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Inferior by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Disclaimer: I don't own HP.

Chapter One


“You know what he brought me over the weekend?” Lily asked her best friend. She’d been droning on about James Potter for the whole meal and Mina’s eyes had glazed over. “Mina?”

“Hmm?” Mina asked as she was jolted from her daydreams.

“You’re not even paying attention,” Lily said sourly.

Even in her dazed state Mina knew her friend was more than a little upset. Lily wasn’t exactly known for her fiery temper, she preferred the cold shoulder, a passive aggressive approach. James Potter seemed to be the exception to that rule. He seemed to be an exception to a lot of rules lately. Hadn’t there been one about not dating a Marauder?

“I’m paying attention,” she said, attempting to remember the conversation. “What did he bring you?”

Lily sighed and picked at her food. “Never mind, it’s not important.”

It was definitely important to Lily. Mina wasn’t a stupid girl. She wasn’t quite as bright as her friend, but then again who was? “What did he bring you?” She asked, trying to sound like an interested best friend.

“Lilies! Isn’t that adorable?” Lily was beaming widely, but Mina inwardly cringed. Flowers were fine, but lilies of all things? She guessed it was a little cute, but so obvious. She was surprised another guy hadn’t tried doing that. It was just too easy with a name from a flower.

“That’s lovely,” she said through a tight smile.

As though just looking for an opening, her friend began to go on about what exactly she and her boyfriend had done over the weekend. Nothing graphic- Lily wasn’t that kind of girl -but it was much more than Mona wanted to hear.

Lily had started dating James Potter almost the moment he was named Head Boy. It was like she’d been waiting for a reason ever since the fight with Severus in fifth year and then the mild restraint James had shown around her in sixth year. Lily called him a ‘reformed boy’.

Mina betted it was nothing more than Lupin telling him that he’d never get a date the way he was acting.

Whatever it was, Lily and James were now together and Lily hadn’t stopped blabbering about it since. She was always saying how sweet James was, how kind he was, how intelligent and funny and all around wonderful.

Sometimes Mina wondered if Lily remembered that this was the same guy who had pulled her pigtails in first year until she cried and refused to tie them back anymore. Or that he had shoved firecrackers into her schoolbag in second and dumped a pail of mud over her head in third.

Sometimes she wondered if Lily bothered to remember that these things had happened at all.

“Mina!” Lily’s voice was sharp and Mina was once again jolted from her thoughts. Even when Lily was talking about James Potter she wasn’t usually that spaced out. She’d been up late studying her Transfiguration notes.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Mina said, trying to diffuse the situation as best she could. She’d had drawn out fights with Lily before, it was always best to head them off early. It was easier to calm Lily down than beg her forgiveness. She hadn’t spoken to Severus since fifth year and she had been as close with Severus as she was with Mina.

“You know how late I was up my Transfiguration last night.” In reality, Lily probably didn’t know. She studied every night, but she was naturally bright and intelligent. She didn’t have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning reading over notes.

Lily sighed and nodded. “It’s alright, I know you work hard. Maybe instead of having our girls’ night you should get to bed early. I could always find something to do with James.”

“No!” That was the last thing Mina wanted. “I mean, I’ll be fine. Tomorrow’s Saturday, I can sleep in as late as I want.”

But Lily shook her head to this and Mina remembered that the Gryffindor Ravenclaw Quidditch match was the next day. She’d forgotten that Lily was interested in Quidditch now, in a way neither girl had been in the past.

James was not only the star chaser on the team, he was also the captain. Mina sighed. Quidditch was fine, but it bored her. There was no reason for the whole school to be outside watching the game, obsessed with some sport when they could be sleeping in on a Saturday morning.

“I’ll let James know I’m free tonight so you can sleep,” Lily said, patting her friend on the arm. “You look exhausted.”

“I’ll be fine,” Mina argued, but it was pointless. Lily had made up her mind that it would be better for Mina to go to bed early. It was pointless to argue. Lily rarely changed her mind.

“I’d offer to spend my study period with you, but I’m meeting with a few of the Prefects,” Lily said with a slight shrug. She raised the goblet of pumpkin juice to her mouth, then stopped with a grin on her face. “James is here. I’ll go let him know we’re on for tonight. Catch you later?”

