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Hogwarts Ex-Golden Girl by Raven claw witch
Chapter 10 : Chapter Ten
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                                                        CHAPTER TEN

I was grinning like a mad person as Victorie signed some paper work. “You, Aspen Powells, are a free woman.”

“FINALLY!” I cheered and got up from bed and danced a little bit.

“Just be careful on break, okay?”

“Totally.” I promised her.

“Well, you can go now. But just be sure to come back so I can check you out over break.” I nodded and picked up my bag. It had a bunch of stuff I had acquired over the last month. Books, magazines, papers, homework, old quills, pajamas, lip gloss (so I didn’t look disgusting when people came to visit me) and a bunch of other stuff.

“Bye Victorie, see you after break!” I called as I went out of the hospital wing. I was wearing a pair of jeans and a white long sleeve lace top. What? I wanted to look good when everyone saw me. Plus we were going to go home today. Don’t worry, I have a sweatshirt! Stop nagging me and read the story!

I didn’t really see anyone as I walked down the stairs to the great hall. Most people were proabaly at breakfast, that’s why my friends were. They were going to come meet me in the hospital wing, but Victorie let me out early.

The doors to the great hall were open, so I walked through them. To say the least, there were gasps. People broke out into whispers, most likely about me. I simply walked over to the Gryffindor table. “Hey guys.”

My friends spun around. Their jaws dropped. “ASPEN!” Dom cried, hugging me. “How are you feeling?”

“Amazing, now that I’m out of there.” I smiled.

James wrapped his arms around me from the back and kissed my cheek. “I’m glad your back, A. It was so boring around here without our crazy girl to balance out Freddie.”

“Thanks James, thanks a lot.” Freddie frowned.

“Don’t worry Freddie, we can be crazy together.”

“YAY! CRAZY PEOPLE UNITE!” He screamed, causing me to laugh.

“We have your bag packed and everything.” Dom told me.

“Thanks guys.”

“No problem.” Megan said, “We knew you wouldn’t have time to pack and all.”

After breakfast we all went down to the train, it was leaving at nine am so that we could get home before dinner. This year, Dom and Ally were spending the break with me. Both of their parents were going away. I had asked Roxy and Megan if they wanted to stay but Roxy’s mum wanted her home and Megan was going to America with her parents and brother to visit her cousins.

Most of the train ride, I sat on James’s lap because there wasn’t any other seats. I don’t think either of us minded. Half way through I feel asleep and I was finally woken up by the train coming to a halt at platform nine and three quarters.

“A, were here.” Dom told me.

I yawned and stood up. “Piggy back ride?” James asked. I laughed but climbed onto his back, wrapping my arms around his neck. We bent down and he picked up our bags. We didn’t bring our trunks home for break because we didn’t need that much for only two and a half weeks. Certainly not as much as we had in our trunks.

We all went onto the platform, Megan spotted her dad right away. “Oh! There is my dad, bye everyone!”

“Bye Megan!” I said, giving her one last hug before she left. “Write to us!”

The nine of us stood together for a few minutes on the crowded platform before Freddie and Roxy were whisked away by their mum. Danny saw his little sister, Carly and had to leave. So then it was just Dom, Ally, James, Louis, Bradley and I. Louis and Bradley were spending the break with James.

So we were just waiting for my parents and James’s parents. After a few more minutes Lily, Al, Rose and Hugo came and met up with us. “ASPEN!” A voice shouted, causing me to turn my head.

My jaw dropped when I saw who was walking towards me. There were seven people. All guys. All my brothers. I screamed and ran towards them. Jason spun me around and laughed.

“Hey Assie.” That was the nickname all my brothers used for me. They had used it ever since I was born. When I was little I actually thought that was my name.

“I can’t believe you’re all here! I thought that you two were spending Christmas in America!” I spoke to Jason and Matt. They both were at college in the states, Jason at Yale and Matt at NYU.

“And miss mum’s cooking and the chance to see you? Never.” Matt smiled. I grinned and hugged each of them.

“Oh, you guys remember my friends Dom, Ally, Bradley, Louis and James, right?”

“Yeah, hey everyone.” Cole said.

I bit my lip a little bit and walked over to James. “I also have something to tell you all.”
All my brothers started to look nervous. “Please tell me your not pregnant.” Matt said.

“YOUR WHAT?!” Jason, Cole and Kyle all screamed at once.

