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I love you sister by kjp
Chapter 2 : Is there such thing as a lovely mud-blood?
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 Chapter two

1st September


The hours went by too quickly for Andromeda, Ted was pretty good company to have around and made her laugh like hell.

He was also very handsome for a first year like herself and he was nice to look at.

The Train rattled along the rails and Andromeda hadn’t heard a word from her sister yet and now was glad of that because she had good company and new if she came, she’d probably scare him away.

The trolley arrived after about six hours of the journey. The sky fell dark and Andromeda felt her tummy give a little rumble because she was so hungry. After all she hadn’t eaten breakfast because she was so excited.

“Do you want anything from the trolley dears?” An unfamiliar old witch arrived. If Andromeda didn’t no better she would probably poke fun at the old witch, but she sure as hell didn’t want to get into any trouble on her first day.

“Yes please can I have some cauldron cakes and fizzing whizbees” Andromeda asked as politely as she can without sounding too rude.
Ted came up next to her and was looking at her funnily as though she had grown another head.

“What is it Teddy?” Andromeda giggled at her new nickname for him.

“What are those?” He said pointing to the sweets that were now in Andromeda’s hands.

“They’re sweets; surely you would know that though? Didn’t your parents give you any sweets growing up Teddy” She joked punching him on the arm slightly before entering back into the compartment.

“Are they wizard sweets then?” ted asked clearly interested in them. Andromeda’s face fell, she thought he had just been joking about when he said he didn’t know but she obviously had been wrong.

“Are you a pureblood?” Andromeda asked slowly already knowing the answer, all wizarding families knew what sweets the wizarding world had and she’d be surprised it he had any magical relatives at all.

Ted looked at the sweets one more time and then answered “um... No I’m muggleborn, I think that’s what you call it isn’t it?” Ted asked not realising Andromeda was now in an uncomftable position, what does she say now?

She didn’t speak but only looked at Ted with her mouth slightly open and a worried look flashing across her face as though she was debating something.

In her head she knew she was deciding on what to do, does she say something cruel or mean, after all he had been so nice to her before and didn’t seem to be as dirty as she expected all Muggleborns to be, he actually seemed rather clean Infact. It crossed her mind to check whether Bella had been lying about Muggleborns and how she said they were all dirty animals, Ted was far from dirty and didn’t seem like he was about to attack her like animals do.

He seemed to notice her silence and the smile faded from his lips a bit.
“What wrong Andromeda?” He said looking at her with concern “You’re not ill are you, you seem a bit pale, here have some water”

He handed her a flask full to the brim with water but Andromeda shook her head glaring at him.

“Don’t give that to me! I don’t want to drink you’re dirty water. Don’t tell me it’s from you’re muggle taps, you disgust me! You’re family can’t even get water the magical way and it’s a disgrace to the world that people like you’re family can’t perform simple magic. They are all sick!” She yelled before getting up and stomping out. She felt like crying, she really didn’t want to do that Ted seemed kind and caring but the Bella’s words kept replaying in her head about how they are all dirty. It was just too much for poor Andromeda.

She ran down the corridors knocking some people down most said “just another irritating first year” But she didn’t care, she needed to get to Bella and tell her what she had just done to at lease make someone proud of her.

After looking in several carriages she arrived at the front. Bella was laughing a high pitched crackle at something a strange boy with dark hair had just said.

“BELLA!” Yelled Andromeda rushing into the compartment and slamming the door behind her.

Bellatrix’s face instantly lit up red with anger. She glared at her sister warning her to leave now. She took no notice and tried to ignore the sour look her sister giving her.

“Who’s this Bellatrix?” The strange boy with curly black hair asked narrowing his eyes at the random first year in there compartment.

It was obvious no one liked having Andromeda and she suddenly felt self conscious and aware everyone was staring at her, even people from the outside of the compartment had started watching. She had no idea what she had just done.

