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Harry Potter and the Forgotten Enemy. by Marauding hippogriff
Chapter 13 : Chapter 13: Depature
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 Chapter 13: Departure.

“Not a bad deal for you is it?” Harry asked grumpily. It was two weeks after the funerals, and Harry and Ron were lying on their beds in Ron’s room, supposedly packing for Ron and Hermione’s looming trip to Australia. Naturally, Ron had flung a few bits into Harry’s old rucksack and claimed he was done.

“You could say that.” Ron said with a grin. “Couple of weeks in the sun will do me good. I’ve earned it.” He said, stretching.

“What about me?” Harry shot back, absently levitating an old snow globe that sat on Ron’s shelf. “I deserve a holiday as much as anyone!” he said indignantly. Ron laughed.

“Well come with us by all accounts Harry,” said Ron sarcastically

 “I’d rather not intrude.” Harry said with a small chuckle. “Plus, I don’t ever plan on staying in a tent again.” he added. Ron groaned.

“I’m trying to forget.” He said miserably. Hermione was insisting on taking the tent as it could take them a while to find ‘Monica and Wendell Wilkins.’ This greatly upset Ron, who was more hoping they could spend their time in hotels. He had no desire to return to roughing it in the tent for weeks on end.

“At least you won’t have Voldemort and his Death Eaters trying to kill you,” said Harry fairly. Ron smiled at him.

“Or having to find parts of a lunatic’s soul and something to kill them with... yeah this might be a little more fun.” Ron admitted, and Harry laughed.

“Maybe you’ll be able to get decent food too, rather than stewed mushrooms and fish so burnt it resembled the sock I gave Dobby.” Harry pointed out. Ron grinned.

“I’m never eating mushrooms again.” He said darkly.

“You had them this morning for breakfast.” Harry retorted, laughing. Ron threw his pillow at him, causing him to lose concentration on his levitation charm, and the snow globe dropped hitting him square in the face. “BLOODY HELL!” he yelped as his nose poured with blood. “Ah bugger…oh really funny, hilarious!” he said grumpily as Ron howled with laughter. “Episkey,” he muttered, and the blood flow stopped. “Tergeo,” he added, and the blood disappeared from his face.

“You are an utter pillock.” Said Ron in a mock affectionate voice as Harry used a banishing charm to send the pillow back at him. Hermione suddenly burst through the door.

“You two sound like you’re having far too much fun.” She announced suspiciously. Harry quickly assumed an innocent expression-Ron was less successful. “Where’s your bag?” she demanded. Ron handed it sheepishly to her. “No toothbrush…you haven’t packed a jacket…or any socks or shoes.” She said exasperated. “How did your mother cope with seven of you?” she sighed, flopping down on the floor inbetween the beds.

“She never took us on holiday?” Ron replied, but his grin was extinguished by Hermione’s chilling stare.

“Harry, will you make him do it, because I swear I’m going to curse him!?” she growled, waving her wand threateningly at them both. Harry knew better than to make a joke at this point, and scrambled to his feet.

“Come on Ron, where’s your toothbrush?” he said, looking around Ron’s room, which as ever looked as if a bomb had recently gone off. Hermione grumpily stalked off back downstairs, and Ron instantly flopped back down on his bed. Harry groaned at him. “Seriously?”

“What?” Ron replied innocently. Harry scowled at him.

“You know bloody well what. I don’t fancy getting chased around the house by a flock of her birds.” He said, shovelling through a pile of Ron’s washing searching for some jumpers. “She can probably conjure eagles or something now.” He added.

“I’ll worry when she can conjure dragons.” retorted Ron, lazily flicking through his copy of Flying with the Cannons. Harry frowned at him, then a smile crept onto his face. He drew his wand slowly and pointed it at Ron. ‘Levicorpus’ he thought. There was a bright flash of light and Ron found himself dangling from his ankle. “Wha-PUT ME DOWN NOW!” Ron roared, flailing his arms around as he tried to escape.

