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I Never Knew by Ade W Malfoy
Chapter 5 : New Arrangements
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Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns everything except for the plot.



A/N Sorry if we had not updated before the staff break, I had two other chapters from two different stories to validate. Pls review, I’m literally begging. I wonder how come readers usually review on the day it gets validated. I’m gonna stop bothering you, none of you are actually gonna read this anyways. BTW, the beginning was written by CUT_DMalfoy.




Ade W Malfoy




Draco still felt uneasy about what happened with Dumbledore, but he wasn’t going to give in to Dumbledore’s game








It was the last few days of the warm sun before winter took its toll. It was Friday when Hermione and Draco were summoned to Dumbledore’s office after lunch. Draco had almost forgotten about his last scary meeting with Dumbledore. Both of them met at Dumbledore’s office, waiting to enter together.




“Malfoy,” Hermione nodded her acknowledgement.




“Mudblood, what a surprise, you’re carrying the whole library with you.” Draco replied with a smirk.




Instead of a snappy retort, Hermione looked like she was about to cry. She didn’t want to break down I front of Malfoy, so she quickly said the password and stepped onto the rotating stairs. Draco followed after her immediately.




Hermione was about to knock on the door when they heard Dumbledore’s voice.




“Ms Granger, Mr Malfoy, come in.” They stepped in then settled onto two chairs in front of Dumbledore’s desk. Dumbledore seemed to be in deep thought for a moment before he said. “Now, you both are probably wondering why I called you here so urgently. They nodded stimulatory, so Dumbledore continued.




“Well, Ms Granger I have ordered Mr Malfoy here to watch over you as your heritage and identity is still currently unknown. I have instructed him instead of someone else as firstly, he was the one to cause this. And secondly, he is second to you in every class and a very skilled wizard."




Hermione opened her mouth to protest, but Dumbledore put up his hand to stop her.




"Ms Granger, you must understand that this is for your own good. You will be moved to an extra heads dormitory so Mr Malfoy can keep an eye on you easily, and no exceptions." Dumbledore added as he saw Hermione open her mouth again. "Now, Professor McGonagall will be waiting outside to take you to your new dorms. Off you go!"




“Professor, I have a question first though. How can you trust Malfoy? He’s the son of a renowned death eater.”




“Ms Granger, do you believe in change of heart?” Hermione nodded. “Well there’s your answer.” Dumbledore simply said.








“Uugh, I still can’t believe that you have to share dormitories with Malfoy.” Can’t someone else like Harry, me or Ginny protect you instead?” asked a red in the face Ron.




They were sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room, and Hermione just broke the news to Harry, Ron and Ginny that she would have to move to another dormitory.




“Ron, calm down. It’ll be fine. I can handle myself perfectly well. And I will tell you if he tries anything, happy now? Anyways, it’s only until I can find my true identity.”




“No! If Malfoy didn’t make such as stupid mistake, you would still be with us! He doesn’t have the right to be graced by your forgiveness! That ferret took away you! You’re different! Now you’re all slutty!”




Angry tears formed in Hermione’s eyes, “What do you mean not worth it? You made me sound worse than Malfoy! This is my real look, and you should accept it! Also, Malfoy misdirected the spell! He didn’t do it on purpose!”




“Well, if you insist on siding with him and not with me, maybe we shouldn’t be friends.’




Ignoring the shocked look on Ron’s face that told Hermione that Ron didn’t mean it, she gasped and shouted,




“Maybe we shouldn’t, then!”




Ginny and Harry were trying to avoid being involved in the argument. Well, until they were brought in by Ron.




“Harry. Ginny, who do you side with?”




“Umm... Well, uh...” Harry stuttered, so Ginny took over for him.




“Ron, you have to understand that Hermione’s reasons are logical. Just because she looks prettier and as curves that every girl would envy, that doesn’t mean she is slutty.”




Ron glared at Ginny then shouted. “Well fine then! Go side with Malfoy, you guys are not my friends!” He then stomped out of the Gryffindor Common Room.





Hermione felt bad about their argument with Ron, but she knew that there was nothing they could do about the new arrangements. Dumbledore would not be swayed. But on the other hand, she would not have to listen to Ron fuming every second if he was not going to hang out with them.





After dinner, Hermione said goodbye to Harry and Ginny then proceeded to her new common room. On the way, she met Malfoy. Surprisingly for her, Malfoy stuck out his hand like he did to Harry in first year and said,




“Granger, seeing as both of us have to share a common room why don’t we call for a truce. I don’t think I could tolerate bickering to each other for the whole day.”




Hermione hesitated but then shook his hand and nodded. His hand was surprisingly warm instead of cold, like what Hermione thought it would be.




They entered the common room together and went to mind their own businesses. The common room was both green and red, to match both their house colours. The common room gave an overall comfy and homey feeling. Each of their rooms were like the room of requirement, allowing them to have the bedroom of their dreams. If they wanted anything, all they had to do was think hard.




* * *




Dinner in the Great Hall was about to begin when Professor McGonagall called for their attention to the teachers table. Dumbledore stood up,




“I have an important announcement to make, our heads, Ms Johnson and Mr Davies have decided that they want to have a Christmas Ball. Both them and the other prefects have agreed that they want it as much like the Yule Ball as possible. This will take place on the last Saturday before the holidays. First years to third years will have theirs during 6pm to 9pm, dinner included. And the fourth years to the seventh years will have theirs during 9pm to midnight. After that, we professors will expect you to be in your dormitories. Thank you!”




The girls were cheering loudly when he finished, but on the other hand, the boys were groaning as loudly as the girls were cheering. Chatter could be heard immediately throughout the Great Hall, girls talking about what they would do with their hair, and boys asking each other who they would ask to the ball and daring each other to ask a specific girl out.




A/N I’d like to thank a few people for reviewing the past four chapters: charmedjedi, hpfangirl, Shayla, Starkidgleek, dragonlady, CUT_DMalfoy and Avanell 2. Thank you so much for all your opinions and encouragements! Until next time! Please review though! <3

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I Never Knew: New Arrangements


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