out of the room. I rubbed my hands across my face, and groaned. Today was going to be a long day.

I stumbled out of the bathroom, steaming billowing out behind me, my hair freshly washed and plaited. I threw on a pair of Gryffindor sweats and a white tank top, and glanced in the mirror, sighing when I saw my complexion. My eyes were red and puffy, with dark circles bruising the skin under my eyes. I sighed again as I carefully applied concealer, making it look like I had actually gotten some sleep. I pinched my cheeks in an effort to bring some life into my dull face, before giving up and dragging my feet down the stairs.

Dom was in the sitting room, waiting for me, sitting cross-legged on the couch. She didn't have any make-up on.

Dom without make-up was a rare thing, Dom always had to look perfect. Well, perfect in her sense, to me she looked absolutely fine without all the blush and mascara, but she plastered it on anyways. She was only ever missing it when she had too much on her mind. Not a good sign.

She leaned her chin into her hands, her elbows resting on her knees. “Explain. Now.”

Her bright blonde hair spilled over her shoulders, as she leaned forward more, sharp eyes focused on me. She looked perfectly innocent, a black headband in her hair and a pretty dress, but I knew better.

“Um, well,” I swallowed, my words stuck in my throat. “Scorpius and I are- were- dating.”

“When?” She asked, her voice hard, as she pushed her hair out of her face.

“Since Christmas day.” I squeaked out, cautiously perching on the armchair across from her.

She closed her eyes, and sighed, taking a big breath back in. “I'm not mad.”

Relief washed over me. “You're not.”

“No. Scorpius and I were terrible together, I have no feelings for him.” She said, smiling ever so slightly. “I'm with Rowan now.”

“Right.” I nodded, smiling shyly at her.

“I am mad you didn't trust me with this though.”

My stomach sank again. “I know.”

“No, Rose, you don't know. I'm mad at you! Really mad! I'm one of your best friends, even more I am your family, and yet you don't see it fit to tell me something like this! Why don't you trust me?” Tears were welling up in her blue eyes now, and she pushed her hair angrily out of her face again. “What did I do?”

“I do trust you! We weren't going to tell anyone! It was supposed to be a secret!” I cried, pleading the words.

“Ryan and Al knew!” She snapped, tears carving their way down her cheeks now. “Why did Ryan know but not me? You trusted her but not me!”

“Ryan found out by accident! She walked in on us!”

The corner of her mouth twitched up as if it was itching to smirk. “She walked in?”

A blush bit my cheeks, and I nodded silently. “We weren't going to tell anybody, not for the first while, just to see if things could actually work out.”

Dom closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, a tear hanging on the edge of her jaw before finally falling. “Okay.”

I let out a whoosh of air. “Okay?”

She carefully wiped the tears on her cheek. “Okay. I get it. You were worried I'd be mad. Okay.”

“Thank you.” I whispered, my voice breathless.

“But I think you need to understand what happened between Scorpius and I.” She said, looking me in the eyes. “I never told you the story.”

I gazed warily at her, nervously biting my lip.

“Oh, relax, sweetheart, nothing too bad.” She grinned, shoving my shoulder a little, and getting an eye roll from me. “But you do need to hear it.”

“Why?” I asked, leaning my head onto my hand.

“Because maybe it will finally make you realize I HAVE NO FEELINGS FOR HIM ANYMORE.” She cried, nearly shouting the last part.

I laughed. “Then carry on.”

She leaned back on the couch. “It all started on June 19th...”

Dom's POV (Flashback)

“Shit, shit, shit.” I muttered to myself as I raced down the corridor, eyes on the scribbled notes in my hands. I was speed reading through them, attempting to memorize every word. “Fuck, fuck, fu- ARGH!”

Someone slammed into me as I rounded the corner, and my forehead smashed into their nose. I stumbled back, tripping on carpet, landing hard on my butt, my notes floating down to the floor around me.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” I shrieked, spitting out hair and rubbing my forehead.