“NO! I’M NOT BLOODY PREGNANT!” I yelled, causing some people to look at me, “I’m dating James!”

Sadly, my brothers didn’t look any happier about that one. “You do anything to hurt her and we will murder you slowly and painfully.” Dylan told him in a murderess voice. He was always the most protective of me. Which was scary because they were all insanely protective of me. Like, possibly more Potter men protective.

James looked a little scared, “I love her, and I would never hurt her.” He told them. They didn’t look convinced. Bloody brothers.

“Guys, relax. Let’s just go home and get some dinner, okay?”


They didn’t even move a freaking inch.

“I have dirt on all of you and if you don’t leave my boyfriend alone I’m going to let it slip in the middle of one of our family dinners!” I have never seen my brothers move so fast. Expect for Adam, because he plays football for Oxford.

“We’ll see you guys tomorrow, okay?” Dom told the guys, they all nodded. Bradley kissed Dom and James kissed me. Louis and Ally just looked at each other like this wasn’t totally awkward for them.

“See you tomorrow, love.” James said and hugged me. I nodded and Ally, Dom and I ran after my brothers.

The seven of them were standing around the car, even though it was completely freezing outside. Like seriously, it was around negative thirteen. “What are you all doing standing out in the cold?” I asked.

“We just realized there are only seven seats.” Jason said. Honestly, boys?! You didn’t notice that! I thought some of you were actually smart!

“You seven are idiots, but I can conjure some extra seats in the trunk.”

“I love having a little sister that can do magic!” Cole smiled and clapped his hands while I looked around before conjuring the seats for Ally, Dom and I too sit in. We all climbed in.

“So, how has school been?” Brandon asked from the driver’s seat.

“Oh you know, been having fun, studying and losing my memory.”

Dylan winced, “Yeah, mum told us about that. Sorry Assie.”

“It’s okay, I’m actually starting to get some of it back and Victorie-our school nurse-said that I should regain all of my memory in the next year.”

“That’s great, Assie.” Adam said. He didn’t speak as much as the rest of my family, but I always loved hearing him talk.

“Yeah, oh and way to tell us about your boyfriend.” Matt said, sounding unpleased.

“Aspen, you really need our approval on your boyfriends.” Dylan told me like I was thirteen.

“Oh come on guys! James has lived down the street for forever. You all like me, please don’t kill him. I love him.”

None of them said anything. It basically stayed silent for the next fifteen minutes, when we reached the townhouse I lived in. The townhouse was a simple white, like so many others in South Kensington. I loved my street. It was shaped like a U and there were six townhouses on it. All three stories.

The street was just off another one that was pretty quiet. Each side of the street had two townhouses. The first one was number one-Mr. and Mrs. Nelson-then I lived at number two. The Potters lived at number three and number four was for sale. Number five was were the Weasleys-as in Rose, Hugo, Ron and Hermione-lived. And a single mother with two kids lived in number six.

Each of the townhouses faced a small little park in the middle of all six of them. It could only be accessed by those who had the key. And you can only have the key if you live in one of the houses. In the park there was two swings, a slide and two benches. Nothing special, but all of us loved it.

Kyle and Brandon got our bags and we walked into the house. “MUM! DAD! WERE HOME!” I called into the house. My mum came out from the kitchen at the end of the hall and ran towards me.

“Aspen!” She squealed and hugged me tightly, “I’m so glad your home!” My mum and I were always pretty close. Never when I was little though, she had to work a lot since she had eight kids. But as time went on and her go began more relaxed, we became very close. I had told her about James the morning after it happened.

When I say I told her about James, I mean I told her about everything. Even about us sleeping together. Oddly enough, she wasn’t that mad. She knew that I loved him. “And Dominique and Alice, so nice to see you both again!” She greeted my friends, she refused to call anyone by anything other than their full name. Mum was the only person Ally let call her ‘Alice’.

“Nice to see you too Mrs. Powells.” Dom smiled at her. I took this operntuainty to look at my mum. She was short at five feet and four inches, that’s where I got it from. Yet I was still three inches shorter than her. She had my dark brown waves, but had blue eyes. I got my green eyes from my father. Mum looked amazing for someone her age, fifty-five.

“You both have grown into such lovely young women! Last I saw you, you were both just small little thirteen year olds going through a little of an awkward stage, but now! Your simply divine.” Yes, my mum actually spoke like this.

“Thank you.” Ally said.

