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The Wizarding Tale by precious92
Chapter 17 : Things Fall Apart; the Centre Cannot Hold
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Chapter 17
“Things Fall Apart; the Centre Cannot Hold”

“Phasmatis of orbis terrarum, suplex pro nos. Nos es tua sacerdos quod vadum sceptrum sententia til terminus of vicis. Rapio meum sacrificium et grando us. For tuum potentiae es nostra. Nos sunt nocte et die et infinitio…. ”

“Spirits of the world, humble us. We are thou Priestess that shalt rule till the end of time. Steal our sacrifice and hail it. For thou shalt be our power. We are the day, night, and eternity.”

It was a classroom, large and dark. And yet, thousands of candles illuminated each and every detail of the room. At the centre sat a very calm and collected Sheherazade Layl, with an oversized pentagram drawn around her. At one end of the pentagram stood Loreli Hera, wearing a black hooded robe with golden lining. She had a chain on one hand, and an upside down skull in another.

Rose felt like she was transported to another eerie and chilling universe. Her body felt heavy, all of a sudden, as if she would like to shed her skin and let her soul roam free. Her feet were stuck to the floor as if someone had cast a Permanent Sticking Charm on them.

Thoughts raced through her mind, but none made sense.

“Do you, Sheherazade Layl, agree to sacrifice your soul for the greater cause?” commanded Loreli.

Sheherazade, whose eyes were tightly shut, opened them. Rose gasped as she stared at Layl. Her pupils were so dilated that they looked almost insect-like. She looked possessed. Then Rose realized that she probably was possessed.


The chain, held by Loreli, started to sway. Rose saw, dangling from it, the pentagram that was displayed in the Headmaster’s Office in her first year. Rose knew at that point, that Loreli was going to kill Layl to gain more power. She could not let that happen. She knew how much Scorpius cared about Layl, how much he valued her. No matter how cold Layl was, Rose could not let her die in the hands of Loreli Hera.

So why can’t I move? thought she. Why is my body frozen?

Then she felt it. A cold sensation, as if someone dumped a bucket of cold water over her. But before she felt it, she saw them: pearly white figures drifting across the room, from all direction, to the centre. For the first time, she saw the ghosts of Hogwarts looking haunted.

She watched as the apparitions edged closer. She tried to lift her hand. But it was as if someone was dumping weight after weight upon her.

Do something, she told herself.

At last, gathering all her might, she lifted her wand arm and pointed it at Loreli.

“EXPELLIARMUS!” yelled Rose. She watched as Loreli got blasted by the sheer force of the spell.

The pentagram locket fell to the ground with a loud clinging sound, and the skull rolled across the floor towards Rose; she saw a trail of liquid pouring out of the skull, as it did so. At first she thought it was red wine; then she realized that the liquid was too thick to be wine; it was blood.

And then chaos unleashed.

The ghosts, who were edging towards the centre in a trance, were now emitting a low howling noise as they floated about the room frantically. Rose was forced to a fetal position, as her heart began to pound with dread and fright. It was a nightmare coming to life.

“HOW DARE YOU!” commanded a terrifying Loreli Hera.

Rose backed away in fear.


She stared at Loreli. Her hood had fallen, and her silver blond hair was flying about oddly. Ghosts passed through her in mayhem and lost, yet she did not care as she walked towards Rose. This might be the last moment of her life………….


Suddenly, Loreli’s whole body gave an irregular jerk. Her arms began to twist, and her body shuddered to the floor. Her mouth opened in a silent scream.

Standing behind the anguished body of Loreli, was Sheherazade. Blood was dripping from her arms at an increasing rate. Rose took that moment to gather her courage.

“Stop! Please,” plead Rose. Sheherazade, who seemed to have snapped out of her trance, glanced at Rose and lowered her wand. Then it was Rose’s turn to raise her wand.

“Petrificus Totalus,” said Rose, with conviction. Loreli’s body snapped, for the last time, and froze.

As Sheherazade marched towards Rose, she shoved Loreli aside with her feet.

“Come on,” she said. “We have to run. It will not hold her for long.”

She grabbed Rose’s arms and ran.

Rose didn’t know where Sheherazade was taking her. But she knew that it was definitely not the Ball. As both the girls ran, their gowns flew hauntingly behind them in the luminescent night.

“Layl! Where the bloody hell are you taking me?”

“Outside, through the gates. We have to hide, or else she will find us and kill us!”

Rose came to a sudden stop, and pulled at her arms. This made Sheherazade slow down.

