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The Greatest Days Of Our Lives by hiral05
Chapter 13 : Jealousy Wars
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“Desperate minds mean desperate measures, and you gatta keep this one together. You’re young and in love, that should be enough” Playing the blame game – You me at six.

‘Can you believe it, they started a jealousy war?’ I was saying to the girls as I was sorting through my trunk for something to wear. Today was Hogsmeade and I had to look my best.

‘Of course they did’ sighed Lola.

Lola was already dressed and looked amazing. She was only wearing jeans, a top and cardigan, but only because Carter had told her to dress sensibly because he had a surprise for her.

Mimi was wearing leggings and a long top while Lily and I were still throwing everything out of our trunks convinced we had nothing to wear.

‘Lola, you ready to go down?’ asked Mimi, giving Lily and me a look clearly saying HURRY UP.

‘We just need to find something to wear, and we’ll be down soon’ said Lily distractedly.

They left and I said ‘Look Lily, we need to settle this, we’re in a jealousy war’

‘I know’


‘We’ll win, obviously’ she said before going over to the wardrobe to check her dresses.

‘How do you know, though?’ I persisted.

‘Because, we’re better at this than them’ she said, smiling as she pulled out a green dress that made her look gorgeous.

I chuckled ‘We so are’

Lily nodded, ‘now what are you wearing?’

‘These’ I said, holding up some black platform heels.

‘Right, so let’s find some clothes to go with that...’ she said sarcastically before sifting through the clothes that were strewn across the floor.

‘These’ she said throwing some jeans onto the bed ‘and definitely this black top, it makes you look great’

‘Yeah’ I said, looking at the clothes ‘they have no chance against us’

‘Don’t fret, we know all the tricks in the book, they won’t know what hit them’ said Lily evilly.

‘Lily Evans’ I said in mock surprise ‘what is this side to you?’

She just shrugged and said ‘They started playing dirty, so this is what the muggles call, giving them a taste of their own medicine’

Yes it bloody is.

‘You look great, you know that?’ said Amos as we walked down Hogmeades high street.

I smiled up at him; he really was gorgeous ‘thanks Amos’

He entwined his hand with mine and pulled me closer to him, still walking ‘so where do you want to go first?’

‘I know some really good backstreet cafe’s, wanna go?’ I asked.

‘Is this your way of getting me into a secluded corner?’ he joked

‘Oh amos, if I wanted to get you into a secluded corner, you’d know, trust me’

He just laughed ‘Oh alright, so this cafe?’

The date was going well, the cafe was good and the conversation flowed easily. He was such a nice guy despite what rumours say. Although, the rumours were right about him being a little...forward.

‘So what do you say, you and I go back up to the castle’ he said, suggestively.

‘Um, well, we’ve been shopping for a while, I’m a little thirsty want to go into the Three Broomsticks for a drink?’

He looked a little disappointed but quickly hid it and said ‘Yeah, sure’

Once we were in, we were hit by the sudden heat and noise of various Hogwarts students chatting and shouting.

‘Jem, Jem’ I heard, I looked around and I saw Mimi waving at me.

She and Remus were sitting with Lily and Owen. Lily didn’t wave and smile. What’s gotten her so annoyed?

‘Come on Amos, you know them don’t you?’

‘Yeah, let’s go over’ he said.

Only when we got closer did we see two other people sitting at the table. James and Katy. Oh shit, that’s why Lily’s annoyed.

We sat down as everyone moved up in the booth and said hi.

‘James’ giggled Katy and we all looked at them, James was kissing her neck.


Lily looked like she was about to vomit.

‘So Owen, you’re the best seeker Hufflepuff have seen for ages aren’t you?’ gushed Lily, I have to admit she was good.

‘Well, I wouldn’t say the best but-’ he started but Lily cut him off.

‘Oh come on’ she laughed ‘I’ve heard some rumours that people have been saying that you’re the best in school at the moment’

I could see James’ eyes narrowing, and I could understand why. He was the seeker for Gryffindor. Lily had hit a nerve.

‘Well, I wouldn’t go that far, Evans’ said James, with a false laugh.

‘No I think he is’ said Lily, shortly before turning back to Owen ‘nobody’s stopped talking about that spectacular catch you made against Ravenclaw before Christmas’

‘I made a better catch’ muttered James.

