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Second Chances by Drunaforever
Chapter 1 : The Hogwarts Express
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 Hey guys! Here it is, the first chapter of my novel (finally)! I hope you like it and enoy, sorry if there is any mistakes, but don't forget to review please! I love them and they motivate me to write more! Thanks! XD

Disclaimer: I sadly don't own anything Harry Potter, but JK Rowling does!


 The interior of the Hogwarts Express was lit up by the bright sun outside. It was a beautiful day and everyone was happy. Luna Lovegood hummed to herself as she roamed the inside of the train. She was hoping to find a compartment with her friends. It had been long since she saw them; the war seemed to happen forever ago. So much had changed since then. Ginny and she were part of the small group that passed the test to let them go to seventh year instead of repeating sixth year again. They had learned mostly evil things last year. And last month Neville owled Luna to tell her that he had decided to come back to repeat his seventh year.

As people passed her they smiled or said hi, only a few Slytherins call her Looney since the Battle of Hogwarts.

Near the end of the train, she heard talking and laughing from inside one of the compartments. She looked inside and saw all of her friends there.

She smiled as she slid open the door. "Harry! Ron! Hermione! I didn't know you guys were coming 7th year too!"

"Surprise!" Harry said smiling.

"May I sit here?" She asked politely, though she knew the answer already.

Ginny laughed. "Of course, Luna!" She moved her bag aside to let Luna sit next to her. Everyone else in the compartment, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville, said hello to her as she put her trunk on the racks above them and sat down. They began talking again.

"How was your summer, Luna?" Hermione asked.

"Oh it was great. Daddy and I went on a trip to Switzerland and we found all kinds of plants that attract heliopaths and such."

Hermione smiled politely and the rest of them talked about what they did for their holiday break. Luna found out that Harry and Ginny were together, Ron and Hermione were a couple and Neville was dating Hannah Abbott in Hufflepuff. The group was also told that Hermione's parents had their memory restored, Harry had collected all of the possessions Sirius left him, George had married Angelina Johnson, and much more.

The rest of the ride carried on uneventfully. At one point, Luna got bored so she opened her trunk and started to read her Quibbler. The lunch trolley came and Luna bought some Cauldron Cakes, Fizzing Whizbees and Chocolate Frogs. She ate them happily as she watched Ron and Neville play an exciting game of Exploding Snap.

Every now and then, someone came in to say hi and talk for a while.

The three girls were chattering away excitedly about summer and their future and gossip while the boys talked about quidditch and other things. As the sun started to set, Luna got bored and noticed how stiff her legs were from sitting down for several hours.

"I'm going for a walk." She said as she stood up slowly to stretch her legs.

Luna left the compartment. She roamed the hallway of the train, thinking to herself and humming softly.

She was unaware of the loud chatter coming from inside the compartments, it was just there and it was just a noise in the background. But she didn't really notice it until she passed a silent compartment. Luna thought that it was empty for a moment, until she looked inside and saw a figure huddled near the window.

Whoever it was was just staring outside at the scenery.

His light blonde hair looked familiar, so she curiously opened the door.

"Lovely, isn't it?" Luna asked, staring out the window.

The figure turned around and gave a half-hearted sneer. Luna recognized him as

Draco Malfoy.  Harry and everyone else thought he was evil, but Luna saw good in everyone. She didn't believe that Draco became a Death Eater out of choice. It must have been force.

"What do you want Lovegood?" He asked her. There were bags under his eyes, his hair was no longer sleeked back and combed but it was long and untidy, he had a scar from the war on his temple, and his slumped shoulders made him look shorter than usual. His skin was pale as always and he seemed to have lost several pounds.

"I was just curious to why this compartment is so quiet. Where are your friends?"

He turned away to look back through the window. "Some didn't come back, two are dead, and others aren't really my friends anymore."

Luna walked over and sat across from him.

They sat in silence for a few moments, Draco looking skeptically at Luna. She began to hum a familiar tune.

"You're so freakin cheerful all the time." It was more of a question than a statement.

"Yes, I like to be happy. My mum always said to me, if you're happy then others can be happy, and everyone should always be happy. Sadness and anger just makes you more depressed and harsh."

"Er, right." He said.

"How was your summer?"


"How are you?"


"Did your parents get out of Azkaban?"

"No. The ministry didn't throw me in, but my Father and mother were a different story. Eventually they both got sentenced to a month in Azkaban each. They will be back in two weeks, so I had to come here alone."

"That's unfortunate."

"That's one word for it." He muttered under his breath.

"Do you still have the Dark Mark on you?"

He looked surprised. "Er, yes. Mine is fading though. My parents both just have

a minor scar on their arms, theirs are gone but I was one of the most recent

Death Eaters so it won't be gone for a while."


"Why are you doing this?" He suddenly blurted out.

"Doing what?"

"Talking to me, sitting with me, smiling at me. Why aren't you yelling, saying how I betrayed your side by becoming a Death Eater, telling me that I'm still evil and I don't belong at Hogwarts anymore?"

Luna paused. "Is that what people have been saying to you?"

