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Hopelessly Star-Crossed by harmony0909
Chapter 3 : Harry's Plight
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      Later that day, Hermione sat on the back terrace with a book in hand. She enjoyed sitting with the pigs as they were peaceful company. She was reading a romance novel titled When Lovers Meet about two people who were forbidden to be together that used to meet in an old clock tower to talk and snog. She’d been reading the story for ages, getting close to the end. She was dying to know what happened when the couple told their current partners about their secret lover. She could imagine the harsh words, the brutal fights. She would never want her life to be like that.

     Hermione suddenly heard footsteps, and whirled around to see Harry stepping out of the house. He slowly stepped towards the lawn, not noticing Hermione’s invariable gaze. He shuffled to the end of the terrace, clearly with his mind in the clouds. He put his hands in his pockets and stared out towards the horizon.

     “Going somewhere?”


     Harry jumped about a foot in the air.


    “Hermione! I- uh- was- uh- I-…”


     Hermione sat laughing in her chair. Harry couldn’t help but let out a little laugh at his own stupidity.


     “So,” Harry began treading towards her, “what brings you out here?”


     “Just reading. Yourself?”


     “Thinking.” His mind left again at that very moment, scanning Hermione’s features: her beautiful, long, shiny brown hair, her pretty almond-shaped eyes, and her perfect smile. The hair he wished he could run his fingers through, the eyes he wished his lips could brush, and the smile he wished was for him.


     “Harry?” Hermione brought him back to earth.


     “Oh yeah, sorry.” Harry aimlessly adjusted his glasses.


     “How’s Ginny?”


     “She’s fine, thanks. I like her a lot. Just not-“


     “Enough?” Hermione finished his sentence. “Sorry,” she said and awkwardly jerked her head away.


     “Yeah, actually. I was gonna say not excessively much, but that works too. How’s Ron?”


     “He’s great. All I ever wished for.” Her sentence trailed off at the end and she bowed her head. Harry hurried over and crouched down, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. She raised her eyes to meet his and they exchanged a meaningful glance.


     “Are you sure?” He said in a hushed tone.


     “Maybe…” she said looking hopefully at Harry. Then, sensing the romantic tension turned her head the other way, breaking their eye contact. Harry’s eyes began awkwardly darting around their surroundings.


     “So…” he started, “excited for another year at Hogwarts?” He offered a gentle smile.


     “Are you kidding?” Hermione smiled back. “Another year of homework, essays and exams? That’s what I live for!”


     Harry laughed in response. Hermione grinned back.




     “Who do you think head boy and girl are going to be?” Hermione looked to him with curiosity.


     “Well, head boy, I dunno. Head girl, YOU obviously.”


     Hermione blushed and turned away. “Harry, I highly doubt-“


     “Don’t. You’re the smartest girl at Hogwarts. McGonagall’d be crazy not to pick you!”


     Hermione turned and gave him a half smile. Harry couldn’t help but smile back, his stomach full of butterflies.


     The sound of the back door opening caused both of them to jump as Ron clumsily lumbered out.


     “Harry, Ginny was looking for-- Hermione!” Ron suddenly seemed to come aglow with life as he ran with determination towards his girlfriend. He leaned down to kiss her on the lips and she leaned up to receive it. Harry couldn’t help but feel a pang in his heart.


     Ron moved around to the back of Hermione’s chair and wrapped his arms around her shoulders and looked down to Harry.


     “Got any more missions for us, Harry?” Ron looked down and smiled at him.


     “Not yet Ron,” Harry said with a laugh.


     “Good. I want some time to spend with my girl before we set off again.” Ron bent down and kissed Hermione gingerly on the forehead. Hermione smiled up at him, and Harry groaned.


     “Get a room,” he sighed as he beamed up at his two best friends. Hermione stifled a giggle, and Ron beamed back. Moments like these are what they lived for.




     Harry wandered inside the house to find Ginny sitting on the living room arm chair: the big, plushy, maroon one that seemed to be bigger than Mr.Weasley. She was writing in a small bound book that appeared to be a diary. Harry walked over as quietly as he could and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, just as he had seen Ron embrace Hermione moments earlier. Ginny slowly turned her head around and beamed at him, and he smothered her smile with a gentle kiss. She got up and placed the now-closed book on the armchair, moving around the chair to hug him better. He gratefully engulfed her in his arms and planted a peck on her cheek.


     “You gotta give me more than that,” she said to him cheekily.


     He pulled back from their hug to look into her eyes and offered her a small smile before swooping her to give her a proper kiss. It wasn’t overly passionate like the kisses he and Hermione used to share, but it was more gentle and romantic. His lips moved gently against hers in a slow waltz-like rhythm, silently and swiftly, but with a gentle, loving touch, like two love birds brushing each other’s wings. It wasn’t lustful or desperate, but caring and embedded with emotion. They both pulled away a few moments later and looked into each other’s eyes before pulling into another amorous embrace. Harry lovingly kissed her forehead before resting his head on her shoulder.


     “I missed you,” he murmured into her hair, referring to his months away with Ron and Hermione.


     “I missed you more,” she whispered back.


     George sulked into the living room, ruining the moment and Harry and Ginny broke apart, both retreating to the nearby couch.


     “Did I interrupt something?” They could sense George was attempting to be chipper, but Fred’s death was still a fresh wound. Harry couldn’t see George being happy anytime soon.


     “No,” they both replied at the same time.


     George trudged to the kitchen, and Ginny wrapped her thin arms around Harry’s shoulders, leaning into his chest. He wrapped his arms around her back and placed his head on top of hers.


     “I love you.” The barely audible whisper came from Ginny. Harry was taken aback, but had common sense.


     “I love you too,” he forced out and gingerly kissed her on the forehead.




A/N: Yay! An update! I apologize for it taking so long, I had terrible writer's block and my good friend had to help me get through it :) Anyways, please leave a review! I would really appreciate it! Even if you think it's terrible, please tell me so I can make it better! Kthanksbai!



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