“Wait a minute. Are you telling me that you want me to actually run away with you?”

In the moonlit grounds of Hogwarts, Shehrazade looked exceptionally pretty. Her long straight black hair was flying in the breeze, and her vintage embellished, one shouldered, laced gown flowing down her body.

“If you don’t run away, then she will not even take a second to decide whether she wants to kill you or not.”

“I cannot run away. Neither can you.”

Sheherazade let out mirth of laughter. “My dear, if you think your bravery will save you, you are wrong.”

“What about Scorpius? How can you leave him behind?”

“Scorpius is a big boy. He knows how take care of himself.”

“I can’t leave my family behind.”

Sheherazade gave her a long hard look.

“Then this is good-bye,” she finally said. She turned around and walked on towards the gates.

Rose thought about whether she should stop her, whether she should get someone to help. Then she saw the dried blood marks on Sheherazade’s beige gown, and thought against it.

When Sheherazade reached the boundary of the main gates, she gave a last look towards Rose and said, “Tell Scorpius that I’m sorry I had to break my promise. Tell him I’ll be safe.”

Then she forced the large rod iron gate open, and walked out. Rose got a last glimpse of her as she Disapparated.

Finite,” said Lucas.

The Priestess felt alive again. Coursing through her blood was vengeance. She looked Lucas, angering boiling through her head.

“Priestess! Who did this to you?” asked Lucas, innocently.

“You have failed me,” stated the Priestess. Her eyes were bright and livid. “I asked you to perform one task for your Priestess, and you have failed!”

The Priestess stood tall, gazing at her subject, as his head lowered in shame.

“I could not entice her. She attacked me.”

The Priestess walked in circles around her subject, her anger almost on the edge of sanity. Nobody defied her, and if they did, they suffered painfully. Yet Rosalind Serene Weasley was a special child. Therefore failing to occupy her, would call for a special punishment. It had been years since she had taken a life. Maybe it was time to see if she was still adept enough. After all, Lucas owed her a sacrifice.

“Are you angry, Priestess?” asked Lucas, timidly.

“Of course, I am. But Lucas, your Priestess happens to be merciful and sensible. I shall not force judgement upon you. In fact, I shall give you a second chance.”

Lucas’s head rose, and across his face was the evidence of hope. How she pitied humanity. Weaklings, such as Lucas, only starved for chances. Yet they do not see that chances require time, and time is something she did not possess the control over. But everything will change when she gains full power.

“Lucas, my dear. Since your first attempt at aiding me resulted in a disaster because my assistant in the ritual fled. I shall ask you take the honorary position,” she said, resting one of her delicate hands upon his shoulder.

She felt him turn rigid with fear.

“There is no need to fear,” she whispered in his ears. “It will be a flawless ritual.”

Lucas hesitated before replying. “Yes, Priestess. I will assist you.”

She watched him closely. She knew that he feared his fate, as he rightly should. She led him to centre of the pentagram and made him kneel. She then pulled out a knife from the pocket of her robe and held it in her hands.

“Tell me, Lucas. Do you fear Death?”

Lucas looked up and stared at the knife.

“Priestess, please…… ”begged Lucas.

“No need to fear, Lucas. The ritual is flawless.”

“Priestess…… ”

Then Lucas made a rapid movement, and pointed his wand at her. “Expelliarmus!”

But the Priestess knows all. She called upon the wind to obey her with a quick movement of her hands; a gust of wind blew the wand away from him.

“You dare mock me, Lucas? With a piece of stick?”

Fear. Pure vivid fear took over Lucas. And that brought joy to the Priestess. The boy should know better to mess with her. And just for that reason, she will make sure he dies painfully……

“Lucas, dear. Do not step out of the circle if you do not want to unleash my wrath. Do as I say and you will be forgiven.”

He looked at her unbelievingly.

“Have some faith, dear. I promise,” said the Priestess, soothingly. “Now close your eyes. I do not want waste a second.”

After a moment of hesitation, Lucas knelt before her with his eyes shut. She seized this moment to stab him just below his heart. She turned the knife, and pulled it out, as she heard his ribcage crack. Blood gushed out of his body. She held the skull and waited for it to fill, as she stared at her sacrifice.

The look of being betrayed was evident in his expression. He stared at her, his thoughts clouded with utter pain. He felt his heart pump loudly, and wondered whether it has left its protective cage. His vision got clouded with ache and suffering. Yet he could feel no more. He tried to mouth his humane thoughts, in the midst of all the anguish, but he wasn’t sure whether he had already done so. He could hear no more; feel no more, see no more…….

