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Sixteen Candles by Analesh7
Chapter 4 : The Creep & The Unexpected Invitation
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 Hello everyone! Heres another chapter of Sixteen Candles, I hope you enjoy it!


"Are you sure you don't have it?" 


"Lily, you've asked me ten times already, NO." Sarah sighs.




I must have dropped the note somewhere else instead of Sarah’s bag.


Shit. Shit. Shit.


"Deep breaths Lils," Sarah says "Just keep calm."


"How do you expect me to stay calm when there's a chance that someone could have snagged the note and read it?"


"It’s not a big deal, remember, your name is not even on it, so it can’t be traced to you"


That’s true but what if someone from the class picked it up when I left? This is happening in a school of magic. Someone can do a spell that can trace the ink and my fingerprints!




What if one of the Marauders picked it up?


 Or worse, that James did. 


Now he would really know that I’m crazy. 


Shit. Shit. Shit. 


I walk forward to the nearest wall and begin to bang my head to it. Sarah pulls on my shoulder trying to stop me.


"What the hell? This isn’t going to help." Sarah cried out in frustration.


"Yes it will, maybe if I bang hard enough everything that happened this morning will be out of my head." I said. Brilliant plan, if I may say so myself.


“Maybe out of your head but not the others who saw everything go down.” Sarah retorts.


This logical witch. I give her one of my many death glares.


Sarah snorts at me. "Stop overreacting. It’s just a piece of paper; I mean what’s the worse you could have written?"


I lean against the cobblestone wall and slump. Maybe write down the guy I want to have sex with is the guy whose pretty much didn’t know about my existence until after spilling juice on me.


 Sarah registers my silence. She narrows her eyes.


 "Who did you write down?" It sounded more like an order than a question…


I try to stare straight at her glare. She has one of those glares that when she gives you one, you want to go on your knees and beg for forgiveness. She’s going to be a great mom.


I try to keep eye level…. But I can’t.


"James Potter" I mutter in defeat.


"Really? I mean if that’s what rocks your boat."


I groan and turn my body around to continue banging my head. I think its slowly working.


"Urgh stop!" Sarah complains and tries again to push me away. Her attempt is small because when I’m determined to do something, trust me I will do it. I’m most definitely hard headed and it’s not helping me right now.


Get it? Ha, ha.


"Listen, if a girl picked it up then they would know it’s the usual questionnaire. If a guy picks it up they would have no clue what the hell it is." once again, Sarah is right. Stupid Ravenclaw. 


I stop banging my head and turn around to slump again on the wall.


"Plus I bet most girls put James name, big deal. He barely knew you existed until today so what difference does it make?" she shrugs. I look over at Sarah and grimace.


"Thanks that's a wonderful thing to say" 


"Come on Lils, you know he's taken super taken" Sarah says.


"By that Hufflepuff Whorebag, I KNOW!"


"I know, I know. Now can we please hurry to lunch, I’m starving." She pleads.


 "I thought my toast would’ve filled you up."


 "It wasn’t much." I roll my eyes. 


Sarah picks up my bag that must have fallen when I tried to wipe out my memory with my good old best friend; the wall. She hands me my now shabby copper bag that is worn out from all my school use and I grudgingly take it from her.


"Come on, birthday girl, do you really want to keep smashing your head and have an ugly bump on your head?" She asks childishly.


"Guess not." I mutter. 


"You might end up with a scar on your forehead, and you don’t want that" 


I nod, too preoccupied with my paranoia. We walk into the great hall and took our usual seats at the Gryffindor table. Usually Sarah sits at the Ravenclaw table because I usually go to the library during lunch. But whenever I stay for lunch she sits with me. 


"So I heard the Marauders are throwing a beginning of spring break party." Sarah brings up as she pours pumpkin juice into both our goblets.


I roll my eyes. I'm a hundred and sixty percent sure that it was all Sirius's idea. He throws parties any chance he can get to throw one. He'll throw a party for the beginning and ending of anything, faculty birthdays (without the actual teacher at the party), Quidditch victories, his birthday, thanksgiving, Saint Patrick’s day, Bastille Day, Boxer Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras. You name it, he plans it. 


