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Mia Caranessa Zabini by Dusk Shaddow
Chapter 4 : An Unexpected Change
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Chapter Four: An unexpected change

"Granger," Draco said trying to wake my sleeping form. "Granger. Hermione!"

"What?" I say bolting up.

"We're here," the blonde says simply before turning away and leaving me.

I gather my bags and exit the train. Stepping off I see many people looking a lot horror at the carriages.

"Ummm. Miss Granger?" a third year girl comes up to me. "I thought the carriages pulled themselves."

"The creatures you see are known as thestrals and can be seen by those who have seen death," I reply with a sad smile. "They are gentle creatures. Don't be scared by them."

Many students overheard what I said and slowly the carriages were boarded and departed for the castles while Hagrid took the first years by boat.

Together Draco, Blaise who chatted non stop about his missing sister to Draco, and myself climbed into the last carriages.

"What is your sister's birth name?" I asked Blaise.

"Mia Caraness Zabini. She is my younger and apparently identical twin," the Italian answered with a proud smile.

"I don't know anyone at Hogwarts with that name or a similar one and I haven't seen anyone who looks like you. I'll keep a look out though." I say trying to picture every girl from our year in my head.

"We placed a glamour charm on her and put her in an adoption agency so if Voldemort tortured us on her location we would have no idea. He told us to kill her because he saw that she would help in his downfall."

I catch Draco's head snap up at that and he slightly pales as he glances at me. I wonder what that was about though but I just shrug it off and continue to talk to Blaise. He is one of the rare nice Slytherins.

"Your sister will be lucky to have you as a brother Zabini," I say before departing for the Great hall.

Draco and I were introduced first and then the first years were being sorted.

It wasn't until we were nearing the last few students when I started to feel faint. I place my head down on the table willing my self to feel better. I only began to feel worse so I swung my legs across the bench to go to the hospital wing.

"Ravenclaw!" the sorting hat called out for the last student and then I screamed out in pain and collapsed on the floor.

Blaise's POV

I hear Hermione scream and see her collapse to the floor. She glow bright white and before I know it I'm out of my seat, jumping over the table and hurrying to her.

"Mia?" I whisper as the light dies down leaving an olived tone skinned girl with long black hair in front of me. She opens her eyes to reveal a set of electric blue eyes to match my own.

"Blaise?" she groans as she looks up at me.

Hermione/Mia's POV

"Hello Mia, you have the misfortune of having me for a brother," he said giving me a grin.

I broke out laughing, "Is their a potion to change me back. I'm not quiet sure I want that misfortune."

"To bad. You're stuck with me," he says grinning standing up and offering me his hand. I take it and look around the Great Hall to see everyone looking at me in shock. I glance at my friends to see them looking shocked and upset and to see Ron looking furious.

"Mister Zabini," Headmistress McGonagal said. "What is going on?"

"Well Headmistress," Blaise started. "At birth Mia and I were separated to keep her from being killed by Voldemort who sensed her as a threat to him. We placed a glamour charm on her and let her be adopted and during seventh year after all students were sorted she would change into her normal body."

"And here we are," I say uneasily holding Blaise's hand who gave it an encouraging squeeze.

"Miss Zabini," the sorting hat said from the stool. "You must be resorted into the proper house with your new heritage."

Blaise lead me up the stairs to the stool and when the hat was placed on my head it began to talk, "Not Hufflepuff. You are smart enough to be a Ravenclaw but you would be bored in that house. You still are brave at heart but will your friends still support you through this? Or should you be placed with your brother in Slytherin? It better be...."

A/N: you are going hate me. Cliff hanger!!!!
Don't worry the next chapter is already written just blame the people who have to approve these stories for the wait ;)

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Mia Caranessa Zabini: An Unexpected Change


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