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A Year of Change by Erudessa94
Chapter 21 : Darcy comes to Hogwarts
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 Lying had always come easy to Ginny Weasley but when she returned to Hogwarts from Winter break she realized she would now have to lie on a whole new level. This wasn’t a game anymore. She wasn’t lying to get out of trouble-well she was but it wasn’t the parents-ground-you-for-a-week kind it was more of if-the-truth-is-discovered-you-may-die kind; but no pressure.

It had been a month since they returned from break but it felt like only a few days had passed. Ginny and Draco were technically a couple however the only ones who knew were Blaise, Teresa and Luna. Ginny hadn’t had to tell Luna, she somehow just knew but Ginny had learned not to question her a long time ago.


Since no one knew about their relationship they weren’t able to act like they were in a relationship. Which meant the only differences between them could only be seen by them and their closest friends. Ginny didn’t mind because she wasn’t looking for a physical relationship. She didn’t want a boyfriend to hold hands with and kiss in the hallway, I mean she wouldn’t have minded some of that but their stolen kisses in empty classrooms and soft whispering in the library were much more exciting anyway.


 By keeping their relationship such a secret there was more meaning behind it. Ginny knew Draco wasn’t just interested in getting in her pants or taking advantage of her connections to Harry Potter. He was genuinely interested in her as a person, not just as a girl, or a Weasely.


Not only was she lying to the whole school about her relationship she was also lying to her family. She had never kept something like this from Bill or Charlie. They were always the first to know when she was in a relationship and it felt wrong not telling them but with Draco’s official status as a spy they didn’t want to risk anyone finding out about them.


At first Ginny merely feared Ron’s reaction, she believed there could be nothing worse than him discovering his own sister was dating a Malfoy. However Rons reaction would be a walk in the park compared to Voldemorts or Lucius Malfoys. If they were to discover this secret relationship there would be no end to the suffering both of them would have to endure.


Was it too soon to say Ginny knew their relationship would be worth it in the end? Ginny knew it probably was but there was something different about their relationship. It was like they’d been together for years when it was barely even a month. Ginny would never say this to Draco but she couldn’t help but wonder if he felt that way too.


As the professors began to assign more homework Ginny found herself spending late nights in the common room studying with Draco, Teresa and Blaise. One night as the common room began to empty Blaise yawned loudly. Of course that led to each member of the group yawning and shutting their books. Blaise apologized and excused himself from the group, packing his books and heading towards the room. Teresa followed after him, to say goodnight properly. Ginny couldn’t help but wish she could say goodnight properly to Draco. Instead they’d have to settle for a sneer of “disgust”


Ginny began to pack up her books but Draco placed his hands on hers, stopping her. He looked around the room then whispered a spell, checking for any other slytherins in the room. Finding no one else he quickly motioned her to follow him. They made their way through the common room to a back corner. Draco moved the curtains hanging on the wall and ushered Ginny ahead of him. Ginny hesitantly moved behind the curtain.


Rather than bumping into a wall as she has expected Ginny found she was in a small alcove. “Lumos” Draco whispered, holding his wand up to light the space. “There used to be a statue here but it mysteriously blew up my first year.” Ginny could see his smirk through the dim lighting.


“Is this where you take all your girlfriends?” As soon as she asked the question she knew it was a mistake. She had meant it as a joke but the guilty look that passed over Draco’s face made it obvious it wasn’t funny. “I’m sorry, I was kidding, never mind” Ginny looked down in embarrassment.


“I know it was a joke but I want to be honest with you.” Draco’s voice was tentative, Ginny barely ever got to hear him like that, but she loved it. “I used to take my girlfriends here to snog but that’s not why I brought you here.”


“Oh,” Ginny ducked her head, her cheeks burned in shame; she had been hoping that was why he brought her there.


“I mean we can, if you want,” Draco said, his voice taking on an alluring tone “but I also wanted to talk to you”


“Okay, so let’s talk first. What’s up?” Ginny knew whatever he had to talk about must be serious but she would rather get to the next step.


“I just wanted to say that I know this is all kind of a lot to take in and it’s all happened kind of fast but I think it will be worth it...” Draco’s voice was level, with barely any emotion, but Ginny knew he was trying his hardest. “But if you don’t there’s still time for you to get out of this and I will understand completely.”


“Oh, shut up!” Ginny rolled her eyes and pulled herself up to his height, she cut off his objections with a much needed kiss. Before Ginny could relish in the feeling of his lips on hers he pulled away. Ginny slumped down, of course he wanted to talk more. Why couldn’t they just get to the fun stuff.


“Weasley I’m being serious,” Draco growled but Ginny knew there wasn’t any real anger behind it. Maybe some annoyance but no anger.  The use of her surname may seem strange but it had become a tone of endearment now, not an insult.


