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Evans and Potter by LilyLunaPotter17
Chapter 5 : James Potter's Dare
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Start worshipping Apocalypse @tda right now!




Of course, I’d only said yes to Sirius Black because I wanted Potter to stop asking me out. Really, it was getting on my nerves. But neither of them had to know that.

    Potter and Courtney were now ‘official’, but whenever I saw them together, Potter always looked sour. It was obvious he was doing it to get back at me. I couldn’t care less, as I didn’t really like him. Or Sirius for that matter.

  Potter must have really liked me because when I came out of NEWT Arithmancy, Sirius was waiting for me as he had a free period. He caught me by the waist and kissed me, first on my forehead, then my cheek, then my lips. We were still kissing when Sirius collapsed and fell on the floor. While I was struggling to hold him up, I saw a certain James Potter stuffing his wand into his robes.




  I pulled out my own wand and pointed it at Sirius, who had fallen unconscious.


  ‘Rennervate,’ I hissed, but not before shooting a hex at Potter, who was now basically running away. He tripped over his own boat-like feet and fell flat on his face. Sirius woke up. He looked in confusion at me, then at his best friend lying on the floor.




  ‘Who did that?’ he asked.




  ‘Me,’ I said, shrugging as I tucked away my wand.


  ‘Because he hexed you.’






  ‘Because you kissed me.’




  ‘How should I know?’ 


  ‘Right,’ Sirius replied. He turned to Potter’s unconscious form and prodded him in the side. Then, crouching down beside him, he whispered






  Potter woke up and looked terrified. Sirius stood and helped Potter to his feet, which is nice, considering Potter just hexed him. I smirked at Potter and put my head on Sirius’s shoulder, while sliding my hand in his.


  ‘Are you all right, Sirius?’ I asked him.


  ‘I think so. You made me all better,’ Sirius replied, grinning at me. He shook back his hair and pressed his lips to mine again. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him close. Opening my eyes a fraction, I saw Potter grab Courtney’s arm and snog the life out of her. Sirius and I pulled apart and looked at them, bemused. Potter looked up at me, then pulled away. Courtney looked slightly dazed, but elated.


After asking permission from Professor McGonagall, the rest of the Marauders and my own friends came to stay in the Head Tower with Potter and I.




  At around nine, Potter suggested we play truth or dare. We sat in a circle on the hearth rug in the order of boy girl. There were some outrageous dares, such as take off your pants and stick it out of the window (from Ella), take off your top and wiggle it in front of Priscilla (from Sirius) and some very personal truths, which I will not mention!


  Unfortunately, it happened that Potter had to ask the dreaded question to me. I picked truth for the first three times, then decided to be brave and chose dare. Potter looked gleeful.




  He grinned evilly, then said,


  ‘All right, Miss Red, I dare you to kiss … me! And not like last time, when you cheated me out of a kiss. For a minute.’




  ‘What last time?’ Sirius asked me.


  ‘I’ll tell you later,’ I said, winking at him. But he and Courtney looked furious.


  I held tight onto the bottle of Butterbeer Potter had stolen from the kitchens and leaned forward. Before I knew it, he had crushed his mouth onto mine and gripped my waist painfully. I knotted my fingers in his hair and warmed into it. I was just starting to enjoy it when Peter cleared his throat and we broke apart, red in the face. Potter looked happier than ever, but Sirius looked as though he would breathe fire. I sighed quietly and sat closer to him, kissing his lips to show that I liked him. But did I, really?


  After that, Sirius kept his arm around me, much to Potter’s annoyance.


  When it came round to my go, I picked dare again. Sirius’s eyes flashed dangerously, but I patted his arm comfortingly.




  ‘I dare you,’ Potter began. ‘No – I dare you and your beautiful boyfriend to sneak out into the Forbidden Forest. And stay there for at least an hour. You can take my Invisibility Cloak.’


  ‘How do you know we’ll actually go there?’ Sirius demanded.


  ‘Because we can see the outskirts of the Forest nicely from here. We’ll see your footsteps,’ Courtney said, a smug expression appearing on her face.


  ‘OK then.’ I said. I nudged Sirius. ‘It’ll give us time to catch up.’ Sirius grinned, but Potter looked angrier than ever.


  He Summoned his Cloak and Mary threw it over us. We crept through the portrait hole and down to the Entrance Hall. Keeping close together, we eased open the doors and stole out into the cold night.


‘It sure is nice out here,’ I said. We were sat on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest, gazing up at the sky. We had seen the other’s faces, peering out of the window, so they knew we were there. But now we still had an hour to go until we could go back inside. It was getting really cold, and Sirius gave me his jumper. He looked freezing, so I pressed against him, hoping we could both keep warm. Even though I’d only agreed to go out with him to get back at Potter, I did seem to have started to like him. He was quite nice, really, once you got to know him.




  We huddled together against a tree, my head resting on his shoulder. He snuffled into my hair and kissed it, more softly and gently than he had ever done. I looked at him in surprise. He slid and arm around my waist, and I kissed him gently. He kissed me back, letting me push him against the tree. He stretched his legs and I clambered onto him, still not breaking the kiss. The Invisibility Cloak fell off us, and I heard a loud, mournful cry from up in the Head Dorm. I broke off the kiss and looked round. There was the face of James Potter turning away from the window.


‘Lily,’ said a quiet voice, disturbing my thoughts. It was half twelve, and we had only just gone to bed. The others were in sleeping bags in the common room, and Potter and I had our rooms. I stood up from my bed and looked round. Potter was cautiously edging into the room. I sighed and sat back down.




  Sirius and I had returned from the Forest, and Potter had looked so upset that I hadn’t said a word. Sirius and I had kissed goodnight, and Potter had stormed upstairs, but not before kissing Courtney so passionately that they fell over. I had felt terrible.


  ‘What is it?’ I asked.


  ‘You really like him, don’t you?’


  ‘Yes, of course,’ I said, too quickly. Potter tilted his head to one side.


  ‘And you really want to be with him?’






  ‘Aha! You hesitated!’ Potter said, bouncing on his feet.




  ‘I did not.’ I snapped. ‘You don’t really like Courtney, do you?’


  ‘No,’ he confessed, ‘I’m doing it for you. But now you fancy my best friend. I was trying to make you jealous. Is it working?’ 


  I looked up at him, all innocent and truthful. I looked down at my feet, shuffling them around. I felt the bed heave as he sat down next to me. I didn’t yell or shoot away, or even shoot a hex at him.


  ‘No,’ I said firmly. Then I sagged. ‘Maybe. OK, yes.’


  ‘So … you don’t like him?’ Potter asked, furrowing his brow.

    ‘Potter … James … Do you want to know the truth?’ I asked, deciding it would be better to be honest about it all.

    ‘Yes. Yes, I want the truth, Miss Evans.’

  ‘Then,’ I said, looking at him and staring straight into his eyes, ‘then I will give it to you.’  

Eeek!! I hope you all like it, because I'm really excited about what will happen next!! Keep Guessing!!

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