"Mostly everyone is invited except the Slytherins of course" Sarah continues. 


I pour a spoon of mash potatoes onto a plate and begin to dig in. 


 "Cool." I shrug.


"That’s all you have to say? ’Cool' “Sarah exclaims. 


I shrug again. "I’m most likely going to miss it because I have to patrol tonight, I told you that already."


Sarah drops her fork and groans. "You have got o be kidding me?! Out of all the nights you could patrol, you have to do it tonight?"


"It’s just a party. Sirius will throw another one when we come back. Big deal"


"Big deal?" she raises her eyebrows, "It’s a Marauders party!"




"You must have really hurt head." 


Sarah stares at me with her mouth open. Why is she making such a big deal out of missing out on a party? It's the same thing every time. Sirius gets Peter to decorate the place with tacky garland; Remus invites people and James sneaks in the drinks. 


I widen my eyes. James.


Shit. Shit. Shit.


He'll be there and I'm not going to freaking be.


Sarah nods her head, glad that I just have caught on.


"James we'll be there, probably hoping to talk to you, and you're going to be walking around the school. Which is pretty much pointless because the whole school will be in the room of requirement!"


I groan and push my plate aside, my appetite now gone. Why must I be so ambitious? Why must I ask for patrols just to be Head girl next year? WHY?!


"What am I going to do? I can't be in two places at once." I say exasperated.


"Well can't you try to just to come back and forth to the party?" Sarah offers.


"I guess I can do that."


Sarah pushes the food back to me. "Problem solved. Just spend more time at the party then patrolling easy"


Just then a swarm of owls enter above the windows of the castle. I look up at the ceiling that is sporting the bluest skies with a touch of white puffy clouds. My favorite. I scan through the owls to spot my barn owl. I just know my parents will send me something for my birthday. They always do, why would they stop today? They probably didn't have time to ship to early or maybe there was something wrong with the post this morning. 


Nothing, my owl didn’t even come through the windows.


This is unbelievable. My parents NEVER forget. EVER.


"I still haven't gotten zip from my parents." I cry out.


Sarah looks up her plate. She frowns and then a grin reaches her lips. "You know what that means! They're probably going to throw you a party!"


"In the middle of throwing a wedding?"


"Maybe after.... They probably bought you car! Isn’t that what most muggles give their children? It’s a tradition isn’t it? AND of course they can't send it through the post! Duh!"


"Or probably they didn’t get me anything."


"Oh stop worrying, it's bad for your complexion." Sarah scolds.


I pick up fork and start playing with my food. It's my freaking birthday, can't anything come easy today? Sure I got to talk to James, but at the cost of a drink being spilled on me and him seeing my bra. And I lost that freaking note. Ugh.




"What?" I don't have any energy to look up from my food. I'm too depressed.


"There’s, um, this guy staring over here."


I snap my head up and look into the direction Sarah nods at. 


It’s that kid again. From this morning. The one who winked at me.


And he's staring right at us.


"What the hell is his deal?" I hear Sarah ask.


"No idea" I mummer. I furrow my eyebrows and look back Sarah. 


She looks back at the bloke and freezes. "He’s getting up and coming this way."


I look over and she is right. What the hell? Who the hell? Damn. Did we encourage him by looking back at him? He is probably a psycho killer and it going to obviously, kill us. I didn’t even get to live a full day being sixteen! Now that’s not fair.


The kid stops right behind Sarah and runs a hand through his fluffy blond hair. Sarah looks alarmed.


"Mind if I sit down ladies?" he grins.


We're both too confused to answer so he sits down right next to Sarah. Seeing him up close now, he looks like he’s 12. Acne is beginning to slowly conquer his forehead and he still has baby fat cheek bones. Too young to be a psycho killer. But you can never be sure, appearances lie.


"How are ya?"


Sarah finally composes herself. "Peachy."


He grins at her.


