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Do you really love me? ~A Draco and Hermione Love Story~ by HarryPotterManiac
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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~J.K Rowling owns all the rights to these characters~

Hermione's POV

"So what are you gonna wear to the Halloween party tomorrow?" I asked casually

"Ermm yea about that, any chance we could like skip that? I am really not in the mood to party!" he said

"Aww come on, I am really looking forward to it. Please?" I begged

"Let me see how I feel in the morning OK? I'm just not in the mood to be annoyed by the Slytherin idiots. Pansy is constantly asking me out!" He said

I could feel my face slip into a frown and he saw this. He came over and wrapped his arms around me. "But I am already with someone I love!” He kissed me. I was happy because I knew Pansy wouldn't ever come between us.

We got ready and headed for the door to go on Patrol's as we do every night. As usual we stopped at the door and kissed before walking out. Nothing strange was happening.

"Please come tomorrow. For me?" I said with a pout

"You can't do that to me! You know I can't resist your pout! I told you, I will see how I feel in the morning!" He recanted with a smile, and we continued walking.

We were passing McGonagal's classroom and she was trying to carry a massive pile of homework. I nodded to Draco and we entered the room.

"Professor, would you like help? You like you are struggling there!" Draco said.

"Oh please. I didn't think the pile would be this heavy!" She admitted.

She gave us half the pile between us and it was very light. "Professor, we can take the other half too, you can take a break." I said

"Are you sure Ms. Granger?" She said and I nodded.

We walked back to her Quarters, talking about tomorrow night's dance all the way.

"So what are the two of you dressing up as?" She asked.

"Well I am going dressed as a Muggle Nurse!" I said

"I don't think I am going to go. But if I do go I will be dressed as a vampire!" He said

"And why wouldn't you be going Mr. Malfoy?" She pressed.

"I really am not in the mood Professor. If anyone asks I was gonna say I don't feel too good." He looked down to the ground when he finished, not wanting to see Professor McGonagal's reaction.

She was very calm, saying, "Well it's your decision Mr. Malfoy." With that she took both piles and walked through the Portrait door.

We went to the Gryffindor Common Room next, as it was last. Draco always goes up the stairs with me because he doesn't want to get attacked by Ron again. I went up first and everyone was in bed except for Harry who was reading. I like to take credit in the fact he is reading; being around me for 8 years has finally made him see sense.

"Goodnight, Harry, please go to sleep. I would like to able to talk to you tomorrow!!!" I said with a smile.

He chuckled and closed the book "Night Hermione, night Malfoy!" We walked back down the stairs and headed back to our Common Room.

"Gum-Drops" Snape opened the door and we went in. I was so tired so I went straight to my bedroom to get changed. Draco always comes in 5 minutes after I go into my room to give me time to get changed, get ready, and all the other things you must do before sleep. I ran in and grabbed my favorite silk Pajamas. They were Draco's favorite. I must get a few more pairs when I am back in the Muggle world for Christmas.

"Hey, you ready?" He said with a smile

"Yea, so where we staying tonight?" I asked

"Wherever you want!" He said as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I find it hard to concentrate when he is like this. And when he kisses me……. well……. I have no power over my body at all.

"Can we stay in your room? I find your bed much more comfortable and easier to get to sleep in! I am so tired!" I said

"Sure" He said and he kissed me and we headed off to bed.


I was awake before Draco so I went into the bathroom. I was showering and I heard Draco knock on the door and call my name.

"I'll be out in a minute. Just finishing up!" I called back.

I dried myself off and hurried out the door wrapped in a towel.

"What do you need in there that is so important?" I asked

"YOU. Good Morning!" he said as he placed his lips over mine.

He went into the bathroom to take a shower and I went into my room. I was still deciding what to wear, because it's Saturday!! I love Saturday’s. It's a day to relax. We haven't had a Halloween on a Saturday since First Year.

"Hey. You wanna go to the Library or go for a walk?" Draco said, coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. I could never get over the sight of his chest!!! It's like a master artist sculpted it.

"Ehh yea I don't mind. Whatever you wanna do." I said with a smile. "Ermm I have to go see Ginny. She told me last night when I was up and ready to go and see her. Back in a few minutes. I promise I won't be long!"