“Well, dinner will be ready in five minutes, why don’t you girls put your things upstairs?”

We all went up the staircase to the third story, otherwise known as the attic. That’s where my bedroom was.

Our townhouse had five bedrooms. One for Kyle and Brandon. Another for Adam, Jason and Matt. The next for Dylan and Cole. Plus one for my parents and finally one for a guest bedroom/my dad’s office. So that left the attic.

I actually loved it up there. There were two large windows, one on either side of the room. My bed was queen sized and it’s headboard was iron that was painted white. Plus I had a huge bookshelf, an entire wall dedicated to photos, a Gryffindor red couch and my old dresser and desk. In my eyes, it was perfect.

Ally had called the couch on the train ride, claiming that when I was asleep I kicked like a hippogryiff. So Dom was sleeping on my bed with me. She threw her duffle bag on the bed and lay down. “Dom, we have to go get dinner.”

“Ugh, fine.” She said, getting up. The three of us went downstairs and too the dining room. We had a huge dinning table. It seated twelve people. Five on each side and the two heads of the table.

My parents sat at the heads of the table while my brothers, Ally, Dom and I sat in the other seats. Mum put lasagna on the table. We all dug in quickly. “So, how has the first term been for you girls?”

“Great, we were all so happy when we saw that Aspen was back.” Ally said as she started to get another slice.

“Yeah, those three and a half years weren’t any fun.” Dom added.

“How about your studies? I know that this is a huge exam year for you all. What are they called again? Worms?”

“Newts, mum. But it’s okay, all of our professors are giving us a large amount of homework though. It’s insane.”

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure that all of you girls will do great. You will proabaly all get As.”

“Mum, As in the wizarding world are average. Then there are Es that are exceeds expectations. Os are the highest you can get, they stand for outstanding.”

“In that case I’m sure you’ll all get Os. Your all very bright.”

“Thanks Mrs. Powells.” Ally said.

“Your welcome Alice.”

We spent the next half hour eating dinner and catching up with each other. My brothers still couldn’t look me in the eye. I think it’s because I told them I am in love with James. They didn’t want to lose their little sister. It had happened before, just not like this, not this serious.

After dinner everyone went up to their separate bedrooms because some of my brothers were getting used to the time difference and me and my friends had just had a long traveling day.

Only my parents stayed awake. My dad reading the newspaper as he did every night and my mum knitting. We really were an english family. Ally was asleep within two seconds on the couch and Dom was too.

But for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to fall asleep. It was around one am and I still wasn’t asleep when I heard something. A banging on my window, like rocks were hitting it.

Oh my god. He didn’t. I walked over to my window, the one that looked out on my backyard. I peered out of it to see James standing in my backyard, with a handful of peebles. I sighed and shook my head before opening the window a bit.

“What are you doing James?!” I questioned.

“I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to see you.” He said with a grin.

“Do you want to come in? Everyone is asleep.” I told him.


“I’ll meet you by the backdoor in a second.” He nodded and I shut the window and put on my purple Boston sweatshirt. I was already wearing pajama pants with quaffles on them and a Gryffindor shirt.

Slowly, I crept out of my room. Luckily for me, my friends were pretty deep sleepers. But I had to be careful when passing by my brothers’ bedrooms. Only Cole and Matt were deep sleepers, and if any of my brothers found out what I was doing they would all wake up each other and kill James in creative ways.

It took a while and various ninja moves across the floor boards, but I made it to the back door without waking anyone. James was waiting for me at the door. In his hand were no longer the pebbles, but a pink lily, my favorite flower.

“For you.” He extended the flower towards me. I took it and put it to my nose, smelling it.

“Thank you James. How is it you always know what to get me to make me feel special?” I asked.

“Because I know you better than you know yourself.” He told me.

I smiled, “That’s proabaly true. Come in, before you freeze to death.” I moved aside and let him come in. But within seconds, he picked me up and twirled me around. “I love you so much, James.”

James’s face almost split because his smile was so big, “I love you too Aspen. Always will.”

“Where going to last, right?” I asked nervously.

“Of course.” He assured me.

We spent the next two hours talking in front of the fire that James had built for us, while I made hot chocolate. “You should get to sleep Aspen.” He said as I yawned. I was too tired to replay, I just nodded. James laughed and picked me up.

“Goodnight, love.” He said as he put me in my bed. I turned over sleepily. James leant down and kissed my forehead before leaving the house.