"Who the hell are you?" she snaps. I kick her under the table. Sure, he's a creep, but let’s not be rude.


She shoots me glare.


This doesn't faze him because he keeps up his smile. "I'm Ted."


"Ted?" Sarah repeats. He nods.


"Well that's Sarah and I'm Lily" I say, trying to keep Sarah from responding rudely to him. 


"I know who you are" he nods at me. STILL SMILING. 




I smile back.


"Can we help you with something?" Sarah asks.


"Yea, I think maybe you can sweetheart" he winks at her.  


Sarah's nostrils flare.


"So what do want?" I say hoping to grant this kid a couple of minutes of life before Sarah chews him up.


"I'm a prefect," so I was right about that. "And I'm assigned to patrol with you tonight," he wiggles his eyebrows.


Now I didn't know about that.


I have to spend a night with this bloke. Mother of Merlin, no.


Sarah raises her eyebrows and smirks. "Interesting…"


"Not as interesting as you are babe" He says to her.


Oh no. What, what is he doing.


"Excuse me?"


"What?" Ted says "I just think you're pretty girl and very interesting..." I see a hand slip off the table to Sarah's lap.


"You touch me and I will have my wand out in a second." She growls.


Ted raises his hands in defeat but leans towards her ear. "I like a girl who's feisty." 


I can see Sarah brain working to throw a spell at him.


He turns his head towards me. "How’s it going with you?"


"What do you mean?"


"How’s it going with your life and stuff?"




"Nothing. Absolutely nothing"


“We can make that nothing to something, when we patrol tonight."


I shake my head in disbelief. "Are you sick or something?” I ask.


"I'm a hundred percent well."


“Then what do you mean by that?"


"I'm just saying that if you don't have a guy or anything we can, you know, hook up." 


I look over to Sarah, who is pretty much speechless as I am. He’s moved on pretty quick from Sarah to me.


"No" I say


"No you don't have a guy? Or no you want to hook up now rather than later?"


I shake my head.  "No at any of the above"


"Aw come on. You're a girl, I'm a boy. Two independent and may I say, two attractive people, who have all the right to mess around."


"It’s still a no. And I'm not the girl to complete that personal philosophy of yours."


"Don’t knock it until you try it babe"


I’ve had enough. “I’ve tried and I don’t like it. Look I’m going to go to See McGonagall about this whole, unfortunate, situation”


Sarah looks alarmed. “You can’t leave me with this kid!”


“Don’t worry I’ll keep you nice and warm,” Ted interjects.


Good enough for me. Ha ha Sarah, that’s what you get for eating my toast.


I get up and hurry out the great hall.


            ~~~Third person P.O.V~~~


Sarah internally groaned as she saw her so called best friend walk out of the wooden Great Hall doors. A best friend wouldn’t leave you alone with a creep, especially one whose hormones seemed out of this world. She pushed her plate away and crossed her arms over her chest, determined to keep away as possible from this wacko.


And just a table down sat James with Caroline. Sitting there at the Hufflepuff table wasn’t really his ideal place to have peaceful lunch where you can run through your thoughts. You see, seating with Caroline, meant seating with her entourage of yapping girls who really didn’t really care about anything but gossiping. Haven’t they realized that in just a few years they will be the real world where talking about whose dating who, isn’t going to keep a roof over your head? James pretty much ignored the girls and nodded along when ever Caroline’s tone seemed to want a ‘yes’.


What James was really interested in was at the middle of the Gryffindor table. He was more focused on the red-haired girl who from the minute she sat down had a sad expression. Why? James thought. He saw the small blonde haired boy sit down next to Lily’s friend and saw how Lily’s face converted to disgust instantly. He was itching to get up and push him away the whole time but could only tap his fingers furiously on the table. All he wanted to do was go over and invite her to the part he and the rest of the Marauders were hosting. The party would give him a chance to talk to her and get to know her.


