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Teach thy Parents by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 21 : Hi Dad!
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Harry sat across the desk from Professor Dumbledore. It was late. The students had all returned to their dorms after finishing dinner. He and Ray had just finished telling him about Teddy leaving with Ridgebit and Newcomer. He seemed pleased with the report. He wasn’t pleased about a student not coming back from Christmas holiday, the board of governors may look into it and discover that Theodore Lefevre wasn’t real.

“Would they really launch an investigation into this case” asked Harry. “It seems rather unusual if you ask me, Teddy was a foreign student and he didn’t disappear from Hogwarts.”

“He would be the second student to disappear during this school year,” said the Headmaster.

Harry nodded his head in understanding. The Governors would be nervous that other children might disappear too. This could lead to a major panic across Britain. Parents would start pulling their children from the school.

“I am sorry that Teddy leaving will cause you any problems, but it seemed best to get the two NDE’s back to the future. They were intent on changing the future, where Ray and I are trying to preserve it.”

“I realize that Harry, but complications are still created nonetheless. Your sudden weakness just before the start of the holiday; you did something that may still change the course of your life and the lives around you.”

Harry broke away from the Headmaster’s gaze. He didn’t want to talk about what happened between him and his mum up on the astronomy tower. He was able to tell her how much she meant to him all these years. He had been able to do so without revealing anything. He thought he hadn’t revealed too much to her. Did he change the course of history by allowing his feelings to show?

He was still weaker now than before that night, but he was feeling better than the next morning. Maybe he did reveal too much. How could the things he told his mum be that terrible? He told her that she was like a star in the night a spot of light in the dark sky.

“Harry, please be careful what you say or do for the rest of the school year,” pleaded the Headmaster. “I am not only saying this because of what you might reveal about the future. I am also concerned about what the board of Governors might do if they suspect you of improprieties with the female students.”

“How can you believe what was reported,” retorted Ray. “It was obvious that Cassandra Goshawk was spreading lies about Harry. She was the one trying to initiate a relationship. She even tried to use a Love Potion to get Harry to be attracted to her.”

“I realize that, but it won’t do to try to tell her father the truth. He still seems to believe his daughter is some sweet little angel,” sighed The Headmaster.

Ray and Harry both chuckled at the comment. Harry, however, started to think about his daughter. Was Lily as innocent as he thought? She was supposedly seeing some wanker from America that James didn’t like. She had withheld the truth about why James was following her around under the Invisibility Cloak.

“Harry, is there something wrong?” asked Ray.

He chuckled at her question. “I was thinking about my own daughter and if I would believe anyone saying those types of things about her.”

“Lily,” said Ray with surprise. “I really doubt you would have to worry about her.”

“Think about her grandfather and her uncles, and how her brother acts,” replied Harry. “That is enough to concern any parent. Ginny wasn’t exactly an angel either.”

“I can understand about your dad and George and Fred, but Ginny Potter?” asked a shocked Ray.

Harry smiled at some of the things she had kept from her parents, such as they had been dating. “Yes, my sweet and not so innocent wife.”

Ray smiled at him. He turned to speak again to the Headmaster, but noticed that he was leaning back in his chair with an expression of pain on his face. He again seemed to be acting as if he was having a nosebleed.

“Professor, are you all right?” questioned Harry.

“Yes, just a sudden headache, I’ll be fine. “ Professor Dumbledore waved off the concern. “I should retire. The students should all be in bed at this late hour.”

As the Headmaster gingerly stood up behind his desk, Harry and Ray also stood up. They said goodnight before leaving the office for their living quarters.

They walked through the empty halls of Hogwarts without saying anything. Harry kept noticing a faint sound behind him. It was almost like a whisper. He tried to concentrate on it as he walked. He glanced over at Ray and could see by the expression on her face that she also heard something.

They reached their living quarters, and calmly entered. After the door closed, Harry ran to his desk. He was going for the Marauders Map, but Ray was faster.

“You heard that whisper too?”

