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Black Betrayals by DreamsofPurpleRoses
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Regulus Black was a bit insane.

You couldn't really blame him, though. Most of the time he took it in stride and it aided him in his attempt to hide from the Wizarding World to which he was dead. You see, Regulus didn't have the best childhood, nor the best life overall to be honest. He was always pressured and pushed by his parents into doing things that he didn't want to do. Like becoming a Death Eater, for instance. Or telling the sorting hat to put him in Slytherin when he really wanted to go into Gryffindor with his brother because he was afraid of what Mother and Father might think. Most of his life he was ordered around, so when he had "Died" he had found freedom, because there was no one to tell him what to do and there was no one to order him around. He could do whatever he wanted.

For the first few months it had been grand. But after that time, he was tired of hiding. He couldn't very well just pop back into the Wizarding world, however. He was wanted by the Dark Lord and the Ministry. So he had to remain in the shadows. This is when the insanity had begun to take hold.

Since he could not live his life among people, he instead watched the lives of others. Particularly his brother, Sirius. Regulus watched as Sirius grieved over his death with that stupid James Potter. He watched as Sirius joined the Order of the Phoenix, again with James Potter. He saw how Sirius loved his little godson and showered the baby with gifts, even if he couldn't afford them. And he knew how the legendary night when Voldemort had attempted to kill little baby Harry Potter had actually played out. Sirius's friend, Peter Pettigrew, had been a traitor and he was the reason that Sirius had been locked up in Azkaban all those years. Regulus knew Sirius hadn't killed all those people. But he was the only one beside Peter Pettigrew himself.

Once, Regulus had actually considered revealing himself to Sirius. He had gone to Azkaban and visited Sirius's cell under a false name with the full intent of letting Sirius know who he was. But when he had looked into the cell and seen the extremely thin and beaten man inside, his heart was crushed. Sirius had not looked like his brother, but like a ghost of his former self. Sirius hadn't noticed Regulus standing there. He was too busy staring at a photo that was frayed at the edges. In the photo was a smiling baby boy with huge green eyes and tufty black hair, sitting on the lap of a younger, not so worn Sirius Black. The baby giggled and shook his little fists when Sirius tickled his tummy. The smile on Sirius's face in the picture was the happiest smile Regulus had ever seen on his brother. Sirius had never taken his eyes from the photo. Tears fell down his face. "Harry…Harry, I'm so sorry…" he had muttered, the sadness etched so deep into him Regulus thought it wasn't possible Sirius would ever smile again.

Regulus had left without saying a word and never returned. He couldn't help blaming Sirius's imprisonment on himself. He should have done something. He should have intervened in some way. How could he have stood there and watched as the Aurors had dragged his brother away? A feeling of guilt filled him and it never went away.

During Sirius's imprisonment, Regulus had watched Harry Potter. He saw how the boy was abused by his aunt and uncle and nearly starved to death. He surveyed Harry with a certain obsessiveness. When the boy went to Hogwarts, Regulus went to libraries and learned everything he could about him, from his defeat of the Dark Lord to his adventures at the magical school. He read newspaper articles compulsively. The boy was absolutely fascinating. The feats he had managed to accomplish by the age of just thirteen were incredible. Everything had been perfect and Regulus was falling deeper and deeper into his insanity by following the boy, the link to his brother, until Sirius broke out of Azkaban. Regulus had tried to find him, he really had. But it wasn't easy. Just like no one could find him when he went missing, there was no locating Sirius Black. When Regulus had read the newspapers that said that Sirius had escaped to kill Harry Potter, he knew this wasn't true. Sirius cared for Harry way too much to want to kill him.

After a series of events that involved time travel and a hippogriff, Sirius was reunited with Harry. But Sirius was still on the run and could not see Harry as much as he would have liked. Regulus watched as he always did, and became extremely jealous of Harry and Sirius's relationship. Why was Sirius's life happy while he was still miserable? It wasn't fair. The insanity that now had a firm grip on his mind came up with a plan. It was a plan that in his right mind Regulus never would have come up with. For in his insane logic Harry was the key to Sirius's happiness, and therefor Harry would make him happy while his brother would be left to hide in the shadows and be depressed for the rest of his life.