“Are you going to help me?” Harry asked, grinning wickedly. Ron scowled at him, and Harry caused him to rise even further into the air. “What about now?” Harry asked.

“Fine,” Said Ron, folding his arms in mid-air. “I’ll do it. Now put me down!” he said grumpily. Harry performed the counter jinx, and lowered Ron gently to the ground. He brushed himself off and glared at Harry. “You’re getting more like her, it’s scary.” He said. “And do you ever think to use a summoning charm? Accio jumper!” he said, and was immediately knocked over by eighteen years’ worth of Weasley jumpers, all of them maroon.

“Do you ever think to throw out your old clothes?” Harry sniggered.

“I was saving them for you; the one I got when I was nine might fit you now.” Ron retorted as he pulled himself out from underneath the jumpers.

“I’m alright, maroon never was my colour,” said Harry airily. “Go get your toothbrush, I’ll find your jumpers.” He added, beginning to rummage through the enormous pile of jumpers. “How many of these are there?” he said, exasperated. Ron shrugged.

“One for every Christmas, Birthday, Easter…you get the idea.” He said, before heading down to the bathroom. Harry eventually found three newer looking jumpers and stuffed them into Ron’s rucksack. He paused-he didn’t fancy rummaging through Ron’s socks, especially if they were anything like his own collection. Ron returned to save him the bother. “I think it’s mine.” He said, carelessly tossing a balding toothbrush into the bag. “What else did she say?” he asked, looking as though he were just about to flop on his bed again.

“Shoes and socks,” Harry prompted. “Unless you plan to wander Australia barefoot?” he added, sniggering.

“I’ve heard they’ve got nice beaches,” replied Ron, not listening.

“And snakes. And massive spiders. I’m sure you’ll love it.” Harry pointed out, grinning. Ron shuddered.

“Why did I agree to this?” he moaned. “We could’ve sent someone from the Department but no! I thought it’d be a nice holiday.” He said, flinging holey socks over his shoulder as he dug through his drawer.

“It will be a nice holiday.” Harry replied. “You’re going to Australia for a couple of weeks with your girlfriend, and all you have to worry about is some spiders. They’re not exactly going to be Aragog sized are they?” he said. Ron shivered.

“Don’t remind me about that bloody thing.” He said darkly. “I still haven’t forgiven Hagrid…follow the spiders…” he muttered cynically.

“Oh cheer up Ron!” Harry snapped briskly. “Think yourself lucky, I’m going to be sitting around here and doing guard duty for the Order with Neville,” he said dejectedly.

“Nothing happened since Rita went berserk then?” Ron asked as he pulled out a fourth pair of socks with a triumphant look on his face. Harry shook his head. “Seems insane doesn’t it? Rita Skeeter involved in a plot to kill you.” Ron said conversationally. Harry chuckled.

“Probably wants revenge for us three ruining her career.” Harry reasoned. “Still, we’ve faced Voldemort and his pet lunatics; I’m not frightened of Rita.” He said confidently.

“Don’t get over confident.” Ron warned. “If she’s with Grindelwald, we have to watch out for her. You know as well as I do how good she is at getting information.” He pointed out. Harry nodded slowly.

“I suppose. Wonder if I’ll ever get to a point in my life where someone doesn’t want to kill me.” Harry said miserably. Ron laughed.

“You’re becoming an Auror in September mate, it’s part of the job, isn’t it?” He said, putting a final pair of socks in his bag. “All set, my shoes are downstairs. I’ve only got my trainers anyways.” He added as an afterthought. “You got plans for the day?” he asked as they traipsed downstairs.

“Yeah, I told Ginny I’d take her to the cinema.” Harry replied offhandedly. “We’re going to see Godzilla.” Ron looked at him blankly.

“Two things, what the hell is a cinema, and what’s Godzilla?” he asked, looking utterly lost. Harry laughed.

