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Building Dollhouses In The Sand by daliha
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fourteen
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Chapter Fourteen


                Her footsteps bounced off the walls. On her right side a couple of feet away walked Lee Jordan his hands in his pocket humming the latest Weird Sisters song.  Angelina and Alicia walked at her side silently both girls accompanied Katherine all over the place now that she broke up with Michael.

                “It’ll be over soon” said Angelina with a small smile. Katherine nodded as she pulled her closer. “Oh, cheer up, the match is only a couple weeks away!”

                “Then we'll have every reason to knock Mountague off his broom!” added Alicia enthusiastically throwing her arm around Katherine.

                Noticing Katherine’s apathy towards their rambling Angelina spoke “want us to walk you back?”

                “S’okay I’ll walk back with Lee” she said taking a glance at Lee who had his finger in his ear. Angelina gave her a small smile while Alicia waved good-bye.

                “I’ll see you in the morning” she whispered waving back. The girls walked away down the hall towards the common room, Lee blew Angelina kisses as they walked inside the classroom.

                Lee yawned as he took his seat in the back.  “You know you shouldn't be upset anymore” he said as Katherine glared at him “seriously, Blackwood was an arse anyway.”

                She narrowed her eyes.

                “What it's true, he always looked at me as if he had dung stuck under his nose” Lee went on lifting his feet onto the desk. “Now that I come to think of it, do I stink?”

                Katherine opened her mouth but Lee plowed on.

                “ I did forget to shower once-”

                “Shut up!” she snapped slamming down her hand on the desk. Lee’s eyes widened, for a moment he frowned. Katherine felt herself blushed “I’m just not in the mood” she whispered embarrassed.

                The door burst open a large vulture looking boy walked in. He sat on the other side of the room followed by a brown haired young woman. She smirked at the sight of Katherine and went on to chuckle.

                 “King!” greeted Lee clapping his hands; Katherine took her seat glaring at Selwyn. “And Selwyn, what are you here for?”

                “That is none of your business Jordan” said Selwyn twirling a piece of hair around her finger. King nodded his eyes on Selwyn as he smiled.  “How about you Rowle? I heard what happened...”

                “The whole school has” said Lee rolling his eyes “really if you’re trying to piss her off-”

                “Who's turn is it this week? I personally heard from Stimpson it was a Weasley” as Selwyn droned on, Katherine felt her blood rise. “Now which one-”

                Before Katherine could stand Percy Weasley walked in holding a scroll in his hand he stood between the two groups. “I hope you weren't fighting?” he said raising an eyebrow.

                “Actually we were just doing what Slytherins and Gryffindors do best” piped up Lee earning a glare from Percy.

                “Here I have written what you are to do for the night; the four of you will be polishing silver without magic” said Percy in a clipped tone. Katherine heard Lee groan, Percy's nostrils flared.  “you'll be with Filch in the trophy room, now if your four will follow me.”

                Percy walked out first and Katherine followed him out of the classroom with Selwyn at her heels. Lee walked briskly catching up to her. “Well at least we get to spend this fine evening together” whispered Lee making sure Percy didn’t hear him. Katherine scoffed. An evening with Selwyn was just what she was hoping for when they mentioned detention, she hoped that if Cedric Diggory ever got on a broom again it wasn’t anywhere near her or Katherine  would make sure to push him off.

Percy stopped at the end of the hall where the four were presented to Filch and his cat Mrs.Norris. Selwyn gave the cat a disgusted look as Filch spoke to them, Katherine wasn't listening as she followed them down to the trophy room. Even Selwyn's comments didn't bother her comparing them to Lee’s lame attempts at jokes.

“Lee” muttered Katherine, for a moment he kept quiet as she turned to him. “Shut up, at least until we get there…”

“Well seems someone doesn’t appreciate my sense of humor.”

Katherine glared at him and all Lee had to offer was a smile.

                Once they arrived Filch gave them the instructions “Get'em nice and shiny” wheez ed Filch as he walked out of the trophy room. Katherine picked up her rag from the floor looking around she chose to get started on the larger trophies. Lee followed suit keeping as far away from the Slytherins as he could.

                “You know ever since those rumors started up Burke's been interested in you” began Selwyn as she made herself comfortable in a corner. “From what Blackwood's said you can be pretty passionate.” King looked up curiously as if hoping Katherine and Selwyn would start pulling at each other’s hair.  Lee pursed his lips as he suddenly stopped polishing his trophy.

                “And what's my life to you!” yelled Katherine slamming down the rag. Her heart sank, Michael had spoken ill about her and what was worse...he actually spoke of their most intimate moments as if they were nothing. Selwyn smirked busying herself with her nails.

                “Forget it, she’s just trying to get you into another night of polishing silver” said Lee before turning to Selwyn glaring.  

