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For Hope by zipzin
Chapter 14 : What's On the Line
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Disclaimer: I am only borrowing from the world of J.K. Rowling.

Chapter Fourteen: What’s On the Line


The quidditch continued and Percy had come out to referee.  Teams had swapped in and out and it was mostly a free-for-all.

“I’ve scored at least ten!” Ron yelled.  “Definitely more than you.” he shouted to Charlie.

“You’re forgetting that I scored ten on you.” Charlie said. “Not to mention at least ten more.”  Hermione had subbed out for Percy and while she knew the game, she didn’t really know how to identify the fouls.

“George that’s a foul!” She said.

“Why, no one was around me.” He asked.

“But you threw your elbow in the air!” She replied.

“That only matters if I hit someone.” George yelled back.

“Oh!” Hermione said as several people chuckled.  She blushed red, and then shrugged.  “I was just making sure.”

The play continued and the longer they played the more competitive it got.  As three Weasley’s voices filled the air, another joined the mix.

“Boys!” Mrs. Weasley said silencing them.  “Lunch is ready.”  They all raced down and she added, “And Healer General is here Harry.”  Harry nodded and followed the rest.  As he walked in, the sitting room door was closed and Mrs. Weasley pointed towards the door.  “He’s in there.”

Harry tentatively opened the door and peeked his head in to find the Healer drinking some tea.  “There’s no need to be afraid.” he said and waved him inside.  Harry walked and the Healer motioned to a seat.  He then picked up his wand and waved it around.  “We don’t want any prying ears.”  Harry nodded.  “So, this may seem a little awkward, but can you please take off your shirt.”

Harry looked around, almost expecting cameras or something.  “Can I ask why?”  No matter how many times the Healer visited, Harry was always somewhat uncomfortable about it.  He just figured that there was some spell and Harry had to hardly move.

“I need to look at your scars and such and see how you’re shaping out.” Healer General said and Harry pulled the shirt off.  The Healer began to circle around and seemed to murmur to himself.  He then put his hand on Harry’s stomach.  “Take a deep breath.”  Harry complied, and he moved to hand to the chest, “Take another.” Harry did as told and he backed away and motioned for him to put the shirt on.  “You are doing well, I suspect that Molly’s cooking is suiting you well.  Your scars are almost completely healed, but there is another matter I wish to speak of.”  He looked around again almost expecting George to be staring back at him.  “Your arm.”  Harry pulled to sleeve up and the thin, slightly raised, red lines stared back to him.  “I would heal them, but I think they need to serve as a reminder to you.”  Healer General took another sip of tea and then continued, “Does anyone know?”

“Yes.” Harry said and took a deep breath.  He did not want to talk about this.  “Two others.”

“And can I ask why you did this?” the Healer asked.  “I understand that I’m not necessarily the best person, but I am trained.”

“Does any of the hospital staff know?  Or the family?  When they saw me lying there?” Harry muttered.

“No.” He said.  “I told them that it was obviously put on you, but the lack of bruises on the wrist told me that you did it.  And the age.  Also, you had mostly kicks and punches to you, blunt forces, and it didn’t make sense for them to cut the wrist.  I would’ve expected them to make a dark mark or something.”

“So, did they see it?” Harry asked his eyes shifting over to the family.

“Not really, no.  There was one that was quite clear that Molly saw but I said it was because of the bindings.” A moment of silence followed.  “So, my original question?”

“I’ve worked through it.  This isn’t me anymore.”  Harry said he waited for the Healer to say something but he realized that he wanted something else, “But I would like them not to be healed by a wand.  I want my body to remember, and my eyes.”  He paused.  “I was broken up after all the deaths from the Battle.  They seemed to be all my fault and if they I had just woken up sooner I could have put an end to it, or prevented them.  I went into a cycle of drinking.  I would wake up and just start drinking until I fell asleep.  Sometimes my house-elf gave me some food, but I always made sure it was stale bread or something.  I didn’t deserve anything good.”  Harry said, his eyes were starting to well up with tears.  Just talking about it made him feel angry at himself for doing it.  “I decided that I wasn’t in enough pain and I threw a bottle once.  A bit of glass cut me, and I took it and starting to cut myself.  I only stopped when Hermione and Ron came, and I hid it.  Hermione and Ginny now know.”  Tears were streaming down his face and he refused to look into the Healer’s eyes.  If he had, he would have noticed a single tear trace down the older man’s face and fall into his teacup.