“Bloody hell! Watch- Oh hey, Dominique.” A deep voice grumbled before calming down and turning nonchalant

“Seriously, Malfoy, you knock me over and you say hey?!” I cried, glaring up at him murderously, my hands clenched into fists.

“Calm down, geez, it was an accident.” He raised his hands defensively.

“I don't care if it was a bloody accident!” I yelled, my voice rising as angry tears started to prick my eyes. “I don't need this right now! I need to go over Rose's notes! I need to study, I'm going to fail my DADA OWL without them! And now I don't have time, and I'm going to fail! This is all your fault!” I pointed at him, pushing myself up from the floor, tears spilling over my cheeks.

“Whoa, whoa, Dominique, it's okay.” He said, his voice concerned as he came over and put an arm around me. “You're not going to fail.”

“But I am!” I cried, trying to wipe the tears from my cheeks. Stress had been building up since the beginning of the year and now it all seemed like too much. I was never going to get through it.

“Come one, I've seen you in Defence, you're really good at it.” He squeezed my shoulders gently, smiling a little.

“B-But I just get so nervous when it comes to exams and I f-forget everything.” I hiccoughed, still wiping away tears.

He was silent for a moment. “Okay, how about this, every time you start to get nervous, just look at me. I know you can do this, Dominique, you just gotta believe it.”

I looked up into his cool, grey eyes and for the first time noticed how nice they were.

I cracked a smile. “Okay, I guess.”

“There you go.” He grinned and squeezed my shoulder again.

My smile widened too, and I threw my arms around him, holding him tight before pulling myself away.

“Thanks, Scorpius.” I said, wiping away the last of the tears as I turned and started down the hallway.

“Um, Dominique? Your notes.” He called after me.

I flushed deep red as I turned around and scurried to pick up the notes that had landed on the floor. I felt the blush brighten as he handed me a small stack he'd picked up, our fingers brushing.

“See you later, Dominique.” He grinned.

I turned, sauntering away before calling over my shoulder, “You can call me Dom.”

I giggled to myself as I headed down to the Entrance Hall, a happy squirming in my stomach.

Twenty minutes later, the panic returned, and my breathing sped up as a test paper floated down in front of me. I frantically searched the room, before my eyes landed on Scorpius. He caught my eye and grinned, mouthing 'You can do it.'

I nodded a little hesitantly and he took a deep breath, motioning at me to do the same. I did, pulling a huge gulp of air into my lungs. I breathed out and felt a little better. He was right, I could do this. I smiled at him, and turned to the rolled up test on my desk.

“You may begin.” Professor Longbottom's voice rang out through the hall.

My hands shaking a little I undid the scroll and read the first question.

“Name three characteristics of a werewolf that distinguish it from regular wolves.”

I snorted, and snatched up my quill. “The snout shape, the tufted tail and the pupils of the eyes.” I quickly scrawled.

I could do this.

“Scorpius!” I exclaimed, running up to him and throwing my arms around him. The fifth years had thrown a party in the Room of Requirement as soon as the Defence OWL (our last exam) was finished, because let's face it, we all needed to just get drunk. I had just arrived after forcing Rose into a skirt and threatening her with death unless she let me do her makeup, she had been slightly more willing today but it still took forever. Weird girl.

“I did it!” I cried, still hugging him. “I didn't blank out once!”

“I told you!” He laughed, lifting me off my feet.

“You did!” I giggled, pulling back a little to look up at him. I grinned, and stood up on my tippy toes, kissing him full on the mouth.

His lips were still at first in surprise but he kissed me back, arms still around my waist. It was nice, no fireworks, but nice. I pulled away, looking at him through my lashes.

“Sorry, but I felt the need to kiss you.” I shrugged, smirking.

“No need to apologize.” He smirked back. “Let's go dance.”

“I'll meet you there.” I smiled, motioning for him to go ahead without me.

He grinned, squeezed my hands and swaggered away, shooting daggers at Rose as he passed her, which she returned.

“Stupid Malfoy.” She muttered as she came up to me.

I nodded weakly at her. “Sure.”

“Wanna dance?” She asked, getting over her anger.