The next morning I woke up to someone screaming. My eyes snapped open and I saw that I was alone in my room. I jumped up and started running downstairs. All of my brothers’ doors were wide open. I could tell that the screams were coming from downstairs. So I took the stairs two at a time.

“COME ON! COME ON!” I reached the first level of my house and went into the sitting room. You have got to be bloody kidding me. I stared at the scene in front of me. Football. Bloody football is why they were screaming.

Kyle, Brandon, Adam, Jason, Matt, Cole and my dad were screaming at a football match that was on the telly. “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!” I shouted, causing them all to look at me. “I thought someone was bloody dying, but your all just screaming at the telly!”

They all stared at me like I had gone mad. I rolled my eyes and went into the kitchen to find some sanity. Ally, Dom, Dylan and my mum were sitting around and talking with each other. “Oh, Aspen, can I talk to you?” Dylan asked.

“Yeah, can I just get some breakfast first?”

“It’s important.” He said.

“Okay.” I nodded and followed him up the stairs to his room. The room he shared with Cole was pretty normal. The walls were painted dark blue and they both had a twin bed. On Cole’s side it was covered in sports pictures-he wanted to be a sports journalist. And on Dylan’s side the walls were covered with photos and paintings. Even some of his own work.

“What do you want to tell me?” I asked Dylan. I think I knew what was coming.

He took a very deep breath. “Assie...” He began and squeezed his hands together, “I’m gay.” I just kept looking at him. “Your the only one that knows, and I wanted to tell you first.” I didn’t say anything. “Please, Assie, say something.”

“I know.” I said.

“What?” Dylan questioned.

“I’ve known since I was seven when cousin Max came out. And I just want to say that I love you even more now. If you went to Hogwarts, you certainly would have been a Gryffindor.” He smiled at this. Dylan loved it when I talked about the wizarding world, it was his favorite topic of discussion when I came home.

“Thank you Assie.” He pulled me into a hug.

“Of course, Dylan. And I’ll keep your secret for as long as you want. But know that I’ll be here for you, okay?” He nodded and released me.

“I love you.”

“Love you too.” I smiled.

“We should go back downstairs, everyone will be wondering were we are.”

“Wait, I have something to ask you.” I stopped him.


“Do you approve of James? I know that your crazy protective of me, and that you think that no boy is worthy of me. But I really need to know.”

“Assie, I hate any other boy that gets close to you. But in all honesty, if there was ever one boy that I would think could be worthy of you, it would be James Potter. I see the way you look at him, that’s love. So in three words, yes I approve.”

I grinned, “Thank you, Dylan!” I threw myself into his arms.

“No problem, A.”

“But I also have another question. Could you talk to the other guys about it? Because I love him so much and I just want everyone to approve of him.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Thank you so much. Because mum wants to have the Potters over for Christmas eve dinner in two nights.”

“I’ll be sure to talk to them today.” I smiled, “Now, let’s get some breakfast.” He picked me up and threw my over his shoulder as I squealed. I may be seventeen, and he may nineteen, but we would never grow out of doing silly things with one another.

After lunch, I went over to the Potters to invite them for dinner on Christmas eve. I jumped the fence and knocked on their backdoor. Lily answered it. “Hey Aspen.” She smiled at me.

“Hey Lils, is your mum or dad home?” I asked.

“Yeah, hang on a sec-DAD!” She yelled, I heard footsteps.

“Lily, do you really have to yell every single time you need me? Oh hi Aspen.” Harry said, running a hand through his hair. It was something James did too.

“Hi Harry.” Harry and Ginny always had me call them by their first names, ever since I first met them. “My mum wanted me to invite you all for dinner on Christmas eve.”

“Sorry, but we can’t. Were going to the Burrow. But Molly told me to invite anyone I wanted too.” He told me.

“I’ll ask my mum and I’ll call you. Are you sure it’s okay, because they’re muggles and all.”

“Yeah, it’ll be fine. Besides, James’s aunt Audrey is a muggle. And I’m sure Arthur won’t run out of questions to ask your family.”

“Great, I’ll call you later, okay?” Harry nodded.

“IS THAT ASPEN?!” James’s voice yelled from up the stairs.

He appeared in a towel, his hair still damp. It was odd not seeing his hair all untidy and all. “Merlin, James. Can you make it more obvious?” Al said from the kitchen.