“It’s a muggle thing, they watch films there.” He explained. “A story told by moving pictures.” He added, as Ron looked even more confused. “And Godzilla’s a film that just came out, about a big lizard or something. I read it in the paper.”

“You read muggle newspapers?” said Ron incredulously. Harry nodded.

“Dumbledore always did, I thought I should too.” He said vacantly. “Plus, it’s nice not to read about yourself all the time.” He added thoughtfully. Ron grinned. Harry seemed to be in the paper all the time, often snapped when was out and about.

“You’re not enjoying the ultra-celebrity status?” Ron asked, sniggering. Harry glared at him.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if they could get a decent picture of me and Ginny.” He said grouchily. “Everyone we look bloody terrible.” He lamented.

“Speak for yourself Potter,” said a voice from his right. Ginny was standing idly in her bedroom doorway, grinning at him. “Personally I think I look fantastic.” She said, carelessly sliding down the banister as they walked down the last flight of stairs into the kitchen.

“Even the one where you’re staring at his backside?” Ron said. She hit him over the head with her rolled up magazine, glaring at him. Harry roared with laughter as they entered the kitchen. Sturgis Podmore was already there.

“Ah, Harry, Ron, Ginny!” he cried, bounding over in his usual overexcited manner. “I was just explaining to Hermione here about the international floo network.” He said cheerfully. “Don’t worry Ron; it’s just the same as normal floo… only longer,” he explained. He looked positively delighted, as though the floo network was somehow the most interesting thing in the world. He rather reminded Harry of Percy and cauldron thicknesses, if Percy had been very drunk at the time.  James was struggling to keep in his giggles from his frame, despite reproving glances from Lily. “Just keep your arms and legs tight, and you should be out in ten minutes. The Australians know you’re coming, and they’re waiting to meet you.”

“Thanks Sturgis.” said Ron, shaking his hand. He turned to his family, who’d packed themselves into the tiny kitchen. “Well…see you lot in two weeks.” He said awkwardly. Molly rolled her eyes and pulled her son into a tight hug.

“Stay out of trouble.” She warned, patting the back of his head and moving onto Hermione. “Keep him right Hermione. Warn me if he misbehaves!” she said in a mock stern voice, before smiling fondly at the pair. “Off you go then.” She said. Hermione jumped from her chair and wrapped her arms round Harry.

“Stay safe you.” She whispered in his ear, quiet enough so that only he could hear.

“I couldn’t go adventuring without you two could I?” he pointed out in the same quiet voice. “I’ll be fine, you two have fun,” he said, patting her on the back as she released him “Take this,” he muttered, handing over a small brown package. She looked at him quizzically, before noticing the writing on the package. Just in case. Ron held out his hand, and Harry raised an eyebrow. “We’ve known each other a bit long for that haven’t we?” he said, pulling Ron into a hug and smacking him on the back. “Look after her.” He said quickly, before they broke apart. Ron nodded, before stepping into the fire. Sturgis handed him some purple, glowing floo powder.

“Now, you want to shout ‘Australian Ministry for Magic.’ Nice and clear now.” Sturgis instructed as Hermione stepped into the fire alongside Ron. “Off you go then.” He said cheerfully, as the rest of the Weasley family waved the pair off.

“Australian Ministry for Magic!” Ron yelled. There was a purple flash, as the large flames leapt up, the entire house shaking, and Ron and Hermione were gone. And though he couldn’t figure out why, Harry felt a strange sense of loss.

“Grindelwald?” came a voice. Gellert’s eyes snapped up from the parchment he was reading. Dolohov’s head was peaking around the corner of the door.

“What?” said Gellert gruffly. He didn’t like to be interrupted. Dolohov seemed to notice this-he was noticeably more wary.

“We’ve received word from our contact in the Department of Magical Transportation that Weasley and the Granger girl have departed for Australia.” He said guardedly. Gellert nodded slowly.

“Is there any way we can get there without drawing attention to ourselves?” he asked, his brilliant mind whirring quickly.

