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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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A/N: I will respond to reviews I promise! I get so caught up in working late that I forget I haven't replied to them, I'm terrible but I hope you'll forgive me!

This chapter is dedicated to Moonyxluna and Harry and Ginny, they're both so amazing and leave the best reviews ever! :-D And yes the Sequel is going to be going up after this chapter is updated hopefully, I made a banner for it and I'm so proud haha.


“Gryffindor is the best,” James and Adam chanted loudly down the corridor, jumping up and down as they walked down it. Other students gave them funny looks as they moved out of their way.

“You do know that you only won the one match,” Amelia told them as they continued jumping around and chanting, adding occasional fist bumps to each other.

“Minor details little sister,” Adam cried, throwing an arm around Amelia and hugging her to him, she rolled her eyes at him, “We’re going to win the cup I know it.”

“Hufflepuff could win you know,” Amelia said, shoving Adam’s arm off of her shoulders as James bounded up to his brother who was walking towards him. James had spotted Albus before he had a chance to run off.

Adam laughed out loud which caused Amelia to shoot him a hard look, “Oh, you are funny,” he said, nudging her with his shoulder before he too spotted Albus.

“Oi Potter, how does it feel too lost to a better team?” Adam asked as James put Albus into a headlock, Albus gave a loud yell before shoving James off of him and tenderly touching his head.

“Ow you dung beetle,” Albus cried his face screwed up in slight pain, “be careful it hurts.”

James pushed Albus in the arm before calling him a pansy.

“Besides, we lost to you on a technicality,” Albus grumbled his hand still on his head as he screwed his face up into a glare at James.

James and Adam both scoffed, “Technicality our arse!” James cried, “you lost because you’re not a good team and really bad at Quidditch.”

“We’re not bad at Quidditch,” Albus cried angrily, as James tried to pull him into another headlock. “Stop trying to touch my head!”

“Why, what’s up baby brother? Did Mariah whack you with a Bludger bat?” James joked, Adam laughed along with him.

“No, she threw a bar of soap at me, and yelled at me to wash,” Albus muttered darkly rubbing his head again. “I thought she bloody cut me!”

“You really need to sort out your love life Al,” James told him seriously a frown on his own face.

“It’s not a love life!” Albus cried angrily trying to kick James, who quickly dodged out of the way of the attack, “I don’t love her!”

James scoffed, “you keep telling yourself that Alby.”

“And how about your love life, huh?” Albus asked, “I haven’t seen you with your girlfriend much.”

“I’ve seen her practically every day this week,” James told him, “just because you’re not with me twenty four seven doesn’t mean I don’t see her.”

“Whatever,” Albus said, moving his head out of the way of James’s now outstretched hand, “don’t I have a headache! I need to go lie down.”

James continued to jump around Albus, the excitement from earlier still evidently in him.

“I’m going to write to mum about you!” Albus warned him as he began to walk away; James quickly ran up to him and slapped him on the head, which caused Albus to run after him in anger, trying to trip him up as often as he could.

Amelia turned to Adam, “What on earth was that about?” she asked him, Adam turned around choosing not to save his best friend and instead to walk with his sister, who turned around again to see if Albus had caught up with James. It seemed he hadn’t and he stormed off in what appeared to be a sulk; James’s mocking calls after him could be heard as Amelia and Adam continued to walk away from them.

“James and Albus? It’s sibling rivalry. Just because we don’t have it, as it’s quite obvious that I’m the better child,” Adam told her with a smirk, Amelia elbowed him in the stomach causing him to wince and double over slightly.

“No, I mean Mariah and Albus. What happened to make them hate each other so much? They were best friends in the first and second year, and then suddenly they just stopped talking to each other and ignored everyone’s questions as to why?”

“Well from what James has told me it seems that this all stems from a game of chess,” Adam stated as he thought back to what James had told him.

“Chess? Seriously?” Amelia questioned as they walked into the double doors that led to the vast library, Adam talked in more hushed tones as they walked through and found a seat by the Charms section of the library.

“Yep, apparently they were bored one day when it was raining so stared a chess competition between just the two of them. For some reason they decided to bet that the winner would get world dominance, but as that was unobtainable without becoming a dark lord, they decided that the winner would be crowned King/Queen of the common room,”

Amelia just gave him a blank stare.

“Exactly how I reacted when I was told this too,” Adam said shaking his head and giving her a small smile, “but anyway, apparently the chess game went on for quite some time and it was getting intense, neither of them giving up. It all came to an end when Mariah yawned and stretched and what comes out of her robe sleeves? Three Queen pieces!”

Amelia gasped in horror, “So she was going to cheat?”

“Yep, she seemed to not think that Albus would cotton on to the fact that there were three Queen pieces on that board, two of which were not even black or white, it was some sort of glittery red colour.”

“Then what happened?” Amelia asked suddenly engrossed in the story, leaning forwards in eagerness for Adam to finish divulging the information.

