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Curveball by LyrisLovegood
Chapter 2 : Kicking Curveball
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Hi sorry it took so long to get this first chapter out I hope you like it :)


Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and Maltesers





Kat Graham as Roxanne Weasley


Taylor Lauter as Fred Weasley


Leighton Meester as Molly & Lucy Weasley


Aaron Johnson as Augustus Carmichael



Chapter One: Kicking Curveball


Walking was becoming that much harder.


I suppose this was the price I must pay for being pregnant; knocked-up; having a bun in the oven – all of the above.


My belly had now formed a fairly large curve around my petite frame; my feet were beginning to ache more and more each day, my emotions were running wild. I was having a nervous breakdown every five minutes, and Fred barely knew what to do with himself.


Bless my brother.


Last week I found myself crying - in hysterics over absolutely nothing. Yes, that’s right, absolutely nothing! I was crying at the sight of a tomato actually, in case you were wondering. It was just staring at me, all red and round, just watching me, and judging my current situation as if it were better than me. And let me tell you, it wasn’t in the slightest.


Fred has looked as though he would have a nervous breakdown himself too. He sits there just waiting for me to crack; break; explode, like a ticking time-bomb. He doesn’t like seeing me cry, least of all over nothing. He feels it’s his job to protect me and take care of my well being, now more than ever.


I’d moved out of my parents’ house a little over five months ago. My brother, Fred, kindly took me in when he was informed of my predicament. He knew I couldn’t tell Mum - he could see the fear in my eyes, the shake in my voice. He knew I wasn’t ready to disappoint her – not just yet. My mother had so much hope for me, big dreams to fill. For now they were merely empty skies with no clouds, lakes with no water, me without him - a pipe dream.


As you might have guessed, Mum didn’t take too kindly to me moving out. I was her last offspring, now she had no one to fuss over or argue with, aside from Dad. She had begged me to stay, but I couldn’t. I’d told her I needed space to grow, an opportunity to flourish and blossom into my own person.


The fact of the matter was I had no choice. But she didn’t know that.


“Roxanne, for someone so petite you sure eat a lot!” my brother exclaimed. He eyed me cautiously, trying to suppress his laughter as I flicked the ‘v’ sign at him. My face hardened into a threatening frown as I continued to munch on my third slice of apple pie.


It was so nice; actual bliss even, to feel it sit on my tongue before swallowing it. For some bizarre reason I just love apples. Last week I’d craved apple crumble – now that was nice, all crunchy and crumbly, falling apart in my mouth as the sweet flavours exploded on my tongue.


“Don’t judge me, brother,” I warned, peeking out from behind the refrigerator as I rummaged for yet more satisfying desserts which would please my taste buds. I finally decided on some chocolate brownies, marking it as my next target, aiming to demolish it with ease.


“Should I start charging you for rent?” he asked mockingly, eating a slice of homemade pizza he had made earlier. My eyes suddenly darted to the ham, cheese and pineapple, half the brownie stuffed inside my mouth. “Want one?” he offered seeing the longing in my eyes. I nodded in agreement and pounced for a third of his pizza, stuffing my face like a pig.


“Thank you Freddie. You’re the best!” I beamed, spraying crumbs all over him. My face reddened in embarrassment.


“Haven’t we been through this before, Rocky? Manners don’t cost a thing, and you shouldn’t speak with your mouth full. Honestly, sis what would Grandma say?” He laughed as I scrunched my nose up and stuck my tongue out childishly.


You wouldn’t have thought I would be giving birth in the next couple of months. I feel sorry for my unborn child already.


“Lucy and Molly are coming to visit today!” I said excitedly, bouncing up and down like a child (well, as much bounce as a pregnant woman can muster anyway.)


“You better stop doing that or you’ll give my unborn niece/nephew a concussion,” he teased, chuckling to himself as I mimicked his words in childlike manner. “And I see being pregnant has not made you any more mature.” He grinned as I contemplated throwing some lettuce at him - I decided against it, and instead ate it.


“Good thing I’m pregnant and hungry, or else you’d feel my fury!”


Fred started chuckling some more, catching me thumping my left fist against my right hand, narrowing my eyes in a threatening way.


“Sis, you’re still not intimidating, especially with that.” He pointed to my podgy belly, “That right there makes you all the cuter. I just want to pick you up and squish you to death.” He beamed, getting ready to chase after me as I wobbled around the kitchen in a pathetic attempt at escaping his evil grip.


“Fred! Stop! I can’t see my feet,” I grumbled, pouting.