But she heard him loud and clear.

“But…….. you promised……… why?” begged he, in the brink of his death.

“I promised to forgive, not to forget. I never said there won’t be pain,” she said, as she smirked at the dying.

As he was taking his last breathe, The Priestess started her chant:

Phasmatis of orbis terrarum, suplex pro nos. Nos es tua sacerdos quod vadum sceptrum sententia til terminus of vicis. Rapio meum sacrificium et grando us. For tuum potentiae es nostra. Nos sunt nocte et die et infinitio….

She watched, as yet again, the sea of pearly white ghosts began to appear. She felt it, the moment when raw power began to gravitate towards her. She felt herself become all powerful.

Phasmatis of orbis terrarum, suplex pro nos. Nos es tua sacerdos quod vadum sceptrum sententia til terminus of vicis. Rapio meum sacrificium et grando us. For tuum potentiae es nostra. Nos sunt nocte et die et infinitio….

She watched as the last remaining pieces of Lucas Castellan began to disintegrate…….

Vengeance is sweet………..

Where the hell is that idiot, Rose thought as she scanned the Great Hall.

She noticed Albus and James coming towards her, so she decided to duck behind the group of fourth years. She did not have time to face the wrath of her siblings. That’s when she saw Scorpius, arm- in- arm with two beautiful girls, walking out of the Hall. She followed.

She felt the world spin around her, as she noticed the last remaining image of the beautiful girl with red curls fade. She didn’t know when the spinning would stop, but she hoped that it would be worth it.

Everything around her was a blur. Her chest began to constrict with pressure. She felt she couldn’t breathe. Her mind was dizzy and muddled. She was nauseated by all this spinning and dizziness……………

Then quite suddenly, the world became static again, but her surrounding has changed. Gone were the radiant open grounds and the auburn-haired girl…….

She only saw the glimpse of dense branches and leaves blocking the sky, before the world went black…….

Rose had to intervene. She couldn’t stand and watch him bang two girls. Not that he was banging them at the moment. He was too busy licking their necks like some bloodthirsty vampire.

She walked down the staircase and towards him. He had found a nice cosy underside of a staircase to seduce the two brainless bitches.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I have to talk to Scorpius,” said Rose, with an expression completely devoid of any emotions.

Scorpius looked up and sneered, making her think whether he knew she was spying on him all along.

“Rose! What a pleasant surprise! Come to join the party, eh?”

Rose put on a fake smile and said, “As tempting your offer is, Scorpius, I shall pass. I need to talk to you.” She noticed how the three looked at her expectantly. “In private.”

“Sorry ladies,” flirted Scorpius, uncoiling his appendages from theirs. “I have to leave you. But be sure to seek me whenever you are in need.”

He then had the audacity to wink at them. Rose was immensely tempted to slap him, but she restrained.

“Shall we?” asked Scorpius, giving a mocking bow. Rose stormed ahead, without giving a second glance to see whether he followed or not.

“So why did you feel the need to interrupt me?” asked Scorpius, looking a bit irritated.

“You were doing anything important that needed interrupting,” replied Rose.

“And you were?” asked Scorpius.

Rose’s brows furrowed in puzzlement, so he added, “With my dear cousin, Luke. You must have had quite a busy night.”

His last sentence brought back all the memories of the night, to Rose. Her skin palled, as she remembered the encounter with Luke, then Loreli. She shuddered.

Scorpius watched as Rose’s expression changed from flaming anger to cold dread.

“Rose?” he asked, looking concerned.

She didn’t reply, but tears started to fall from her eyes. She didn’t know why. Maybe all that dread and adrenaline started to take a toll on her. He went over to her and cupped her face.

“What happened?” he asked.

And before she knew it she was spilling everything, from the plan to make him jealous, to the love letters Luke sent, to the encounter with Shehrazade and Loreli. Scorpius held her as everything came pouring out, not interrupting, and not even making a sound when he heard about Luke harassing her. He just listened. And when she was done, she felt light headed. She nearly fainted, but Scorpius was there to catch her. He picked her up and walked.

He went up the stairs, carrying her, until he reached the seventh floor. On the way they didn’t encounter any ghost, students or even Professor. For an eventful night, the school seemed very quiet. That scared him the most. Usually before a storm everything seems calm, and when it hits nobody anticipates it………..

Rose saw, behind them, the picture of Barnabas the Barmy trying to teach a bunch of trolls how to dance.

“Are we in the Room of Requirements?” asked she.

“Yeah,” replied he, as a pair of doors materialized in front of them.

