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All of Time by ariellem
Chapter 1 : All of Time
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For Mystique17's Percy Weasley Challenge.

For CherryBear's Perks of a Wallflower Quote challenge, my quote was "Maybe it’s sad that those are now memories. And maybe it’s not sad.”



Ink was everywhere, all over Percy’s clothes—especially that white shirt that he had taken to the cleaners because he couldn’t perform the proper spell to clean it up himself and he didn’t want to see the look of annoyance on his mother’s face if he were to ask her.

The ink covered his hands like black blood, who knew that one tiny bottle could contain so much of it. He picked up his wand and tried to perform a cleaning spell, his wand slips from his inky hands and he only succeeds in making the ink spill bigger. The little odds and ends on his desk, such as the pencil jar with holes, and his ball of rubber bands—a gift from his father whose new obsession was rubber bands—were going to be soaked in a little while.

And right before he is about to say fuck it all and use the sleeve of his shirt to wipe up the ink before it gets to his important papers, after the all the shirt is already dirty.

He is not able to though, because someone barges into his office, he is about to ask what the hell they are doing in here without knocking, he’s already in a bad mood and he doesn’t need any more paperwork.

But he shuts his mouth before the words can leave his lips because standing before him is the Minister of Magic, he still has an earring on, but Percy finds that more comforting then annoying.

“What can I do for you Minister?” Percy asks, he straightens his tie even though his shirt is so covered in ink that no one probably notices the state of his tie.

“Someone is waiting for you,” the Minister says, not bothering to sit down. Percy has already began to wonder whether or not his mum had brought him lunch again, she never did think that he could take care of himself.


“You’ll find out tomorrow, but if you could come an hour early that would be preferable,” says the Minister standing back up and leaving the room as Percy stammers out his affirmation.

It was Tuesday.


The clean walls and the comfortable looking bedding didn’t matter, nor did the windows which gave a fake view of a beautiful ocean. A prison was still a prison, even if it was a more high class one. The Dementors had left long ago, but it still gave Percy nightmares. The people here had done terrible things and were just able to buy themselves a better place to spend their days.

There were still cells, and Percy felt lucky that he was being escorted to wherever he was going because everything was so alike and yet built like a maze, and he had yet to find a pattern between the number and the letters that decorated the cell doors.

He didn’t bother talking to his escorts as they moved lower and lower through the prison, until finally they stopped in front of a cell, the background of the window in this cell was raining, Percy didn’t know why this was the first thing he had noticed.

Hello Love, he looked around to see a red haired woman sitting on the cell bed, she had a look of complete comfort around him, she turned around to look at the window he had been staring at.

Yes, if that weather was true London would have flooded by now, she said.

You have five minutes, said the escort, he herded Percy into the cell, the woman moved over to the edge of the tiny bed so that Percy was able to sit down.

“Do you remember me?” she asked, at the exact same time Percy asked, “who are you?” The woman laughed, although it didn’t sound real.

“That answers my question doesn’t it?” she laughed again, and this one was more real.

“What’s your name?” Percy asked.

“Audrey Pond,” said the woman she looked at the cell door, her red hair fell just below her shoulders. “I just saw you,” she sighed and shook her head. “You were such a man.”

“Thank you?” Percy said, completely confused.

“God, you’re so cute when you’re clueless, I want to slap you just to make to scream my name again,” said Audrey, Percy blushed and looked down at the clean white bed sheets, he could feel her eyes boring into him. She was amused by his reaction.

“Who are you?” Percy asked, his hands ran through his hair, making himself resemble a ginger hedgehog.

“Audrey Pond,” said Audrey smiling, she arched an eyebrow at him and Percy could feel himself get overheated. “I told you.”

“No, I know your name, but who are you? Why did you call me?” Percy asked, he stammered over his words as he spoke.

“Because I’m about to die and you’re the only person I care about,” said Audrey, she leaned forward and her lips brushed the side of his cheek. “Now tell me you won’t comfort a dying girl,” she winked at him.

“N-Not like that,” said Percy, she laughed again, Percy almost liked to hear her laugh, it didn’t feel as though she was mocking him, just that they were sharing some kind of inside joke.

“Someone’s got a dirty mind,” she said, he even chuckled at that, she took his hand in her grip, her nails were a blood red and looked as if they were newly painted, he grasped her hand as well. They fit together almost perfectly.

“Oh, you and I are going to have a magnificent time together,” she said, she looked at. “I’m almost jealous of myself for having you. I remember all the fun we had together, maybe it’s sad that those are now memories. And maybe it’s not sad.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh nothing.”

“It’s obviously not—”

“Any of your business, yet. Plus it would ruin the surprise,” she said, he could feel her hand shake ever so slightly and he knew their time was running out.