“I am so sorry.”  General said.

“Healer General-”

“Please call me Daniel.” he said.

“Daniel,” Harry said letting it roll of his tongue.  “Why are you sorry?  Shouldn’t you be mad.”

“I have lived a long time, and only once I thought about inflicting pain on myself.  I didn’t carry it out, but it’s miraculous that your body survived all that drinking and blood loss, and then being starved.  When you came in I healed most of your liver but I thought that it had something to do with drinking a bit and then being forced some vile drink by the Death Eaters.  You really are the Boy-Who-Lived, or the Man-Who-Conquered-Death.”

“Really, I don’t need any titles,  I’m just Harry.”  Harry said.

“I’ll see you again in two weeks.” Healer said, and stood up and stuck out his hand.  Harry took it, “You are a brave, brave man.”  Harry didn’t know what to say and just looked into his eyes.

“Can I ask you a question?” Harry asked.

“Sure.” Daniel said.

“Why did you think about it?” Harry said.

“That’s a long story that I’ll tell you about next time, maybe.” he said and Harry thought back to Dumbledore in his first year.  Always putting things off.

“Well, thanks again.” Harry said and Daniel lifted the spells off.

“It’s my job.” Daniel smiled, and then added, “You know, Kingsley’s waiting for you to come in ever since you talked to him.”

“Talked?” Harry asked.

“Yes, to the him.” Daniel said.

“Oh, I can’t believe I forgot about that.  Do you think they would accept me?”

“And you think that they wouldn’t accept you?  Especially with Kingsley now the official minister?”

“Well, no”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

Harry paused and then said, “Well now I know what I’m going to do tomorrow.”

“You’re welcome.” Daniel said and left the house.

“Why wouldn’t they accept you?” Hermione asked a feverish Ron early the next morning.

“I’m not Harry.” Ron said who was refusing to touch his toast.

“Really I thought you were a scrawny black haired boy.” George said as he entered the kitchen.  “Who can’t see well and can be a bit of a git.” Harry made a face at George.  “You better eat a little,” George continued, “Or we might all think you’re sick.” Ron rolled his eyes as Mr. Weasley entered the room.

“You boys ready?” he asked and they both nodded.  “Well, I’ll be taking you straight up to Kingsley’s office so we aren’t going to deal with the usual application process.  Now we’ll side along apparate so that we all get to the right spot.”  The boys nodded and followed him outside.  ”Tell your mother,” he said to George, “That I’ve left.”

With a pop, they disappeared and the familiar sensation of being stuffed into a tube washed over them and they were in dark warehouse.

“Where are we?” Ron asked.

“A building off the side of the Ministry, so we can practically apparate to the Ministry.  When Kingsley got it, his approval ratings went way up of the Ministry workers.”  Mr. Weasley said.

“Where is everyone else?” Harry asked.

“I tried to get us here early enough so that you wouldn’t be swarmed.  The people of the Ministry are respectable folk, but you boys really did a lot to help certain members of them.”  A pop sounded and Mr. Weasley dragged them outside.

The red telephone box was in front of them off to the left as a building was to the right.  “Do you still have to go through toilets?” Ron asked.

“Toilets?  How do you know about that?” Mr. Weasley asked.

“You remember when they shut it down?”  Harry said, “That was because of us.”

A light of understanding flooded Mr. Weasley’s eyes and he said, “I suspected, but I couldn’t say that I knew.  Well, no its the normal fireplaces now, but security is still very high.  I know witches and wizards who don’t like apparating so their fireplaces are open for five minutes.  If they miss it, then they have to take the muggle transport to work.”  He said as they entered the telephone box.  The look on Mr. Weasley’s face suggested that he might want to take muggle transportation again.  Harry punched in the numbers and as the lady asked why they were there, Mr. Weasley said, “Job applicants.”  Their badges appeared and as they sunk down, Harry pinned it to it’s robes.  “You both don’t have to have your wand checked.” Mr. Weasley said, “I checked with the Minister.”  The guard waved them over but Mr. Weasley handed him a piece of paper, only then did he realize it was Harry Potter.