“The floo network and Portkeys are both being monitored, and none of us could apparate that far,” replied Dolohov. “It would take several days by broom, and they would be difficult to locate.” Gellert stroked his chin.

“Locating them will not be an issue,” he said calmly. “I have tracked wizards more skilled then these before.” He continued to stroke his chin thoughtfully. “We shall have to use step by step apparation,” he said finally. “It is…complex, but I can do it,”

“It will take a long time,” warned Dolohov. “And a lot of magical energy,”

“I was imprisoned for fifty years Antonin,” Gellert pointed out coldly. “I have a large amount of energy stored. I can transport everyone I need,” he said simply. Dolohov nodded.

“As you wish Grindelwald,” replied Dolohov, bowing slightly.

“Good. Have our contact in the Auror department notify us when he is on watch. We can leave safely then. I want you to remain here, Dolohov. You are in command while I am gone. Inform Malfoy, Yaxley, Rookwood and Rowle that I am taking them on holiday.” He said with a sadistic smile. “And fetch the Malfoy boy too; I’d like a word with him.” He added as Dolohov left. He leant back in his chair. Potter’s so called ‘hero complex’ would have him running to save his friends. Running straight into Gellert’s waiting clutches.

Draco stepped through the door presently. He looked better than he had in Azkaban, though only slightly. He still looked rather grey, rather drawn.

“Sit down, Draco.” Said Gellert, not unkindly, indicating the seat opposite him. Draco sat down warily. “You seem troubled.” Gellert said. It was a statement, not a question. Draco felt the panic rise inside of him. He could hardly say ‘I don’t want to be a part of this anymore.’ That wasn’t how it worked. An idea hit him suddenly. It wasn’t brilliant, but it could work.

“I’ve been worrying about Potter.” He said firmly. Gellert’s eyes widened a fraction, but otherwise, he betrayed no emotion. “I think he’s more powerful than the others give him credit for.” Draco lied. He thought Potter was as average and useless as everyone else said, but this was his way out. “And then there’s that cloak he’s got…” he began, making it up as he went.

“Cloak?” interrupted Gellert sharply. “What cloak?”

“Potter’s invisibility cloak. Did nobody mention it?” said Draco, surprised. Gellert ignored the last part.

“What about it?” said Gellert quickly, ignoring the last remark. He seemed excited, or was it panic?

“Well, it’s not like any cloak I’ve heard off,” said Draco slowly. “Most invisibility cloaks fade after a few years…you can see through them and stuff. But Potter’s had his since he was eleven, and it still works perfectly…” he said, halting. Gellert looked strange. Mad. Obsessed. He stood up, and turned to face the window, his hands locked behind his back.

“You may go.” He said shortly, and Draco scrambled up out of his seat, wanting to get away as soon as possible. Gellert pondered to himself. Could it be Ignotus’s cloak from the story? Could Potter have the Deathly Hallows cloak? Maybe that was how he survived that night in the forest… had he possessed all three of the Hallows so early? Was Potter the master of death? The idea concerned Gellert. It would probably make him much harder to defeat... maybe impossible. He relaxed for a moment. He had no evidence that Potter had ever obtained the resurrection stone. Still, it was an unsettling thought. His ponderings were interrupted by the return of Dolohov.

“Grindelwald, the Auror is here to see you.” He said, and a black robed, hooded man entered the room.

“Thank you Dolohov. Excuse us.” He said, and Dolohov gave a short bow before leaving. “John,” said Grindelwald shortly. The man nodded.

“I trust Dolohov has informed you that Potter’s friends have departed?” he asked. The Auror had a sluggish, almost stupid voice. Gellert nodded. “Flint, in the Department of Magical Transportation, has informed me that Granger let slip the names of her parents. Monica and Wendell Wilkins, dentists.” He explained.

“Dentists?” enquired Grindelwald. Muggles, so complex.

“Healers for the teeth,” said John briskly. “In any event, if we can beat Granger and Weasley to it, then we give ourselves an advantage while capturing them.” He said shortly. Gellert nodded.