“Goodbye my love,” she said as she walked towards the cell door, her voice shook ever so slightly, she let go of his hand and Percy felt just a little empty without it. One of Percy’s escorts began walking her down the hall.

“What is she doing here?” Percy asked his remaining escort. “What is her crime?”

“She killed a man,” said the guard, who remained tight lipped about the subject for the rest of walk back.

That was a Tuesday.

 “I need to tell you something,” her eyes were bloodshot, and her skin was so pale Percy was sure she would have turned a light shade of green if he hadn’t insisted that they meet outside, in a nice muggle coffee store that was known for its terrible coffee and the fact that it blended in nicely. She had stressed they go nowhere they could be noticed. Percy was still clueless as to why he was here in the first place.

“What is it?” he asked, her fingers were wrapped around her cup of water, she had been drinking so much coffee that he had forced her to drink a full cup of water before they started this. Her hands were shaking though.

“I need to smoke,” she said.

“You have three nicotine patches on, I saw you put them on ten minutes ago,” said Percy vastly annoyed and worried. “Just sit down Clearwater and tell me what you need.”

The once happy blonde Ravenclaw that he had known in Hogwarts was a frail looking version of her old self, but her eyes. They scared the crap out of him and he looked every place else but at them.

“I work for the Department of Mysteries now,” she said, ignoring his advice and lighting a cigarette, she breathed it in and seemed visibly calmer. “I was promoted, and I started my own Project.”

“Congratulations,” Percy said, not sure what else he could say.

“The Project succeeded in record time,” Penelope continued saying. “And I am about to die.”

“What?” Percy was beginning to wonder if she was hallucinating. “Pen I saw you yesterday, you didn’t look like this yesterday, you weren’t acting like this yesterday and—why are you laughing?”

She was laughing, but it wasn’t an nice laugh, it was a mocking laugh. “Yesterday seems like it was months ago, anyway, do you remember our conversation of the so-called yesterday?”

“Yes,” said Percy nodding his head. “We were discussing how you thought I should take a vacation and I said I would if I had the time.” Pen nodded and reached into her jacket pocket, she took out a wristwatch and handed it to him.

“It’s the last one left, we made so many and they destroyed every single one,” she looked so crushed. “They killed everyone.”


“You’ll know them in a minute, now go to back bathroom and wait.”

“For what?” Percy asked, he wanted to shake her by the shoulder and ask her what she was talking about and why was she giving him a wristwatch.

“Just set the dials for day and year, I wasn’t able to give a spefic time but for some reason all the operatives found themselves at the date at exactly ten o’clock in the morning,” Percy placed the watch in his pocket as he listened to Penelope talk, to him they were just the words of a mad woman.

“Listen,” he said taking her shaking hand as it reached instead her pocket for another cigarette. “We’re going to get you help.”

“Shut up and listen to me Weasley,” snapped Clearwater as she wrenched her hand out of his grasp. “I’m a dying woman and I will have more nicotine as my one of my last wishes.” She breathed in the smoke again.

“Now, in about three minutes I’ll need you to walk away from me,” she observed her own wristwatch. “Actually, you’ve wasted more time than I thought you would with your incessant talking. I’ll need you to run away now. Come back in five minutes and then I’ll go get help with you, she smirked at her last statement.”

“You promise?” Percy asked, he squeezed her shaking hand, feeling just how thin it was, he then stood up, and made sure to tuck his chair in for the next customer.

“Of course,” she said, still smirking. “Now run.”

And so he did, at first it was just a speedy walk that turned into a jog and then the coffee shop behind him blew up and he ran like hell.

There was a dull thudding in his ears, he couldn’t hear his own footsteps as he ran across the street, he stopped just as he reached the other side and looked over at the burning building. It was a shell and finally for the first time of its existence it was noticeable.

He paused to catch his breath and scanned the streets for Penelope, he already knew what had happened to her, but having hope was nice. He was still scanning when someone slipped their hand into his, he turned around to see a younger—by perhaps two years—Audrey Pond.

“Run,” she said, she grinned at him and pulled him into an alley, he almost tripped over his own feet but she never let go of him.

He tried to bring his wand out his pocket when they finally stopped and hid behind two dumpsters, she lowered it.

“The light will lead them to us, not to mention that your aim is probably not the greatest after running for so long,” she whispered. “Just run, it’s easier.”

“Who are you?” he asked, instead of asking the less tactful question of ‘why aren’t you dead?’

She was still grinning, unlike him she appeared found the adrenaline to be thrilling, Percy on the other hand looked like he might soil himself.

“Do you have the time watch?” she asked, sticking her hand into his left pants pocket randomly, Percy felt violated and for a while was too shocked to move away.

“Yes,” said Percy finally moving away from her.

“Then let’s go do something fun,” she was still grinning. “Don’t you know what that is?” Percy shook his head in response.