“Yeah, it sure sounded like my father’s Cloak.”

Ray had spread the map out on the desk and said the incantation. Hogwarts appeared on the map. They searched until they found their quarters. Outside of the door was set of footprints. A banner floated beside the footprints; James Potter.

“I bet he has finally made this map,” said Harry while staring at his father’s footprints. “I wonder if the other Maruaders have seen this.”

“What are we going to do?”

Harry thought about this. What will he do? If his father has completed the map than he knows that Harry’s last name was Potter not James. How will he explain this? Should he tell his father the truth? A part of Harry wanted to do this, but what would it do to the future? His father’s footprints were moving again. They were getting closer to his door.


When Ray asked this question, Harry knew what she was asking, because he was asking the same thing. He looked at Ray and held his finger across his lips to ensure she remained silent. His father’s footsteps were right outside of the door. They didn’t seem to be moving. Harry watched as thoughts of what he should do ran through his mind.

Realizing that he couldn’t avoid an open confrontation with his father, he turned and walked to the door. Pulling the door open, his father wasn’t visible. Reaching out, Harry grabbed the silky fabric of the Invisibilty Cloak and yanked it off his father. He was greeted by his father pointing his wand at him while holding the Marauders Map in his other hand.

“Who the bloody hell are you?” asked James Potter.

“Come in and we will talk about it,” said Harry. His father didn’t move. “I see you finally made the Map. I assume you are seeing my name on it.”

“How do you know about the Map?” snapped James staring at him.

Harry could tell his father was trying to look past his diguise. He still was wearing his wide-brimmed hat, which hide his eyes from most people. He had long hair and a beard that further disguised his looks. He still wasn’t sure what to do. He can’t take the map from his father, because the rest of the Marauders know about it in the future.

“Do the rest of the Marauders know about the map?” His father gave him a strange expression. It was almost one of shock. “I know about you, Padfoot, Moony, and Wormtail. Please come in and we will discuss this.”

His father stood there wide-eyed and stared at Harry. It was obvious Harry saying the secret names of the Marauders had shocked him. Harry backed away from the door as a way of allowing his father to walk inside.

His father stood staring at him, then looked back down to the map. He glanced up at Ray, then back at Harry.

“Her name is actually Sunshine Ray,” said Harry.

“Who? How do you know so much about me?” James asked.

“I am going to have to tell you a secret that no one else can know, especially your friends, Prongs.” If he had been shocked at Harry knowing the other Marauders names, he appeared doubly shocked at Harry saying his nickname. “So please come in, so we can talk.”

“Not until she puts her wand down,” indicating Ray, who had her wand pointed at James.

“You have to put your wand down first,” replied Ray.

“I’ll keep it right at the ready,” replied James. He turned and stared at Harry.

Taking his eyes off Ray was a mistake. She must have tired of the standoff and decided to disarm him. Harry caught his wand and grabbed his hand so he couldn’t run away. Harry was too weak to pull him inside the office. Ray pulled them both into the office and slammed the door shut with two waves of her wand.

“Finally, you were being rather stubborn,” Ray said the James Potter. “Are you sure about this, sir.”

Harry had stumbled back into the room when his father fell in towards him. He was trying to right himself, as he spoke. “We must do something about the Map, Ray. Unless he believes us, I doubt he would help. Silence the room, please.”

Ray waved her wand while silently casting a Silencing Charm.

James Potter stood staring at them. He almost looked afraid. “Who are you? And don’t tell me you are from Australia.”

Harry straightened up and walked up to his father. He pulled off the large hat and released the Charm that kept the wig of long hair in place.

“I have been in disguise, because everyone had always told me I look exactly like my father did when he was my age. The beard is actually mine, so I don’t want to shave it off.”

James looked at him. He still seemed to be confused. “You are my brother?”

Harry laughed at the comment. “No, dad, I am not.” It felt different to say that to him in the flesh. He had spoken to him in the spectral state when using the Resurrection Stone, but this was different. James Potter stared at him even harder, before laughing.

