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The Little Things by GrangerFever4eva
Chapter 10 : Preparation
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Thanks to Angel_Speaks @ TDA fro the CI



God! That scrawny twit has to ruin EVERYTHING! I was the Hogwarts Champion! And now, strangely, HE IS TOO! What a publicity stunt! I'll never forget Hermione's face when they called my name. She shone brighter than a star. She was the first one to clap for Potter. MY Hermione was the first one to clap for Pothead! I felt jealousy, white hot and powerful, burn through me. I was gonna have to beat Potter. End of discussion. 

Mr. Crouch took the Goblet and poured us all a flaming drink from within. He said we'd have to drink, to prove our worthiness to the Goblet. I was the first one to try. It tingled and tickled a bit, and it was kinda bubbly. It was good though. 

We were all sent to bed prepared with the knowledge that the first task would be in exactly one month, and that we were to have no prior knowledge of the task. This was to 'test our skills of bravery and quick thinking' according to Mr. Crouch.

 Hermione caught up to me in the hallway. I started speaking to her, and she held up a finger and rushed away. She ran over to Potter and nearly strangled him with a hug. Wow. He said something about helping him get through, making sure he's prepared. She nodded her head enthusiastically. Inside I burned. Soon he left and she caught up to me again. 

"Draco this is amazing!!! You're the School Champion! Wow! You're gonna win, I just know it! And you'll have so much fun!!!" she blurted out with a huge grin on her face. I looked her dead in the eye. 

"Death toll"

She looked at me confusedly. God!

"The DEATH TOLL for this fricken tournament!!! It's through the roof!! And you're all happy and exited that I may very well have been drinking to my DEATH out there! And then there's Potter! Don't forget about him! He's so famous everyones LINING up to help him, and guess who's First. In. Line. Little Gryffindor Princess herself."

Her eyes grew huge, and she ran off crying before I could finish. Damn. I glanced around, and the hallway that WAS deserted ten minutes ago was now filled with people. They were looking at me funny, like I had done something absolutely disgusting. I saw a few people glance at Hermione running by, and it hit me. They were mad at me for yelling at her. Durr. Well who cared about them! I stormed off to my common room behind the picture of the mime. 

She was sitting on the couch, sobbing. I don't think she heard me enter. I sat down next to her and wrapped my arms around her, and she shoved me off and moved over to the other couch. She was pissed, I could see it in her eyes.  Then she started to speak. I knew for sure once she started to speak. 

"Draco FRICKIN Malfoy What The RUDDY HELL is WRONG with you?!?? You fucking YELL at me in the HALLS where EVERYONE CAN SEE, that YOU FEEL FRICKING NEGLECTED BECAUSE I TALKED TO POTTER!!! How. Dare. You! I, for your information, TURNED HIM DOWN. But you never bothered to ASK, did you? Never bothered to do anything but immediately BLAME ME. So you decided to make a scene. Good for you. And you INSULTED me! I know I should be used to that by now, maybe because YOU'VE INSULTED ME EVER SINCE I'VE BEEN HERE, but I apparently thought you had CHANGED. I thought wrong." She started crying again. There was more coming out of her mouth, but I couldn't understand it at all.  I remembered my promise to myself, that I would try to make the first move. I wrapped my arms around her in a tight squeeze hug. She squeaked and attempted to escape. 

I just held her tighter. I leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Hermione. I'm sorry. I was just kind of jealous that Potter got in too. I'm sorry. Will you help me with the first task? Please?"

I turned my head and looked down at her face. She seemed to still be crying, but this time she was beaming as well. I leaned down my head and kissed her softly. She smiled at me. 

"Let's get to work."


I left the library with a big stack of books. It was the day after the Goblet of Fire pulled not just Draco's name, but Harry's too. Harry had wanted me to help him. I knew that he'd have people lining up to help him though, and I told him that. He didn't seem too happy, but he got over it quick. Draco and I were gonna figure the first task out together, because I knew he wouldn't have any help. I had picked up a huge list of books on the past Triwizard Tournaments, and I was going to read them in the common room tonight after dinner. 

The tables were back to normal now, and the guests were welcome to eat at whatever tables they wished. It seemed to me that most of the guests ate at Slytherin, except Viktor. Viktor ate with me. He tried several times to get me to help him, but I said no again and again. I was too busy with school stuff, I said. I honestly wasn't lying. By helping Draco, I was helping my school, so that made it school stuff. After several times of asking, he just sat and ate sullenly. I felt bad, but if I helped Draco and Viktor I would have no spare time at all. And then throw Harry into the mix...

I ate slower than usual, thinking about the first task. We had 30 days to figure out what it was. Draco and I met in the common room after dessert, and began poring over the books I had brought from the library. 

It seemed to me that the tasks all were similar over the years. One year the first task was finding a dragons nest, one year it was flying a Thestral, one year it was actually killing a Troll. That last one didn't end well. It seemed the recurring theme was magical creatures. Draco seemed to agree with me, but he didn't seem too thrilled about it. 

"Well what monst... Creatures do we have here to fight?" he asked me reluctantly. 

I thought about it for a second. There was a hippogriff, but they were too nice. There was unicorns and centaurs in the woods, but unicorns were nice and centaurs hated wizards.  

"I don't know!" I cried out in frustration, "Harry and Ron have probably already figured it out by now, they've been in there LOADS more times than I have!" 

He looked shocked. "They've been in there? The only time I've ever gone into the Forest is when we all had that horrid detention."

I snickered as I remembered that. "Yeah. That time was because of a dragon, there was one time they saw Acromantulas, once they saw a giant Blast-Ended Skrewt in there. They've been in there tons."

Draco looked at me curiously. "Acro-Acromantiwhatnow?"

I laughed as he stuttered to pronounce the word. "Acromantulas. They're friends with Dumbledore, but they don't like the students. If I remember right, they tried to eat Harry and Ron."

He smiled. "They failed I take it?"

"Yeah. They had to use a flying car to get them out of there. Acromantulas are very hard to beat...." I trailed off. 

"What? What is it?" Draco asked me quickly. I shushed him. 

"Acromantula! You have to fight an Acromantula! It fits! It's a big scary Magical creature that would test you're bravery and quick thinking! You'll have to fight an Acromantula!" 

He smiled at me and congratulated me on my genius, and I watched the smile fade from his face as he processed the fact that he was going to have to fight a giant spider. "Please tell me you're joking...."

"Draco it will be fine! It will be easy! We have a whole MONTH to figure out how to beat them! We can do this! YOU can do this!"

He looked like he was gonna be sick, and quickly excused himself. I heard him go to bed, and I decided I had better go too. 

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