                “Nothing but the rest of the school seems pretty interested...still he must've been a good shag” she looked up biting her lip “Michael was quite good-looking for a Ravenclaw, and you two seemed pretty steamy in the halls.”

                Katherine picked up her rag busying herself with the closest piece of metal. She felt a burning sensation in her throat as Selwyn continued on with her monologue.  Lee put a hand on her shoulder.

                “Odd, you don’t have anything to say Rowle?” Selwyn threw her rag at Katherine. Lee squeezed her shoulder.

                “No she doesn't” began Lee throwing his rag at Selwyn. “Now would be so kind as to take that rag and shove it down your throat.”

                Katherine biting down on her lip moved on to the next trophy hoping Selwyn would keep quiet. Beside her Lee began to mutter something about Slytherins hissing. “Lee” she said she heard him grunt in response “thanks, I’ve been an arse lately haven’t I?”

                “Yes you have kitten” he answered spitting on the trophy, Katherine frowned shoving him.

                “Just because George likes to call me that doesn’t give you free passage!”  She hissed blushing. Lee chuckled.

                “Aww but it’s cute Kitty- Kit Kitters” he whispered smiling, she rolled her eyes turned away polish her trophy.  From the corner of her eye she could see Selwyn whispering something to King.

 “As long as they keep to their corner this should be over without any complications…” she thought as Lee continued to come up with ridiculous nicknames.

                After what seemed like an hour Selwyn spoke “Rowle, you’ve gotten pretty boring lately-”

                “Don’t you get tired of listening to the sound of your voice!” yelled Katherine continuing to polish the trophy roughly.  “In fact don’t you get tired of breathing?” 

                After Katherine’s outburst they remained silent all that could be heard was the sound of silver being polished.  Katherine mind wandered back to Michael and his last words.

                “It’s over.”

                She took a deep breath; surely she had to have seen it coming? They had been spending little to no time together. “If I had just spent more time with him…”she thought holding up a small plaque.  Katherine squinted her eyes trying to read the writing.

                Quidditch Championship 1975

                It following by listing the team members and their positions but on name stood out.  Egil Rowle.

                Katherine held her breath tracing the name with her fingers, she felt herself smile.  For once in a long time she wasn’t angry with Egil, he may have lied, but he lied out of love.

                “Maybe I would’ve lied too…”she thought looking away from the plaque. Still she wondered what it must have been like for Egil to know the truth and have to hide form his niece, Katherine felt a wave of guilt begin to set in. As a child she loved to hear stories about her parents and Egil was usually hesitant to talk about them but did nonetheless. 

                At a quarter to eleven Filch finally walked in with Mrs. Norris to let them know their detention was over. Relieved Katherine grabbed Lee and practically flew out the door before Selwyn or King could make any sort of comments. 

                “Slow down or you’ll pull my arm off!” shouted Lee as she pulled him up the stairs.  As Katherine released him he proceeded to rub his arm. 

                “Sorry, but I didn’t want to spend another second in that room” 

                “Neither did I but I didn’t try and rip your arm off!”

                “Quit moaning Lee and start walking or we won’t make it to the common room before Filch decides to go searching for us” she said putting her arms across her chest.  He walked past her and she followed.

                “I’m not afraid of Filch but I’d rather not get caught by McGonagall” he whispered as they walked past a sleeping portrait.  She nodded, they quickened their pace and before either of them could guess they were back in the Gryffindor common room wishing each other ‘good night.’




                They stood on the Quidditch pitch watching as Oliver began to paced back and forth. As he rambled on about the conditions Katherine looked around one last time before they played. 

                “It’s a big stadium” she whispered, beside her Angelina and Alicia were too busy listening to Oliver’s ramblings to notice Katherine had begun to walk away. Who cared about the weather? Why did it never dawn on her that the Quidditch stadium was colossal? And that in every one of those seats there would be someone sitting there to watch them rip each other apart. 

                Oliver called them into the lockers rooms only moments later.  None of them spoke to each other as they changed although they sneaked glances at their captain who seemed to stared at his boot  wearing a determined look.

                “Time to go” said Oliver just loud enough for his team to hear. Katherine stood up patting Harry’s shoulder.

                The twins held their bats at their sides while Alicia shot Angelina nervous looks. This was it, the match they had all been waiting for. 

                As the team walked out onto the field a tidal wave of scarlet robes welcomed them along with the cheers of what seemed to be more than half of Hogwarts. Katherine’s jaw dropped as they flew into the air. 

                “And here are the Gryffindors!” yelled Lee Jordan, behind him Katherine spotted a familiar face who was currently deep in conversation with Professor McGonagall. 

                “Pierre?” she said taking her place next to Alicia who finished tying her ponytail. 