“When are you next taking watch over the manor?” Gellert asked. John grinned.

“I had a better idea. If we create a…disturbance elsewhere, then you can stroll out unnoticed.” Gellert smiled.

“What sort of disturbance?” he asked.

“How does a prison riot sound?” John replied, a truly evil smirk on his face.

“Music to my ears.”

“Imagine if that thing was real.” Said Ginny as she and Harry left the cinema. She’d been so amazed by the film she’d barely had time to kiss Harry. Barely.

“I’d be less scared of it then I was of Voldemort.” Harry replied. “Then again, that thing would eat you, I think I’d rather be Avada Kedarva’d.” he said with a small smile. Ginny looked at him reproachfully, though amused.

“You shouldn’t joke.” She said in a mock stern voice. “What time is it?” she added. Harry checked his watch.

“Just gone seven. Would you like to eat out this fine evening, Miss Weasley?” he said, performing a silly bow to her, causing several muggle girls to giggle wildly. Ginny took it in her stride, and took his hand.

“I’d be delighted Mr Potter, you charmer.” She said in a far more posh than her own. He winked at her and they linked arms. “Know a place?” she asked.

“A couple. Assuming you don’t mind acting like a muggle?” he said in a low voice. She smiled at him.

“I’m with you. I’m happy doing anything.” She said simply, kissing him on the cheek. He blushed slightly as they walked down a dark alleyway so they could disapparate.

“You lost, Potter?” came a low, rasping voice. Harry spun on his heels, drawing his wand in a flash and shoving Ginny behind him. A large figure blocked much of the alleyway. He had broad shoulders, and from what little light penetrated the alley, Harry could see he had short, bristly hair and small, dull eyes.

“Goyle?” He said incredulously. What the hell was Malfoys old henchman doing here? Harry suddenly noticed Goyle’s wand was drawn pointing directly at him. Well this changes things he thought, slipping his wand subtly out of his pocket.

“I saw you going into the cinema,” Goyle said slowly. Speaking seemed to be a big effort for him. In fact, Harry was constantly surprised he managed it. “You got my father put in Azkaban, Potter.” He said quietly Now you’re gonna pay. You and your filthy little blood traitor girlfriend. Avada-!” he began, but Harry was far quicker.

“EXPELLIARMUS!” he yelled, and Goyle’s wand went flying out his hand. He roared in anger, and leapt towards Harry and Ginny. Instinctively, not really knowing what he was doing, Harry threw a punch. He caught Goyle perfectly in the face as he sprang, and he felt Goyle’s nose break, as well as several of his own knuckles. The larger man collapsed to the floor, moaning in pain. “Encarceorus,” he spat coldly, and thick ropes bound Goyle tightly. He turned to Ginny. “Are you okay?” She nodded, looking a little shaken.

“That was a bloody good punch.” She said, wrapping her arms round him. “Thank you for protecting me, you’re like a heroic knight.” She said, grinning.

“What did Ron say?” Harry said sharply, remembering the conversation he and Ron had had about Harry and Ginny’s fairy-tale relationship.

“What?” she said blankly. Oh. Evidently Ron hadn’t spilled.

“Nothing,” he muttered shortly. “Expecto Patronum.” He said, and the silver stag burst forth from his wand, briefly illuminating the alleyway before soaring off into the air.

“Who was that too?” she asked curiously, watching it gallop away.

“Robards,” Said Harry. “We’re on a date; I’m not taking him to Azkaban.” He said, giving Goyle a sharp kick. He groaned in pain.

“How romantic,” said Ginny dryly. “I get to be stuck in an alleyway with you fending off attacks. Delightful.” He grinned at her.

“What can I say, it’s my style.” He said with a wink. There was a sharp crack, and Gawain Robards appeared in the alleyway. He gave Goyle a brief glance.