I gave him a quick peck and headed out the door. Walking to the Gryffindor Common Room, I realized Draco and I are never apart when walking around the castle. I feel so alone walking to Gryffindor. I walked up to the door and the Fat-lady let me in without a password, and I walked straight up the Girls staircase.

"Hey Ginny. So watcha need me for??" I asked

"Major emergency! I can't decide what to wear tonight!" She said

"You mean to tell me your "big emergency" is a fashion one??? I thought you were gonna tell me something huge!! You scared me a little bit." I said, kinda pissed. I was worried she was gonna tell me something terrible!!

"Fine, what have you narrowed it down to?" I asked

"Well, see that's the thing! There's too many to choose from, so I haven't narrowed it down." She admitted.

"OK. I will be back in a few minutes. I am going to get something to help you make a decision! Stay here!" I ordered.

I ran back down the stairs and out the Portrait door. I was on my way back to my Common Room when I met Neville.

"What's wrong Neville?" I asked

"Just having a little trouble. It's Luna's and mine anniversary next week and I want to do something special for her but I don't know what to do! Any tips?" He asked. I could hear the desperation in his voice.

"What about a candlelit dinner by the lake on the night of your anniversary. She would like that. You know Luna doesn't like big parties, just something small and personal. Go to Hogsmeade and get her a small gift. I will organize a year trip to Hogsmeade next week, if you want? Or we can go? Whatever you want!"

"Could you and Ginny come with me? I trust the two of you. Will you talk to McGonagal, she still scares me a little!!" He admitted

I nodded and said "I'm just going back to my Common Room to get something for Ginny. Come with me and we can go see McGonagal after!"

He nodded and we continued on to my Common Room.

"Gum-Drops" I mumbled.

Snape swung open and we went in. I didn't want Draco saying something that would blow our secret so as soon as we were in the door I shouted, "Hey Draco, it's me and Neville. Just grabbing that costume catalogue for Ginny."

"Oh, I have it. And can you come here for a minute I have to talk to you." He said, I knew he was finding it hard being with me and not being able to tell anyone.

"Back in a second Neville. Sit down." I said and gestured to the rather large couch in front of the fire.

He sat down and I headed to Draco's room.

"What's up?” I said as I closed the door.

"You should have told me you were bringing him back!" He said in an angry tone

"Sorry, we got talking in the corridor when I was on my way back to here and he has a little problem he wondered if I could solve. I brought him back because I have to get the costume book for Ginny. Now are you gonna come tonight?"

"No sorry, I really don't want to. You go, have fun. Don't worry about me. I think I'm gonna sit down, write to my Mother and read. Please don't bring anybody back. I want to be able to stay with you tonight. When are we going for our walk? Or to the Library?" He asked.

"Well I have to go see McGonagal with Neville. Meet me in the Library in half an hour. OK?" I said

"Fine. But I don't know if I can stay away from you for that long!" He said as he wrapped his arms around me. We were about to kiss when Neville knocked on the door. Thank fully he didn't open it straight away. We had just enough time to untangle ourselves and he sat on the bed and I went to the door saying.

"OK. I'll meet you in the Library then. Get the books we need, and have them ready for when I come down." I said and gave him a little wink. "OK Neville, you ready to go?" He nodded and we left the Common Room.

While walking towards McGonagal's office, Neville started talking about all the things he could get Luna, and all the things he could do to make that night special. He talked so much I didn't realize that we had reached the gates of her Office. I just said "Alohamora" which is what she asks us to say to open her door so she doesn't have to get up and do it herself.

I went in alone because Neville didn't want to be there when I said why I wanted to go.

"Hello Professor?" I said. There was no reply so I went in to see if she was there. There was no one there and I was about to turn around when Dumbledore said something.

"Hello Ms. Granger. Are you looking for Professor McGonagal?" He said in his old voice

"Yes Sir. I have to ask her something. Would you have any idea where she is gone and when she will be back?" I asked

"Here she comes!" He announced

"Ms. Granger, to what do I owe the pleasure?" She asked

"Well I was wondering if you could authorize for myself, Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom to visit Hogsmeade tomorrow. Just for a few hours!"

"And what would be your reason for this visit?"