The Dark Lord returned in Harry's fourth year, and now the stakes were a lot higher for Regulus. If he went through with his plan not only would both the Order of the Phoenix and the Ministry of Magic be looking for the boy; so would Voldemort. Regulus knew the second the Dark Lord returned because his dark mark had burned mercilessly, demanding him to go to Voldemort's side. It was very hard to resist, but he had. Returning to Voldemort would mean a long, painful death.

Regulus was getting tired of waiting and watching. He picked a date and set his plan in action. Harry was back at his aunt's and uncle's, deeply shaken by his encounter with the Dark Lord which Regulus had read about in the newspaper where they had called Harry an attention seeking prat. He mostly remained in his house and took long walks. For a few weeks he observed the boy's habits and watched his routine. Then, after learning that the Order of the Phoenix would soon be coming to collect the boy, he made his move. He followed Harry when he went on his nightly walk, keeping to the shadows so he wouldn't spook the boy and lose his chance. Harry took his usual spot on the swing in the park, staring at the ground, deep in thought.

Regulus was patient. He knew the boy was going to be here for about an hour before he made his way back home. He had plenty of time. Using a catlike grace he had learned in do while he had been hiding, he snuck up behind the boy. Harry didn't notice. Regulus grinned. Harry was so very close and all he had to do was reach out and grab the boy and Harry would be his godson forever.

And that is what he did. He reached out and wrapped his arms around Harry, pulling him close and lifting him off the swing. Harry struggled and kicked, trying to get away. Regulus chuckled, the insanity taking over. He whispered in Harry's ear. "Hello, Harry. You're going to be my godson now."

"Wh-what?" Harry stammered, not understanding what was going on. In his fear he lashed out and hit Regulus in the face. Regulus gasped in pain and grabbed his nose, which was probably broken. Harry pulled against Regulus's remaining arm, but the grip around him did not loosen. Regulus growled, his eyes filled with an angry fire. How dare the boy hit him! He would have to be punished. Regulus wrapped his hand around Harry's throat and squeezed. Harry choked and pulled at Regulus's hand, trying to breathe.

"You will not disrespect your godfather like that, Harry. You will be punished if you do." He tightened his hand on Harry's throat to get his point across. Harry turned a dangerous shade of purple.

"Sirius Black is my godfather." Harry hissed, tears in his eyes.

Regulus grinned his insane grin. "No, Harry. Not anymore. You're mine now. My godson. Sirius doesn't deserve you. I do. You'll make me very happy. I deserve to be happy, don't you think?"

"Who…" Regulus could see the boy growing weaker. "Who are…you?"

Regulus raised his fist. "I'll explain later when I have successfully hid you away. Don't worry about it for now." Then he connected his fist to Harry's temple. Harry blacked out immediately and went limp. Regulus removed hand from Harry's throat. It was a rather violent way to take the boy, but at the moment Regulus didn't care. He was too overjoyed that his plan had worked. He couldn't wait to see Sirius's reaction to Harry's disappearance. Regulus smiled and looked at the boy in his arms. Harry was his now. He had never met Harry face to face but knew the boy like the back of his hand. This was going to be wonderful…

Later, back at Regulus's secret hideout, he sat on a plush black couch with a still unconscious Harry on his lap, lying against his chest. He played with the boy's messy hair while he thought. Now that the insanity had left, he felt bad about hurting Harry like he had. There were crescent shaped marks in Harry's neck were Regulus had choked him. But at the same time he couldn't help but be overjoyed. The plan had been successful. Harry was now with him. He would be his godson forever. Regulus smiled. Everything was perfect. He held Harry close to him. The boy filled him with a warmth and happiness he hadn't felt in a very long time. And Harry wasn't even awake yet. Regulus loved the feeling.