“There is no bloody way I can be your father, I am only sixteen going on seventeen. You must be…,”

“From the future” he said cutting off his father. “About fifty years in the future to be precise.”

“Bloody Hell, you are my son,” James half said and half asked.

“Yes, Dad I am your son, Harry James Potter.”

James looked at Harry then at Ray. “Are you his wife?”

“No,” Harry and Ray said at the same time.

“I am from the future also, and I am his trainee.”

“How old would you be, now?” James asked.

“My father hasn’t even been born, yet.”

James let out a loud laugh. “Boy, talk about Sirius robbing the cradle.” He turned to Harry. “Who is your mum?”

“Haven’t you figured it out yet? Teddy said you still had your memories of Hogsmeade’s Halloween attack.”

James stared at Harry. He slowly reached up and pulled Harry’s glasses off. A smile crossed his lips. “Those look like Evans eyes.”

“I looked like you, but had my mum’s eyes.”

“Yes, I marry Evans,” James Potter shouted at the top of his lungs. “Yes! We get married and…,” he stopped talking and stared at Harry. “Blimey, that can’t be what I have been seeing, can it?”

“What are you talking about?” asked Harry.

“I would always get so jealous of you, because I thought that Evans and you looked as if you two belonged together. All the Marauders thought I was barmy,” James laughed again. “Because you do, you two do belong together. Does she know?”

“No, she cannot know,” said Harry emphatically. “I shouldn’t be telling you this, but you made the map.”

Harry stopped talking as a knock was heard at his door. Ray quickly moved to the desk and swore. “Damn, it is Lily Evans.”

“Oh, Evans,” called James through the door.

She didn’t respond, because the room had been magically silenced. James went to say something else, but Ray had Petrified him then Levitated him to the corner. Harry picked up his Cloak and threw it over him. Ray then cancelled the Silencing Charm.

“Coming,” shouted Harry. He went towards the desk to hide the Marauders Map, but Ray was step ahead of him. He grabbed his long hair and hat and put them on before turning towards the door and opening it. His mum was standing there holding a treacle tart. It smelled and looked delicious.

“Happy Holidays Professor James, my mum baked this for you,” she said indicating the tart. “May I come in?”

“Yes, yes of course.” He stepped aside to allow her to enter. She walked to the desk where Ray was sitting and set the tart down.

“Hello Professor Ray.”

“Hello Miss Evans.”

“If you like treacle tart you can have some too. After all you did capture those two wizards outside of my house Christmas night.”

“You saw that?” asked Harry.

“Were you out there watching over me, too?” she asked.

I was there, but Ray was quicker,” said Harry. “Did the Ministry Hit-wizards give you any problems?”

His mum laughed at the comment. “They wanted to know if I had been performing magic and had made an unauthorized Portkey. They checked my wand and discovered that the last spell I cast was to make my bed at school. They Apparated away in front of my father. I couldn’t believe that they did that in front of my father. They were accusing me of using magic in front of my own family, and they do that.

“So am I safe now?” she asked Harry.

“The wizards that were after you have all been captured. Teddy is taking them back to Australia as we speak.”

His mum breathed a sigh of relief. “I am so glad that is over. I had to tell my father a bit about what is going on here. He wasn’t happy, but now that I am safe we can all relax.”

She was talking quickly and appeared to be slightly shaken. Harry walked over and put his arm around her shoulders. “Everything will be all right, Miss Evans.”

She looked up at him and seemed to search his eyes for a second. “Thank you,” she said to him, before pulling away slightly and smiling at Ray. “Thank you too, Ray for all that you have done for me.”

“You’re welcome,”replied Ray.

“I suppose the two of you will be going back to Australia.”

“We are here to complete the year as Professors,” said Ray.

“Oh that is wonderful,”exclaimed Lily. “When I didn’t see you at breakfast before the hols, I was afraid that Potter had caused problems for you. He saw me coming down from the astronomy tower and accused us of having an affair. His father has a great deal of influence with the Ministry. I was afriad he had you fired.”

