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Dear Diary by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 2 : Acceptance
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 Woo! Chapter 2!! :D And we're off! I always feel like the second chapter is what truly reveals something about the story. This didn't reveal a whole lot, but I promise some long chapters for this story. :) 

A huge thanks to those who reviewed for the last chapter, Maria, C'est moi, Maha, and of course, Gin-gin06 and We Are Padfoot and Prongs. You guys are all amazing and you're the inspiration I needed to continue this story. 

Disclaimer:  I do not own HP or the wonderful world these characters live in. All that credit goes to the lovely JK Rowling and her incredible mind.  Not do I own Lord of the Rings - that would be the talented J.R.R. Tolkien! 

Edited 10/13

  (Chapter image by me)

June 12th 2006


Dear Diary,


I’m pretty sure today was the best day of my entire life.

It started out as any other day does, waking up before ten and being downstairs for breakfast with the family by half past ten. We ate breakfast as usual and father talked about the new dark wizard that’s apparently on the rise now. They’re trying hard to catch him, but he’s proving to be quite tricky to catch.

Mum said Hugo and I could play a quick game of Quidditch with father before we began a basic lesson or two and then we would have lunch before doing a Muggle history lesson.




“Rose, Hugo, you guys go play some Quidditch with your father for a bit. We’ll start lessons a little later.” Hermione said, catching Rose off guard. She never told them to do stuff like that; her first request was always the lessons and learning something. Then if they had time left over or if they wanted to take a break she’d allow them to do something like Quidditch.


Rose glanced up at her, eyes wide and her mouth hanging open.


“Oh come on Rosie, I know that you guys are dying to get out there and play, besides, the weather is utterly perfect today and I won’t make you guys miss out on that.” Hermione said, beaming and kissing Rose on the forehead before standing up and smiling once more. Rose couldn’t help but continue to stare up at her in shock.


“Yeah, Rose. Why argue?” he said with a wink, standing up and kissing her mum on the cheek, Hermione’s face now tinged red. She smiled at him and he beamed back, wrapping her in an embrace that left even Rose blushing. Rose stood up and pushed her chair in, knowing now wasn’t the time to argue.


“I- I’ll go grab my stuff then.” Rose stammered and ran out of the room, excited for some fresh air.



Mum happened to be in a particularly good mood today and I think it had something to do with the fact that she was getting closer to a breakthrough with her newest spell. Whatever the reason, she’d insisted that we play Quidditch so my father, Hugo, and I made our way out to the field by our house.

The field is about a five-minute walk through the woods right up against our house and is surrounded by trees. We live in a wizard community called Godric’s Hollow along with Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny. It’s where Uncle Harry had always wanted to live.



Before making her way outside to join Hugo, who she could see sitting on the fence behind their house beaming with excitement, she tiptoed past the kitchen and stole a glance inside. She saw her parents sitting there, Ron smiling down at Hermione, who looked so beside herself with happiness; it was unbelievable. He kissed her on the forehead and she closed her eyes, leaning into him.


Rose smiled to herself before opening the back door and stepping outside into the warmth. Watching her parents look so in love was something Rose had always loved doing. She’d always vowed to herself she’d find the same thing.



The three of us had walked to the field, joking and laughing as usual. When we stepped out into the clearing, there was already a group of people playing. Of course, it was the Potters.

James, Al, Harry, Ginny, and Lily had all been flying around, screaming and laughing as we came into the clearing. Al spotted us and shouted, causing Uncle Harry to look down before demanding we join the game.

We’d made teams and after an extremely close and nearly three-hour game, Ginny, Al, Lily, and I ended up beating the others when I’d caught the snitch.

Our parents had all flown down to the ground, sitting and watching as all of us flew around, practicing passing the Quaffle, catching the Snitch, and hitting Bludgers. That’s when it happened.



“Lily, make sure you lean forward when you’re trying to fly like that, don’t lean back or you’ll confuse the broom!” shouted Harry from below, causing Lily to groan. She and Hugo were the least apt flyers and the two of them were still getting the hang of things.  


She leaned forward slightly and the broom shot forward, causing her to scream before leaning back and nearly flying off the front of the broom when it came to a complete stop. Hugo laughed and leaned forward to clutch his stomach, which caused his broom to also shoot forward. Ginny groaned from below and mounted her broom, flying up to Hugo and Lily where she started showing them techniques. It paid to have a professional Quidditch player in the family.


“Rose, you’re chaser now.” said Al as he threw the Quaffle at her. She caught it just before it hit her in the face and Al smirked. “Nice one,” she said and stuck her tongue out at him.


She felt the back of her broom suddenly grow heavier and turned to smack James, thinking he was pushing down on it, something he often did when he and Al decided to gang up on her. When she turned, she saw an owl had perched on the end of her broom, an envelope in its beak.



I got my Hogwarts letter today! While playing Quidditch no less! The poor owl had landed on my broom and I thought it was James trying to play a joke on me and I nearly smacked it. When I saw what it was, I nearly screamed and fell off my broom. I took the envelope from its beak and stroked its head before it took off flying up and over the trees. 