“In a bit.” I yelled over the music which had just increased in volume. “I gotta go find... Someone.”

He was a good dancer, I'd give him that. We'd been dancing together for almost an hour now, but exhaustion was starting to seep in.

“Let's go sit.” I yelled into his ear.

He nodded and grabbed he arm, pulling me off into one of the corners. He flopped down into one of the arm chairs that littered the room, and I plopped down on his lap.

An awkward silence enveloped us as I struggled to think up something to say. Shrugging it off, I just pulled his head down to mine and started snogging him. Our lips fumbled around together for a little while before we broke apart and I smiled up at him.

“Do you wanna go out with me?” He asked, smiling a little and running his fingers through his hair.

I nodded, grinning, the happy squirm back in my stomach. I didn't know him that well, just from holidays he spent with our families and times I'd hung out with him and Albus, but I could grow to really like him. Right?

“One condition.” I said, smile disappearing a little.

“What's that?”

“Can we keep it a secret? My best friend and majority of my family kinda hate you...” I trailed off, not really knowing how to say it nicely.

He laughed. “Good plan.”

Two months, one week and four days later.

“I never see you anymore!” I whisper shouted at him, glaring murderously over my Butterbeer. Scorpius and I were sitting in the corner of the Leaky Cauldron the morning before we'd return to Hogwarts, bickering. Again.

“You're the one who wanted to keep it a secret! If we told people we'd be able to see each other more!” He growled back.

“I'm sorry if I don't want to be screamed at by every person in my family for dating you!” I cried, trying to keep my voice quiet.

“Come on, Dom, I think you're blowing this a little out of proportion.” He said, rolling his eyes.

“Don't roll your eyes at me!” I hissed, crossing my arms across my chest.

“Don't tell me what to do!” He sneered, colour rising in his pale face.

“Stop acting like such a child!” I exclaimed, seething with rage.

“Oh, I'm a child? At least I'm not acting like some stuck up bitch.” He glared, eyes boring into mine.

“Excuse me?” I asked incredulously, my voice going higher. “What did you just say to me?”

“You heard me.” He scoffed, he too folding his arms over his chest.

“Well then, I may be a bitch but at least I'm not a Death Eater's kid.” I spat at him, this was hitting below the belt, we both knew it.

We glared at each other for one tense minute before he stood up, his chair skidding backwards. “I'm out of here.”

“Good riddance.” I muttered, as he stalked away.

Rose's POV (Present Day)

“The next time I saw him was at King's Cross when he broke up with me.” She finished.

“Wow.” I replied, more than a little surprised. “That's a lot to take in.”

“Yepp.” She shrugged, smiling. “But now do you get it? Scorpius and I were rubbish together, we barely knew each other when we got together, and we fought all the time.”

I rolled my eyes. “I could say the same for me and him.”

She snorted. “Come on, Rose, do not deny that you two belong together.”

I sighed, my body sagging a little. “I don't deny it; but sometimes I really do hate him.”

“But you love him.”

“But I love him.” I repeated, knowing full well it was true.

“Sorry to break up this touching little conversation. But we're going home.” My father hissed from where he stood, arms crossed, at the door. “Get your stuff.”

“But I need to talk to Sc-” I started, but he cut me off.

“There is no way in hell I am letting you talk to him. Get your stuff, we're leaving in five minutes.” He growled, before stalking away.

I rolled my eyes, and pushed myself up from the chair.

Why did life have to be so difficult sometimes?

A/N: I'M SO SORRY. Where does the time go? I got really busy, went to camp, my best friend visited and it was just impossible to write! I know, excuses, excuses, but sorry!! Hope you liked this chapter, especially Dom's part, it was fun to write :) I had a lot of trouble with the Rose/Scorp and Rose/Parents fights so I hope you guys like them!! I'm going to write more today, so hopefully more will be up soon! :) I'll try hard, I promise, the wait should be shorter this time! It won't be a month at least! PLEASE REVIEW! I'll give you a digital figh five if you doooo :) Keep reading and reviewing, love you guys! Always, Alexa.

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