“It’s a watch,” he suggested, shrugging his shoulders. “Tells time, tells me when to go home, and how long I have before I’m late for dinner at my parents house. Speaking of which, I’m supposed to meet my sister for lunch,” he lied.

Audrey moved over so she sat beside him and placed the watch on his arm, she began to twist the dials as well.

“Then you are going to have to be late Percy Weasley, because you’re coming with me.”

That was Wednesday

“I am not going anywhere with you,” were the last words that Percy Weasley had said before there was a flash of light and he was thrown backwards, at least the brick wall would be behind him and he couldn’t be thrown that far back.

But there weren’t any brick walls left.

“Come on Weasley,” said the girl standing over him, she offered hand.

“Where are we?” he asked weakly, a light shined in his eyes, but he couldn’t seem to find the source of it.

“Roughly around,” she stopped to think for a second. “Twenty years in the past, check your watch, I wasn’t really paying attention when I set it. Now come on, we’ve only got so much time.”

Time, what joke, Percy thought to himself, aloud he said, “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“Why not?” Audrey asked, she looked both hurt and curious. “It’ll be fun.”

“Well for starters, you kidnapped me,” he said, she rolled her eyes in response.

“I did not kidnap you.”

“Yes, you did, you grabbed my wrist and took me to a place I didn’t want to go that qualifies as kidnapping,” said Percy factually as he checked his glasses to make sure they weren’t cracked, he did notice the dust streak that was on the left lens and used his once white shirt to clean it off.

“Your shirt is just as dirty as your glasses if not more,” Audrey pointed out, and he noticed that she was right but still ignored her statement.

“I’m not going with you, I’m going home.”

“Please, home is boring,” Audrey scoffed, she was distracted though and kept looking around them.

“No it is not!” Percy protested.

“You probably have a routine and everything,” Audrey pointed out, mocking him.

“I happen to like it,” Percy pointed out as well.

“Come on,” said Audrey grabbing his wrist, before she could he wrenched it back, in response she took something out of her pocket and shot it at his feet, he jumped back and she put it back in some kind of special hip container she had.

“Is that a muggle weapon?” He asked, looking at her hip in horror.

“Yes,” said Audrey. “We don’t give them enough credit, they really are genius. Plus if any of your little friends start to try and trace my wand they won’t find anything incriminating on it.”

“You’ll run out of those sliver killer ball things,” Percy stated.

“No I won’t,” said Audrey smirking at him, Percy was inclined to believe her.

“I want to go home,” said Percy again, now he just sounded like he was whining. “I like routine. I like the things that you call boring.”

“Weasley,” snapped Audrey. “Look at where you are and stop obsessing as to whether or not your mum is going to yell at you when you come home because you skipped the family dinner.”

When Audrey said it, his whole life sounded...well, dull, and then he did look around. It was all stary. Like the night sky, it was like they were standing in the middle of space, the ground under them seemed stable enough though, and there were little white squares under their feet.

“Very odd,” he said.

“It’s the place between time,” Audrey explained. “It’s made of nothing;” she seemed completely enchanted by the idea and began jumping on the white floors as if the nothing would collapse under her weight.

“Why can it hold us? And why is my shirt dirty?” Percy asked.

“We are made of nothing,” said Audrey, Percy sighed and she spoke again. “And your shirts dirty because you were sitting against the garbage cans.”

“Out of this whole thing that makes sense,” said Percy, who was really craving for a shower. “So we’re nothing?”

“Not until we skip out of this place,” said Audrey, she grabbed his wrist and brought it to her face so she could see the time.

“How do we do that?” Percy asked, but he didn’t need to ask, already out of the nothing he could hear rain, he could see the drops of it pattering against the white, giving it color and form, the sky turned a dark gray, and there were cobblestones beneath his feet, Buildings began to sprout like weeds everywhere and so did people.

“Amazing,” said Percy breathlessly.

“Isn’t it?” said Audrey, she turned to him. “Do you want to go back home now?”

“Hell no.”

That was a Thursday

Time controls everything everywhere, time controlled Percy for the longest of time, but now he only had to partially obey its rules.

Maybe it was just days, maybe it months. But they ran together, they traveled throughout the time stream and it wasn’t so much the history for them as it was the running. They’d run forever and do things together for forever.

Or at least he thought so, he hadn’t even given the idea that one day they would go back and be apart.

He remembers the arguments they had when she wouldn’t let him go back to the Wizarding War and try to save people, he remembers how he tried and how nothing would happen. There was some sort of time block on it. He remembers crying, and how hopeful he once felt of the idea that he could save his brother.

He remembers crying, and he remembers her holding him and for once not giving him a sarcastic or mocking remark.

He remembers the way their fingers fit together when they ran, he still didn’t know what from but he knew they were dangerous.

“It’s time to stop running my love,” she sadly said to him one day, she had picked the destination and he had trusted her.

They were at the doorstep of his house.