“No, I will be completing the year,” assured Harry. “Did the two of you have a confrontation that night?”

His mum blushed slightly. “Yes, he irratates me like no one else, except for my sister and her horrid boyfriend. He isn’t the only person to accuse me of… of having an inappropriate relationship with you, but when he says it just makes me so angry.”

“You can relax. We will be here and the threat of those pureblood fanatics is gone. Try to enjoy the rest of your school year. You can write your father and tell him that everything is all right,” said Harry hoping his mum would leave, so he could talk to his father.

“Father will be happy to hear that. He was always concerned about me being a witch. Growing up with all the stories that nonmagical people hear about witches, he was concerned that I would be luring children to my gingerbread house to cook them for dinner.”

Lily and Ray laughed at her joke. Harry looked at her with a puzzled expression.

“Professor James, you know that fairytale don’t you. That is a common one with nonmagical people.”

“No, I don’t remember that. I didn’t hear many fairytales growing up, except at school.”

“I thought you were raised with nonmagical people?”

“I was, but they....” Harry stopped talking he didn’t want to think about his horrid Aunt and Uncle. “Shouldn‘t you be returning to your house. It is rather late.”

“I am actually patrolling the halls right now, Professor. I just wanted to bring you the tart. I hope you like it,” Lily said nervously. “I am sorry if you didn’t have a good childhood. I didn’t mean to bring it up to make you feel bad.”

Harry felt ashamed that he reacted like he did, particularly to her. “No, I should apologize. It was a long time ago, and I am quite happy with my life now. Please thank your mother for me. The tart smells really delicious.”

“I will write her and tell her that you liked the tart. Thank you, both of you for protecting me from those fanatics.” She stopped talking and stared at Harry. “I still don’t believe that I am that special. How could I ever cause the overthrow of the pureblood extremists?”

“By being yourself, Miss Evans, that is all you need to do,” said Harry very softly.

His mum blushed slightly at his comment. “I must get back to my rounds now. I’ll just let myself out.”

Harry stood there and watched his mum let herself out the door. His thoughts went back to his father who was Petrified in the corner. He nodded to Ray, who released him from the spell. At first there was no reaction from the corner. Harry was watching and listening to see if his dad would try to escape. The Invisibility Cloak fell to the floor. His dad stared at him with a strange expression on his face.

“You told Evans that you were raised by Muggles,” he said to Harry. “I am not a Muggle. She is not a Muggle. Who are you lying to, and what did you mean by telling her that she will be the cause for the overthrow of pureblood extremists. What the hell is going on here?”

Harry took off his hat and placed it on the desk. He sat down heavily in a chair opposite of his dad. Ray remianed where she had been behind the desk, while his dad stood across the room looking at him accusingly.

“Everything I said to the two of you is true, but there is so much more to the story,” said Harry.

“Why do you think wizards would travel back in time to kill you and his mum,” snapped Ray at James Potter. She had pointed at Harry while speaking.

Harry leaned back in the chair and stared at his dad for a few seconds. He had no choice but to tell him everything and hope he understands. “Everything I said at the beginning of the school year is true, except I didn’t come from Australia but the future. The evil that I overcame in the future is Voldemort and the Death Eaters.”

“Blimey! You are serious. My son is the one to destroy Voldemort,” crowed James proudly. He suddenly changed his facial expression. “What happens to Evans and me?”

“There is a prophecy that Voldemort finds out about. It is told to Professor Dumbledore, but a Death Eater overhears it. The prophecy tells of a boy who will overthrow the dark lord. Voldemort decides that it is me. Even though Professor Dumbledore and his helpers try to hide us, you are betrayed.”

“Who? Who betrays us?” shouted his dad.

“Does it matter? Besides you will realize who it is in the future. You and Mum die trying to protect me from Voldemort. I am only a year and a half old. When Voldemort goes to kill me, his killing curse rebounds and temporarily destroys him.”