‘What was that?’ snapped Lily.

‘Nothing’ mumbled James.

‘Well, enough about quidditch’ said Mimi, chirply ‘Oh look Peter’s here...and he’s got a girl with him?’

With that we all whipped around and saw that Mimi was right. Peter had just walked into the pub with his arm around a girl. A girl and Peter. Wow, I never thought I would live to see the day.

‘It’s Rachel from the 5th year, on the cheerleading squad’ I said, filling the table in on who she was.

‘Oh yeah, he said he’d been talking about her, but I didn’t think it was anything’ said Remus.

‘Who would have thought’ said Amos ‘Peter Pettigrew with a girlfriend’

Everyone nodded in agreement then waved Peter over.

‘Hey guys, this is Rachel’ he said breathlessly.

‘Have a seat, wormtail’ said James, patting the seat next to him.

‘So I didn’t know that you two were into each other’ I said to Rachel just as somebody approached our table.

‘Well isn’t this just cosy’ drawled a familiar voice. Oh dear god, here we go.

‘Hey, how are you guys?’ asked Mya and she and Sirius took a seat.

Oh yeah why not, couples galore isn’t it?

Fucking, every single couple, come and take a seat. It wont be awkward at all..NOT AT ALL.

‘Wormtail?’ said Sirius unsurely as he took in the image of Peter with his arm around Rachel’s waist.

‘Yeah, mate, what’s up?’ replied Peter.

Sirius just frowned before finally turning to Amos and I, Amos had his arm around my waist too, and I was sure that Sirius could see from where he was sitting.

He then looked at Lily and Owen then at James.

‘Well, this seems fun’ he said, laughing.

‘Right’ said Remus ‘Does anybody want a drink? Mimi and I will get them’

Everybody ordered and they got up from the table.

It was a bit of a squeeze with 12 of us around the table but we managed, unfortunately. I wanted nothing more than to just get away but Lily kept shooting me looks saying JUST PERSEVERE and WE’LL WIN.

‘How about we play a little game?’ suggested Sirius, looking at Amos and I ‘You know, to get to know each other’

‘What do you suggest’ asked Mimi

‘How about this game I picked up this summer called A truth and A lie’

‘How do you play’ asked Owen

‘Well, it’s pretty self explanatory said James looking at him with stony eyed ‘But someone says two stories, one of them is the truth and ones a lie, then we have to choose which is which, if we choose right then they have to drink and if we choose wrongly then we all have to drink’

‘Oh, that sounds fun’ said Mya, I shot her a dirty look, who asked her?

‘Right’ said Sirius rubbing his hands together ‘Peter you go first, start it off’

‘Oh’ said Peter, uncomfortable from the unexpected attention ‘Well ok’ he said putting his drink down ‘Once, I went shopping with my mum and accidently set an old woman’s trolley on fire’ he looked around the continued ‘My parents thought I was a squib until I accidently fell out a window but levitated myself’

We all laughed at the second one ‘Well, I personally think that it was the first one that was right’ said Katy.

‘Actually, Katy’ said Lily bitchily ‘I think it was the latter’

‘I’ll go with Lils’ I said, backing her up and she smiled at me.

‘Yeah’ agreed everyone ‘You’re right, Lily’ said Peter ‘It was the second one’

Lily smirked at Katy knowingly while Katy just narrowed her eyes between them. I glanced at James who was looking at Lily with an unidentifiable expression on his face.

‘I pick’ said Peter after he had drank some of his butterbeer because we had gotten it right ‘Diggory to go next’

‘Right’ said Amos, a little nervous but I just smiled encouragingly up at him and took his hand in mine and squeezed it. Sirius’ jaw clenched at this but I didn’t care.

‘Well, first one...i cheated on my defence exam last week...and the second one is...i was really nervous when I asked out Jem because I thought she was going to say no’ The girls ‘aw-ed’ and I vaguely heard Sirius cough ‘lame’.

‘Sirius’ said Mya, scolding him and hitting him playfully on the arm ‘it’s sweet’ she said admiringly at Amos and I.

I smiled at Amos ‘that’s so sweet Amos’

The game continued like this, where Lily and I made up stories to rile up James and Sirius and they attempted to do the same.