“Listen, Malfoy” Ginny tried to mimic his sneer, raising a slight smile from Draco. “do you really think this happened that fast? This-“ Ginny pointed between them “Has been building up since my first day in Slytherin. Remember the kiss during the duel? The kiss in the kitchen? The quidditch game? We may not have realized it then but this has been happening for a while now. And yeah maybe it’s become a little more serious with the whole spying thing but this war is coming no matter what. I’d rather risk everything trying to help end it than stay safe and watch as it destroys everything.”


“Touché” Draco said with a smirk, “now where were we?” Ginny couldn’t help but smile as she leaned in for a kiss.


It felt like they were in the alcove for hours but it couldn’t have been more than a few minutes. But time flies when you’re having fun. However they couldn’t stay there much longer, if anyone were to find them things would get bad fast. Unless they were able to stun them and remove their short term memory. They’d wake up thinking they fell asleep in the common room, it wasn’t an uncommon thing.


The thought entered Ginny’s mind so suddenly she didn’t know where it came from. She couldn’t help but laugh at herself. Last year she never would have thought like that. Slytherin had definitely changed her.


Ginny knew it was time for them to go, in a moment Draco would recover his cool demeanor and stalk away as if nothing had happened. Ginny wished it could be different. She wished there was some way they could walk in the halls holding hands and not be questioned.


Ginny gazed up at Draco through the dim lighting of the alcove.  His grey eyes were fixed on the wall behind her, lost in thought. Her fingers were tangled in the hair at the nape of his neck. She loved how soft it felt between her fingertips. She tugged at it lightly, trying to get his attention. He turned his gaze towards her quizzically.


Then it hit her.


It was like the moment in the garden right before they had kissed. Right when she realized who Draco was, or who he had pretended to be; Darcy. That was how they could spend time together. Ginny would date Darcy.


 “Why are you smiling?” Draco asked, eyeing Ginny suspiciously.


“What if there was a way we could be a real couple?” Ginny asked excitedly.


“What do you mean?” Draco was obviously confused and it almost seemed like he was a little hurt to. “What are we doing, just pretending?” he tried to pass it off as sarcasm but Ginny could tell her question had offended him.


“Of course we are!” Ginny smiled tentatively. “I didn’t mean anything bad I just meant what if we could always act like a couple, in front of other people?”


“Unless you want Voldemort or your brother to kill us I don’t think that’s a very good idea” Draco sneer was back, every time he let any emotion show he made sure to follow up with a harsh response.


“Well what if we weren’t ourselves. Or what if one of us wasn’t ourself?” Ginny’s excitement didn’t seem to pass onto Draco, he was merely confused.


“What the bloody hell are you talking about?” Draco asked skeptically.


“What if I were to date Darcy. I could hold his hand in the hallway, “ Ginny took Dracos hand and interlocked it with hers. “I could kiss him in the great hall,” Ginny leaned forward and pressed her lips to Dracos, she could feel Draco smiling.


“I think Darcy would be a pretty lucky guy” Now he understood what she was saying.






The Great Hall was filled with curious whispers a great deal more than usual as Ginny strode in. Her hand was being held firmly by a tall, slightly tanned and obviously new student. If one looked closely enough you may notice this mysterious “new” student had the same dark, alluring grey eyes and sly smirk as the young Draco Malfoy.


Ginny couldn’t help but smile foolishly as she made her way to her usual spot, towing her “friend” behind her. He looked around as if experiencing the Great Hall for the first time. Across the hall Luna Lovegood was smiling just as foolishly as Ginny as she watched the pair find their way to their table.


The Slytherins seemed surprised as he took a seat at their table, but no one objected. Even though not everyone trusted Ginny, it was obvious this student wasn’t a Gryffindor, so they didn’t have any problem with him. Teresa stared at Ginny in shock and confusion while Blaise seemed to understand at least some of what was going on.


“Hey guys,” Ginny said as she sat down in her usual spot. “This is Darcy, remember him from the ball?” Blaise smiled, confirming he understood exactly what was going on. Teresa’s jaw simply dropped in sheer shock. “He’s from Durmstrang, his parents brought him on a visit during the ball so he could see how Hogwarts is, and now he’s officially become a student.” Ginny spoke loudly enough to ensure nearly the entire table heard the story, which meant the entire school would know soon enough.


“Hello, everyone” Darcy spoke up. Teresa perked up at the sound of his voice; it had an oddly familiar ring to it. It took her a moment but suddenly Ginny could see the wand illuminating above her head; she understood.


Before anyone could say anything else, the morning mail began to come in. An unfamiliar bird landed in front of Ginny and held a letter out for her. She took it tentatively, cautious of who could be sending her mail. Darcy leaned over her shoulder, also skeptical about who had sent the letter. Upon opening it they both found there was no need to worry.


Dear Ginevra and Darcy,


I am sorry I have not spoken to you since the break, but I have been working hard on coming up with ways to help Darcy with the task he now has. I hope you are both free tonight at 7:00. Please come to my office and I will explain everything.