They entered the room and looked around. It was a large dimly lit Middle Eastern style chamber. A large bronze chandelier with little mosaic lamps hanging from it, was the central element of the ceiling; the walls were wallpapered with patterned design; a large maroon and gold Persian rug covered the floor; bordering the room, was a line of Moroccan low-seat sofas, decorated with large cylindrical cushions as well as the square ones; in the middle was a large masharabian patterned low table.

“Wow!” exclaimed Rose. “This is so pretty.”

“Sheherazade would come here often to get away from the rest of the Slytherins. Sometimes I would join her too.”

“I’m sorry, Scorpius, I wanted to stop her,” she said, as he laid her down on the sofa.

“No It’s okay. I kind of expected her to run away someday. I made her promise me never to do it, even though I knew she would.”

He sat down beside her, conjured a glass of water and presented it to her.

“But we will discuss that later. First of all, do have those love letters with you at this moment?”


“What about the diamond?”

Rose realized that she had forgotten that she had tucked the locket inside her dress, as she was running away from Luke. She pulled the chain, and along with it the locket followed, out of her neck.

“Here,” she said, handing it to him.

Scorpius stared at the diamond for a long time, and then said, “Rose, this locket is my family’s heirloom. I gave it to you. It belonged to my great- great- great- grandfather Daedalus Malfoy.”

Rose sat up. “What do you mean?”

“I sent you the letters. I bought the vase and the rose- water sprinkler for you. I asked you to wear the necklace as the symbol of acceptance of my love. Not Luke. And I asked you to meet me by the Prefects Chamber at 6:30, not by the Entrance Hall.”

Rose stared at him in amazement. “But- I- but …….I read the letters many times. I’m sure it was written that I had to meet the author of the letter by the Entrance Hall at 7:00. I don’t understand!”

“I do,” he said, his expression turning dark. “Loreli hates you. You and your family always mess with her plans. So she used Luke as a diversion, so that she can perform her ritual peacefully. She also made sure I was occupied. I waited by the Chamber until 7:30. I didn’t even attend the pre-Ball meeting. And then when I arrived at the Ball, I saw you dancing with Luke. I was heart-broken. I was distracted. I didn’t notice Loreli and Shehrazade disappear. This was a perfect plan. By messing with my letters, she was able to get two of her biggest obstacles out of the way.”

Rose stared at him, as everything dawned onto her.

“So you sent me the letters? All those gifts? This necklace? And here I thought…………… Oh dear Merlin! How stupid was I? I can’t believe how easily I fell for her plan!”

She covered her face with her hands. She was frustrated with herself. She didn’t know when things had turned this chaotic. How was she ever to ask for forgiveness from Scorpius?

“Scorpius, I-”

“Shush. The one thing Loreli didn’t anticipate was Luke's narcissism, and la mia feisty Roza .”

He looked into her eyes, filled with worry and dread. He cupped her face, and inched closer until their lips were barely touching.

“Ti amo ……”

And they finally kissed.

The hunger to touch her, to hold her, that was building up inside him was finally satisfied. He didn’t want to look needy or desperate, but by Lord, did he miss her. He missed caressing those lovely, silky curls. He missed nibbling her soft slim lips. He missed the scent of fresh rose that seemed to drift from her.

His lips trailed down her, with light delicious kisses. He felt her hands grip his hair in satisfaction.

“Say it again….. tell me what you feel for me,” she whispered in his ears. He shuddered, as each time she breathed out sent a tingling sensation down his body.

“Ti amo, Roza. ……. I always have and I always will…..”

Rose pulled back, her eyes piercing his, and cupped his face, “I love you too, Scorpius. Remember that. No matter what my family says, I can never give up on you.”

He stared at her.

“Si sono così affascinante da guardare……”

Rose giggled. “I have no idea what you just said, but thank you."

"It means 'you are mesmerising to watch'."

"I love how you start spitting Italian phrases at me expecting me to understand. I think the biggest hurdle in our relationship would be your transformation into el Italiano every time we are together.”

“It’s L’italiano. El italiano is S-” He stopped talking when he realized she was teasing him.

Then the lovers burst out laughing. 

A/N; There you have it. This should be long enough to satisfy you all. I actually ended up mashing two chapters together, Then I had to spend time deleting some details. The title of the chapter is taken from the poem "The Second Coming" by William Butler Yeats. Really Interesting poem. Then I remembered the book by Achebe that took its title from the peom. So all in all I thought it would be a fitting title. So Review and Rate, so that I know how you guys are liking it so far.

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