“What is it?” Bella hissed making sure no one heard her say that, she didn’t want anyone knowing she knew this franky first year, she had a reputation to uphold and talking to first years would definitely ruin it for her.

Andromeda’s face lit up because her sister wasn’t ignoring her and she would finally get the chance to tell her what she had just done “I just told a dirty muggle-born to shove off, aren’t you proud of me Bella?” Andromeda beamed, smiling around at everyone in the room as though everyone was about to start clapping.

“Good for you” Bella said uncomftable looking at her sister as though she was insane “I don’t really care too be honest. I don’t even know who you are” 

 Andromeda’s eyes watered with tears as she ran out of the room back down the corridor again bumping into people. She covered her eyes with her arms as she ran. She couldn’t believe her sister would do such as thing too her. How dare she treat her like that and pretend she didn’t exist

Then she realised that she couldn’t just go back and waltz into the compartment and pretend like nothing has just happened, after all she did just call the boy a mudblood and offend his family.

Damn, but her bags were in the compartment.

Before she knew what she was doing she was slowly walking to the compartment door as though something dangerous might come out and attack her.

Its not that she was scared or anything, Andromeda was no coward especially not to any mudbloods, they were harmless and weak and should be wiped out because of it, they stole magic from the purebloods and didn’t deserve life.

She peered her head around the door frightened of what would be inside; she’d always been scared of Mudbloods, always taught that they were like animals. Teddy didn’t seem to be like that. He seemed, well… nice

Teddy was staring out of the window at the distant hills. At the precise moment they seemed to be going over a bridge. He looked upset and lonely, and small compared to Andromeda who was far taller than him.

When he heard Andromeda he quickly turned around happiness fulfilling his eyes, then when he saw her, his eyes went dark again and it made Andromeda feel like she had a hole in her stomach… she was the one who made him feel this way.

“What do you want” His voice spitting at her in anger, his face travelled once again back to the window hiding himself from her view “Come to spit words about my family again have you?”

Then Andromeda felt worse than before, she was sure her face burnt up red as he was talking.

“I’m sorry” she couldn’t stop herself from saying it, she didn’t want to say it, but knew she had too… it was the only way to stop herself from feeling guilty. This by the way was a feeling she had never experienced before.

Then his eyes found its way to hers, black meeting brown and it felt like the whole problems in the world had vanished, that they were the only two people that understood each other and the feeling felt great to Andromeda. She just hoped that Teddy could forgive her because the guilt hadn’t vanished from what she had just said.

“It’s ok” Ted chirped sliding up giving room so Andromeda could sit down.

“Actually its ok, I’m going to sit with my sister if you don’t mind”

Before Ted could utter a single word Andromeda legged it as fast as she could and let out a fresh piece of breath, it was like she was holding her breath the whole time in there. Of course she hadn’t planned on sitting with her sister and she still wasn’t going to.

It was going to be a long journey, she could tell that.

“Dora… How could you embarrass me in front of my friends!” Came the hollow voice off Bellatrix who had just appeared from the compartment next to her.

“What?” Spat Andromeda, still angry at Bella for ignoring her.

“Oh don’t get all moody with me, you know what you did wrong, I’m actually popular at Hogwarts Dora, having you tagging on to me will definitely not make me as special as I am. You’re a Frankie little first year Andromeda, no one likes them. This year you will not talk to me, unless we are at home in the holidays. Is that clear? I will do you one last favour though if you agree, I’ll make sure that mud-blood has an extremely bad time at Hogwarts. Do we have a deal?”

She was in shock. Never had she seen her sister so mean, so vile. It was like a different person. No longer did she want to have Andromeda around with her playing the fun little tricks they did at home, she wanted her to leave her alone because she was a little first year.

A tear pricked to Andromeda’s eyes. She now realised what Sirius was talking about, how Bella was cruel like this… how she had been cruel like this! No, no, no, she couldn’t have been this mean.

And what was she to do about Teddy, he might be a mud-blood be he was certainly kind. 

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