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Chasing Albus Potter by VeeKAY
Chapter 4 : Notes, confessions, and bathroom tears
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Gorgeous CI by the wonderful Bellatrixx @ TDA <3



“ANNDDYYY” a voice screeched.


“What?” came my muffled, tired reply.


“Oh you know, nothing much- JUST THAT WE’RE TEN MINUTES LATER FOR CLASS?” Rose screamed hysterically, and I bolted upright. Wide awake now.




“Oh my gosh, Professor Binns is going to kill us!” Rose wailed, as she trampled around the room like a headless zombie.


“He’s a ghost, he can’t kill us!” I replied, while she glared at me for ‘thinking logically’.


“Shut up, you know what I mean” she tried to sound mad, but I know she’s suppressing a grin.


I leapt forward and attacked her, tickling her sides until she burst out laughing, squirming on the floor.


“Erm, you know someone could just walk in, like me, and assume you guys are doing something that is totally sick and irrelevant to tickling?” an amused voice sounded from the doorway. Shit. I glanced up from my very awkward position on the ground to find Scorpius smirking in the doorway. He seems to have inherited his father’s talent for sexy smirking. I can understand now why Rose is head over heels for this boy.


“Shut up Scorp” Rose grinned from the floor.


“Professor Binns made me come to get you. Somehow he knew you two slept in”

“We didn’t!” I protested “we went Nargle hunting in the early hours of the morning and didn’t return until three minutes ago!”


Scorpius raised an amused eyebrow at me, and nodded. “Okay. Because you totally went Nargle hunting in your tank top and shorts. And with that hair”

Rose burst out laughing, and I scowled. “Shut up. I need to brush my teeth before we go to class” I jumped off Rose and sprinted to the bathroom, yanking brush through my long brown hair and brushing my teeth at the same time. It didn’t work. I ended up brushing my hair like I would with my teeth, and brushing my teeth in a weird vertically pattern. I am not the kind of girl who can multitask. Un-co remember?

After I brushed my teeth and hair properly, I threw on my Gryffindor robes and ran down to the history of magic classroom at top speed with Rose and Scorpius. I had come out of the bathroom to find my best friend and her boyfriend in an energetic round of snogging. Not the best kind of morning entertainment, but it made me go all sappy and romantic. I’m a sucker for pretty love stories. Now we were panting outside the classroom, not wanting to go in first and have the whole class staring at you. I nominated Rose to walk in first, but she poked me in the ribs with a protesting sound.

Scorpius ended up marching in and taking his spot and no one turned a head in his general direction. So I felt safe enough to skip in after him. Rose stayed put by the door.

As I progressed through the beautiful archway they call the doorframe, the whole class turned around and stared at me. Shitfuckitydamn.

“You’re late Miss Jones and Miss Weasley” the boring drones of professor Binns sounded through the silent room.

“Err yeah” I answered stupidly, while the class stifled laughter. I am the most fucking amusing person on this planet.

 “Have a seat, and don’t be late again”

“Alrighty” I replied and plonked down next to Brittany, who was scribbling furiously on a piece of parchment, which she then handed to me.

Where were you? With Albus? He isn’t here either you know. What were you doing? *wink*

I read this and almost spat a mouthful of spit onto the slip of parchment. LOL. Albus and I…doing stuff? That is hilarious.

Are you crazy?! I came here late with Rose! We slept in. Unless you are suggesting we were ‘doing something’ with Albus together…oh EW. That’s incest! Ew ew ew, you are sick Brittany Khanh Gardener! Don’t talk to me again. I won’t ever think of you the same way. I scribble back, shoving the note onto her side of the table.

She unfolded it and scanned it quickly, before turning and grinning at me. I rolled my eyes back at her.

“Miss Gardener, what ia that you have in your hands that is so interesting that you aren’t even copying down the notes on the board?”

I widened my eyes in shock, and noticed Brittany was also a little nervous.
“Uhm, nothing sir” I hastily covered.

“It is not nothing Miss Jones, read it out to the class Miss Gardener. It is so important after all”

Oh no. now the rumours are going to start. Albus Potter will hate me for writing this note and spreading rumours. We will never be together and I’ll be a loner for the rest of my life. AHHH!

Brittany shot me a pleading and apologetic glance and unfolded the slip of parchment with shaky hands. Then she read the whole thing out. Yep, she read out her accusation that Albus Potter and I were ‘doing stuff’ and that was why I was late.

