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Panorama by Blue Flame
Chapter 2 : Frustrations
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Any class was truly a student lined circle of hell when one had gotten little sleep due to Malfoy centered nightmares. Rose had half a mind to toss something at the blonde head two seats in front of her, despite the fact he hadn’t actually done anything to cause her currently exhausted state of mind. Nose crinkling and eyes drooping as the heavy feeling atop of them threatened to cause her lids to fall, the only thing truly keeping her awake were Aria’s helpful pokes. And by pokes, Rose did mean incessant jabs of long tipped nails at her back whenever her fellow Hufflepuff happened to see her eyes slip closed.

“Ms. Weasley, am I keeping you awake?” the question from the front caused Rose to grimace, the piercing glare she received from her professor definitely not a comfort. Feeling her cheeks burning as people turned to stare at her, she nodded her head.

“Sorry, professor,” she mumbled, the yawn that threatened to follow was quickly stifled. The snicker from in front of her let her know that hadn’t been entirely successful, the witch trying not to groan about the situation whilst she was the center of the classes attention.

“Apologies do me little good, Weasley. Pack up your things and leave my class. If you can’t keep yourself awake, you have no business being here,” the cool tone of the professor, who had quickly sunk to least favorite on Rose’s list, caused her to flinch. Rather than argue, like she might have on a better day, the young witch stuffed her things in her drawstring bag and stood.

Feeling as if her cheeks were going to be permanently reddened from the experience, she headed towards the back door, gaze forced forward to avoid the stares of her classmates. “Get some sleep. Five points from Hufflepuff,” that last bit caused a grumble of annoyance to leave her mouth as she let the door slip closed behind her.

Now she really wanted to toss something at Malfoy. His imaginative self had lost her house points. The prat.

Chest feeling heavy with the weight of fear, a vicious snarl met her ears. Things within her screamed as the darkness continued to press around her, the feel of rough bark against her back nearly eliciting a sob from her. She was trapped…cornered. Her wand had long since fallen from her hand, a useless bit of wood, her mind so paralyzed by fear that not a single spell had slipped from her quivering lips. Fear hindered her memory, wiping away the potentially useful in favor of making more room for pure instinct.

And that instinct was simply to run.

A jolt awoke the red head, Rose heaving in a deep and painful breath as she tried to calm down the assault of emotions threatening to overwhelm her. She had escaped to her dormitory, to attempt to get desperately needed sleep, only to find these dreams assaulting her once more. Frustrated tears escaping her reddened, sleep deprived eyes, she longed to be able to run down the hall and sit with her mother. The woman didn’t believe in divination, or that these were anything more than nightmares, but Rose longed for the comfort of her insisting they weren’t real over a sudden a belief that they were.

Pulling her black and yellow stripped sheets off her sweat covered body, Rose swung her feet over the side of the bed. There was little point to trying to remain asleep when her mind was so intent on plaguing her with nightmares.

Exiting her dorm and quickly leaving the suspiciously empty common room, the young witch took the stairs upwards two at a time. Her stomach rumbled with beginning pangs of hunger, her lunch having long faded into a distant memory of a meal. Pausing as she reached the ground floor of the castle, the empty nature of it struck her as curious. Normally it was bustling with students, both passing through for classes and enjoying their brief times off.

Her gaze was drawn to the window, seeing the dying rays of the sun reflecting off the glass. Her first thought was that she had ‘slept’ for much longer then she had thought.

Her second was one of dread. It was nearing nightfall…it was a night of a full moon. That she knew thanks to her Astronomy and divination classes. Her dream came cascading over like a pool of cold water, trickling into her pores and filling her very core with dread.

Despite wanting to believe it was merely a dream, just a silly nightmare spurned by too many muggle movies, there was a strange feeling in her mind. A nagging thought that she should get on the grounds, needed to, as something dreadful was going to happen. Shaking her head slightly, she made to move instead towards the great hall, wondering if some food might rid of the ridiculous feeling.

Feet making light sounds against the floor, she paused as her hand rested on the door handle of the Great Hall. The cool metal felt unusually cold against her skin, Rose finding herself greatly torn as her grip tightened around it. She could simple sit and eat with Aria, as she was meant to do, or…

She could follow her annoying instinct, and slip out onto the ground. Light was growing scarce along the floor, fleeing before the shadows, as Rose cursed under her breath. Fingers unfurling from around the handle, she was still cursing under her breath as she made quick strides towards the castles entrance.

If her dream was just a dream, Malfoy was going to have her to fear.

“Lumos,” was her first softly murmured word, her breath leaving a puff of white lingering in the air. The breeze that ruffled her hair was crisp, the shiver it sent down her spine telling of the quickly approaching winter. Dead leaves were crunched beneath her hurried footsteps, the dark shadows that sprawling out before her as fearful as the vision that lingered in her mind.

She swore that the closer she got to the forest, the clearer she could hear the howl that always tore through her nightmares. Having not come across Scorpius yet, she was beginning to wonder if she’d risked detention and never ended howlers from her mother only for him to be stuffing his face in the Great Hall.

The wood of her wand smooth against her palm, the light from her spell cast streaks of a yellow-ish white light to stream out before her. The spell felt much too feeble an attempt to see on the grounds, but it was the only one she knew and could keep going for as long as she needed.

“Going to absolutely kill him,” she muttered, whether he was outside [I]or[/I] inside, she was going to toss something at the Malfoy git and let him forever be ignorant as to why. The forest loomed before her, a frightening presence that did a number on her stomach. The moon was rising, a giant reminder in the sky, as she paused near a tree bordering the forest. Going inside was likely to be the dumbest thing she did in all her years at Hogwarts.

But if some how her dream were real…if Malfoy got himself killed and she had to see all his precious fan girls weep over his wolf mauled body…

Well, it was likely she’d feel bad for eternity. And than some.

Forcing herself past the tree, the light of her wand seemed to dim against the pressing darkness of the forest. The canopy of trees had a way of blocking out the light of the full moon, only allowing slivers to press through. Rose felt her breath quicken, stomach feeling sick, as she pressed onwards. The soft, normal sounds of the forest suddenly sounded ominous, the shadows ahead all possibly housing each beast she’d learned to be frightened of.

Minutes having gone by, with nothing seemingly out of the ordinary, she lowered her wand with a huff of annoyance. It had been just a dream. She had risked herself, going into the bloody forest, while Malfoy was likely eating with his goons plotting some other to impress the dimwitted girls of their class that didn’t include the forest.

Cursing his name despite the fact, in all honesty, he’d done nothing to earn it, she turned around in the small clearing she’d come into. The forest noises multiplied around her, shuffling creatures likely fleeing the unfamiliar light coming from her wand.

A chilling howl cut through the air, causing Rose to jump so violently that she collided with the nearest tree. Aching and feeling dread like she’d never felt it before, she made to run and forget that she’d ever thought to play hero to someone who wasn’t guaranteed to be in the bloody forest.

But a hand snaked out from behind the tree, tight grip pulling her backwards against a body she could feel was trembling. She made to scream, to shout for help that she knew was much too far away, but that same hand moved to clamp around her mouth, cutting off her one opportunity to some how save herself.

Author's Note:
Hey guys! It’s been a while, but at last I had the muse for a second chapter! I greatly appreciate everyone for reviewing the first, and can’t wait to hear your views on this one! :)

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