He didn't answer.

She shrugged. "I see the good in everyone, I guess. Everybody is my friend to me. Others see a dark, evil traitor in you, I see a man who was scared and forced to become a Death Eater, someone who regrets everything they've done and wants a second chance. And that's what you deserve, Draco. Another chance, an opportunity to change yourself for the better."

He sneered. "No one wants to give me a second chance, Lovegood."

Luna smiled at him sympathetically and patted his hand. "I do."

Draco looked relieved and slightly happy to hear that.

She stood up and glanced at her watch. "Well my friends are going to be wondering where I am by now, so I should go."

"You're leaving?" He asked.

She smiled. "I'll see you again Draco. I'll talk to you in Hogwarts. Maybe we will have some classes together!"

Even in the dim outside, Luna could spot the hint of hopefulness in his eyes.

She closed the door behind her and she skipped away.

Poor Draco. He doesn't deserve all this harsh judgment. She thought to herself.

"Oh, look who it is. The Looney girl."

Luna was snapped out of her thoughts by the voice.

"Hello, Pansy! How was your summer?" Luna asked the girl.

"None of your business." The Slytherin sneered.

"I hope it was well. It's nice to see you here again! Are these your friends?"

Luna asked, indicating the two identical Slytherin girls next to Pansy.

Pansy smirked. "Chloe and Zoe. Twins in seventh year." The two glared at Luna threateningly while cracking their knuckles.

"It's nice to meet you! I hope we can be friends."

The three looked at Luna strangely. Then they all burst out laughing.

"Friends? With you, Looney?" Pansy shrieked.

"Yeah right! In your dreams!" Chloe-or Zoe?- laughed. Her voice was soothingly deep and silky.

"That's as likely as me marrying Longbottom!" The other twin shouted gleefully.

Her voice was like her sister's.

Luna didn't let the comments affect her. She knew being friends with them would never happen anyways, but she just wanted to make some friendly small talk.

"Well I really must get going now." Luna said once the laughter died out.

The girls didn't object but they didn't move.

 "Excuse me- sorry, trying to get throu- ouch! Sorry." Luna barely squeezed past them. She pulled her leg out but Pansy stuck her foot out and Luna fell on the floor with a loud and painful crash.

The three girls laughed again as Luna stood up wincing slightly.

A compartment door slid open. Ginny and Harry had come to see what had caused the noise.

"What happened, Luna?" Ginny asked when she saw her friend there.

"I tripped on Pansy's foot, but I'm okay." Luna smiled as always and skipped towards her friends and into their compartment, Ginny and Harry following behind her.

"Don't let those girls push you around, Luna. They are no-good Slytherins. You need to stand up for yourself, show 'em not to mess with you!"

Luna nodded but only so Ginny wouldn't start lecturing her about sticking up for herself.

The evening dragged on. They talked more and started a muggle game Hermione knew.

The night sky  was dark when the train slowed to a stop at Hogsmeade station. It began to rain as they stood up to get out.

The platform was loud and crazy, students everywhere fighting their way through the crowd to get to the carriages. 

"Luna, come on, let's get a carriage!" Ginny said over the commotion, grabbing her friend's hand so as not to lose her.

They found an empty one. Luna patted the thestrals and said hello before going inside it. Everyone that was in Luna's compartment on the train was there too.

There was an empty seat next to Luna, and they hadn't moved yet since the carriages had to be full.

Draco popped in the door. "Can I sit with- oh never mind."  He said, realizing he wouldn't be wanted in here with the people that probably hated him most.

"Wait, Draco!" Luna called out.

He turned around. "Oh it's you again, Lovegood."

"You can sit here next to me. We don't mind, right guys?" Luna suddenly noticed that everyone else in the carriage was giving her death stares that said they did mind, but Luna ignored it.

"Come on, sit here."

Draco nervously sat next to Luna and pushed himself against the wall to keep him far from everyone else.

Then he looked at the floor and didn't say anything.

The door closed and they started to move towards the castle. The rain was splattering hard on their windows.

Luna hummed quietly through the silence, oblivious to the extremely awkward tension that had filled the air since Draco came on with them.

After a few minutes they stopped, and Draco bolted out the door before anyone else.

"What was that about, Luna? Are you mental? Letting Malfoy sit with us?" Ginny said immediately.

"I was just trying to be nice!" Luna said, surprised at her tone and the other glares she was getting.

"No one is nice to Malfoy. And what did he mean when he said 'oh it's you again?'" Ginny retorted hotly.

"We ran into each other on the train!"

Ginny huffed. "Fine, but don't let it happen again. And why did you let him sit with us? He's a Death Eater!"

"I think he deserves a second chance." She said.

Ginny sighed. "Maybe you're right. But we still have to get used to everything,

it might take a while to think of Malfoy as something besides an evil little


Luna smiled. Ginny was the most open person to try new things she knew.

"Come on, let's go. I'm starving." Ron said, and everyone followed him out of the carriage into their school for yet another year at Hogwarts.

I love Hogwarts, Luna thought.

Who knows what this year will bring.


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