Al had received his at the same time, and we opened our envelopes while still flying. I still can’t believe it, it’s nearly time to go to Hogwarts myself! After all these years of hearing the stories my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents (on my father’s side of course) had to say about the school and everything it offered, I’d never been more excited for anything in my life.

My father had immediately given me a hug as my aunt and uncle did the same with Al. After a while, we all made our way back to our house so we could talk to mum and celebrate.




She nearly fell off the broom and had to steady herself with the hand she’d had out to smack James. She steadied the broom and reached out towards the owl, which hooted softly.


She took the envelope from it and stroked its head, barely aware when it took off once more and flew away, disappearing over the trees. She stared down at the envelope in her hands, hardly aware of anything besides the fact that she was holding a letter from Hogwarts in her hand. Her hand trembled as she read the neat emerald green print on the front spelling out her name.


Rose N. Weasley


Rose glanced up and saw that no more than ten feet from where she was, Al too held an envelope. He glanced up, eyes wide. When he saw that she held an envelope as well, he beamed.


“On the count of three, Rosie?” he asked, laughing nervously. She nodded, not trusting herself to speak.






“Three!” They both said at once, both trying to keep their nerves under control.


On “three”, they both tore at the scarlet seals that held them shut, pulling out their letters and holding onto their brooms with every muscle in their legs. Rose’s hands were shaking as she opened the flap and was barely able to get the letter itself out of the envelope.


Rose read the letter several times before flying down to her father as quickly as she could.


“DAD!” Rose shouted and he, Ginny, and Harry all turned to look. “I GOT MY LETTER!” she shouted. She threw her broom on the ground and ran to her father.


“Me too!” Al said from behind, landing next to her a second later, tossing his broom to the ground right before he was attacked by Ginny from above.


“Oh, Rosie, this is so exciting! Your mother will be beyond happy, I’m sure.” Ron said as he wrapped Rose in a hug. Conversation erupted around her and Rose stood there smiling.


 “Oh, Rosie!” She said, tears streaming down her face a few minutes later when everyone had gone to their house to tell Hermione the news.


“Mum! It’s not the end of the world, we all knew it was going to happen.” Rose said, attempting to calm her mother down.


“I’m just happy is all,” Hermione said, finally pulling back.


“What do you say we celebrate?” Ron said from behind, putting a hand on Hermione’s shoulder. 


She nodded before her face suddenly lit up and she clapped a few times.


“I’ll make dinner and we can have butter beer and invite the Potters over, I’m sure they’re all as excited as we are what with Albus getting his letter as well. Oh it’ll be so much fun!” she said, running to the kitchen beaming.


Rose looked up at her father and he shrugged. “Let her have her fun.” He said, lightly punching Rose in the arm before following her mother into the kitchen.


Within the hour, they were all sitting down to what they could only describe as a feast. Hermione had made steak and potatoes, corn, pudding, cake, green beans, a broccoli casserole, rolls, and had set out several jugs of butter beer.


After supper they all played games, both Muggle and wizard. Rose ended up beating James at Wizard’s chess, much to his dismay. It was a talent Rose had picked up from her father, who was now beaming at her as James stormed from the room, muttering something about losing to a girl.


“Movie time?” Hermione asked, her smile wider than I’d seen in years.


“What’d you get?” Ron asked, sounding nervous. Rose laughed, knowing that Hermione had probably gone out and got some muggle movie and he was scared to see what it was this time.


“Lord of the Rings,” she said nervously. “I’ve heard it’s fantastic. The books were incredible, I read them years ago. They made the first one five years ago and I’ve been dying to see it. It’s so interesting to me to see what Muggles think wizards are. It’s full of wizards and elves and trolls and there’s a lot of battle scenes and, well, they’re incredible,” she said, trailing off.


“Sounds bloody brilliant.” Ron said, standing up and kissing her on the head as she smiled and popped the movie in, causing us all to fall into our usual spots when Hermione put movies in.


The movie ended up being even better than they’d all expected and Rose made her mom promise her that she would find her copies of the books so Rose could read them. Hermione had laughed and promised Rose, muttering something about them probably being at her parents’ house.


The Potters ended up staying at our house until nearly midnight. We’d all had a huge family supper in the late afternoon. Afterwards we’d played games and watched a Muggle movie my mother had bought called Lord of the Rings.

We said goodbye to the Potters and my mother insisted Hugo and I both shower before turning in for the night. I showered and made my way back to my room, way too excited to sleep. So here I am at nearly one in the morning, writing in my diary and explaining how I got my Hogwarts letter.

I still can’t believe I’ll be going to Hogwarts soon, I’m sure everything will be a dream come true.

I best be off now, mum would kill me if I were up this late.


Until next time,




Thoughts?! Questions?! Concerns?! I would love to hear what each one of you have to say. I always respond to my reviews and take into account what you guys say so they're highlt appreciated. I love you guys, please leave a review to make my day?! :D




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Dear Diary : Acceptance


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