“I’m going to assume he’s the ‘urgent item’ you wanted to see me about?” he asked, his eyebrow rose in what could be amusement. Then again, this was Gawain, so it was probably annoyance. Harry quickly explained what at happened. Gawain nodded curtly. “Well done Harry…good punch,” he said grudgingly. “I’ll take him in for questioning. I’ll have him carted off to Azkaban by morning. Hear that pal?” he added loudly to Goyle. “You’ll be with Daddy soon!” he said, giving him a grim smile. “I’d advise you two to return home, there may be more of them.” He added, giving Harry a quick glance. He seemed to notice the disappointment that flashed in his eyes. “If you insist on staying out, make sure you stick to the wizarding world.” He said, giving them a rare, brief smile, before disapparating with Goyle.

“Leaky Cauldron?” said Harry with a small smile. “They do private rooms.” He added. Ginny smiled.

“I’d like that. But you should probably fix your hand first.” She said, glancing down at Harry’s mangled fist. He held it up.

“Lumos.” He muttered. “Ah. Yeah that’s quite bad.” He said offhandedly, gazing at it by wand light. “Never mind, Episkey!” he said. There were several loud cracks, and Harry winced sharply at each, but afterwards, his hand was completely normal. He flexed his fingers.

“Nice one.” She said, taking his hand.

“Thank you,” he said, grinning. “Hold on tight,” he added, and they disapparated, appearing in the Leaky Cauldron seconds later. It was rather busy, but Harry paid for a private room and they ate upstairs. “It’s surprisingly nice here, I must say.” He said as he swigged his butterbeer. She nodded, but didn’t say anything. “Something on your mind?” he asked, sounding a little worried. She sighed.

“I worry about you.” She confessed, not meeting his eyes. “I know it was only Goyle, but he was aiming to kill. And you’re not exactly gonna be any safer next year are you, being an Auror and all that?” she said miserably. Harry took her hands and gazed into her eyes, forcing her to look at him.

“I can take care of myself, don’t you worry.” He said with a small smile. She returned it, but didn’t look convinced. “I’ll be fine. It’s not like Voldemort’s after me anymore is it?” he said reassuringly. She flinched at the name, as ever, but continued to look at him.

“No, only Grindelwald,” she said with a quick smile. Harry gave a bark of laughter.

“I wouldn’t worry about him, we haven’t heard anything about him since he attacked us at Godric’s hollow.” He said cheerfully. It wasn’t strictly true; he’d probably been involved with Rita and the Azkaban breakout, but this seemed a bad time to point this out. She didn’t seem to notice. She stood up, her dinner finished, and walked round the small table and straddled Harry’s knees, kissing him. He raised his eyebrow. “All affectionate all of a sudden?” he said, the corners of his mouth twitching.

“I love you Harry.” She murmured into his ear. “And I’ll be dammed if anyone’s taking you off me again.” She said. For the next twenty minutes or so, Harry was very glad he’d booked a private room.

John Dawlish, the Auror who was, of course, in contact with Grindelwald and his new followers, strode through Azkaban three days after Ron and Hermione had left for Australia. The guard had been strengthened since the breakout, and there was now always at least one Auror on duty. He had to admit, it was a big improvement, getting rid of the Dementors. The prison warden wandered by, giving him a brief nod. Dawlish whirled around as he passed.

“Imperio,” he muttered. The Warden went strangely blank, and then trotted obediently off on Dawlish’s command. He started unlocking the cells, one by one. Dawlish gave a satisfied smile as the prisoners began to whoop, cheer and scream, pouring from the cells, albeit slightly confused. The guard appeared back at Dawlish’s side, still looking stupidly blank. “Avada Kedarva.” Dawlish spat coldly. The spark had been struck, the inferno was beginning. The Azkaban riot had begun.

Harry had been forced awake early by Molly, and after a rushed breakfast, he’d apparated off to Malfoy manor for his watch duty alongside Neville. The wards around the house prevented them seeing it, but they would be able to see if anyone left the grounds.