"Well it is Neville and Luna Lovegood's anniversary next week and Neville would like to get Luna a present and wants myself and Ginny to go with him to help him choose a gift for her!"

"That is so sweet. But I need four people to go because of school regulations. Do you have a fourth person who could go with you?" She asked

"Of course. I'm sure Draco Malfoy would love to come!" I said

"Brilliant. But before you leave, I have ask, are you and Draco Malfoy an item. I don't mean to pry but it is just the way the two of you act around one and other." She said

I tried not to let shock cover my face. If she had figured it out who else had. "No, Professor, we are just good friends. I don't think about him that way!" I said, hoping she would believe it.

"Oh I do apologize. Well you may go now. But I would like the four of you to meet me here before you leave! Is that clear?" She said in a stern voice.

"Yes Professor. Good-bye now. Good-bye Professor Dumbledore. I shall see you tomorrow morning!"

"Good-bye Ms. Granger!" Dumbledore said

I walked out of the office and Neville was still waiting. "Hey we can go but would it be OK if Draco came with us. McGonagal needs four people so I suggested Draco. You don't mind do you?" I asked with an innocent voice

"No I don't. You know I'm really starting to like him this year." He said

"That's good. Now are you heading back to the Gryffindor Common Room?"

"Yes. I want to get something before I meet Luna!"

We walked back to the Gryffindor Common Room and I gave Ginny the catalogue. I told her we were going to Hogsmeade tomorrow. Didn't say anything about Draco coming. She would get angry about it. So anyway I gave her the stuff and headed off to the Library.

"Hey. Your late!" He said with a smile

"Sorry, sorry. I know. But my conversation with McGonagal took longer than expected. Hey I have a question for you!" I said


"Well me Ginny and Neville are going to Hogsmeade tomorrow and we need a fourth person, do you wanna come with us?"

"Sure. Any chance we could ditch the others at some point and just go shopping the two of us. I wanna get more books and you really are the best person to go book shopping with!"

I smiled and shut all the books he had and started to put them back on the shelves using 'Wingardium Leviosa'. It is times like this that I love being a Wizard.

We went for a walk and ended back at our Common Room. We sat on the couch and I had an idea.

"Come with me. I want to go somewhere but we have to stop at the Gryffindor Common Room first to grab something."

Draco looked confused so I grabbed his hand and pulled him off the couch. We went out the door and walked in the direction of Gryffindor. He still had a confused look on his face. I rolled my eyes and kept walking.

"When I go into the Common Room I want you to continue on walking and go to the lake. I will meet you there. OK?"

He nodded and I turned to the Portrait. "Good afternoon" I said to the Fat-Lady. "Quiddich" She swung open and I ran in and ran up the boy’s stairs. Ginny was sitting in the Living area and called after me. I didn't stop. Draco was waiting. I searched the room and found Harry sitting on his bed with Ron.

"Hey Harry I need a favor. Can I talk to you alone?" He looked confused but agreed and left Ron on his bed and followed me to the other side of the room.

"Right, this may be rude of me to ask, and please tell me if it is, but could I borrow your Invisibility Cloak pretty please?" I said in a whisper so no one would hear me.

"Yes you can of course but can I ask why?" He said

I needed to make something up on the spot. "Sure, Draco is going through some troubles at the minute, what with his Dad up on Trial soon and he wants to talk and down by the lake but McGonagal thinks we are going out and she can see where we are going from her office and I don't want to raise her suspicions any further because it will lead to another awkward conversation and I don't want to go through it again!"

"Sure. Let me go grab it!" He said

"Before you go, could you not tell anyone where we are. He needs some alone time and I don't want Ginny or anyone bothering me yet. I can talk to her at the Party tonight!" I pleaded.

He nodded and went to his trunk. He came back with the cloak and I gave him a “Thank You” smile and headed back down the stairs. I snuck past Ginny and headed down the stairs to the Lake.

Draco was waiting for my by the tree at the lake. I smiled and took the cloak out of the bag. We sat down and I threw it over us. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep because it was nearly dark when I woke up.

I must go get ready for the Party now!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~


~Please tell me what you think about it. The second part of it will be in Draco's POV and I think it will be a bit shorter! I hope you enjoy it. Please comment. Your comments make my day whenever I read them, even if they are criticizing my work. ~

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