‘You know what, I’ve had enough of this game’ I said ‘Amos, d’you wanna walk back up to the castle?’

‘Yeah’ he said pulling me up and slipping him arm round my waist ‘I’ll see you guys later’ I said.

I heard the sound of scraping chairs behind me as everyone else began to say their goodbyes and leave.

‘Lola, where were you?’ we were asking as soon as she walked into the dorm.

‘Well, he had a picnic set up for me, like, at the top of the hill, so we had a great view of Hogsmeade’ she said, blushing

‘AW! That’s so cute’ cooed Mimi ‘We had quite an eventful time in broomsticks didn’t we, Lils, Jem?’

‘Hm, yeh’ I said vaguely.

‘What happened?’ asked Lola, perking up and jumping on Lily’s bed.

‘Nothing much, just some stupid game’ said Lily.

‘It was a nightmare’ said Mimi, laughing ‘It was all these couple, Like Remus and I, then Lily and Owen, James and Katy, then Jem and Amos joined, then Peter and Rachel, I know they’re going out now apparently’ Mimi stopped for a moment while Lola commented on how bizarre that was ‘Then, get this, Sirius and Mya turn up, how awkward’

Lola was in hysterics on Lily’s bed ‘Honestly, Lols, it was horrible’ whined Lily.

‘James and Sirius were trying their very best to make Lily and Jem jealous and, Lily and Jem were trying to make James and Sirius jealous, it was so ridiculous, though Remus and I had a good time spectating’ said Mimi, laughing.

‘So that’s what you two were whispering about!’ I said, realising.

‘Yeah, and then Sirius suggested this really good game, called a truth and a lie’

‘Oh I’ve heard of that’ said Lola.

‘Yeah, it was good, till they started using the game to make them jealous, then Amos came up with the nervous should have seen Sirius’ face Jem’

‘Really, what was it?’ I said.

‘Just, usual typical Sirius jealous face, clenched jaw, cold glazed over eyes, if looks could kill Amos would be dead faster than if he used avada’ said Mimi, explaining.

I just shook my head ‘Anyway who won the battle?’ asked Lola

‘What?’ asked Lily, incredulously.

‘Well a war always has battles’ said Lola ‘So who won this battle in the three broomsticks?’

‘Oh it was definitely Lily and Jem, James’ face when you said that Owen was the best seeker in the school, oh yeah you won this battle’ said Mimi, getting into bed.

‘I guess we’re one up on them Lils’

‘Yes we are’

I thought about this and smiled before going to bed.

Sirius and James were pacing in their dorm fuming as Remus and Peter just watched them, scared.

‘I can’t believe it, fucking Diggory, she couldn’t pick anyone better? He’s such a dick’ Sirius was saying, or rather shouting.

‘He’s a better seeker than me? What was that about? I’m the best seeker in the school, and she knows it!’ James was saying at the same time.

‘He’s so annoying’ said Sirius then proceeded to imitate Diggory ‘when I asked out Jem, I was so nervous she would say no, if he doesn’t come out that he’s gay in about a month I will be really surprised’

‘He’s not even good looking, I’m good looking, I look better with her, what the fuck is going on?’ James was saying.

Remus sighed then got up off of his bed and stopped Sirius and James from pacing.

‘STOP’ he roared ‘just stop it’

The two boys looked at their best friend who looked extremely tired, he began speaking again ‘remember before I say this, that I am on your side two did start this if I remember correctly’

‘We didn’t think they would date Diggory and Murray!’ exclaimed Sirius, waving his hands around, defeated then went and sunk into his bed.

‘You two were at Prongs’ house on new years after they left forming this plan to make them jealous, you should have known this was how it was going to turn out!’

‘No, we didn’t’ countered James.

‘Well, it was inevitable’ piped up Peter, from his bed.

‘If you had known they would have started seeing other people, why didn’t you say?’ asked Sirius.

‘I tried’ said Remus, exasperated ‘I tried! but you two thought this was the best plan you’d ever come up with, and it was hard to explain to you that it would just blow up in your face’

Sirius narrowed his eyes, getting up off his bed ‘they think they’ve won Prongs, going round clutching Diggory and Murrays arms, well they haven’t!’