                                Headmaster Dumbledore


“Who’s the letter from?” Teresa asked, curiously.


“My mum,” Ginny answered, fully aware of all of the prying ears surrounding her. “She was reminding me to stay warm in the cold dungeons and, of course, not to trust Slytherins” Teresa and Blaise understood exactly what she meant.


“Why doesn’t your mum trust Slytherins?” Darcy asked innocently.


“Oh, it’s a really long story” Ginny tried to conceal her amusement.


Ginny spent the rest of the day awaiting their meeting with Dumbledore. It had been a month since they last spoke. She and Draco had many unanswered questions, especially concerning the prophecy.


Soon enough the time came for them to make their way to Dumbledore’s office. As Darcy and Ginny reached the office the statues jumped aside displaying the staircase that would bring them to Dumbledore. This was the meeting they had been waiting for yet both of them seemed to dread the moment it would come. They slowly made their way up the stairs.


As they reached the top of the stairs Ginny moved to knock but Dumbledore’s voice echoed behind the door before she had the chance. “Come in” Darcy reluctantly opened the door, allowing Ginny to enter first. “Oh what a gentleman” Dumbledore said, a small smile playing on his lips. Unsure of what to say Darcy and Ginny merely took their seats.


“So I assume this young man in front of me is not some exchange student from Durmstrang I was never told about” Dumbledore said knowingly. Ginny took her wand out and removed Draco’s disguise. “Ah there’s the man behind the mask. Who’s idea was this?”


“I came up with the disguise but Ginny thought of using it for this particular purpose.” Draco stated awkwardly. Not sure of how to explain the actual purpose of the disguise.  Ginny blushed.


“Would you please elaborate on what this particular purpose is?” Ginny groaned at Dumbledore’s questions. He knew the reason. Why was he forcing them to say it.


“We are dating” Ginny spoke up quickly. She wanted to get this over with.


“That’s what I thought.” Dumbledore said, smiling. “And that is why I called you in here” his cheerful demeanor was suddenly replaced by a serious manner.


“You want to talk about our relationship?” Draco asked incredulously.


“There is a lot more to your relationship than you know” Dumbledore said cryptically. Everything he said seemed to get Ginny even more confused than before. “When we met at the Burrow I mentioned a prophecy. At the time I was not at liberty to give details however after more research and consulting several others I am now able to tell you what it is.” Dumbledore removed a small box from a cabinet behind his desk.


“I can’t divulge where this prophecy came from but it is from a trusted source. Listen” Dumbledore placed the box on his desk than removed the top.


A deep voice emerged from the box “The son of wealth and daughter of poverty will unite and bring the end to all suffering. Those who hid will now fight beside the brave. Love will be shared between two sides and all fronts will be united.” The room was silent for a moment.


“That’s supposed to be us?” Ginny asked in shock. “Draco and I are supposed to ‘end all suffering’?”


“This prophecy has been around for a while however it was not until recently we realized it may refer to you.” Dumbledore said putting the box back in the cabinet. “We believed it may refer to Harry and Ginny however in the beginning of this year I noticed your relationship with Draco.”


“The beginning of the year?” Draco asked “This just happened a month ago”


“You may have just made it official but it has been obvious to a few people for some time” Dumbledore’s comment had Ginny blushing and Draco looking slightly taken back. “Don’t worry I don’t think Ron or any Slytherins noticed so you should be okay. And as for this disguise I think it’s brilliant. Especially now that you will have to train together”


“What do we have to train for?” Ginny asked. To be honest she was unsure of what any of this meant.


“The prophecy I showed you today is one piece of a larger prophecy” Dumbledore began to explain. This was getting more complicated each time Dumbledore opened his mouth. “The larger prophecy explains that what brings you two together is a power that you both possess. It’s a natural power controlled by your feelings. Have either of you experienced times in which you felt you couldn’t control your own magic?”


Ginny looked at her hands unsure of if she should admit she had. This was all so much to take in. Dumbledore was telling her she was going to have to end all suffering with Draco. Of course they were in a much better relationship at this point but that didn’t mean she wanted to go off and save the wizarding world with him.


“Yes, I have” Draco said. He turned to Ginny with a quizzical look. Draco was willing to put everything on the line and fight for what was right. Now he was asking her if she was.


“I have too” Ginny said with some uncertainty but the look on both Draco and Dumbledore’s faces told her it would be worth it. She will be fighting for the people who mattered to her. She will be fighting with the people who mattered.


“I know this is a lot to take in so I will allow you to go and relax but starting next week we will have to begin training”


“Can we start tomorrow?” Ginny asked quickly. To Ginny’s relief Draco immediately agreed. If they were going to end all suffering they were going to need as much training as possible. And the less free time Ginny had the less likely she would be to regret her decision. 

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