When he saw Lily get up from the table he calmed down a little that she was finally away from the guy but was disappointed that he lost the opportunity to invite her. James saw that her friend was still seated there and he become concerned because she was left stuck with that bloke. James knew he couldn’t just get up from the table and leave Caroline because she would most likely give him a lecture later on. He sighed quietly with frustration.


“Jamesy, can you wait for me by the doors in like five minutes? The girls and I are going to go to the loo.” Caroline said finally giving an opening for James to leave.


“Sure” He replied. He waited for the Caroline and her group to be out of sight and dashed over to the Gryffindor table.


“So I was thinking that maybe I could show you the first corridor broom closet and there I could show you my broom stick.” James over heard the blonde boy ask.


“First of all, there’s no ‘you and I’ and second of all, ew, I’m not interested one bit” He heard the girl retort. James knew he would like her already.


James tapped the brown haired girl on the shoulder and when she turned around her face changed from disgust to surprise immediately.


Sarah couldn’t believe her eyes. James Potter was right in front of her. He has never once spoken a word to her and right now he tapped her. Oh my Merlin Lily would die if she saw this, Sarah thought.


James didn’t know what he should to her. He started off easy. “Um, what’s your name?”


Sarah was still stunned and bemused. “Sarah, my name is Sarah.” She shook her head hoping to shake away her confusion.


“And mine is Ted” The blonde bloke said taking out his hand to shake James’s. James indigently put his hand, “Great” James muttered.


“Your friends with Lily right?” James asked Sarah.


“Yeah, we all are” Ted answered. Sarah turned to glare at him.


“Can you please shut up?”


Ted shrugged and moved to sit on top on the table. James couldn’t help grimace at the boy. What the hell was wrong him?


“So you were saying?” Sarah says reminding James of his reason of coming over.


“I just wanted to pass along that tonight there’s going to be a party at the room of requirement. So if you can tell Lily to come by would be really great. And of course you can come too.” James added nervously.


Sarah smiled. Lily is going to really enjoy this.


“Don’t worry mate I’ll let her know for you.” Ted said. He leans over and puts an arm around Sarah. She shoves him roughly and puts his hands up in defense.


James broke out into a grin. “Thanks then, it would mean a lot-“


“JAMESYYYYY!!!” James heard a shriek.






“I have to go, but please let her know.” James says as he hurries to the doors to meet up with Caroline.  Once he joins her, he sees Lily rush into the Great Hall.


She pauses instantly and contemplates whether or not she should say something to him. James, himself couldn’t muster any words. Now was his chance to ask her to come to party but with Caroline with him? That’s impossible.


James opened his mouth to speak but was instead, he was jerked away by Caroline who started pulling on his arm.


“Come on we have to go.” Caroline insists.


 Lily couldn’t believe this. A chance she could have spoken to him and gone like that. She shook her head and went to the Gryffindor table to get her stuff.


“So it turns out that I am patrolling with Ted,” Lily says once reaching Sarah.


“You are not going to believe what just happened.” Sarah says eagerly.


“James Potter walked over here and invited us to his party.” Ted says.


“WHAT?” Lily exclaims her eyes widening in surprise.


Sarah gives Ted another glare and nods to Lily. “He came over and asked if I was your friend and then he asked if I could let you know that there was a party. He said it would be really great if you came!”


“Holy shit” Lily mumbles shocked that James personally wanted her to go to his party.


“It’s so cool! He’s totally into you”


“You think?”


Sarah nods.


Wow maybe Lily’s day isn’t going that wrong.


“So that means we’re going to the party together right?” Ted asks.


Lily grimaces. “No. You can go but not with me.”


Ted tsks. “Aw come on! We’ll have fun!”


“Have fun by yourself.” Sarah retorts and gets up from the table.


Both Lily and Sarah get their stuff and start heading out of the Great Hall leaving Ted calling their names to reconsider.


“He’s probably going to be a virgin his whole life” Sarah jokes.



Soooo what do you guys think? If you have any critisicsm or anything that you want more of like details or really anything, go ahead and leave a review. AND if you enjoyed the chapter, why not leave a little " :) " in the box below.


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