It seems the other down side to being knocked up is you can’t see your own feet. I mean it was already a challenge being this short and all - now I can’t see anything.


It always annoyed me how I was born petite when the rest of my family were so tall.  I often feel like a child trapped in an eighteen-year-old’s body. I swear to Merlin I am currently the same size as I was when I was eleven. Isn’t that a bit grim? Fred was 6’1 - easily towering over me. To be totally honest, most of my male cousins were 5’10 to 6’4. I guess the tall genes run on the male side of the family because, on the other hand, not all of my female cousins were tall, aside from Tori, Rose and Lily. Lucy, Molly and Dominique were average height, standing at 5’6 and I was stuck with the short genes from somewhere, standing at barely 5ft tall. I swear at times I feel like I’ve been adopted or something.


I hope my unborn child doesn’t suffer the same ill fate as me. But then again, the biological dad was 6ft; maybe they’ll turn out average height.


I’d be happy with that.




“Roxanne!!!” I was greeted by an identifiable high-pitched screech that could have only belonged to my lovely cousin Molly. She pounced on me, beaming at my baby bump. Her eyes twinkled with excitement as Lucy followed suit behind her, smiling at me as she embraced me, my bump getting stuck between us.


“You’re glowing,” Lucy noted, pulling away. She lifted her hood up as the snow began to cascade down the dark ominous sky, each snowflake landing perfectly on the ground, waiting for more snow fall.


“Thanks,” I murmured. “I feel huge!”


“How far along are you now?” Molly went on before I could reply. “Shouldn’t be that long now, right? I should see my cousin soon!” she exclaimed, dancing circles around me and Lucy. 


“Forgive her; she came out without taking her medication this morning,” Luce whispered, winking. I giggled slightly as Molly slapped her sister on the arm in annoyance. “You know it’s nothing but the truth MoMo!” Lucy grinned widely as we stepped inside Prim’s Patisserie, a place outside Diagon Alley.


“Good morning ladies, how may I help you this fine afternoon?” a tall guy with dark brown hair greeted, smiling broadly. We’ve discovered his name to be Gus - probably shortened from Augustine, or something of that sort.


“May I have a vanilla latte, a large amaretto cappuccino and a large caramel hot chocolate with lots of cream and marshmallows please,” Lucy placed our orders. “Oh, and possibly some Maltesers on the side too,” she finished, giving the hot guy a twenty pound note. I tugged her on her sleeve, eyeing the display case. “Sorry, and that apple pie too. Actually, make that three.” She trailed off, looking at the guy with sympathetic smile; clearly apologetic for our large and indecisive orders.


“You sure have a big appetite, Miss...” He paused, waiting for Lucy to fill the gap. I nudged her once more. Luce was so clueless sometimes.  She stared at me, annoyed, with a ‘what?’ expression painted on her face. My eyes darted back to the guy on the counter. Her ‘what’ expression then turned to an ‘oh’ one.


“It’s Weasley, Lucy Weasley.”


“It’s nice to meet you.” He extended a hand for her to shake. “I’m Augustus Carmichael, but everyone calls me Gus.” He smiled, handing her the change. He turned to Molly and me then, as Mo coughed not so subtly.


Well I was pretty close.


“Oh, this is my cousin, Roxanne-” she pointed to me, I gave a small smile, “-and this is my twin sister, Molly.”


“It’s nice to meet you all,” he nodded in acknowledgment. “Are you from around here?”


“No, no, my cousin lives near here,” Lucy said cautiously, choosing her words carefully, unaware of whether the guy knew of Diagon Alley and the Wizarding World or if he was a simple Muggle man. “But me and my sister plan on moving up here pretty soon,” she added as an afterthought.


“Oh, how nice. Maybe we could meet up sometime and hang out...” he trailed off, smiling awkwardly, unsure of how Luce would react to his not so subtle hint.


“Yeah sure, I’ll swing by when we’ve got our flat sorted.”


Alright, we all knew that this was the part where she’s supposed to give him her number. But she wasn’t just an ordinary girl, was she? She was a witch! And we still haven’t decided on using mobile phones, we tend to keep in touch by owls instead, you know.


“I think we might need to join the Muggle world of technology,” I stated, sitting down by the window, Molly carrying one tray of drinks and Lucy carrying another tray with our three apple pies.


“Mobile phones confuse me. There are too many buttons. I would rather use an owl to send my messages,” Molly explained, drinking her cappuccino.


“And apparently there’s such thing as a touch screen,” Lucy mused, oblivious to what this could be.