“Nothing can stop a killing curse,” interjected his dad.

“Love can, and it did that night. Voldemort made a promise to his follower to spare Mum.”

“Snivellus, that bloody….”

“Stop before you say anything else, Dad. Listen to the entire story. Mum wouldn’t step aside and let him kill me, so he killed her. She wasn’t supposed to die, so her blood sacrifice protected me. She willingly gave her life to protect me. It is powerful magic to do that, ancient magic that Voldemort didn’t understand. Mum’s sacrifice gave me an edge. It protected me from Voldemort, until I could finally destroy him.”

“”Wait, you came back in time to protect us, so that we could die at the appropriate time,”spat James with disgust. “Your story doesn’t make any sense. If the Killing Curse rebounded on Voldemort he would have been dead, why would you need protection after that.”

“I can understand why you are disgusted with me, but please this isn’t about just me.It is about the entire magical community,” he pleaded wityh his dad. He felt guilt welling up in him to have his dad say that to him. “Let me explain further, Voldemort wished for immortality more than anything else. He had made dark objects called Horcruxes. To make a Horcrux, one must commit murder and while their soul is damaged from the act of murder they place a fragment of their soul in a vessel. Unless all the fragments of a person’s soul are destroyed they can never die.

“Voldemort regenerated in my fourth year and unleashed a riegn of terror that the world has never seen before. While he took over the Ministry and allowed his followers to openly torture and kill all that opposed him and his beliefs, my friends and I hunted down his Horcruxes and destroyed them.

“Voldemort had intended to split his soul into seven different parts.”

“Seven different parts?” repeated his dad. “That’s - that’s unimaginable.”

“Yes, seven being a strong magical number. However, he actually spilt it into eight.” Harry lifted his hair and showed his dad the lighting bolt shaped scar on his forehead. “The night when he tried to kill me, the night you and Mum died.” He stopped talking as his emotions started getting the better of him. “He gave me this scar. This scar wasn’t from the Killing Curse; it was from where a piece of his soul entered my body. I became a Horcrux.”

Both James and Ray looked shocked and went to say something, but Harry held up his hand.

“The night I destroyed Voldemort, I sacrificed myself to him. I allowed him to hit me with a Killing Curse. I didn’t die, because the night he regenerated his new body he used some of my blood to regenerate. He had by this time realized that it was Mum’s blood sacrifice that had twarted him before. He wanted my blood, but because he used my blood, I couldn’t be killed completely by him.”

“I thought you were either dead or alive,” said James.

“I had passed on to what might be called limbo. I was able to return, but the last Horcrux had been destroyed.

“If we change the future, then there is a distinct possibility that Voldemort will riegn forever. Things are so much better than now. Pureblood supremecy is actually looked down upon. After Voldemorts reign, people refused to be sorted into Slytherin house.”

“They should eliminate that house completely. Nobody but dark wizards and witches get sorted into there,” spat his dad.

“Your grandson is a Slytherin,” said Harry softly. His dad stared at him wide-eyed.

“Grandson,” His dad said with a strange expression. “I have grandchildren.”

“Three, James Sirius, Lily Luna, and Albus Severus.”

“Severus? How dare you name one of my grandchildren after that snake? He is the reason we die in the future,” yelled his dad in protest.

“He is also the reason why I was able to destroy Voldemort. After Mum dies, he becomes a spy for Professor Dumbledore. He protected me during my days at Hogwarts. He still hated you in the future for taking Mum away from him. However, he still loved mum enough to be tortured and die protecting me from the Death Eaters.”

His dad sat there and stared at Harry for some time. It was like he was trying to process everything that he was told. “Do any of my friends live through the war, Padfoot, Moony, or Wormtail?”

“No,” said Harry as he watched his dad hang his head. “One of the most depressing things that I realized, when I saw your class in Defense, is most of them will die within the next thirty years. Voldemort’s riegn doubles the size of the graveyard at Godrics Hollow.”