My cheeks were a flaming red, within 0.34 seconds of Brittany reading out the note. The whole class was gaping at me wide eyes and shocked at this opportunity to start a wildfire of rumours. Shitttttt!

Brittany finished the note in an extremely quiet voice, which didn’t help as no one really heard my denial of the situation, which added to the gossip and suspicion of me and Albus actually ‘doing stuff’. Son of a bitch. I blame Brit, for writing that stupid note in the first place.

How will Albus react when he hears about the new rumours?

“That was…most intriguing” came the monotonous voice of the Professor. He is now my least favourite man (ghost) in this universe. Damn you Binns. “Continue copying the notes on the board, the bell has not rung. It is not lunch yet. Quickly now”


“WHAT?” Hugo exclaimed as Rose told him about the little note extravaganza. I moaned into my hands while Lily gaped at us, her fork hovering between mouth and table.

“Don’t. I feel traumatic enough already. Andy and Al- doing stuff” Scorpius begged us to stop, and we did. I felt a little affronted. Was the idea of me and Al so repulsive? Does that mean that there wasn’t even the slightest possibility of us together? My day just got a hell of a lot worse. And then Al walked in. Fuck.

“Hey guys” he said cheerfully. “What’s going on? Why is everyone so silent?” He demanded, when we all refused to look at him. Especially me. I was probably beetroot purple now, but my eyes stayed trained on my plate. Did you know Hogwarts plates are extremely wonderful mirrors?

“Guyys…what happened?” Al asked slowly, wading into dangerous waters.

“Uhm…someone has to tell him sooner or later, or he might hear it from one of the distorted rumours” Rose said, and I mentally told her to shut up. Now he knows it’s something bad, and about him.

“What?!” Al asked, frustrated.

“Uhm, it’s nothing really, just a little baby rumour!” I told him cheerfully, and he sat down opposite me, still extremely suspicious.

“Tell. Me. Now”

“HEY AL! CONGRATS ON FINALLY HOOKING UP WITH ANDY. YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER” A Ravenclaw boy, (who I feel like stabbing to death right now), yelled across the room, while the hall exploded into laughter. I was mortified. Not about that rumour that Al and I slept together, (how I wished that was actually true. Not really. Kind of), but because of all the publicity and jokes, and most of all, the horrified expression on Al’s face.

“WHAT?” He screeched, immediately turning to me for an explanation. “WHAT THE SHITTY, MOTHERFUCKING, SON OF A DUMBLEDORE, CRAPPY, RIDICU-”

“CALM DOWN” I screamed over him, and he shut up, but stared at me expectantly.

“Erm, I was late for class with Rose this morning and Brittany wrote me a note accusing me of ‘doing stuff’ with you because you weren’t at class. Binns made her read it out to the class and that’s how the fantastic rumours started” I muttered, while he slowly turned pink.

“But, why would they believe that?! Why would I sleep with you?!” He exclaimed, and I flinched.

Ouch, that burned. Like a lot. Like he was saying that he would never sleep with me in a million, gazillion, billion years. I guess tears stung my eyes because he immediately backtracked and apologised.

“I didn’t mean it like that, I’m sorry Andy” He said quickly, and the four tables quickly fell silent to watch us.

“Yeah, no it’s alright. You think that ‘doing stuff’ with me is repulsive. I get it. But you know it’s not my fault. I didn’t start the fucking rumours” I replied, forcing the tears down. You have no idea how much it fucking hurt to have the one boy you’ve been in love with since FOREVER ask why he would ever want to sleep with you as if it was the most disgusting idea he had ever thought of.

“No, sorry- Andy, I didn’t mean that, come back!” He yelled. But I had already gathered my stuff and ran out of the hall. I wandered aimlessly into the bathroom on the seventh floor, and leant against a wall.

Why couldn’t I get over him? Why? Why? It’s like he was my personal drug, making me addicted to him and knowing I couldn’t stop being addicted to him. But I wasn’t his drug. So he wasn’t addicted to me like I was to him. This world is seriously fucked up. I closed my eyes and didn’t bother to stem the light flow of salty tears.

“Andy?” Lily’s soft voice drifted down to me, and I lifted my head.

“Hey Lils” my voice broke slightly at her name.

“What’s wrong?” she sat down beside me and hugged me tightly. It felt slightly ironic that I’m older than her by a year, yet she’s the one comforting me.

