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Karma is a Fickle Friend by RowlingsGirls_22
Chapter 1 : The Wedding
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 “Do you Ronald Bilius Weasley take (yawn) Hermione Jean Granger to be your lawfully wedded wife?” the preacher looked purposely at Ron.

“I do.” He gulped.

 “In sickness and in health will you stand by her?” 

 “I will.”

Hermione slipped on the golden ring encrusted with the words "I love you" onto Ron’s fourth finger on his left hand.
“And do you (yawn) Hermione Jean Granger take (yawn) Ronald Bilius Weasley to be your lawfully wedded (yawn) wife? Husband I said husband!”

 The great hall at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry filled with laughter.Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Harry had decided that the great hall would be perfect for their weddings because home is where the heart is and who has more heart than four Gryffindor Lions?

 “I’m sorry Ronald, this is the third wedding today and I am exhausted.”

 Hermione smiled knowing the feeling all to well. For weeks before the weddings she and Ginny had worked tirelessly to make their weddings perfect and now they were.
“I do. And Harry pour Father Cormack McLaggen a drink to wake him up please.”

 Thousands of eyes followed Harry Potter past the blue, brown and white wedding colors, bluebells and pansies to the drink table. The groomsman, Harry George and Neville were all sporting black suits with blue ties. While the groom whore a white suit with a brown tie and the Gryffindor lion on the breast pocket. Hermione however looked stunning in a long sleeveless white gown with a heart neck line. Ginny, Pavarti and Luna whore pretty blue-brown straight dresses.
 “Well I wouldn’t say no to a glass of whine, thank you Mr. Potter. Ill see you in a few weeks for your wedding.” Father McLaggen smiled warmly at Harry and winked at Ginny before continuing. “In sickness and in health will you stand by him?”

“I will.”
Ron gently put the matching gold encrusted ring with a large Sapphire bearing the words forever and ever onto her finger.

“I know pronounce you witch and wizard blah blah blah you may kiss the op never mind.” Because even as he said it they were kissing.
“Well isn’t that precious!” Draco Malfoy snarled as he and Pansy Parkinson strolled in.

“Remember us Hermione dear?” Pansy asked icily.
“Yes Pansy I do, I remember that Malfoy just got his dark mark removed last month and you, your just along for the ride aren’t you, you pretty little gold digger?” Hermione smirked.

“Wow I never thought I would see the day when Draco Malfoy blushed.” George laughed along with the rest of the crowd.

 “Leave you weren’t invited and for good reason!” Rom snapped. Hermione grabbed her newly weds arm.

“Honey calm down, Malfoy leave now before you cause more of a scene.” She demanded. Draco only smirked.

  “I don’t see why you picked him you had so much going for you now you’ll amount to nothing.” He shook his head spun on his heel and left with Pansy at his side.

“Now then,” Luna stepped up breaking the silence. “Aren’t we supposed to be partying and having fun?!” She asked raising half a glass and running to the dance floor.

 “Um Neville?” Ginny tugged at his sleeve. “How many drinks has Luna had?” she asked wearily eyeing her friend.

"Do you want per hour or total?" Neville sighed and Ginny hung her head ever since the great fight Luna was seen drinking mass quantities of just plain white whine.
“Great! When did she start?”

“Ten this morning till now with at least three drinks an hour.”

 “NEVILLE!!!! Its almost six!! That’s at least twenty-seven drinks we’ve got to get her out of here now, Hermione, Harry, Ron, George.” She called searching around the room. Neville’s mouth dropped open again as he watched his girlfriend climb onto a table and start yelling.

"TGIF!! Yay Paty Kerry!” Luna screamed collapsing in a plate of Luke warm pasta.
“Luna! Ginny, Neville what the heck!” Hermione fumed with George, Ron and Harry trailing behind her. Neville laughed nervously.
“She err had um…”

“Plant head here let her have TWENTY-SEVEN glasses of whine.” Ginny slapped him for good measure and Neville winced which made George burst out laughing hysterically, rolling on the ground.

 “Ahh I think the Malfoy “scene” is the least of your problems Hermin.” Harry grinned trying to lighten the mood but earning him two glares from the girls.

 “Come on lets get them outside, Neville and harry get Luna and you two help me with your brother.” Ron nodded and bent down to George punching him hard and succeeding in knocking him out.

 “Sorry mate its for your own good,” Ron patted his older brothers shoulder then looking up in to Hermione’s horrified face quickly explained. “It’s easier to carry a knocked out George than a drunk and utterly mad George.” Ginny nodded in agreeance. Once is the safety of outside the party relaxed.

 “Well that was interesting I didn’t think Luna the drinking type and George he’s a regular at the three broomsticks where Lav and I work especially after Fred died.” Pavarti Patil prattled wakling outside close in hand with Lavender Brown.

“Shut up Pavarti if I knew you were going to cause so much trouble I wouldn’t have asked you to be my third bridesmaid and another thing you should know how it feels to lose someone right? None the less a twin!" Hermione glared furiously at the two. She pointed to Lavender

 “Your on watch duty alert us if they wake up.”

 “But but...”

 “But nothing we have to have our first dance at our wedding because wonny picked me.” And with the satisfaction of having the last word we stalked back to the hall Ron in tow.

 “Its now time fer the ferst dance ever’one.” Hagrid said into the mic beckoning forward Ron and Hermione. While dancing Ron leaned down to Hermione and kissed her softly on the lips.

“I’m glad I married you.”



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