“An argument started. Mariah said, because Albus had forfeited the game that she was Queen of the common room and Albus stated because of her blatant cheating that he was King of the common room. It got into quite a serious argument from what I’ve heard from Scorpius, who was there to witness the whole thing, but not stop it, strangely enough...” Adam said in confusion at his last comment.

“Scorpius likes to have drama in his life, says that it’s more enjoyable that way,” Amelia stated with a shrug, Adam let out an, “oh that makes sense,” before continuing with his story.

“Anyway, it ended up that Albus tipped the chess board in the air and threw one of the queen pieces at Mariah who took offence and threw a bishop at him in retaliation, before trying to shove a pawn up his nose. He had to spend the night in the hospital wing apparently whilst the Healer tried to fix his nose, Albus said that he’s never forgiven her from that moment - Well apart from that one time when she got sent a massive hamper from Honeydukes from her mother and Albus talked to her until it was all gone, and then went back to detesting her with every fibre in his being.”

Amelia sat stunned at the story, “that is the most ridiculous reason for having a mortal enemy I’ve ever heard!”

“Which is why none of us are taking this falling out very seriously,” Adam said with a shrug as he leant back in the chair, his arms behind his head in a relaxed pose.

“But it’s got to be serious; they’ve fallen out for about four years now. They seem to be slowly trying to kill each other.”

“Yeah, but from what we can tell – and by we, I mean me, James and Scorpius –all they talk about is each other, so we think that maybe they really fancy each other, and will just end up one day shagging instead of hurting each other.”

“Ew!” Amelia cried her lip upturned in disgust as she shook her head to rid herself of mental images of Albus and Mariah doing anything more than kissing, “I do not want to think about that thank you very much!”

“No one tries to think of Albus, it’ll give you nightmares,” Adam said with a laugh.

Amelia shook her head again before thinking about the story, “hang on a minute; you said you got most, if not all, of this information from Scorpius right?”

Adam nodded at her as he leant back in his chair, his arms still behind his head.

“Since when did you and Scorpius become confidants? “ Amelia asked an eyebrow raised and a knowing smirk on her face, Adam rolled his eyes at her insinuations.

“When I agreed to tutor him in potions, you’re not the only one who wants a better grade you know.”

“I’m also not the one with ulterior motives,” Amelia told him, her eyebrows raised at him.

“Are you suggesting that Scorpius isn’t only after extra help with potions?” Adam asked, shock evident on his face, his mouth falling open as his eyes widened.

“A little bird told me that he fancies you,” Amelia whispered as she leant closer to her brother so no one else could overhear them, watching his face carefully for his reaction with a smile on her face.

“Well, that’s going to make thing awkward,” Adam said, putting his chair down normally, his face set in a pondering look.

“And how’s that?” Amelia asked with a frown, unsure of what he was implying.

“Because I fancy him too.”

Amelia blanched and Adam let out a laugh, “I almost had you there,” he cried, pointing at her; Amelia narrowed her eyes at him before scoffing.

“You’re an idiot,” she shook her head at him.

“It’s a pity I’m not into guys because Scorpius is a mighty fine looking young man,” Adam stated as he thought about Scorpius.

“Tell me about it!” Amelia cried, “Kelly can’t stop going on about him, she seems to think she can change him back to liking women.”

“The thing is you can’t change someone back to women when all they’ve fancied is men,” Adam stated. “Me, I don’t personally see the interest in men. But hey, everyone can like who they want. I personally like the ladies,” he said with a smirk, Amelia felt disgusted at him.

“Like Lucy your potions partner, for instance, she is one fine...”

Amelia quickly covered her ears and sang to herself, “la, la, la I don’t want to hear this – you disgusting creep.”

“Oh come off it!” Adam said, pulling Amelia’s hands from her ears. “As if you can say that you don’t fancy any of my friends,”

“I don’t actually,” Amelia told him matter-of-factly, removing her hands from his grip and crossing her arms across her chest, hoping that she wasn’t blushing as she thought about James.

“Oh really?” Adam asked with a raised eyebrow as he leant forwards with his elbows on the table. “So you don’t have a soft spot for James Potter?”

“James has a girlfriend,” Amelia stated, trying to keep her face impassive, it was taking all of her willpower to keep herself from smiling goofily.

“Yeah, so? Doesn’t mean you can’t fancy him.”

“So he’s got a girlfriend, end of.”

Adam gave her a knowing look, “you can try and deny it and avoid the question all you want but I know the truth”

Amelia shook her head at him before standing up, “I’m leaving now Adam,” she told him before beginning to walk away.

“I’ve seen the way you look at him, Amelia, you’ll admit to it one day,” Adam called after her before laughing, Amelia shook her head as she let the smile take over her as she thought of James.

Professor Longbottom was walking along the fourth floor corridor, it was a nice leisurely stroll after having been told by his wife not to spend too long cooped up in his office without stretching his legs once in a while, ‘Professors with cramps are grumpy Professors’ she would say.