In the back of his mind he knew this was wrong. Capturing the teenage godson of your brother and locking him up in the Black family's old house and making your brother miserable so you could be happy was definitely not sane. Not at all. He looked down at Harry and all these thoughts went away. Surely the happiness that Harry would give him would make up for it.

Harry shuffled in his sleep. Regulus braced himself for the bombardment of anger that was sure to come from the boy once he remembered what had happened. But Harry only yawned and placed his head under Regulus chin, oblivious to the world. Regulus buried his face in the boy's soft and sweet smelling hair. At the moment he was perfectly content with staying this way forever, insanity or no.

Regulus didn't know how long he sat there. Maybe minutes, maybe hours, but next thing he knew he was awoken as Harry's head was removed from under his chin. Regulus frowned as the boy sat up and rubbed his eyes. He missed the warmth of Harry. Harry stretched and yawned, opening his eyes blearily. Then he leaned back against Regulus's chest and wrapped his arms around Regulus's stomach, who was a little a taken back. Apparently Harry hadn't noticed him yet. "Sirius, don't tell me I fell asleep when we were playing wizarding chess again. I swore I wouldn't do that anymore. I guess I lost that bet. Ron's right. I suck at chess."

Regulus guess that the blow to Harry's head had made the boy's mind fuzzy at the moment, and he was under the impression that he was with Sirius. Regulus saw the perfect opportunity to scare Harry. He wrapped his arms tightly around the boy's waist, trapping Harry's arms. "Comfortable, Harry?" he whispered in Harry's ear.

Harry froze, his eyes wide. His head lifted slightly and looked straight into Regulus's face. Regulus grinned and placed his chin on Harry's forehead, making it impossible for Harry to move his face down and forcing him to look into Regulus's eyes. Regulus could see the fear in Harry's eyes. He could see memories flooding the boy. Then Harry's eyes became angry. "Let go of me!" He yelled, struggling fiercely. "Let go!"

"No, Harry, I don't think I will. Then you'll get away. We can't have that." Regulus laughed at Harry's pitiful attempts to get free.

"Who are you?" Harry demanded while twisting violently in Regulus's arms. Regulus smiled, tightening his grasp on the angry teen. "Don't you see the family resemblance, Harry?"

The boy paused his fighting for a second and surveyed him with those emerald green eyes. "You look like…" he trailed off.

"Yes, Harry?"

Harry scrunched his face up in thought. "You look like Sirius."

Regulus nodded. "Very good, Harry. Now why would I look like Sirius? I know you're a smart boy. You can figure it out." He saw the realization dawn on Harry's face. "You're his brother." He whispered.

Regulus chuckled and traced his fingers over Harry's face. "You know who you look like? That stupid James Potter. The one who took my brother from me." He gripped Harry's face tightly. "That idiot who helped ruin my life." He squeezed and squeezed till Harry let out a gasp of pain and Regulus remembered that this was Harry, his new godson, and not James Potter. He removed his hand and saw the bruises that he had caused. "I'm sorry, Harry. I do have a bit of a temper. But you won't have to worry about that if you don't fight with me."

Harry was shaking his head. "You can't be his brother. Regulus Black is dead. Sirius told me."

"Not even Sirius knows the truth. Nobody knows that I have been alive all these years." He placed his face back in Harry's hair. "He cares about you, you now. You're everything to him. But I can care for you more. I'll be the best godfather, Harry. I promise. With time you'll realize that. You won't be seeing Sirius anymore."

Regulus heard a noise and looked down at Harry. A single tear run down the boy's face. "But I want Sirius."

Regulus gently wiped the tear away. He didn't want Harry to cry. "Don't cry, Harry. You'll be happy here. I'll give you whatever you want. Money is not a problem. Anything you want…" Harry sniffled and then, with a burst of strength Regulus wasn't prepared for, Harry tore Regulus's arms from him and leapt off the couch. Regulus got to his feet just as quickly and pulled out his wand.