“I don’t want to stop,” he said. “We’ve been together for a long time.”

“It’s funny, because I’m dropping you off the day after I found you,” she said. “Sorry I couldn’t help you go back earlier so you didn’t miss your family’s dinner.”

“I won’t just forgot you,” said Percy. “Everything we did, all the time. It’s not going to leave, not from my mind at least.”

“And not from my mind, it’s something I’ll always remember, love,” said Audrey, her hand felt warm in his, even though the wind that swept around them was cold. “I’ll be back for you.”

“When?” Percy asked, then quickly. “Actually no, I’m staying with you.”

“I’m not going anywhere really,” said Audrey, as she let go of his hand. “You’ve got the watch after all, I’m just tired of running.”

Percy was in shock.

“I’ve been running for a lot longer then you have,” Audrey said. “And now, well, I don’t know.”

“Audrey,” Percy looked down at his feet. “I love you.”

He looked up and she wasn’t there anymore.

That was Friday. 

Maybe it was some form of jet lag, maybe it was just because he was used to moving all the time, or maybe it was that odd sandwich he had made himself when he had come back home, he hadn’t really been paying attention to what he threw in it.

Or maybe it was the men in suits that were sitting in his living room in this ungodly morning hour while he was dressed in nothing but a bathrobe that his sister had picked out for him.

Of course she had to pick the one that was covered in kittens.

“What can I do for you gentlemen?” Percy asked, as dignified as if he was fully dressed and they were in a conference room. “I assume there is some reason that you are in my house at this ungodly hour.”

“It’s two pm Mr. Weasley,” said the man sitting in his brown armchair wearing a suit that matched the others, black suit, white shirt, black tie. His face was devoid of all emotion and his head was devoid of most of his hair, what was left was a dark brown. The other men around him looked the same, medium build, no emotion, although one of them was a blonde.

“It’s not six am?” Percy asked, completely confused and his dignified demeanor gone. “Hell, I’ve got work.”

One of the men stepped in front of his door to prevent him from leaving.

“Please sit down Weasley, we’ve been here since six am and I’m not leaving until I get what I want,” said the man calmly, he indicated to the couch.

“No thanks, I’ll stand,” said Percy, who seemed just as calm.

“Mr. Weasley, you’ve been traveling for quite some time, haven’t you? And please don’t play stupid, I know you’ve been traveling through time with a companion.”

“A companion?” Percy said, deciding that the best course of action was the dumb one.

“This woman,” said the man, bringing out a folder from his slightly opened briefcase and showing him a picture of Audrey. “Is an employee of ours.”

“Hey, she left me, I didn’t do anything to her,” Percy started to say. “Is she okay?”

“She was supposed to kill you, not run away with you, I hate delays,” said the man, he sounded exasperated and annoyed, and Percy’s knees were starting to wish that he had sat down.

“What do you mean?” Percy asked.

“Did I stutter?” The man asked. “She was supposed to kill you, and then destroy the watch.”

“The watch?”

“Yes, and that’s what I came for in fact, give me the watch and I’ll let you walk free,” said the man. “I’m not going to bother offering you money because I am threatening your life.” He withdrew a muggle weapon from his coat and laid it on his knee.

“Why bother with the weapons, why not just shot a spell?” Percy asked.

“Because then we can say you were robbed,” said the man, he sighed as if Percy was too stupid to realize how genius it all was. “It can’t actually be tracked back to the Ministry.”

“The Ministry?” Percy asked.

“Yes, we have to contain these time traveling devices before the whole time and space continuum is completely ripped to shreds.”

“By contain you mean destroy.”

“In a cruder manner, yes,” said the man, he was adjusting his flawless cuffs right now. “So where’s the watch?”

“I don’t have it, I gave it to your employee,” said Percy, when really it was in his right bathrobe pocket.

“No, you didn’t we searched her.”


Did you really think we’d just let her run away from us like that?” asked the man, he snapped his fingers and two of the men that had been standing in front of another of Percy’s armchairs moved away, showing an unconscious Audrey Pond.

“They will find a gun on her with one bullet gone, it will be the same kind of bullet that I will put through your head,” said the man. “I’ll call as a confused old woman who heard noises. She’ll be the woman, the woman who kills Percy Weasley.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I enjoy watching you shake.”

“Let me, see her first,” said Percy, he swallowed. “Let me say goodbye to her, and then I’ll get you your watch.”

“It’s in your pocket, give it to me and then I’ll let you say goodbye,” said the man.

So Percy did as he was told, he reached into his left pocket and tossed him a watch, the man inspected it and then nodded to indicate that he could move forward.

Percy leaned forward, using his finger to check her pulse, it was slow but there. Her eyes opened and she opened her mouth to speak, Percy lowered his face towards hers as if he was trying to kiss her.

When I say run.

And that was Saturday.



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