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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 6 : Interrogation session
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'if looks could kill!' Fred chuckled in his thoughts as Hermione glared razor sharp daggers in his direction.

"WHAT!?" several people shouted at the news the first two being of course Harry and Ron as several other people surrounded them bombourding them with question most regarding how this happened, when he asked, how, when they started dating etc etc. Hermione looked so frightened and confused for once not knowing the answer to a question, looking at her face Fred couldnt help but burst out laughing. everyone just stared at him almost everyone.

"excuse me everyone but i must talk with my ...Fiancee alone for a moment." Hermione said nearly gagging at the word Fiancee. she quickly got up and dragged her laughing soon-to-be-deceased-fiancee to the door.

"what in Godrics name were you thinking!?" Hermione started as they got in. Fred had stopped laughing to look her in the eye innocently but couldnt hold back and began to laugh again. Hermione soon realized just how contagious his laugh could be and began to laugh. George walked in to find the two fools laughing like there was no tomorrow.

"Where did that come from you two!? how could you both leave me out like that!?" he said feigning offense at being left out of such a good prank.

"WE didnt leave you out He did it! if im not mistaken this was a spurr of the moment idea." Hermione said as she calmed a bit from laughing. Fred wiped tears of mith from his eye and sat at the counter.

"sorry you two it was the first thing that came to mind." he said.

"oh and if the sudden thought of saying we were married and had 20 kids living on a delicate farm with a labradoodle came to mind first you would have said that?" Hermione questioned walking around the other side of the counter.

"oh merlin no!...I would NEVER own a labradoodle...horrid creature that is" he said Hermione hid a chuckle, as mad as she was it was still funny.

"hey how did you do that?" George said backing away a few steps. Hermione and Fred exchanged glances.

"What?" they both said in unison.

"That" he motioned to Hermione. Hermione looked down at her self, still in her jeans and faveorite loose blouse, aside from the site of muggle clothes there was nothing. Hermione looked at Fred questioningly who shrugged his shoulders in reply.

"the chain!" he said realizing he wasnt getting through to them.

"your like five feet away! did you guys fix it?" he asked hopefully.

"oh no remember that one prank we were working on last year? oh you know the one where you expanded the nose..uh...Pinoccio drops" he snapped his fingers remembering the name George took a second but it hit him.

"oh yea! you did that eh? smart " he said studying the invisible chain as if he could see it. Hermione just looked at them remembering the chain and their crazy inventions. Hermione would absolutely never admitt it but she had always thought their pranks were just brilliant. to think that they could take simple spells and potions and turned them into something like their pranks was somewhat intriguing to her not to mention quite entertaining.

"Hermione?" she heard someone knock her back into reality.

"hmm what?" she asked not hearing a word they had said.

"i asked if you were mad know what." he said not wanting to say the word and conflict any more than what was necessary pain upon him at a later date. Hermione thought about everything that had happened today and found she was no longer mad.

"im not mad..." she said Fred giving a incrediously happy expression.

"im Furious!" she said smirking as Freds face dropped.

"but" she reconsidered, Freds face rose back up slowly holding the most hilarious puppy dog face.

"i think today was the most I've laughed since...well you know." she said looking down.Fred and George exchanged glances and smiled identical lopsided smile.

"we better get back out there any longer away and mother dearest will begin to breath fire." George chuckled scratching the back of his head than dropping his arms and placing his hands into his pockets. he quickly made his way out as Hermione and Fred followed closely behind. Molly approached them first.

"well as shocked as i am and a little disappointed i hadnt been told first i do believe a congradulations is in order." she said stopping Hermione and Fred.

"oh congradulations Hermione dear!" she said engulfing Hermione into a bear hug as she wipped away tears of joy. Hermione just stood there shocked unsure waht to say.

"thank you Mrs. err..Molly" she said hugging her back. Harry and Ginny approached.

"oh Hermione how could you keep it from me!" Ginny said hugging her.

"yea you have some explaining to do missy but for now congradulations." Harry said hugging her than quickly turning to Fred.

"i know we are friends but ill warn you like every other guy that has approached out Hermione...if you hurt her if you so much as make her feel bad let alone cry, Azkaban will look like haeaven when im finished with you." Harry said in a very serious threatening voice. Fred swallowed the fear that made it to the back of his throat knowing very well as young as Harry potter may seem he was just as dangerous as old Voldy. Hermione smiled however at the affection of her friend who had taken on a fatherly protectiveness of her. soon everybody had approached them with congradulations and questions.

"how long have you been dating?" Fluer had asked.

"8 months" "6 months" they said in unison. they looked at each other smiling flustered.

"6 months" "8 months" they switched. confusing many others.

"a very long time" they said together. Fluer simply smiled adoring the young couple.

"when did he propose?" someone else dared to question.

"oh well a coulple of days ago?" she said or rather questioned unsure of what to say. Hermione hadnt really been in such a relationship before which consist of this...infact she hadnt ever been in a relationship really. though many had scowled or doubted her when she said that her a Vicktor Krum were werent dating they had simply agreed to go to the dance with each other. she had been helping him with his studies and she was practically the only person Vicktor truely knew he felt comfortable asking her rather than someone like Parviti or Lavender. Hermione had simply agreed.

"have you guys slept together?" someone snickered. Hermione blushed and looked to Fred for help. Fred was a little mad someone would dare to ask Hermione such a personal question.

"alright everyone its getting late and i do believe Hermione and Fred are exhausted from todays interrogation session. so good night everyone." George surprised them by saving the day. everyone agreed as the collected the gifts and placed them in the fireplace flooing them to Fred and Georges place. Hermione looked for Ron wondering where he had run off to knowing very well he was the one who asked whether they had slept together. he seemed to have disappeared off the face of the Earth so Hermione reluctantly kissed Harry and Ginny goodbye and got in the fireplace with Fred. George sooned followed.

"that was crazier than i suspected." Fred chuckled. Hermione exhausted smiled and headed toward the back until a sudden thought punched her.

"uh Fred?" she said as they entered his bedroom and he removed his shoes.

"yes?" he said unbuttoning his shirt forget Hermine was a 17 year old girl standing a few feet away from him.

"where am i to sleep!?" she said walking up to him. fred stopped and slowly looked up from his shirt . than quickly jumped and turned around startled by how close she was and her sudden question and most importantly the fact that she was a girl standing in his bedroom.

"AHH!" they yelled followed by a thud.

"ow..." they said in unison. Hermione sat up slowly and they opened their eyes to find Freds shirt wide open exposing his bare chest and Hermione straddeling him with one hand on his well defined abs and the other on her aching head. Fred although shocked had to admitt how good her soft hands felt sending tingles through his rather cold skin. Hermione too stunned and embarrassed to say anything just sat there with a quickly reddening blush across her face.

"hey guys i just...WOAH!" George had begun as he walked in holding a bottle of something or another. as his eyes rested on the scene his frown turned into a very amused smirk.

"am i interrupting something?" he chuckled backing away slowly.

"i just leave you to it than." he smiled and quickly left shutting the door. Hermione had never felt so embarressed  and angery looked down at Fred who looked up at her. then they remebered who had seen them and whose fault it was. 

"GEORGE!" the yelled in perfect unison.

'they are getting good at that unison thing i think Hermiones giving me a run for my money.' George smiled at his thoughts




there you are my dear friends the next chapter i hope you enjoyed it for it is the last chapter to this story ^^







jk you people would kill me if that were true.

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