"I want Sirius! You'll never be my godfather! You'll never even be even half the man Sirius is! You're a crazy lunatic who's just jealous of his brother! I will never be happy here!" Harry shouted these words with such fury that Regulus snapped. His hand was already in motion before he even knew what was going on. The smack echoed around the room and Harry was knocked to the floor, tears in his eyes. His lip was split and bleeding. He looked up at Regulus fearfully.

Regulus stood there; breathing hard with his fists clenched tight, staring down at the boy on the floor. The insanity was back. He took a threatening step forward and Harry scooted back. "You will not talk to me like that, Harry. I find no fault in punishing you when you step out of line. You best watch your tongue. Your time here could be enjoyable if you listen to me. If you don't, you will force my hand. I will not be lonely anymore Harry. Never again." He reached down and picked Harry up by his collar. "You are my godson now, whether you like it or not."

"I'll never be your godson." Harry hissed. Another slap. Harry's face was bruising slowly. "Never." He repeated. Again a slap. This one caused the tears in Harry's eyes to fall. "You bastard…"

To Regulus's mind this was too much. He pulled back his fist and let it fly towards Harry's chest. When it found its mark Harry screamed and doubled over in pain. He coughed up blood that stained his pale white face. He shook in Regulus's grip, tears running down his face. The anger washed out of Regulus when he looked at the scared boy in front of him. He felt bad about what he had done. "I'm sorry, Harry. But if you disrespect me you will be punished." He placed Harry's feet back on the floor while still keeping a hold on the boy. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring that was adorned with the Black family crest. He grabbed Harry's hand and slipped the ring on.

Harry screamed as the ring fused with his finger. Regulus released him and he stumbled away, pulling at the ring and trying to get it off. It didn't move. He glared at Regulus. "What the hell was that for?"

Regulus made his way over to the door. "It merely lets me know your location at all times. In case you want to wander. Both the house and the garden are few for you to walk around in. But try to leave the grounds and this luxury will be taken away." He grabbed the handle and pushed it open. "The house elves will help you if I'm not available. I have certain things to plan so I will not be around all the time. But when I am, you are expected to spend that time with me. This is your room. This is where you will sleep unless I decide on some different sleeping arrangements. You are expected to come to breakfast in the morning. If you do not show you will be punished." He stepped through the door and was about to leave.

"Wait!" Harry yelled. Regulus paused. "Where am I?" Regulus could hear the hint of desperation in the boy's voice.

"Where Sirius and I lived before Grimmauld place. Before our father became paranoid. You should be honored, Harry. I gave you Sirius's old room." Harry's eyes lit up. Regulus smirked. "See, Harry? I'm not all bad." Then he shut the door and locked it. He already knew that first Harry was going to search the room to see if he could find anything that belonged to his godfather, and then he would try and escape. Regulus had locked the door because he wanted the boy to stay in the room tonight. He would unlock the door in the morning so Harry could join him for breakfast.

Regulus walked away and towards his rooms. When he entered there was a small house elf bustling about and cleaning up the clothes Regulus had so carelessly thrown on the floor. Regulus went over to his bed and threw himself down, smiling. The House Elf with chocolate brown eyes looked up at him. "Master Regulus seems happy today."

Regulus crossed arms behind his head. "Yes, Mitzi, I am happy today. We have a guest. He's staying in Sirius's old room. Tomorrow for breakfast I want you and the other's to go all out. I want him to be happy."

Mitzi nodded. "Of course, Master Regulus. We will make him as comfortable as possible." She picked up the last of the clothing and placed it in a basket which she held in his arms. "I made your honey tea. Do you want me to bring the boy something?"

Regulus considered it. "Yes. Bring him a nice cup of hot chocolate and an extra blanket. It does get cold in that room." Mitzi nodded that she understood and bade Regulus a good night before she left. Regulus sat up and sipped at his tea, that smile still plastered on his face. He hoped that Harry would warm to him. He wanted to be able to prove he could be a wonderful godfather.

In fact, he bet he could be ten times the godfather Sirius was. All he needed was the chance.

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Black Betrayals: Chapter 1


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