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Squib by The_seeker12
Chapter 1 : A prologue of sorts
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 Disclaimer: JKR owns everyone you recognize. I just like playing. :)I always dreamed of the day I’d walk onto platform nine and three quarters, the day I’d step on that scarlet train and leave for the best seven years of my life, setting off to a castle of fairytales with my immensely large family.

But it never came. All my dreams- seeing Hogwarts, becoming a Gryffindor, being a chaser on my house team, growing up to be a healer- were crushed.

And now I’m no longer Lily Luna Potter, daughter of the famous wizarding hero and auror Harry Potter and greatest female Quidditch player who ever lived Ginny Potter, and soon to be Gryffindor. No. Now I’m simply Lily Luna Potter, squib and the biggest joke on the face of the planet.

I remember the day I turned eleven. I’d waited all day long for the letter. My letter. I’d stayed up for as long as I could. Eventually, I feel asleep on the couch, watching for the owl. It never showed up. I was left empty handed, sent off to muggle primary school. I was a muggle myself.

My family avoids me like the plague nowadays, as if afraid they’ll catch some of my squib disease. Except Albus. Dear, sweet Albus who writes letters to me every day and tells me he’d send them through the post if he could because he knows that even seeing owls carrying letters upsets me. Albus who’s always there with hugs and smiles and comforting words. Albus is the best brother I could ever ask for. He understands and never pushes me. He’s just the kind of person who always seems to know how others feel. And he knows how to make them feel better.

And then there’s Carter. He may not understand my squib problems, being a muggle, but he’s the best friend one could ever ask for. I could probably go to him with anything and he’d have the answer. If Carter went to Hogwarts he’d be a Ravenclaw, that’s for sure. Then again, if Carter had magic he might just go to muggle school to spite everyone. And for a good laugh. He really is a sweet heart.

I remember the day I met him like it was yesterday.

I toddle around the playground of the primary school, a little confused. Mummy dropped me off here earlier, and I don’t know why. I’ve been trying to find someone to play with. Because not playing is boring. But really, there are just big groups of mean people around.

That is, until I spot a small boy who looks just as alone as I am sitting in the sandbox, building a beautiful sandcastle. I make my way over and tap his shoulder, head tilted a little, wispy red hair spilling over my shoulders, brown eyes curious, freckles standing out against pale skin in the sun.

The boy looks up, hands and face covered in sand. He smiles, a beautiful, gape toothed smile that makes his blue eyes glow. “Hi,” he says, before looking at his buckets. “Do you need a friend too?” He lifts up a bucket and shovel, offering them to me. “I’m Carter,” he says proudly. “And I’d like to be friends.”

To little seven year old me that was the most amazing thing anyone had ever said. My family was so large that I’d only been babied all my life. Al always had time for me, but he still had other friends and I knew he’d like to play with them not me. So, I accept the bucket and shovel gratefully, plopping down next to Carter and giggling as sand scatters around, some of it splashing up into my face.

“I’m Lily,” I tell him, sticking out a grubby hand to shake his and sharing a secret smile with him. It was the first of many. “And I’d like to be friends too.”

We’re cute, aren’t we? Anyways, that was the day I met Carter. We’ve been best friends ever since.

But this year… Well, let’s just say things are changing. Far more than I’d like.

 A/N: ... ... ... O_O ... I just wrote for the POV of a girl. And actually posted it. *hyperventilates a little*

... Right. So, anyways, welcome to Squib, which will probably become the project of a lifetime- namely, mine- if you don't count Gone and Time. But it should be fun. Maybe. I'd appreciate a review, simply because I've never attempted really writing humor-ish stuff from a girl's POV. (That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.) But I got the idea and couldn't let it go. 

And if you've read my stuff before you should have known this preview was forthcoming. :) So, here you are:

"Isn't he just dreamy?" I sigh to Carter. 

Carter glances up from behind his book, pushing his glasses back up his nose gently and lets his blue eyes follow my gaze. His eyes land on the guy and he shifts uncomfortably before muttering to me, “Uh… If I answer that does it imply that I’m a queer or something?”

I roll my eyes a little, quirking a piece of red hair around my fingers. "No," I scoff. "Of course not."

Well, yeah. Thank you for reading and I would love a review. Anything is welcome. XD

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Squib: A prologue of sorts


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