James faced Sirius ‘they can’t; now we’ve started, we just can’t let them win’

‘NO’ shouted Remus ‘you’re not going to formulate another plan to make them jealous just because your ego’s won’t allow you to lose, just go up to them and tell them how you feel and you can be together and everyone will be happy’ Remus was always one to tell his best friends the truth, to bring them back down to Earth, usually they listened to him. This time, the stakes were too high to come crashing back down to Earth.

‘But, don’t you understand Moony’ said James ‘that’s what they want, they will have won’

‘That’s what you want too, Prongs, Padfoot, you want to be with them!’ said Remus.

‘Yes, of course I want to be with Lily, I hate seeing her with Murray, but this game they’re playing, it’s about to get serious-’

‘No, mate I’m Sirius’ said Sirius, laughing.

Remus sighed ‘you two are the ones who got girlfriends, it might’ve been fine if you hadn’t formed a plan at all, it’s so predictable that they got boyfriends too’

‘And, they picked the people that would annoy you the most’ said Peter.

‘What do you mean?’ asked James, confused.

‘Oh come on’ scoffed Remus ‘Jem picked Diggory who Sirius hates more than his family and Lily’s going round with Murray the seeker for Hufflepuff when James is seeker for Gryffindor and always goes on about how shit Murray is and how much he hates him...any correlation mate?’

Sirius clenched his jaw ‘Diggory makes me so mad, just the thought of him with her and he’s a dirtbag, have you heard about what he gets up to with girls? And how he uses them?’

‘Exactly’ said Remus simply ‘this is exactly what they wanted’

‘Ok, so they think their one up on us’ said Sirius ‘but we need to even out the playing field’

‘By making them even more jealous?’ asked James.

‘Well, it seems like their better at this than us, if you think about it’ said Sirius, sensibly ‘so we need to do something that will get to them, really annoy them’ he continued, evilly.

‘Yeah’ said James, suddenly becoming animated ‘like, something really embarrassing or-’

‘No, not embarrassing, I don’t want to embarrass Jem’ said Sirius, frowning.

‘Or’ persisted James, convinced he had a good idea ‘We could do something and make them angry’

Sirius laughed ‘first of all, those girl’s are scary when they’re angry, we won’t survive to see the end of the year’

‘No, not at those dirtbags, Diggory and Murray’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Look’ said James turning to Remus ‘we need to get into their dorm, pronto’

‘I’m listening’ said Sirius, his eyes lighting up.

‘We can get into their dorm, have our look around and stuff like we were planning on, but we can plant some pictures in their dorm of Diggory and Murray with some other girls, so then they think that they cheating on them’

Sirius frowned ‘I don’t want her to get upset’

‘Listen’ said James ‘then, because the pictures were anonymous they won’t think anything of it because they’ll think the person who put them there doesn’t want to be seen as a stalker or snitch, so when they’re upset in the common room and the Great Hall, we go and console them then they fall into our arms, we win and get the loves of our lives’ finished James, triumphantly.

‘One thing’ said Remus, spotting a flaw in the plan ‘They’ll know it was us in the dorm, because of the bet, we have to tell them once we’ve been up’

‘Oh don’t worry, once they’re in our arms, like a week later we’ll go up again, make it look like we’ve had a ruffle around and then we get to see them in bikinis, so basically it’s a win all round situation’ said James, airily.

‘But prongs’ said Remus

‘What?’ asked James.

‘How are you going to get pictures of Diggory and Murray with other girls?’

Sirius and James smiled at each other and said in unison ‘we know a guy’

‘I don’t know if this will work’ said Remus hesitantly.

‘Look, it’s still in the beginnings of planning, we’ll start proper marauder planning tomorrow and figure it all out’ said Sirius, efficiently.

‘Padfoot’ said James, turning to him ‘You ready for this, we’re going to get the girls of our dreams, finally’

Sirius smiled ‘Yes we will’

Remus sighed, shaking his head and getting into bed.

‘Moony, you going to help us?’ asked James from the other side of the room.

‘Yeah, maybe tomorrow, but today I’m too tired for these jealousy wars’.

Laughter filled the dorm as the four marauders got into their beds and went to sleep thinking of their master plan. 

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