“How long before Lily and I die?”

Harry didn’t say anything for some time. “Not long, you are both very young.”

“I see,” said his dad choking back tears. “What about you, do you do anything beside fight and sacrifice for the fight against Voldemort?”

“Yes, I played Quidditch during my years at Hogwarts,” he said hoping it would cheer his father up.

“You did. Brilliant! What position?”

“I was a Seeker. Flying always came naturally to me. I became a Seeker during my first year. Professor McGonagall saw me flying during my first flying lesson, and signed me up.”

“Did you ever consider becoming a professional?”

“No, I always knew I would be an Auror. My wife was a Professional Quidditch Player for years with the Holyhead Harpies. She was a seeker and a reserve Chaser. There had been several matches where she played both positions,” Harry said proudly. “And she has red hair.”

His dad laughed at the last comment. Then did something that shocked Harry, he hugged him. Harry returned the hug. He held onto his dad for several seconds before pulling away.

“Are you going to Obliviate me now?” asked James.

“What good would that do? You would still follow me around,” said Harry.

“But the future…,”

“I must trust you to be quiet about it. You can’t tell anyone. Can you do that for me and your grandchildren? If it was only my life that was affected by all this I would have you change the future so you and mum could live, but it is all of the magical community. You and mum are the people who have sacrificed to make life better for the future and your grandchildren.”

“I won’t tell anyone about it. I promise.”

“Good, we also need to figure how to keep your friends from seeing I am actually Harry Potter on the map.”

“Here, lets try this,” said James.

He pointed his wand at the map and whispered several incantations. Harry watched as his name changed from Harry Potter to Harry James. He heard Ray make a sound.

“It changed on this map also,” she said.

“I will change this when you return to the future,” said his dad.

“That will be at the end of the year,” said Harry.

“Is there anything else I need to know?”

“Stop hexing Snape, I was told that when you stopped hexing him. Mum started to like you. And that James Sirius is just like you. He stole your map and cloak from me in his third year. I discovered it a month after he went back to Hogwarts, but I felt he deserved it. I only took it off him hours before I traveled back to the past becaue he was causing his sister too much grief with it.”

His dad let out a loud laugh. His eyes teared up as he stared at Harry. “I am glad that one of my offspring still has a good sense of pranking.”

“Oh, I am a part owner of the largest joke store in the magical world right now. It bought out Zonko’s twenty years ago and even has outlets in France and the Americas.”

“Well, now I can truly say that I am proud of you son, not only do you destroy the most evil wanker to ever live, you also are part of the largest pranking operation in the world. My legacy is complete.”

“Here is your wand back, Dad,” said Harry. It felt good to be able to say that to his face.

“Thanks son.” The embraced one last time, before James Potter pulled the Invisibility Cloak over him.

Harry stood back and watched his dad leave the office. His emotions were all over the place. Had he done the right thing by telling his dad the truth? He will only know when they return to the future.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

James Potter walked slowly back to the Gryffindor common room. He believed that Professor James was his future son, but knowing the he had only a few more years to live wieghed heavily on him. It didn’t matter that he would finally marry Lily Evans. They only had a few years together. He needed to be sure they were good years worth living.

He glanced down at the map and saw Lily Evans footsteps walking towards him. Stopping in front of the Fat Lady’s portrait, he waited for her. Pulling off the Cloak and storing the map in his robes, James got ready to apologize to Lily.

Lily Evans stopped when she saw him staring at her. He could see her fighting some internal battle before she stood up a little straighter and marched towards him.

“You are out past curfew, Potter,” she spat out at him.

“I am sorry.”

“You are, what?” she asked him slowly.

“I am sorry for the things I said to you before the hols, Lily. I was wrong for accusing you of having an affair with Profesor James. Will you forgive me?”

Lily Evans stared at him for several seconds in shock. She seemed to finally find her voice. “You hurt me, James. I will think about it. Good night.” She gave the password, and walked through the portrait hole.

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