Mina nodded, but Lily hadn’t waited for her response. She sighed and pushed her lunch plate away, no longer hungry. She headed back up to the Gryffindor Common Room as she had a break that period. Lily had potions with James, Severus, and a few of her other classmates.

Mina had wanted to continue with potions, but hadn’t received an E on her OWLs. She’d barely managed the E McGonagall required for Transfiguration, and only managed that with plenty of tutoring from Lily.

She set up half a table in the common room, sharing it with two third years who looked overloaded with work. Mina smiled as they frantically scribbled on notes on some parchment. Third year had been a good year, except for the mud incident in the Great Hall. The younger kids were probably working on something due next class. They had a frenzied air about them, desperate to finish.

She turned back to her own Muggle Studies essay, glad for once not to be rushed. She was a half blood and had grown up with two muggle grandparents so she wasn’t as ignorant of the muggle world as some of her classmates. She probably should have dropped the class, but it was nice to have an easy O in something.

“Budge up,” a coarse voice said. Mina glanced up and frowned when she saw Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew eyeing the two third years. “Do we have to say it twice?” Black asked.

The third years shook their heads, gathering their books and scurrying away. Black and Pettigrew took their seats on the other side of Mina’s table. They had a few textbooks with them, but they were too busy laughing and joking around to get any work done.

“That wasn’t necessary,” she said softly as she kept her eyes glued to her essay.

The boys stopped laughing and Black arched an eyebrow elegantly. “Are you talking to us, Sherman?” he asked.

Mina glanced up from her essay finally. She gulped. Black had grown bored of bothering with her and Lily after fourth year, but she felt like she was thirteen again with mud covering her face and hair in the middle of the Great Hall, everyone around her laughing. “It’s Sherwood,” she said shakily.

“Like the forest?” Pettigrew asked.

Mina shrugged. “I guess.”

“Well listen, Sherwood-like-the-forest,” Black said in a mocking tone. “We’re seventh years. We’ve well earned the right to sit where we like in the Common Room without a few jumped up little third years getting in our way. Got it?”

Mina’s face reddened as it always did when Black spoke to her. “I only meant-”

“Save it, Sherwood,” Black said. “If you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of work.” He dramatically opened a textbook and pointed at a particular part to Pettigrew, who laughed.

Mina bit her lip as she went back to her essay. She wasn’t brilliant like Lily, but she wasn’t stupid. They were making fun of her, although she didn’t know how. Still red in the face, Mina wrote a few more lines of her essay about muggle movies. It was a fun unit because over the summer she had to watch a few muggle movies. It hardly seemed like work at all.

“Where do we plant them?” Pettigrew was asking. Mina was once again distracted by the boys who weren’t bothering to keep their voices down.

“Outside his Common Room. We wait for him to come out and drop the load on his head.” Black smirked and Mina cringed. “He’ll smell like dung for a week.”

It seemed like their pranks hadn’t matured at all since third year. They were still dumping smelly and gross things onto people’s heads. “You shouldn’t do that,” she said, before realizing she’d spoken aloud.

“Are you kidding me?” Black asked incredulously. “I can do whatever the hell I want.”

“I’ll tell Lily.” It was an empty threat. Their target was Severus. Mina knew Lily wouldn’t do anything if Severus was involved. She had never forgiven him for calling her a mudblood two years before. She made it out to be like it was because of his Slytherin friends, but Mina knew Lily’s pride had been injured.

“Are you looking to get a few dungbombs dropped on your head?” Black asked. Mina shook her head mutely. “I thought so. Why don’t you go do your homework elsewhere? We could use the whole table.”

For a moment, Mina decided to stay. They couldn’t do anything to her, she was the Head Girl’s best friend. But then her confidence lagged and she grabbed her books and parchment, scurrying from the room much like the third years had just a few minutes before.

Black’s laughter followed her all the way up to her dormitory.


A/N: This was written for ScarletEye158's Inspirational Quote Challenge and I don't really think it's what was expected, but the irony in it amused me. The quote comes from Sirius in GoF and I thought it might be interesting to turn it around on him.

Anyway, I hope you liked it! The next chapter will hopefully be up tomorrow (as the challenge closes then), but for now don't forget to read and review!

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Inferior: Chapter One


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