                “Who?” asked Alicia as they watched the Slytherin team fly towards them.  Katherine took a deep breath.

                “My godfather’s here…” she whispered as the teams face each other. 

                “Captains shake hands!” said Madam Hooch, Oliver flew towards Flint taking his hand. They stared each other down as they tighten the grip on their hands. 

                Katherine held her broom tightly, hoping this match would end without any casualties. 

                Then came the sound of the whistle, the Quaffle fell from the sky. Katherine looked up, Alicia had already taken the Quaffle under her arm and flew towards the Slytherin goal post. Katherine and Angelina weren’t too far behind. 

                Warrington flew towards Alicia at high speed. “Dammit!”she yelled as Warrington punched the Quaffle from under her arm. Angelina made a sharp turn hoping to catch Warington before her got to the Gryffindor goal post.  A bludger flew past Katherine and into the arm of Warrington who dropped the Quaffle. 

                Angelina swerved past Mountague, Katherine stopped taking in the scene before her, a few more feet and Angelina would be in the Slytherin Keeper’s territory. 

                “TEN TO ZERO FOR GRYFFINDOR!”  

                “YES!” she yelled pumping her fist in the air, a few feet away Alicia cheered. Angelina flew towards them cheering until a large figure with green robes flew into her. 


                “You cheating scum!” shouted Alicia above the booing of the crowd.  In retaliation for Flint trying to intentionally trying to knock Angelina off her broom Fred threw his beater’s bat at the back of the boy’s head. 

                Katherine smirked as she watched Flint’s nose begin to bleed. Although Fred and George seemed satisfied with the results Madam Hooch didn’t share their opinion. Blowing her whistle she flew between Fred and Flint. 

                Katherine watched as she called for a penalty shot.  Alicia flew past her to take the penalty shot.  “C’mon Alicia!” called George waving his bat above his head “hit him in the face!”

                “The point is to gain points George not lose them!” yelled Katherine as she flew a few feet above him hoping to get a better view to get a better view. 

                “Come on Alicia!” yelled Lee Jordan’s booming voice. Katherine crossed her fingers as Alicia threw the Quaffle.  It flew right past the Slytherin keeper and into the goal post.


                “Thirty more and Harry can get the snitch” she thought whistling as Alicia flew towards her. 

                Now it was Marcus Flint’s turn to shot the penalty goal. The Gryffindor supporters booed him as he wiped his nose on his sleeve.  Oliver Wood glared daggers into Flint’s face as the Slytherin aimed. He was the best keeper the school had seen in years, there was no way an idiot like Flint could get past him…

                “He saved it!” yelled Alicia as Katherine dove to retrieve the Quaffle before it fell into Slytherin hands once more.  She had caught the Quaffle, smiling Katherine flew towards the Slytherin goalpost. 

                Flint punched it from under her arm but dropped it allowing Katherine a second chance to catch. Warrington zoomed past her as she pulled the quaffle away from his arm reach.  She took a glance at Warrington to see he had stopped to stared back at her, Katherine shrugged it off.

                Montague swerved in front of her before Katherine knew what was happening he had grabbed her head and she was now doing cartwheels in the air holding on to her broom for dear life. 

                She heard the sound of Madam Hooch’s whistle as he released her. Katherine began to cough rubbing her throat; she could hear the cursing of her fellow teammates and the comments of outrage from Lee. 

                “Sorry Madam Hooch won’t happen again!” yelled Montague. Katherine frowned as Madam Hooch threw her the Quaffle. 

                “Of course it won’t because next time I’ll make sure to stick your broom-”

                “Miss Rowle the penalty shot please!” yelled Madam Hooch exasperated. Katherine nodded taking her place at the Slytherin goalpost, Blecthley was nothing compared to Wood so getting past him was going to be easy.

                “THIRTY- ZERO! –“ The rest of Lee’s commentary was drowned by the crowd who cheered Gryffindor on. 

                The Quaffle was thrown back into play and it was caught by Flint who shot past Katherine but couldn’t manage to escape from Angelina who flew beside him.  Alicia and Katherine followed only to be thwarted by Warrington and Montague. 

                “I swear if you touch me- ” But Katherine couldn’t complete her threat as a bludger hit the back of Montague broom sending him spinning . She heard George whistle as he flew above the Gryffindor chasers.  

                But it was all to no avail as the  Slytherin scored making the score thirty – ten. It was easily the dirtiest game Katherine had ever participated in. As Bole hit Alicia with his bat and claimed it he thought it was bludger. 

                “That’s ridiculous! She’s blonde you dimwit, and bludgers are black!” yelled Katherine as she flew past the Slytherin beater, in retaliation George elbowed him in the face and claimed he thought it was a dementor. 