He chuckled to himself as he thought of his wife’s little saying, that made no sense to most people, but he had come to love. It was hard to begin with to spend so long away from his wife, who was landlady of the Leaky Cauldron pub in Diagon Alley, which was due to him having to stay at the school, as he didn’t have a deputy Headmaster or Headmistress that would be up to the task of running the school in his absence, but as luck would have it Professor Flitwick had decided to come out of early retirement due to boredom and snapped up the position straight away.

They had missed each other so much though during this time that his wife Hannah, made the choice to buy the Three Broomsticks pub in Hogsmeade from Madam Rosmerta who had been retired for the past few years, being only a few minutes down the road was much better on his marriage and it was extra nice to have because his wife Hannah had told him a few weeks ago that they would be expecting a child, news that he had been waiting for, for longer than he could remember.

He was looking forward to seeing his wife tonight, his mind full of thoughts of what dinner she was going to be cooking them tonight when a sound interrupted his thought trail.


Neville stopped and slowly turned around on the spot to see... no one standing behind him. ‘That’s odd,’ Neville thought before turning back and continuing down the way he was heading.


Neville stopped again and peered around the corridor, it sounded a lot like his old toad Trevor; he felt a smile fill his face as he thought back to his old toad. He was a great pet, although he did like to run away all the time, causing much embarrassment and bother for Neville.


This time Neville spotted the toad, as he bent down to pick it up, wondering which of his students it belonged to, it suddenly jumped at his tweed jacket, trying to take bites out of it.

“Hey! Come on now,” Neville said, trying to get the toad to let go of him, but it was proving more difficult than he previously thought. He never had a problem with Trevor trying to take chunks out of Professor Clothing’s.

He was just about to give in to the toad and just let him eat his way through Neville’s favourite jacket when someone spoke from behind him.

“Oh hey Professor!”

Neville felt relieved to hear James Potters voice and turned around to face him, “Hey James, say would you mind helping me get this toad off of me, I have no idea who it belongs to.”

“Sure thing sir,” James said, eager to help, he walked forward and got the toad off of Neville straight away, holding him tight enough that he didn’t try and make another leap for the jacket, which was now sporting a few bite marks and saliva patches. James studied the toad before recognising it, it had been terrorising his brother’s life for quite a while.

“This is Mariah Hayes from Slytherins toad,” James told him, holding it out at arm’s length as he realised how much of a menace this toad was.

“And how can you be so sure it’s her toad?” Neville asked, trying to assess if his jacket could be saved.

“This toad has made Albus’s life miserable for quite some time now,” James said making sure the toad was still firmly in its hand, it seemed to be eyeing up the jacket hungrily again.

“Oh, the one who poured the pumpkin juice over him?”

“Yep, that would be the one,” James said as Neville finished checking his jacket and they both began walking down the corridor again. “Hopefully they can figure something out between them before someone gets seriously hurt.”

“If it gets too bad, then I’ll have no choice but to intervene,” Neville stated, as much as he wanted this love to happen naturally he was worried about the safety of both Albus and Mariah and that of the rest of his students.

“That might have to be soon,” James said with a shake of his head, “anyway, sir I best get Toby back to Mariah, she’s probably looking for him. See you later.”

Neville bid him farewell as James walked down an adjoining corridor, Neville gave a small, relaxed sigh before deciding to head back to his office to change his jacket.

“Hey Albus,” James called, seeing his brother heading towards the Slytherin common room. Albus turned around grumbling when he saw his brother, hurrying towards him.

“What do you want Ja...What the hell are you doing with that beast from the fiery depths of hell?” he shrieked backing away from James’s outstretched hands. James looked down at Toby the toad who seemed to be squinting at Albus and from what James could head either grumbling or beginning to start a low and angry noise.

“Riiiiibbbbbbiiiiiiitttt,” came the low and angry noise from Toby, James frowned down at the toad before looking up at Albus who had begun to hide behind a statue of armour in terror, peeking over its metal shoulder.

“You get that thing away from me. It tried to eat my shoe – whilst I was still wearing it!”

“That’s crazy, Toads don’t eat shoes,” James scoffed before remembering that this toad tried to eat the Headmasters tweed jacket, since when did toads have a fondness for clothing?

“He tried to kill me; he sat on my face whilst I was sleeping so I couldn’t breathe!” Albus cried, pointing at the toad as he peered at it over the other shoulder of the suit of armour he was cowering behind, debating whether or not he could make a run for it without the Toad chasing him down.

“RIBBIT!” the Toad this time somehow yelled in a Toady way before attempting to lunge at Albus, who screamed before running away taking his chances against the Toad.

The Toad seemed to raise a clenched fist in the direction that Albus had run off before letting out a low, “Ribbit,” that sounded a bit like it was saying, ‘you better not show your face here again’.

James held the toad out further away from him, deciding that maybe carrying it around wasn’t the best idea that he had, he needed to find Mariah fast before this Toad started to do James any damage, it seemed to be eyeing his sleeves a bit too much for James’s liking.


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