James laughed, “Sorry that I’m in love baby brother.” I smiled at this.
“Hey, I was wondering if you and the girls wanted to go sledding in an hour with me, Louis and Bradley?”

“Yeah, sure. Want to meet at the park down the street?” There was a large park that was very hilly down the main street. We always went there to sled, our backyards weren’t steep at all.

“Sure, but wear your swimsuit.”

“Why?!” I asked, confused. Why in the world would my boyfriend want me to were a swimsuit to go sledding? Does he want me to die?!

“Number five on the list, go swim suit sledding.” I laughed.

“Of course, the list. Okay, I’ll do it. Meet you at the park in twenty.” I said before I left and jumped the fence to my yard. I rushed back inside before I froze to death. My mum was sitting at the counter.

“Hey, there you are.” She said.

“Yeah,” I replied, hanging up my coat. “I was talking to the Potters.”

“Oh, can they come?”

“No, but they invited us to dinner at the Burrow.”

“What’s the burrow?” Mum asked, furrowing her eye brows.

“It’s were James’s grandparents live. I’ve been there a lot.”

“Okay, I’ll call them and say that we’ll be there.”

“Great, I’ve got to go find Dom and Ally.” I told her, running up the stairs to my room.
Dom and Ally were sitting on my bed. They both looked like they was about to burst with happiness. “Hey, what’s going on?”

“FREDDIE ASKED ALLY OUT!” Dom screamed. My eyes bugged out of their sockets, “AND SHE SAID YES!”

“WHAT?!” I yelled, “I didn’t even know you liked Freddie!”

“I didn’t want you to know. I thought you would laugh at me.”

“Ally, we would never ever do that!” I assured her.

“Thanks, I’m so excited! I’ve liked him since the beginning of the year!”

“Aw, Ally, that’s great. Now, the guys invited us to go sledding. But on your swimsuits!”
“Excuse me?!” They both said at the same time.

“Were going swimsuit sledding!” An hour later, we were all walking home from the park, freezing cold. James was holding me close to him, so I could warm up. Best fucking boyfriend ever? Hell yes.

When we got home, I went to take a warm shower. Dom and Ally were taking on in the other bathrooms. Once I was dried off and in my clothes, I went into my bedroom. The other two still weren’t back so I went downstairs.

It was a really odd sight. All of my brothers were sitting in the dining room talking to each other, I smiled. I hoped the Dylan could convince them that James was the right guy for me. I heard a knock on the door, speaking of James.

“Hey.” I greeted him.

“Hi, I was wondering if I could talk to your brothers and dad.” He looked nervous.

“Yeah, sure. My brothers are in the dining room and I’ll tell my dad to meet you in there.”

“Great, thanks love.” He kissed my cheek and I went to find my dad. He was in his study, as usual. My dad was a surgeon at a hospital a few blocks from here. A brain surgeon to be clear.

“Daddy, James wants to talk to you down in the dining room.” I had told my father about James in a letter home a few months ago. He was okay with it actually, which I didn’t expect. I was always his little angel, and he didn’t want anyone getting near to me. But he really liked the Potters.

“Okay, thanks sweetheart.” I smiled and left to go to my room. It was odd though, James wanting to speak with all the males in my family.

“Guess what?” I said once I found Dom and Ally in my bedroom, brushing their hair.

“What?” Ally asked in a bored voice. Love you too Ally.

“James just showed up and asked to speak too my brothers and my dad.” I told them.

“Are you serious?” Dom questioned.



The next two days were nice, full of hot chocolate and snow ball fights. But my brothers wouldn’t tell me what James talked to them about. Which was odd, my brothers rarely kept things from me. I was just happy because Dom, Ally and I were getting ready to go to the Burrow for Christmas dinner.

Author’s Note:

Hello my amazing readers! I really hope you liked the chapter, I’m actually really happy with it. And it kind of long too, which was important to me after how short the last chapter was. In a lot of the reviews, you have all been mentioning grammar issues. But the program I write on only fixes spelling, so I’m not aware of the grammar mistakes. Plus, I’m younger than a lot of other authors on this cite and I’m that experienced, so please just be patient with me! Question time:

Do you like Aspen's family?

What do you think of Dylan being gay?

Do you like Aspen’s house?


What do you think James wanted to talk to her brothers and her dad about?

Thank you so much everyone! I love reviews, so if your kind enough to give me one that would be amazing! I hope you come back for the next chapter! Thanks again!


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