The fact of the matter was we were quite alienated by Muggle technology. We had no such thing as mobile phones or laptops and the internet. It was something far from ordinary to us, completely foreign actually.


“Would it be strange to see the Wizarding world walking around with mobile phones?” Molly asked, moving a clump of hair from her face, pushing it back towards the back of her shoulders.


“Maybe they should make our wands a mobile phone!” I exclaimed.


“Where would the buttons go?” Lucy asked warily.


She did have a point. Our wands were fairly slim.


“Anyway, how have you both been?” I smiled, taking a bite of my apple pie and holding on tight to my hot chocolate for warmth.


“We’ve been pretty good,” they said in unison.


“Auntie Lina is asking after you though,” Lucy went on.


“She wants to know when you’ll be back to visit,” Molly finished.


I placed my mug of hot chocolate down, feeling a sense of guilt wash over me. I still hadn’t told my parents I was pregnant and now I was ready to pop in the next two months. I mean, I couldn’t do it now: my belly was far too noticeable. Mum will probably want me to get rid of it - but I can’t, I’m too far gone.


I don’t want rid of this bump, as much as it pains me to see how my body has been treated and changed every day.


I’m going to become a mother. And stay independent – well, I’ll still need the help of my brother actually: I don’t know what to expect. Crying baby, late nights, no sleep...


“Have you told the father yet?” Lucy questioned curiously. She was always the one doing things by the rules. I mean, she wasn’t too thrilled that I didn’t tell my mother, but she had to stick by my decisions no matter how much she’s against it.


I sank my head down, staring at the table as if there was something fascinating there, but we all knew there wasn’t. I was just ashamed. I haven’t done things the right way, but at least it was my way. In my current situation, I felt that was more important.


“You can’t hide forever,” Lucy warned. “The truth will come out soon.”


I’ll just wait till that happens then.


I wish she would stop looking at me like that - as if she could read my mind. Damn her!


“What if you bump into him now, what would you say?”


“That the baby isn’t his?” I answered cautiously, ducking behind my hot chocolate. “Oh, isn’t the snow beautiful?” I pointed out, trying to change the subject.


“Rocky, I agree with Luce,” said Molly. “As much as I hate the git, he still deserves to know the truth. Imagine if you were put in his position instead, wouldn’t you like to know?”




“What you don’t know won’t hurt you, right?” I reasoned. “Besides, I don’t think he’s ready to take on this responsibility anyway.”


“He may surprise you.”


“I doubt it,” Molly muttered, causing Lucy to nudge her in the ribs. “Ouch!” Molly moaned, clutching her side with one hand and fending her sister off with the other.


“I’ll tell him when the time is right,” I said finally, suddenly losing my appetite.


“And when will that be?” Lucy interjected. “When the baby is old enough to ask questions?”


“I’ll tell him soon,” I snapped. “Just not right now.”


“What is the gender of our baby cousin anyway?” Molly asked, trying to change the subject. She reached over to pinch my uneaten half of apple pie.


“I don’t know. I wanted it to be a surprise.” I smiled, rubbing my belly, feeling a slight kick.


“What happened?” Lucy asked warily. Her hard expression dropped as her eyes darted to my belly.


“The little curveball just kicked.”


“Did you just call your bump a curveball?” Molly giggled loudly. “I hope that isn’t my new cousin’s name...” she trailed off.


“I want to feel!” Lucy smiled brightly, reaching over to place her hands upon my ‘curveball.’ “Oh wow!” she seemed breathless. “And I can’t believe you’ll be here soon.”


“It’s my turn!” I couldn’t help but giggle at my cousin’s childishness, pushing her elder sister aside so she could have a go.


“How have we not felt this before?” they exclaimed.


“It’s because you haven’t been around,” I said simply, rubbing my belly some more. “I wish curveball would make an appearance already, my back is aching so much.” I moaned, my free hand rubbing the back of my spine.


“I think it’s going to be a girl,” Molly said, matter-of-fact. “She kicks like a girl.”


“Have you thought about names?” Lucy interjected. “Have you shopped for baby clothes yet?”


Oh, so that’s what I forgot to do.


“No, I haven’t thought that far.”


“You’re ready to pop and you haven’t brought anything for my little cousin?” Molly exclaimed bewildered. “We need to go shopping. Now!”


And with that said, she got up, dragging Lucy and I along with her. She only paused to stop and let Lucy say goodbye to Gus, who chuckled at our situation – typical men.


I hope you like this :) and thank you for reading.

And once again thanks to Maybe for beta-ing this!!!

Lyris xo


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