“Haven’t you figured it out yet?” I asked her throatily, sniffling and wiping away my tears.

“Yeah, I guessed when you signed up for quidditch. You like my brother?” Lily said. Normally, it would sound so weird, me confessing to Lily- the little sister of the boy I loved- about how I ‘like’ her brother, but right now, she was just comforting me.

“Like him? That’s an understatement” I laughed humourlessly. Maybe all I needed was someone to tell? Fucking hell. Did it have to be his little sister, who could run off to Al any minute and spill the beans? But once I started, I couldn’t stop. I told Lily everything, about how I’ve been in love with Al for almost 4 years, and how he never seemed to notice. About how I felt when he dated other girls, and how I bottled it up and never told anyone. I gotta admit- the look on Lily’s face was priceless.

“Whoa. Andy you’re in deep shit” she finally managed to say after I finished. I nodded and dropped my face into my knees.

“Yowe dunf thinsk I knoewn thsaft?” I mumbled.

 “I’m sorry- what?” she giggled and I raised my head.
“I said ‘you don’t think I know that?’”

“Oh. What are you going to do? You have to see him at quidditch practise tomorrow” Lily said sympathetically.

“Ugh, I know!” I moaned. “What am I going to do Lily?” I added miserably.

“Just be yourself. You’re an amazing girl Andy. He’ll fall for you eventually” she said, and I laughed. There actually was nothing funny. But I was never normal. So yeah.

“Everyone’s looking for you, you know” She said. “Al feels terrible. He was really worried about you”

“Are you getting my hopes up Lils?” I attempted a joke.

She laughed. “Let’s go Andy. Rose went insane when you stormed out”

“I did not storm out!” I protested. “But it’s nice to know some people like me” I smiled, and grabbed her hand, allowing her to pull me up.

I splashed some water on my face, to make it look like I hadn’t just cried in a bathroom, and Lily Potter had come along to comfort me.

“You ready?”

“Yeah. Could you not tell anyone about this please Lily? I don’t really need anyone to know that I’m in love with your brother”

“Of course. But could you not say ‘your brother’ again? I might understand, but it’s just so creepy because it’s my brother. 

I scowled but agreed, and we walked back out into the corridors. Lily held my hand and we talked the way back to the Gryffindor common room.

“ADRIENNE! WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?!” Rose screamed and attacked as soon I entered the portal. I call the portrait hole to the Gryffindor common room the portal, because it was like being transported from the cold, stone corridor into the bright red, warm comfortable interior of the Gryffindor common room.

“I was…erm” I hadn’t worked out a cover story, but thank God Hugo decided to bear hug me (and cut off my air supply by the way) so I didn’t have to say anything.

“Andy, are you okay?” I nodded and hugged him back.

“Why are you guys overreacting?” I said, bemused. “It’s not like I got attacked by a horde of mutant turtles or anything. Why are you guys so worried?”

“Because you were gone for three hours?” Scorpius chimed in.

I stopped. Three hours? Seriously? Huh. My life story concerning Albus Potter must be more complicated than I thought- if it took that long to explain to Lily. And Lily’s a smart girl; she understands things on the first go.

“Oh. Where is Al?” I asked stupidly.

“Probably looking for you” Rose said. It was clear that she (along with all the rest), suspected nothing. Lily was the most perceptive out of them all.

“Dom just went to find him, it’s getting late”

I nodded, and curled up in a soft red armchair with Hugo. I was on the brink of unconsciousness when the oh so gorgeous Albus Potter came storming into the room.

“Where have you been?!” He yelled, walking over to me and shaking me awake.

“Whosafa?” I mumbled, opening my eyes properly now.

“I was looking for you! Where were you?”

“Oh. Bathroom” I muttered, sitting up within Hugo’s arms. I noticed Albus frowning at his cousin’s arms around me, but dismissed it quickly.

“I’m really sorry about what I said; I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just that people didn’t-”

“It’s alright” I said, and he frowned.

“I’m sorry. You know I don’t blame you at all right? You didn’t write the note” I nodded.

“I know” I smiled and hugged him. Then I hugged everyone else and went upstairs to bed.

“Don’t forget quidditch practise tomorrow!” He called as I walked up the staircase. In response I waved over my shoulder.

Tonight was going to be a long night of thinking, self-comforting, dreading, and definitely not sleeping.


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