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Fairy tales are hope in disguise by ForeverCharmed
Chapter 3 : Beastly
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I do not own Harry Potter or the other fairy tales, Beauty and the beast is owned by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince De Beaumont, the author of Cinderella is Charles Perrault, The author of Snow White are Brothers Grimm and the ugly Duckling is owned by Hans Christian.






I woke from a dream of me dancing with a masked man at a ball with steel grey eyes. I wanted to know who he is even though it was a dream. I wanted to take the mask of his face. He had held me close and made me feel wanted.






A tapping at the window brought me back to my senses. I got up to see a grey owl holding a package. I opened the window allowing the owl in. I feed it some treats and detached the package from its leg. With that the owl left leaving me to open the package alone.






Upon opening the package I discovered a glass case containing a stunning red rose. That’s when I noticed the note upon the paper.












This rose reminds me of you in many ways, beautiful, delicate and graceful. Treasure this well for as long as you stay faithful it will to. Appearances inside and out can be deceiving.












I sat there shell-shocked. No one had ever sent me a gift like this before. With so much meaning. I wonder who sent it, and what they meant be ‘Appearances inside and out can be deceiving.’ I needed to talk to Ginny she will know.






“I don’t know Hermione I have never had this happen to me before. I told you, you had a Prince Charming.” She gave me her I’m a weirdo smile.






“Anyway are you looking forward to the ball, Malfoy and I have to organise it.” I asked changing the subject even though it did not stray far from my dreams and what was going on.






“I am so excited and that is so cool so I can tell you some of my great ideas for the ball, I was thinking a theme or have a masked ball or..”






“Hang on that is a great idea, a masked ball, a bit of mystery” I thought out loud.






We continued writing down ideas for me to show to Malfoy before it was time to go to our next class, potions.






As we sat and listened to Professor Snape go on about rules I zoned out back to last night’s dream, dancing with that stranger felt so right.






“Mr Malfoy and Ms Granger will be a partner for the rest of the year”






Malfoy and I moved next to another one without complaint, I just wanted to get through the year with no fights. Everyone else was lucky except me though, Harry and Ginny were together, Ron got his new cow of a girlfriend Lavender to be his partner and so on.






I blanked out for the rest of class my head somewhere else definitely not where it should have been. I noticed that Malfoy had snuck a few glances at me without a scowl on his face which was really weird.






After class I headed back to the heads common room before heading down to lunch. As I walked into my room I noticed the glass incased rose on my bedside table, it looked so elegant and I just stared at it before I thought of something. The rose is magical. I made a mental note to check the library some time to get some imformation on the rose.






When I entered the great hall I noticed that Lavender was sucking Rons face of. I instantely wanted to throw up and felt the familiar prickling sensation at the back of my eyes. I instantely turned around at ran down to the kitchens were I would be eating my meal for tonight.






Dracos POV






I watched as she stopped dead in her tracks as Lavender sucked the Weasley’s face of. She turned around and ran out I got up and went after her. I could feel her pain the emotions she was feeling and it hurt me to know how bad she was feeling. She was strong though she held herself together in the toughest situations. But I knew that one day and probably soon she will break down.






Once I got out of the great hall I just managed to see her turn a corner. I ran after her hoping I wouldn’t lose her. But fate was not on my side she was gone by the time I turned the corner. I looked around to see where she could have possibly gone before I headed back to the great hall to finish my dinner before heading to bed.






When I sat back down Pansy was all over him.






“Where did you go Drakie?”






“Why did you leave so all of a sudden Drakie?”






“Why won’t you answer me Drakie?” She nagged at me.












Everyone looked at me and I got up and left the great hall heading to the head’s common room hoping for peace. I wish she would just stop I don’t like her like that. She makes me angry, like beast angr….y.






Beast Angry, no it is just an expression.






But back in the great hall the expression on Pansy’s face told a different story.






“His face, it, it, it changed” Pansy stuttered.






“What are you talking about now Pansy his face didn’t change except it went a little red” Blaise told her.






But that was not enough it scared Pansy enough to want to go to the library.






“No Blaise it was different it was Beast like.” With that she got up and left the Great hall leaving Blaise stuck to his seat speechless.



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Fairy tales are hope in disguise: Beastly


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