“Mr. Potter, sir,” he sputtered out, “It’s really fine for me to meet you.  Just wait until my wife and kids hear, I met Harry Potter.”  Mr. Weasley pulled him away and they slipped into an elevator.

“I assure you.” Mr. Weasley said, “That won’t be the worst of them.”  They held on and Harry was grateful that Mr. Weasley had insisted that they were to go early, nobody joined them in the lift.  As it whirled and seemed to throw them around, it opened and Harry heard the woman say something like, “Minister of Magic’s office.”

“This is us.” Mr. Weasley said and they stepped off.  Ron was getting greener and paler and his father put a comforting hand on him.  “It’s not like you’ve never met him.”

They were led down a hall and then an ornate door stood before them with the Minister of Magic written on a beautiful sign.  They opened it, and his secretary waved them in.

“There are the boys.” Kingsley smiled when he saw them.  “You are all really something, I can’t quite believe that this is happening.”

“Hello.” Harry said not sure how to respond.

“Arthur, you can go back to work or whatever you do, I don’t think that this will be all too interesting to you.” He left and Kingsley continued.  “So, you want to join the Auror’s?”

“Yes.” Harry and Ron both said.

“Well, the wizarding world will thank you, that’s for sure.  I have been hoping that you’ve made up your mind, and thankfully, I told Daniel to ask you for me-”

“That was you!”  Harry said, “I don’t believe it!  Trying to influence me.”

“He agreed with me, but I don’t think he knew that you had wanted to be an Auror.”  Kingsley laughed.  “And Minerva kept writing to me.  I wanted to give her a piece of my mind, but I have a feeling that she could take me on if she really wanted to.”  Kingsley laughed.

“Professor McGonagall wanted us to be Aurors?” Harry asked.

“She said, ‘If you don’t accept them than I will not show any support towards you and tell my students to be anarchists, etc.’ and I was, ‘I’d really like them too, but they haven’t showed up!  Even after Harry talked to me about coming in.”  Kingsley shook his head, “Before I throw you into the mix, there is somethings that you have to know.  You will have three years of training in all.  The first year will be here in the headquarters, and you’ll be at work for most of the time.  We might bring you in on a small mission or two, but mostly you’ll learn how we fight, how we work together, how we do things here, and you’ll get to know your recruit class.  The next year, you’ll be sent around the world, mostly in Europe, you’ll be with an older Auror, and it will be the first field experience most likely.  The third year, you’ll work with someone in your class, and preparing for the tests.  If you pass, you’ll be an Auror.  This is an intense process and if you decide that you want to get married or have a child soon, this is not the time to do it.”  He threw those out randomly, but Harry had a feeling that the get married one was directly for Ron.  “This partner you’ll have for two years, the next two years, and so on.  Eventually, you’ll get a permanent partner, and you both decide who you want that to be.”

“Will we be partners?” Harry asked.

“No.” Kingsley said.  We tend to give a more experienced Auror to each of the new recruits.”

“And you couldn’t get us together?  As a favor?” Harry asked.

“Let’s just say that the head of the Auror’s, isn’t exactly happy about my position and since I’m sending you in there, he will be trying to tear the two of you down.  It’s just a warning.”

“Why doesn’t he like you?” Ron asked. 

“He’s been the corp longer than I have and I got the Head Auror promotion, he didn’t.”  Kingsley said.

“Harry, you have it all you want.” Ron said and Harry laughed.

“Getting a little ahead of ourselves are we now.” Harry said.

“I’m just saying, in case you’re ever curious.”  Ron said.  “It’s out there.”

“So, you still want to join?” Kingsley asked and they nodded.  He then went over pay and times and their contract.  After a couple minutes of explaining they both nodded and he sent them off as some memos.  “You will be expected down there.  Level Two.” he added.  The boys nodded and left.

“What do you think he meant by class?” Ron asked.

Harry shrugged and then continued, “That was the easiest interview ever.”


A/N: I actually got two chapters up very quickly, so if this doesn't make sense, you should see if you missed the last chapter.  Thanks you everyone who has been reading this, everytime I look at the page that shows how many views it has, I'm am just amazed.  So thank you for looking at this story.

Edited: 1/20/13

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