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Shattered Memories by crimson_night
Chapter 1 : Colliding Memories
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Shattered memories, like light reflecting through a broken mirror, tell a different story. Moments collide, faces blur and a new story emerges. The older the memories the more distorted that got. Sometimes so much changed that the true story was washed away by myth and legend. Hogwarts contained memories. Old memories. New memories. Happy and sad. Lives and faces darting through its halls like flashes of light. It was a place of refuge. Of identity. Of strength. A place where children could discover who they were and take refuge.

As it was three boys came to Hogwarts. Each unloved. Uncared for. Alone in this world. Each in turn discovered themselves. They learned who they were and how to have the future they wanted. But nothing ever goes as we plan, and their dreams and ambitions were altered by on another.

The oldest one craved power. He desired it above all else. All his effort was put into his quest. He dreamt of ruling the world with an iron fist, but he was stopped. And so he perished at the hands of his foe, unloved and alone. For all his strength, he had nothing. No one to grieve his passing, and so death took the eldest boy.

The second boy desired a girl. Loving her from a young age he desperately ached for her love. Beautiful she was with eyes like emeralds and hair like fire, she captivated his mind. But once again, fate played a cruel hand to the boy. The girl feel in love with another. She married him leaving the boy alone. The marriage did not last long due to her untimely murder. And so, in an effort to protect her son and maintain her legacy, the boy was killed and death took the second boy.

The youngest of the three, though equally mistreated never reached for such high goals. He was humble. He took more than he was given, yet fate smiled on him. All he wanted was a normal life, but fate gave him fame. It granted him with power and love. But he wanted it not. And so death searched for him for many a year but with no avail. And finally, as an old man, he passed his memories to his son and greeted death as an old friend.

The memories of these three boys intertwined and yet were separated. But as time has past, they have been distorted, retelling the story of the past in new words but with the same message ringing through. Hogwarts was a place for the lost lonely boys of our world to find their place and stand strong no matter what fate gave them. Because Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. Whether you be Tom Riddle, Severus Snape or Harry Potter. The dark lord or half blood prince. Its welcoming halls will welcome you too in. If you be unloved, friendless or alone, there is always a chance to prove yourself at Hogwarts. The end.


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