“Alright Neville?” he whispered, his invisibility cloak pulled over him and his Firebolt as he crouched next to his friend. Neville gave a start and a small squeak of surprise.

“Under the cloak Harry?” he growled after looking for him for a second. “You need to stop doing that!” he said crossly. Harry laughed.

“Startle you did I?” he said cheerfully, pulling the cloak off his head.

“Too right you did,” said Neville. “I only just got here; Hestia and Dedalus were just leaving.” He explained. “They didn’t see anything.” He added as Harry opened his mouth.

“Waste of time if you ask me,” said Harry grumpily. “They’re not going to come out if they know we’re on their doorstep.” Neville nodded.

“Still, better than having them run amok isn’t it?” He pointed out. Harry shrugged slightly. “Do you reckon Grindelwald is in there?” he asked nervously.

“I dunno. If he is, I prefer him inside then trying to kill me.” He replied. Neville glanced at him sideways.

“He is after you then?” he said, looking quite surprised. Harry thought for a moment before responding. ‘What does it matter if people know he’s after me?’ He reasoned.

“Yeah, he is,” said Harry heavily. Neville gave a low whistle of surprise.

“They really don’t like you do they?” he said with a small smile. “Dark wizards I mean.” Harry chuckled.

“No, they don’t.” he smiled. “Then again, it could be worse.” He pointed out. Neville nodded.

“Imagine if Grindelwald and You Know Who teamed up to get you.” He said, shuddering.

“I think Grindelwald fought Voldemort in the last couple of days of the war actually,” said Harry slowly. Neville looked at him, bewildered.

“Why would he do that? If they were both after you-“ he began slowly, but Harry cut him off.

“Grindelwald’s chasing the Elder Wand-the wand I took from Voldemort.” Harry explained. “Voldemort thought he’d killed Grindelwald, but he somehow escaped. So it’s my guess that Grindelwald tried to track down Voldemort before he discovered I had the wand. So now, he’s after me.” He finished. Neville looked concerned. “Plus Dolohov said Grindelwald attacked him at the battle.”

“Why did they both want the want so badly?” he asked, seeming confused. Harry paused, before deciding Neville could be trusted. He explained the story of the Three Brothers, leaving out the detail about the cloak and the stone, and explained how it had been passed down from Grindelwald, to Dumbledore, to Malfoy and to Harry. Neville looked utterly stunned. “That wand you took from Voldemort was the Elder Wand?”  He said incredulously. Harry nodded. “Bloody hell,” he whispered. “No wonder Grindelwald wants it back.” He said, awestruck. Harry nodded grimly, before checking his watch.

“I should do a quick fly-by.” He announced, mounting his broom. “Stay hidden.” He added, putting a disillusionment charm on himself, before zooming off into the sky. As expected, he couldn’t see Malfoy manor-it had every protection on it known to wizard kind. Still, a little fly made the whole ordeal a little more bearable. Harry could see the haze where the magical wards protected the manor, but nothing inside the grounds. With a sigh, he turned back to Neville, only to see a silver animal racing across the countryside towards him. Harry dived down towards him, drawing his wand just in case. He pulled up just beside his friend as a large dog materialized in front of them.

“Azkaban riot. Need all the help we can get. Met here.” It said in Gawain’s voice, followed by a string of coordinates. Harry turned to Neville.

“We have to go now!” he said urgently. Neville had gone very pale, and gave a small nod. Harry grabbed his arm tightly, and they turned on the spot and disapparated. They found themselves on a windswept, freezing beach. Gawain and Kingsley stood there, in front of a crowd of wizards and witches from the Order and the Aurors. Gawain looked extremely concerned.
“We’ve got people inside the fortress, they won’t hold out forever. We have to act now. Stunners only people!” he barked, gripping an old Cleansweep tightly in his hand. “I want the area secure within the hour! Now mount up!” he ordered, swinging his leg over his broom. Harry did the same, pulling Neville onto the broom. The small force kicked off, bound for Azkaban, unaware that Grindelwald and his followers were moving against them.

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