                “Penalties for both teams!” yelled Madam Hooch as she threw the Quaffle at Alicia. She scored and Wood pulled of a save making the score forty-ten.

                “Again a spectacular save by Wood! Now I believe that after this game the Slytherins might need to start wearing glasses, of course Harry I hope I’m not offending you but seeing as the bunch of idiots-”

                “Jordan!” screeched Professor McGonagall but the rest of their shouting match was drowned out by the cheers of the Gryffindors as Katherine scored now making the match fifty- ten. 

                She flew away from the Slytherin goalpost smiling; she noticed two red figures on broom zoom towards her. “You saw Angie!” she said excited until she noticed who flew alongside her. 

                “Hello Katherine!”

                “Nice throw you got there!”

                “Get out of here! You too are beaters, not guardians!” she yelled pushing Fred.

                “What and just let Montague cartwheel you again?” asked George as he raised his club menacingly. 

                “NO but-“

                Suddenly they heard Madam Hooch’s whistle as she began to shout Katherine noticed Oliver was holding his stomach. The twins flew past her and towards their captain as she covered her mouth.  It was another penalty shot for Gryffindor which Angelina took and scored.

                “SIXTY – TEN”

                “C’mon Harry!” thought Katherine looking around for their seeker, “find the snitch and end the game!” She found him as he darted towards the snitch with Malfoy a few feet behind.

                “You cheating shit!” she yelled as Malfoy held the back of Harry’s broom, she wasn’t the only one cursing as she heard the violent threats Angelina had begun to shout.  

                Alicia had taken the penalty but she was so angry she missed. The Gryffindor team lost it’s previous concentration and allowed Montague to score. “I can’t believe this!” yelled Alicia as Katherine passed her the Quaffle. 
                “Gryffindor’s in possession- wait now Slytherin- no Angelina get the Quaffle!”

                Katherine and Alicia watched horrified as the Slytherin team made their way towards Angelina. They were going to block until Harry zoomed towards them on his Firebolt. 

                “Atta boy Harry!” shouted Fred above them. Katherine and Alicia clapped as Angelina scored.  Suddenly the girls noticed Harry Potter zoomed in the opposite direction towards Malfoy. 

                “The snitch!” shouted Alicia as she held on to Katherine’s robes. Angelina would just arrived sat still her dark eyes following Harry as she bit her bottom lip. Oliver Wood stared drifting slightly to the left leaving two of the three goalpost open. Fred and George though took advantage and sent the bludgers flying towards the Syltherin team. 

                As Harry pulled out of the dive the crowd below them began to cheer hoarsely. “Harry did it!” yelled Katherine as they wrapped their arms around each other.

“We’ve won the cup!” Alicia shouted with Angelina and Katherine joining in. 

                Oliver had his arms wrapped around Harry’s neck as he sobbed openly onto his shoulder. Fred and George waved the bats around cheering with the crowd before the crashed into Harry and Oliver. At that same moment the girls joined into the many armed hug as they descend into the ground. 

                Harry was being carried onto Gryffindor shoulders as Oliver Wood held up the Cup. Percy the Gryffindor’s resident stick in the mud jumped up and down as he hugged his twin brothers. Professor McGonagall sobbed onto a Gryffindor flag, Katherine felt herself being pulled away by a pair of strong hands. 

                “It was a spectacular match!” said Pierre pulling her into a hug. She hugged him back just as tightly “you’re a good chaser.”

                Katherine smiled up at him “nah! It’s all Angelina, you’ll meet her someday!” The Gryffindor had begun to empty the field as Pierre gave her another quick hug.

                “I’m sure I will, now run along, you don’t want to miss the party!” he said winking.



                While everyone was celebrating Katherine sat in the girl’s dormitory flipping through her mother’s journal one last time, she decided to bury it once and for all; it wasn’t worth looking through anymore, not after the pensive anyway.

                Katherine knew all she needed to know about her parents and how’d they cursed her life from the start. She stuffed the journal deep into her trunk determined to never think about it again, from now on she’d forget she ever had family, except for Egil, and more recently Pierre. 

                Despite she rarely ever wrote he still sent her letters and had even assisted today’s Quidditch match, something Egil never got the chance to do. While Katherine most of the time acted with indifference she appreciated his effort to become a part of her life. She sat on her bed staring down at her feet, even from her dorm she could make out the music that came from the common room. Katherine stood up and walked away from her trunk, with a sigh she walked down towards the common room. They had just won the Quidditch Cup and there was no way some stupid journal was going to take away her happiness. 



To those of you who have stuck with the story so far I just want to give you a big hug and thank you :) Your reviews and favorites mean a lot to me. If you have any questions about the story you can hit my MTA page the link is at the topic of my author's page. 


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