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The story of Teddy and I. by welshwizard394
Chapter 1 : I have no hope. Oh, wait, yes I have!
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 Teddy and I were sitting in his cottage; he was teaching me how to play chess. I was failing at it. Teddy thought it was down to me being a girl. I knew it was because I was too distracted.

       He was just about twenty, blue haired most of the time, and about six foot three. I was almost eighteen, blond haired, five foot eight and one eighth veela. You’d think that would help me convince him to go out with me. But no, Teddy’s too noble and kind to take notice of my attempts at seduction.

       These attempts have included wearing cleavage-enhancing tops, short skirts and skin tight jeans. Also, they’ve included me pretending to be a chaser when I’m an obvious seeker, and pretending to actually like wizard rock, when my passion is muggle rock. I’ve tried E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G possible. Jesus, I’ve pretended to fall asleep in his flat so he’d let me stay the night, but no. He calls my cousin Fred to come pick me up, or wakes me up to fly me home. Whenever we swim in the lake he doesn’t even seem to notice me in my bikini, which I all-to-purposely choose to wear instead of my much less revealing one piece. Instead, I end up blushing at him in his knee length drool-inducing shorts and surprisingly-sexy nipple piercing. That left me to have to dive to hide my blush, and I hit a rock and my nose bled. As you can see, I’d never had much luck with Teddy Lupin.

‘Vic, you’re lost again, aren’t you?’ He asks, raising a thick turquoise coloured eyebrow. Which also has a stud. This boy is too much.

I realised I was almost drooling and shut my mouth, then I blink to try and bring myself back to the present. ‘I really don’t get this, Teddy.’ I say, returning to you’re-not-my-crush-Teddy mode. I believed I was quite good at this act.

He rolled his deep brown eyes and scratched the stubble on his chin, which was also turquoise. He laughed his deep throaty laugh and waved his wand, sending all the chess pieces into their box. ‘Okay. So..what now?’ He asked.

‘Take me to your bedroom.’ I say in a mock provocative voice, and Teddy guffaws. I did this kind of thing quite a bit, secretly hoping he’d get the hint and actually take me seriously. The only result I’d get is him saying things like this back. And whilst I know he’s joking, I want him to be serious, too.

 ‘You’re a freak, Vic.’ He says, rolling his eyes again. ‘Drink?’ he hops up to standing position, and hoists up the jeans which were revealing about three inches of red boxer shorts.

 ‘Not if it’s made by you,’ I joke. I get up and arch my back, stretching. I do this because I take any chance I can when I’m with him to stick out my breasts. Call me desperate, you would be too if you had a sex god of a friend. I walk to his small kitchen and start making tea, whilst Teddy sits on a counter, watching me.

  ‘Your insults hurt sometimes, Victoire.’ Teddy retorts, grabbing my arm and making me do a twirl. I’m still holding the bag of tea leaves and they go flying everywhere, in our hair, on the floor, over the counters. I go to pick them up, but Teddy wont leave go and says ‘we must dance!’ in a silly French accent that’s nothing at all like a true one. I would know, my mum’s accent is so strong that only a few people can make out a word she says.

We whirl about on the tiles for a while, laughing and enjoying. I like the feeling of his hand on my waist, and mine is on his neck. The hand he’s holding feels warm and I feel elated.

He twirls me again, and bends down, so I’m leaning back, just a foot from the floor. His face is an inch from mine. And then his apparently inherited clumsiness kicks in, and we’re on the floor, winded but laughing. And he’s on top of me. In a way that would’ve made me uncomfortable if it were anyone else.

 He stops laughing and seems to stare in my eyes for a long time, his eye colour slowly morphs to an extraordinary, unusually bold shade of bright gold.

All I can think of is ‘this is your chance, your only chance…’ I lean up the two centimetre gap and kiss him. Once, softly. For a second, it feels as though he might return the kiss. But then I feel his whole body stiffen and he pulls away. Shite.

‘Vic, what’re you doing?’ He asks, face a mask of shock and amusement. He rolls off me and starts sweeping up the tea leaves.

 Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I know I’ve totally sabotaged our whole relationship. He doesn’t feel the same as I do.

I run to the lounge, grab my backpack and sprint out the door, past the forest and onto the main path leading home. It’s raining, and my face is soaked with a mixture of tears and rain water. I grab in my bag for the music player I had off Granpa Weasley for my seventeenth, and put in my tiny ear buds. Soon, the music is helping calm me down.

  I feel like bursting into fresh tears when my favourite song comes on. Music is the only thing that can get me to show proper raw emotion. The song is ‘4 Non Blondes- What’s up.’ I march through the rain, unaware Teddy is following me. I don’t hear him shouting at me to come back. The song is thirty seconds in when he grabs my arm again, turns me around and starts talking. He doesn’t realise I cannot hear him. I can’t lip read, and I try my best to focus my eyes on the tree above his perfectly mussed hair.

I twist from his grip and march off again, only to realise he’s not leaving me go. He grabs my arm gently but firmly and holds my face so I’m looking at him. I bet he’s ready to have a good old laugh.

 But there’s no trace of amusement on his face. He’s serious. It’s serious when he tucks a damp strand of my hair behind my ear.  It’s serious when I see conflict in his eyes. It’s serious when he quickly leans in and locks his lips to mine.

I didn’t see it coming.

He kisses me with force, a gentle but passionate force that makes me open my mouth for more. His hands move from my face, and wrap around my waist, pulling me to curve around his tall, strong body. 

I’m kissing Teddy as though this is the only chance I’ll ever get. That’s what’s going on. I try to put all my feelings for him into this one kiss, I want him to know that I love him. Godric, I love him to hell and back. My arms have their own will and wrap around his neck, and my hands caress the back of his neck and his hair, which when my eyes open, I see has turned a dark red colour.

Teddy pulls away from me and leans his forehead against mine, breathing accelerated and shallow.

I don’t actually realise how much that kiss dazzled me until Teddy removes his hands from where they were resting on my hips. I lose my footing, trip over a rock, my earbuds fall out and a pain sears through my ankle. As you can see, my luck is absolutely fantastic. And I thought Teddy was meant to be the clumsy one. 


A/N: Hi! I hope you liked it, and I'd love a review.


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The story of Teddy and I.: I have no hope. Oh, wait, yes I have!


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