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Every Six Seconds by KrystleNicole
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10: Dig a Bigger Hole...
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Chapter 10: Dig a Bigger Hole…
The devil and angel on each of Hermione’s shoulders were in an all-out war with each other. The angel was trying to convince her to apologize to Ron, but the devil was egging her on, telling her to let him sweat it out for a little while more. As tempting as the latter was, Hermione found herself approaching him in the common room after dinner.
“Hullo, Ron,” she said in a small, mouse-like voice. He looked at her as if to say, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’. She noticed his expression and changed her tone. “Oh, come on. Would you rather have us not talking at all?” Ron, now characteristically, glared at her. “I was going to apologize, but now, never mind.” She sighed heavily and started briskly out of the room, up the stairs to her dormitory.
As he saw her retreating figure, he could have kicked himself. Hard.
Some time later, after a good walk around the school grounds, Hermione decided to go to her favorite place in the castle: the library.
She sat in her normal spot, near the section dedicated to Charms, took out the list that had been nagging at her since she started it, and furrowed her brow in thought. A number of people had already been crossed off, and she had a pretty good idea on how she was going to deal with the others.
She grabbed a fairly heavy book, which she had picked up for “light reading” the year before, from her book bag and skimmed the pages. When she found what she was looking for, her eyes lighted up with delight. She leant over to her side to gather the twin teddy bears, which she had taken from her room earlier, off the stone floor of the library. Upon coming up, she jumped slightly in her seat and squeaked in surprise.
“Malfoy,” she growled as he looked at her with a smug look on his face.
“Malfoy,” he shot back routinely. “A little jumpy tonight, aren’t we? What’s wrong; have another falling out with the wonder twins?” Her expression hadn’t changed, so he laughed out loud. “You did, didn’t you?” He snickered. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… actually, I’m not, but…” he trailed off, and started laughing again.
Hermione looked at him quizzically. “Are you on something? I mean, it’s not that funny…” He was still howling. “Okay, now you’re scaring me. Seriously. I don’t trust you holding my daughter, going on like that… What if you drop her?” He roared even louder, if possible.
“Draco, I’m serious. Give me Serenity,” She gave him her best stern look. “NOW.” He handed her their child and resumed his laughter, pounding his fist on the table.
Hermione peered over his shoulder and spotted a pair of heads covered in flame-red hair peeking out from behind the bookcase. Draco followed her gaze. She pointed her wand at him, said, “Finite Incantem”, and returned the baby to him. She resumed her work, sprinkling various potions ingredients on the twin teddy bears.
Draco stood up and made his way to behind to bookcases. He leaned up against the shelf and glared at the twins. Fred and George rolled their eyes simultaneously and busied themselves with their Defense Against the Dark Arts homework.
Draco sat back down at this spot across from Hermione and inquired, “What are you up to? That doesn’t look like what Professor Snape assigned…”
“That is none of your business, Malfoy.” He glared at her in reply. “But if you absolutely have to know, I’m just working on a little bit of vengeance.”
He raised an eyebrow. “And what might that be, my dear?”
“I’m filling these bears with a potion that will make the holder grow acne that no amount of cortisone injections can cure.” She looked up from her work and noticed Draco’s confused look. “Muggle reference. Anyways, don’t touch the bears. The spots won’t go away for a week. We wouldn’t want to blemish your perfect skin now, do we?”
“Very true,” he nodded. “I’ll just leave you to your work, then.”
“Is there something you wanted?” She put down all of the things in her hands and gave her full attention to Draco. “I know you didn’t come down here just for a nice little chat.”
“Now, you don’t know that. For all you know, Serenity could have just wanted her mum.” He said innocently.
“She never wants me. It’s all about Daddy. I know for a fact that she only cries when she misses you. ‘I want Daddy’,” Hermione said in a baby voice, “Traitor.” Serenity squealed in response. “See? Figures. Now, what did you really want?”
Draco sounded like a child trying to get his way, “Hermione, do I really have to wear Muggle clothes?”
Hermione laughed in response. “We’ve already discussed this, Draco. Of course you do! Do you really expect to greet my parents in Wizard’s Robes? I don’t think so. You need to make a good impression!” She conjured two cardboard boxes to place the blemish-bears in.
“Hermione… Please? I really don’t like Muggle clothes! They are so confining!”
“Too bad. You will wear normal clothes. There will be consequences to pay if you don’t. Believe me.” She gave him the evil eye.
Draco sighed and threw his hands up in frustration. “Please? I’ll do anything!”
Hermione’s eyes lit up naughtily as she levitated the bears into the two boxes. “Anything?”
“Anything. Just don’t make me wear those!”
“All right.” She grinned, putting the tops on the vials of ingredients and placing them back into her satchel. This is just too good to pass up… “I want a striptease.”
Draco looked at her blankly. Oh shit.
Hermione stood up and slung her bag over her shoulder. She scooped the boxes into her arms, threw a wink in his direction, and walked casually out the library door.
Hermione grinned like a Cheshire cat as she made her way down to the Owlery. I’d really like to see how Malfoy tries to get out of this one…
She held her breath as she entered the cold, foul-smelling room. She picked a random school owl and tied the identical packages to them.
As she watched the medium-sized barn owl fly into the cold winter sky, she pulled the list out of her pocket and crossed out the names “Alanis Morissette” and “Jessica Simpson”. She smiled a cruel smile and sauntered out the room, quite pleased with herself.

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Every Six Seconds: Chapter 10: Dig a Bigger Hole...


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